Trudeau's Emergency Act caused a run on the Canadian banking system

Armstrong EconomicsBased upon reliable sources, Trudeau has been forced to abandon his Emergency Act as a staggering amount of money has fled Canadian banks. Canadians have moved accounts to the United States by the tens of thousands following Trudeau’s freezing bank accounts without a court order which has even included credit cards. Canadians began withdrawing all of their money from their bank accounts with most turning to cash, others to gold, and some to BitCoin. The demand for US dollars more than tripled in the past week.

Predictable to anyone raised on logic, but apparently not to the person supposedly running Canada.

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A small victory in Canada?

Behind the BlackThe decision by the Trudeau government in Canada to freeze the bank accounts of the truck convoy protesters and their supporters now appears to have backfired monumentally, so much so that it has threatened to possibly crash the Canadian banking system as people apparently began rushing to withdraw their money out of fear it will be taken from them.

The next indicator is the decision yesterday to unfreeze almost all of those bank accounts. That decision, along with Trudeau’s announcement today that he is revoking his emergency powers, suggest that the banks had put pressure on him to act, because the withdrawals had not ceased, and if he didn’t act the entire system would have crashed.

Whether Trudeau’s actions will end the panic however is quite unclear. I know that if I had any cash in a Canadian bank I would right now be looking to put at least some of it elsewhere. The same thought applies to American banks, as their recent effort to shut down accounts of conservatives like Mike Lindell suggests that many banks will go along with a similar order by the Biden administration. And with an American truck convoy just now gearing up and heading for Washington, no one should be surprised if such a draconian action is just over the horizon.

This was unexpected. Not the bank run part, the part where Trudeau blinks.

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Canada's parliament upholds Emergency Act

Conservative TreehouseThe Communists (NDP) and the Socialists (LPC) united in the Canadian House of Parliament today to vote their support for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s deployment of the Emergency War Measures Act.

The vote was 185 in support and 151 against, as the Canadian government now officially declares war against citizens who protested against government.

The parliamentary support of the Emergency War Measures Act now gives the government the authority to hunt down their political opposition, arrest any dissident member who may have petitioned their government with grievances against the covid mandates, and begin seizing the financial assets of anyone who might still challenge the government mandates of Justin Trudeau.

The government of Justin Trudeau has already announced their intent to make the authority within the emergency act a permanent status in Canadian law. A state of economic civil war now exists in Canada.

The DiplomadThe destruction of Canadian democracy continues apace. The Reichstag Parliament has extended the Enabling Act Emergency powers, giving the Fuehrer Prime Minister the legal and political cover to continue dismantling Canadian democracy. I am no expert on Canadian politics, but some of the statements by party leaders were stunning; they voted to give Herr Trudeau the powers of a dictator in order to avoid the collapse of the government and the calling of elections. What? Isn't that one of the features that parliamentary government supporters always cite as the superiority over our Presidential system? If the PM loses support, elections are called. They don't have to wait as we do with Biden.

Canada has fallen. Putin has, evidently, taken what parts of Ukraine he desires. It appears things are about to get even more exciting. The WEF's Great Reset now stands revealed as yet another plan to take over the world, albeit one that has seen more success than most.

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Canadian Deputy says she will make emergency powers permanent

Gateway PunditTrudeau’s deputy, Chrystia Freeland, who is also a director of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum and the granddaughter of a prominent Nazi, says she plans to make her emergency powers permanent.

Freeland made the announcement this week after Trudeau invoked the Emergency Act on Monday.

This is known as saying the quiet part out loud.

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