Big Brother on campus

Legal InsurrectionMel Xiao, a Rice University senior who helps investigate and adjudicate COVID-19 rule violations by other students, doesn’t mind if she’s viewed by her peers as “big brother” on campus.

Xiao is one of 11 students at Rice who served as a judge on the COVID Community Court, or CCC, a student-led judiciary that looks into reports of students neglecting to wear masks or socially distance, or who are hosting visitors in their dorm rooms, which are violations of the university’s Culture of Care Agreement for the 2020-21 academic year. A three-judge panel hears and investigates each low-level COVID-19-related violation and doles out “educational” punishments, such as writing an apology letter or hanging up posters that promote public health measures in their dorm, said Emily Garza, director of student judicial programs at Rice.

While Xiao and Garza believe the student-on-student disciplinary process is more effective than sending minor violations directly to university officials, Xiao has heard some criticism by students on social media. Students say they don’t want to be a “snitch” and report violations by friends, or argue that the CCC isn’t a “big deal” since it only handles violations that occur on campus, she said.

Based on her Chinese name, I'm sure the opportunity to snitch on other students for minor violations of silly rules makes her feel right at home.

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No scientific basis to bans on outdoor dining

ReasonThis week a Los Angeles County judge ruled that a local ban on outdoor dining at restaurants, ostensibly aimed at reducing transmission of the COVID-19 virus, was "not grounded in science, evidence, or logic." Around the same time, California Health and Human Services Secretary Mark Ghaly admitted that the same thing is true of a state ban on outdoor dining that currently applies to all of Southern California, including Los Angeles County. Ghaly said that ban, which is one of many restrictions that are triggered when a region's available ICU capacity drops below 15 percent, is "not a comment on the relative safety of outdoor dining" but is instead aimed at discouraging Californians from leaving home.

"The decision to include, among other sectors, outdoor dining and limiting that, turning to restaurants to deliver and provide takeout options instead, really has to do with the goal of trying to keep people at home," Ghaly said during a briefing on Tuesday. He noted that "we have worked hard with that industry to create safer ways for outdoor dining to happen."

It's about control. It has always been about control. They want to keep you at home, where you can't go to Trump rallies, or get information in any way other than through the official media channels, which are ever more heavily censored.

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Mandatory vaccination against a disease most people don't even notice?

Just The NewsA New York lawmaker is proposing legislation to make a COVID-19 vaccine mandatory if too few residents voluntarily get the immunization.

Whatever happened to "my body, my choice"?

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Survey: 75% think small businesses should be considered essential

Just The NewsA solid majority of voters – nearly three-quarters –think small businesses should be considered "essential" under COVID-related lockdown orders, according to a new Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen.

This is the wrong approach, because it accepts that government has any authority to decide which businesses should be open or closed at all.

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Vaccines and informed consent

Michelle MalkinPatient rights and bioethics are impossible without truly informed consent. This fundamental concept has vanished from public view faster than paper towels and toilet paper from your grocery shelves. Informed consent matters more than ever because we are entering the most coercive era of medical tyranny in human history.

If the public health-industrial complex gets its way, you may not be able to work, travel, shop or go to school without proof of a COVID-19 vaccination. Who needs government to do the mandating when corporations, airlines and educational institutions will do all the dirty work for Big Brother? The unthinking surrender of our autonomy to global pandemic blackmailers is horrific. Can you really offer voluntary and thorough consent at “warp speed” with a figurative gun to your head?

I generally believe that vaccines are important medical advances that protect both individual and public health, but that they are also matters of personal choice. If you don't want to be vaccinated, for any reason or none, that's pretty much on you. It's a cost-benefit analysis.

Childhood vaccines that offer long-term protection against serious diseases are great. A yearly flu vaccine that offers anywhere from 30%-70% protection against a disease that makes you sick for a few days is silly, unless you are in a particularly high risk category.

With respect to the COVID vaccine specifically... I don't trust it. It was developed so rapidly, with so many medical experts originally saying it was so difficult to vaccinate against that type of virus, that I think it's unusually risky. There are reports people can still spread the disease even after being vaccinated. And the disease it protects against is easily survivable by the vast majority of people who contract it, who will then generate natural immunity.

