Brady Center sues gun retailer over straw purchase

In short, the gun control side is arguing that any woman buying a gun should be a suspected straw purchaser, especially if there is someone else shopping with them. That is, of course, quite bogus. Many women purchase firearms, and many of them want some advice from friends who know more about guns when they buy their first gun.

The fact is, there are laws against actual straw purchasing, and in this case, the straw purchaser was convicted:

Nguyen, now 24, was convicted in April of falsifying a firearms form when she bought the guns. She was sentenced Monday to at least 16 months in prison. She and Spengler’s estate are named as co-defendants in the suit.

Retailers can't read minds, and Nguyen passed a background check. Because she was buying the guns for someone else not allowed to possess them, she was tried and convicted. That's the way it works. The only way to stop the possibility of a straw purchase is to stop selling guns, and the Brady Center would be perfectly fine with that. Suing the store is a political pressure tactic, not a real attempt to deal with the problem.

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