Gun Control in the budget

Democrats may attempt to put gun control into a spending bill in the House:

No decisions have been made, but Hoyer said "it's possible" Democrats could attempt to offer amendments affecting background checks for gun purchases and to remove language affecting gun sellers' reporting requirements on sales of assault-type weapons. Such votes are unlikely to pass and become law, but they would serve a political purpose in an election year to put lawmakers on record on gun issues.

If they couldn't get universal background checks after Sandy Hook, they won't get them for a much smaller-scale murderer who used knives for half his victims.

My concern is that they might make a big stink about background checks, and then trade them for CDC funding to study gun control.

I suspect Obama has ordered the CDC to spend the money on his own authority and would like to backfill the budget to account for it.

We'll see how this plays out.

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