So I'm going to avoid the COVID vaccine for a while. And I don't like the arrangements that are evidently being put into place to force people to take it.

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Asymptomatic carriers aren't contagious

The Epoch TimesThe most recent study from China on the prevalence of infection after a lockdown found no transmission of the CCP virus among people who were in close contact with asymptomatic patients, contradicting the current narrative that asymptomatic transmission plays a major role in the pandemic.

We were told for months that even people with no symptoms could be deadly. Why? Not because it was true; because fear was useful.

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Mask mandates in CA to be enforced by volunteer force

CBS Los AngelesThe city of Pasadena will have volunteers walking city streets to ensure people are wearing face coverings. Volunteers will walk major streets around Pasadena to hand out masks to those who don’t have them and make sure those who do are wearing them. Meanwhile, a limited stay-at-home order took effect Friday for Pasadena. It prohibits all public and private gatherings and events with people from more than one household — except for faith-based services and protests.

I know! We can form a volunteer organization. These are times of emergency, so we need quick action and executive decisions, so it had better be organized along military lines. Paramilitary, just with civilian volunteers. And they will need some kind of name and identifying uniform that is distinct from the military and police. Military use camo, police use blue... I know! We'll call them the Brown Masks!

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Business owner arrested for giving away food

BreitbartAn owner of Mac’s Public House in Grant City, New York, was handcuffed and arrested for violating state and city lockdowns that prohibit restaurants from serving diners inside, even as winter approaches and restaurants are already struggling to survive.

If you think they are deliberately trying to destroy all small businesses, you're probably right.

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Biden demands mask-wearing for 100 days

New York PostPresident-elect Joe Biden says he will ask Americans to wear their face masks for 100 days after he takes office in January.

Biden told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Thursday that he hopes the mandate would help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the U.S.

“On the first day I’m inaugurated, I’m going to ask the public for 100 days to mask. Just 100 days to mask, not forever, just 100 days,” Biden said. “I think we’ll see a significant reduction.”

It won't do anything to stop the virus, but it will serve just fine as a psychological submission ritual.

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LA Mayor bans walking

ZerohedgeAs LA Mayor Eric Garcetti kicks off the most restrictive lockdown in the country in the City of Angels, it appears even walking and exercise are now banned as California takes a page out of Australia's COVID-19 playbook.

Does he have any idea how stupid this idea is?

I swear, it's all just to keep things locked down so Biden can take the credit when it all opens up again.

I was going to say this was the stupidest thing I have ever seen, but... Austin's year-long mandatory mask policy announcement from Mayor's Mexico vacation spot takes that cake.

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Mask mandates are nothing more than totalitarian submission rituals

Free BeaconLouisiana’s Democratic governor John Bel Edwards was spotted dining at a country club without a mask, despite his own coronavirus health restrictions requiring people to wear masks in public.

Edwards addressed the recently surfaced photograph, which shows him and others dining at the Baton Rouge Country Club in mid-November, at a press conference on Wednesday. Despite his phase three lockdown orders, which mandate that people wear masks whenever they are within six feet of another person, Edwards claimed he did nothing wrong.

Edwards was right; he did nothing wrong in being around people without wearing a mask. What he did exposed the naked hypocrisy of mask mandates for what is it: a submission ritual.

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Austin mayor caught on vacation after imposing year-long mask mandate

PJMediaAustin’s mayor and city council on Thursday approved extending its controversial mask mandate for an entire year.

The mandate fines anyone over the Mayor Steve Adler and the city council, Democrats all, passed the extension without discussion.

It was item #43 on their lengthy agenda according to the Tyler Morning Telegraph.age of 10 caught without wearing a mask in public up to $2,000 per violation.

The move comes just one day after Mayor Steve Adler was busted issuing directives to Austin residents to stay home to stay safe, while he was vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Adler has apologized for getting caught.

He wants another year of this bullshit because he can spend his time vacationing in Mexico. Normally I would say he's better off in Mexico than imposing his dictats on Austin, but apparently he can do that remotely. I see one good side to this... after another year of goddamned fucking face diapers, even Austin will vote this guy out.

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PA governor vetos pro-gun bills

Captain's JournalPennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf (D-Pa.) vetoed two gun bills that would repeal laws intended to control the carrying of guns and prevent public officials from shutting down firearms sales during emergency proclamations.

