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Megan thinks Obama is "really smart and committed to good government.":

This is not something that could have been averted by caring harder or being really smart and committed to good government -- which is what Obama seems to have assumed. That’s not his fault. A better understanding of how hard crucial parts were likely to be might have resulted in a more modest reform with better results.

Sorry, no. Obama is an arrogant, incompetent politician who was swept into office on the strength of his media halo, fraudulent votes, and incompetent adversaries. He's can't solve the problems at the VA because his only life skill is faking it and giving a good speech (with a teleprompter).

If he was smart, we wouldn't be in the position where are in today.

If he was committed to good government, he would have cracked down on the IRS and Fast and Furious scandals. He would have fired Sebelius immediately when her website failed

If he cared harder, he wouldn't have lied to the American people about keeping their health care plan if they liked their health care plan.

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