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Gun Free ZoneThe Uvalde School Police were inside the school within minutes of the shooter going into the classroom.

They were ordered to treat an active shooter like a barricaded suspect and hung around in a hallway for over an hour supposedly waiting for a key or SWAT. The story keeps changing.

Was the response to the school shooting deliberately bad to maximize casualties to move the needle on gun control?

I've been wondering similar things, but adding in the sheer number of mass shootings we've had recently, and the very convenient cluster of timing that the series of shootings started up the same weekend as the NRA annual meeting in a year the NRA itself was distracted by troubles both internal and external. The timing is suspicious. The apparent choice to let the murderer in Uvale rampage rather than immediately stopping him is suspicious. The number of incidents in short time is suspicious. All that we lack is a known mechanism for deliberate incitement of mass shootings by some government or political source.

Getting there -- to either the weak case (deliberately responding poorly) or the strong case (deliberate incitement) -- is difficult. But we have cases already that strongly suggest both (see, eg, the Draw Mohammad shooting where FBI agents encouraged the attackers and may have ridden to the scene of the attack with the suspect, along with many other reports).

Quite simply, the FBI has become a political "dirty tricks" arm of the federal government and lost the trust of the American people. The FBI clearly has opeeratives willing to violate the law and incite violence in support of political ends. How many other police agencies are willing to take similar steps?

I don't know, but at a minimum, it's now a valid question to ask.

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