The bills, which recently passed the Republican-controlled Pennsylvania State Senate, intended to limit Wolf’s powers during the COVID-19 pandemic and moving forward, AP News reported. Wolf, a Democrat who supports broader gun control measures, has previously vetoed more than six such bills.

There is absolutely nothing about COVID that should prevent you from buying a gun. It is a retail operation like anything else, and a specially protected constitutional right on top of that.

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Hydroxychloroquin improves odds of hospitalization by 84%

Wasington ExaminerA peer-reviewed study measuring the effectiveness of a controversial drug cocktail that includes hydroxychloroquine concluded that the treatment lowered hospitalizations and mortality rates of coronavirus patients.

The study, set to be published in the International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents in December, determined that “Low-dose hydroxychloroquine combined with zinc and azithromycin was an effective therapeutic approach against COVID-19.”

A total of 141 patients diagnosed with the coronavirus were treated with the three-drug cocktail over a period of five days and compared to a control group of 377 people who tested positive for the virus but were not given the treatment.

The study found that “the odds of hospitalisation of treated patients was 84% less than in the untreated patients,” and only one patient died from the group being treated with the drugs compared to 13 deaths in the untreated group.

They did the treatment regimen correctly, and it worked. The results appear better than the high tech new therapeutics (which improved odds by about 25%, IIRC).

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A contrast

Just The NewsNearly half of all U.S. voters have a negative view of socialism, according to a new Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen.

Forty-seven percent of those voters surveyed said they had an unfavorable opinion of the political philosophy, espoused throughout history by revolutionaries such as Lenin, Stalin and Che Guevara.

Less than a third – 29% – said they had a favorable view of the political philosophy or theory, which is broadly that an entire community owns and shares in the prosperity of its members.

Democrats make up about 1/3 of the population.

But as for our elected officials...

Just The News
Bipartisan group of lawmakers unveil $908 billion coronavirus relief package framework. A bipartisan group of lawmakers on Tuesday laid out a framework for emergency COVID-19 relief funding heading into the winter months.

The framework for the $908 billion rescue package consists of $288 billion more for the Paycheck Protection Program to assist small businesses during the pandemic, $180 billion for unemployment insurance, $10 billion for the U.S. Postal Service and $160 billion for state and local governments.

That's socialism. Free government money for everyone until it all runs out and the death camps begin.

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FDA vaccine rule change pushed approval date past election day

John LottA month before the election the FDA changed the rules on approving vaccines. The motivation was that they needed stricter rules this time for approval because people were concerned that this vaccine would be particularly dangerous. Just something to remember:

Not a surprising backstab.

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There are no excess deaths in 2020

Behind The BlackA new analysis of the 2020 death statistics in the United States has revealed that despite the panic over COVID-19, the total number of deaths in all age groups — including the elderly — showed no change before or after the arrival of the virus.

This bears repeating, in bold and italics: There have been no excess deaths in 2020.

It appears that either a) COVID killed everyone who would have died anyway, or b) a lot of people who died from normal causes had COVID incorrectly listed on their death certificate, or c) both.

UPDATE: Johns Hopkins took down the study. Not because it was wrong but because they didn't like that people noticed and shared it because it went against the narrative of covid terror.

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WHO head admits coronavirus will never end

Zerohedge“Since the beginning of the #COVID19 pandemic, we knew that a vaccine would be essential for bringing the pandemic under control. But it’s important to emphasise that a vaccine will complement the other tools we have, not replace them,” said Ghebreyesus.

A vaccine on its own will not end the #COVID19 pandemic. We will still need to continue:
-Testing, isolating & caring for cases
-Tracing & quarantining contacts
-Engaging communities
-Encouraging individuals to be careful #ACTogether #EB147
— Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (@DrTedros) November 16, 2020

This admission makes it quite obvious that the lockdowns, masks, and everything, were never actually about the virus. They were and are about power; nothing more and nothing less. Stay in your homes like terrified sheep until we give you permission to leave. If you don't keep your vaccinations up to date we'll revoke your travel papers, and if your opinions are unapproved we will censor them from the internet while keeping you locked in your house so you can't spread them the old fashioned way.

