Sharia law in the UK

American ThinkerFor its part at the same time, Muslim activists in U.K. demanded that sharia law replace U.K. common law in a number of major cities, including Birmingham, Manchester, and Liverpool. In East London, where 40% of Muslims live, posters declare, "You are entering a sharia-controlled zone," and local imams have threatened women with death if they refuse to wear the hijab. Already, some British financial institutions, to satisfy wealthy Muslims, donate a part of their profits to Muslim organizations. Noticeably, David Cameron in 2013 changed his attitude, announcing that the U.K. would become the first non-Muslim nation to issue sharia "compliant bonds." London, he thought, not only would be a great capital of Islamic finance in the Western world, but could stand alongside Dubai as one of the great capitals of finance.

Sharia-law zones announced by posters? Death threats by imams?

Some of this stuff should be much bigger news than it is.

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