Senate not confirming Trump's FBI picks

Power Line David Lat of “Above the Law” decries the failure of the GOP-controlled Senate to confirm nominees for two key positions at the Department of Justice — Eric Dreiband as head of the Civil Rights Division and Jeff Clark as head of the Environment and Natural Resources Division.

Both were nominated in June 2017. Clark’s nomination was first sent to the Senate floor on August 3 — more than a year ago. Dreiband’s nomination reached the Senate floor two months later.

Both almost certainly have the votes to be confirmed, albeit along largely, or maybe strictly, partisan lines. All that’s required is for Majority Leader McConnell to file motions to invoke cloture.

This he has not done.

The Civil Rights division is one of the places Obama hired highly political leftists. They were responsible for, among other others, the transformation of the Trayvon Martin shooting into a national political movement, and probably (less evidence available) filled a similar role for the Black Lives Matter protests. They also dropped the charges against Black Panthers outside a polling place with clubs in military uniforms. I assume the Environmental Division is a similarly politicized area.

So long as Trump cannot get confirmed appointees into those divisions, they are effectively controlled by Obama, and I'm absolutely sure they are up to whatever nonsense they think will make trouble.

Someone in the Senate is making deals to cover for them.

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