And yes, the expanded welfare and "stimulus" purportedly for COVID is really just a universal basic income, isn't it?

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A UK doctor's timeline for Coronavirus

The CriticFrankly, if it had not been for mainstream media and the government, I would not have even noticed there were a pandemic. I experienced no excessive dying, and no excessive becoming seriously ill. Since January, I have worked in three different general practices across England, in two regions. Accumulatively, they contained over 16,000 patients. Up to my last time of asking in September 2020 there had been many well Covid-19 “swab positives”, and only 5 deaths “with” a Covid-19 “swab positive”. Those 5 deaths were all white, over 60 years, with other co-morbidities.

In the BAME-dominated practice of nearly 6000 where I work with the most deprived, the poor, the homeless, addicts, and migrants, no one was known to have died in association “with” a Covid-19 swab-positive test.

In the practice of 1800 where I worked through the inception and peak of the pandemic, only two people died of anything between January and July. These two were expected deaths of metastatic terminal cancer.

The panic is based on hysteria, not evidence.

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Masks don't work

Washington ExaminerA study published in late October by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology linking a decrease in coronavirus hospitalizations to a face-mask mandate has been withdrawn following an increase in cases in the areas studied.

“The authors have withdrawn this manuscript because there are increased rates of SARS-CoV-2 cases in the areas that we originally analyzed in this study,” the updated abstract of the study titled "Decrease in Hospitalizations for COVID-19 after Mask Mandates in 1083 U.S. Counties” now reads. “New analyses in the context of the third surge in the United States are therefore needed and will be undertaken directly in conjunction with the creators of the publicly-available databases on cases, hospitalizations, testing rates. Etc.”

Seriously, they just don't. At least not against COVID, and applied to the whole population.

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Medical Theater

Front PageA week before issuing a statewide mask mandate and a few weeks after trying to ban Thanksgiving, Governor Newsom attended a dinner party, maskless, for a lobbyist.

The size of the party, a dozen people, contravened, Newsom’s own Thanksgiving crackdown limiting gathering sizes and urging members of different households not to mingle. The photos also contravened Newsom’s guidelines to wear a mask at dinner between bites.

The people insisting you stay at home and wear a mask are not following their own rules. The masks are just a system of control and a symbol of submission. They don't actually work (against this specific disease, anyway), and the "elites" believe they are not subject to their own rules.

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Study: Masks don't work against COVID

SpectatorWednesday marked the publication of a long-delayed trial in Denmark which hopes to answer that very question. The ‘Danmask-19 trial’ was conducted in the spring with over 3,000 participants, when the public were not being told to wear masks but other public health measures were in place. Unlike other studies looking at masks, the Danmask study was a randomized controlled trial — making it the highest quality scientific evidence.

Around half of those in the trial received 50 disposable surgical face masks, which they were told to change after eight hours of use. After one month, the trial participants were tested using both PCR, antibody and lateral flow tests and compared with the trial participants who did not wear a mask.

In the end, there was no statistically significant difference between those who wore masks and those who did not when it came to being infected by COVID-19. Of those wearing masks, 1.8 percent caught COVID, compared to 2.1 percent of the control group. As a result, it seems that any effect masks have on preventing the spread of the disease in the community is small.

To be clear: Masks work for some diseases and in some circumstances, when worn properly they can protect against large particles being spread from an infected person to other people. When trying to use them in widespread fashion, against the coronavirus, they do not work. Why not? The particles are too small and pass through the masks easily, even when properly worn, and they are not properly worn by the general public.

They are basically meaningless unless you experiencing symptoms (coughing, sneezing) which produce large particles the mask can catch before spreading. But if you're not showing those symptoms but are still contagious, the particles you are shedding are too small for the mask to stop.

It's just medical theater.

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Was COVID-19 weaponized against Trump?

Argument here. I won't endorse it or reject it because I simply do not have the expertise to evaluate the evidence. I will say that this exact sequence of events has occurred to me repeatedly and with growing emphasis throughout 2020. Initially I was skeptical, but that skepticism has been steadily worn away as the irrational hysteria and media panic continues and the Democrats take political advantage of the chaos.

