About those red flag laws...

Clayton CramerThe man charged with killing seven people at a Chicago-area July Fourth parade slipped past the safeguards of an Illinois "red flag" law designed to prevent people deemed to have violent tendencies from getting guns, officials revealed on Tuesday....

Sergeant Chris Covelli of the Lake County Sheriff's Office said earlier in the day that Crimo had legally purchased a total of five guns, including the suspected murder weapon, despite having come to law enforcement's attention twice for behavior suggesting he might harm himself or others.

The first instance was an April 2019 emergency-911 call reporting Crimo had attempted suicide, followed in September of that year by a police visit regarding alleged threats "to kill everyone" that he had directed at family members, Covelli said....

A suicide attempt probably shouldn't be a permanent bar on firearms ownership, but threatening to kill your whole family probably should be -- at least if the family takes it seriously enough to have the police confiscate his knives.

Did the killer's juvenile record get cleared, or was it that he was never actually convicted, just arrested?

Either way, the red flag laws were in place and did not help.

I sort of wonder if that part of the recent legislation was just an excuse to funnel money to blue states.

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