Should those who are skeptical of global warming be thrown in jail?

I can see this guy dancing on the grave of free speech:

Our politicians should be thrown in the slammer for willful blindness. If we are in a position of being able to act, and we see something going on and we refuse to acknowledge the threat or act on it, we can be taken to court for willful blindness. I think that we are being willfully blind to the consequences for our children and grandchildren. It's an intergenerational crime.

We are living in a police state, only a few years away from a totalitarian dictatorship where wishes like this one may actually come true. People are already being fired or having their property confiscated for holding or expressing politically-incorrect opinions.

I've made similar arguments in the past about the level of our national debt and money-printing damaging the future of our nation (and, in more concrete form, our children and grandchildren) -- but I don't advocate people who disagree being thrown in jail because of it.

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