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Biden advisors already pushing a 4-6 week lockdown

Legal Insurrection“We could pay for a package right now to cover all of the wages, lost wages, for individual workers,” he told the outlet, noting low interest rates. He added that federal borrowing could bail out small- and medium-sized companies, cities, states and county governments.

“If we did that, then we could lock down for four to six weeks, and if we did that, we could drive the numbers down,” he said. “Like they’ve done in Asia. Like they did in New Zealand and Australia.”

They already want to go back to total lockdowns. Why? WHY? To spend more trillions in printed money? To punish us for refusing to accept Biden as president?

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How scared should we be of the Kung Flu at this point?

The Silicon GreybeardAllow me to illustrate a simple example of "most people don't think like this." I've been reading William M. Briggs - Statistician to the Stars! as he talks about the pandemic. He presents this plot of "excess deaths" by year, data from the US CDC. I've marked up the plot to point out some features.

Not very, unless you happen to be in the high risk category.

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Cuomo wants Biden to get credit for COVID vaccine

Fox NewsNew York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said that while it is "good news" that Pfizer has had a recent breakthrough in its coronavirus vaccine clinical trial, he believes it is "bad news" that the Trump administration will get to plan the distribution.

In an interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC's "Good Morning America" on Monday, Cuomo said he has spoken to other governors about how they can alter or even block Trump's plan so that President-elect Joe Biden could do it instead.

This is the governor who sent COVID patients into nursing homes to kill as many old people as possible, and now he wants to delay a vaccine just so Biden can take political credit for something Trump did?

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COVID-19 vaccine announced... immediately after the election

Conservative TreehouseAs the political media and democrats simultaneously drop their COVID-19 social distancing concerns to celebrate Joe Biden in the streets and DNC venues, as anticipated an effective vaccine is announced. Within the announcement Pfizer admits they stalled announcing the results of the study in October, preferring to wait until after the election.

Predictably disgusting.

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Almost $2M per patient to treat the flu

Well, no, to treat COVID-19... which is only slightly more dangerous than the flu. The facility that money built was dismantled less than a month after it was completed. That's Chicago for you.

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CDC estimates of COVID-19 survival rates

CDC0-19 years: 99.997%
20-49 years: 99.98%
50-69 years: 99.5%
70+ years: 94.6%

Unless you are over 70, COVID-19 is nothing to worry about. Even if you are over 70, it's about as dangerous as the flu.

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Playing games with the virus numbers

City officials are using cooked numbers to keep Austin closed until December. Why? Well, if they open up in December, the economy will start to recover in January when Biden has just (they hope) taken office.

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Educational institutions are tracking students

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FBI claims it foiled "militia plot" to kidnap governor

They arrested 6 people for the plot, which involved them discussing actions to take in response to Whitmer's unconstitutional shutdown of the state. No actual violence was involved, though the FBi alleges they agreed to try to recruit more members and possibly surveilled the governor's vacation home (that means "they looked at" the building).

Given the well-known proclivities of the federal government, I predict these charges will eventually be dropped after all the involved agencies finish coordinating and realize that all six individuals are informants, agent provocateurs, or previous recipients of pardons from Democrats. Also, at least some of them appear to be "anarchists" rather than "militia".

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Democrats suppressing low COVID-19 numbers to justify continued shutdown

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Comparing COVID-19 with the flu

Now that we are starting to understand that COVID-19 is basically no more dangerous than the common flu, politicians are insisting we panic about the flu too.

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About those positive test results...

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Up to 90% of COVID-19 tests are false positives

The most common test detects tiny fragments of the virus, even if those fragments are "dead" or trapped and do not represent an active infection. Couple that with a recent finding that only 9210 Americans died from COVID-19 alone. The rest were already struggling from serious other diseases.

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Another study demonstrating hydroxychloroquin works

This study shows that the COVID-19 death rate is cut in half when treated with hydroxychloroquin. So, why are medical authorities playing games with COVID treatments?

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COVID was built in a Chinese bioweapons lab

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At least 600K COVID-19 diagnoses are fake

Mistakes like this feed panic, which is why I think they are not mistakes. If they were mistakes, sometimes they would happen in the other direction.

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Tue Aug 18 02:14:04 CDT 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Why are nations going mad over COVID?

Just to take a couple examples.

In the US, the Deep State (represented by Fauci on the medical side, the Democratic party, and the media) want to oust Trump. I've mentioned previous how the virus helps that effort, along with delaying and distracting from SpyGate.

In the UK... well, you haven't heard about how Brexit is or isn't going to happen in a while, have you?

In many other nations, it matters less because their media doesn't necessarily operate in English, making the internal posture less visible. Are China or Russia panicking too? Who knows? I would guess not, at this point. Tracking, yes. Panicking, no.

So, again, why are we panicking? Because it is politically useful to those who would be our masters.

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The vote by mail fiasco continues

Nevada sends 200K ballots to the wrong addresses (1/6th of the total, more than enough to throw an election into chaos), and Virginia sent 500K incorrect ballots (some even to dead people).

I am going to laugh for months if only blue states go to vote by mail, and the resulting chaos only in blue states costs them the election.

Unfortunately, it's only funny if Trump gets a clear majority from states with functional election systems.

Sun Aug 16 02:07:28 CDT 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Common cold immunity may carry over to COVID

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Sat Aug 15 01:27:26 CDT 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

A promising treatment for COVID-19 even after ventilation?

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Thu Aug 13 01:42:38 CDT 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Lying with charts

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Tue Aug 11 02:55:42 CDT 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]


I don't care what the excuse is. People should be free to say what they think. Even if what they think goes against what the rest of society thinks.

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Wed Aug 05 02:51:02 CDT 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

9th Circus makes it official: suspends 1st Amd during pandemic

Two judges in the 9th Circus have purported to suspend the 1st Amendment until there is a cure for the Kung Flu.

This doesn't actually surprise me much; there's historically a lot of latitude for this sort of thing during public emergencies. Courts will let the executive handle the emergency and focus on reviewing it all well after the fact.

The aspect this court is missing -- probably deliberately -- is whether there is actually an emergency that justifies that treatment. There's certainly a panic, but I'm not convinced the data shows an actual emergency. So can the government exaggerate an unusual, but not disastrous, new disease and get a pass from the bill of rights? I suspect not, but I doubt the courts will say so until more time makes the evidence very clear. Particularly courts with a liberal bias.

There's also the question of duration; temporary restrictions can pass muster where permanent ones would not. So, for how long are we supposed to hide from the Kung Flu? What happens if there is never a cure, never a vaccine, and (just like the normal flu or the common cold) we just have to learn to live with it? Does the bill of rights stay suspended then?

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Sources say Chinese virus likely escaped from Chinese lab

Fox NewsThere is increasing confidence that the COVID-19 outbreak likely originated in a Wuhan laboratory, though not as a bioweapon but as part of China's attempt to demonstrate that its efforts to identify and combat viruses are equal to or greater than the capabilities of the United States, multiple sources who have been briefed on the details of early actions by China's government and seen relevant materials tell Fox News.

This may be the "costliest government cover-up of all time," one of the sources said.

The sources believe the initial transmission of the virus – a naturally occurring strain that was being studied there – was bat-to-human and that "patient zero" worked at the laboratory, then went into the population in Wuhan.

Just a few weeks ago, the idea that this originated in a Chinese lab was classed as a conspiracy theory. Now it's the known and accepted government theory.

In another few weeks, will the idea that the virus was deliberately modified in that lab become accepted as well? I expect it will, because I think that's exactly what happened.

And as for the bioweapon question, it's not just about whether and why the virus was developed. If China knew enough to close internal borders to Wuhan, but left Wuhan open to international travel, that's a damning measure of intent regardless of origin.

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CDC confirms Kung Flu is no worse than a bad flu season

The death rate appears to be 0.26%, a little more than double that of the average flu (0.1%). Stanford researchers pegged that number over a month ago.

This was a political panic job designed to sabotage the economy. Not that the virus isn't real; that seems undeniable. Not that it wasn't manufactured in a lab -- case not proven yet, but it seems likely. But it certainly wasn't the deadly disease it was sold as when the CDC's Dr Fauci shut down the country.

Unanswered questions: So why did China shut down like they did? Maybe deliberately, because they hate Trump and were read in on the plot. Maybe they just panicked in the presence of an unknown disease. Maybe the disease really was as bad as advertised, but mutated to a less deadly strain. Maybe air pollution in China is bad enough to increase vulnerability. I don't know.

But I think the panic is over.

UPDATE: The panic is still over, but there is reason for skepticism about these numbers.

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More evidence the Kung Flu was created in a lab

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The Price of Fauci's Folly

It looks like the famous, or perhaps infamous, Dr Fauci is even more intimately involvewd in the Kung Fly debacle than he's admitting. Turns out that in his role at the Center for Disease Control, he funded the Chinese lab where the disease may have originated. Why? He was outsourcing viral gain-of-function research the US had banned after safety issues at CDC labs. What's gain of function research? Exactly what you might expect: adding new function to existing viruses. Like what happened to create the Kung Flu.

It's worth also pointing on when that funding happened. 2015, under Obama.

Jerusalem Post"The best experts so far seem to think it was man-made. I have no reason to disbelieve that at this point," Pompeo said. When the interviewer pointed out that was not the conclusion of U.S. intelligence agencies, Pompeo backtracked, saying, "I've seen what the intelligence community has said. I have no reason to believe that they've got it wrong."

I'll trust Pompeo's description of what the intel community's best experts think over what a random interviewer thinks they said, given that Pompeo's the one with the official clearances. I don't read Pompeo as backtracking at all.

We're a long ways from understanding everything going on behind the scenes with this virus. But Fauci appears to be central to it, and I don't think he's been asked the right questions yet.

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Burr resigns from leadership of Senate Intel

In other somewhat unrelated news, Senator Burr is stepping down from the committee over an FBI investigation into insider stock trading around the Kung Flu.

I can't help but think this is merely convenient timing, and he's actually leaving for reasons related to SpyGate. Although the FBI investigation into his trading habits certainly justifies his removal by itself.

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The cause of the coming meat shortage

Washington ExaminerThere is no actual shortage in livestock. (Remember, farmers are about to kill their produce needlessly.) Rather, the breakdown is coming on the plant side of the equation where cramped quarters are hazardous. Why can’t farmers sell directly to consumers and circumvent this problem? You guessed it — government regulations.

In 1967, the federal government blocked states from making their own decisions on how meat was processed and promptly handed the power to the Department of Agriculture, or USDA.

What followed was essentially a takeover of control of the industry. Farmers had to travel long distances and sell their livestock to a small number of USDA slaughterhouses instead of to local butchers, small processors, or directly to consumers. This relationship began to severely impact their profit margins as the government was able to force farmers to sell their product for pennies on the dollar. When you limit the number of places the producers can sell, you control the prices.

Wait, what? Why? Why was this done, why was it considered good policy? Even if you want the FDA to have regulatory control of food safety, why would you require in those regulations that food be processed in a large central facility instead of in a distributed (and thus resilient) system?

Let's let the free market and competition solve this problem.

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Researcher close to Covid-19 breakthrough killed in murder-suicide?

The murder part is pretty solid. The suicide part is based on assuming a dead man they found was responsible for the murder. Who knows whether he was actually close to a breakthrough. But the whole situation is weird

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Fauci's opinion on the virus origin is suspect

Since Fauci funded the Chinese lab from which the virus escaped in order to evade a ban on gain-of-function research in the US, I'm not especially convinced by his insistence that the virus is natural. He's a snake and he's trying to hide his own culpability.

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Fake News

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California begins forcible quarantines

This virus certainly is revealing the totalitarian desires of the left.

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Cuomo orders absentee ballots for all of New York

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Fake News: CBS used fake patients to make testing lines look longer

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A real trial of the TrumpCure?

This one seems to hit the right notes: early application and combination with azithromycin. It doesn't downplay the known risks of those drugs, and it attempts to control for other risk factors.

Most of the other studies on this topic have either not tried both of the drugs together or waited until patients were already hospitalized with a severe case.

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Michigan legislature to strip Gov Whitmer of emergency powers

More like this, please.

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US warned of safety risks, potential pandemic from Wuhan research lab

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if you release criminals, you get a crime wave...

Actions have consequences. But the Democrats are still eager to release illegal aliens.

UPDATE: They let out Avenatti, another high-profile release. He's going to be spending his house arrest in Venice, apparently. We'll see if he is still there when he is supposed to come back. Weinstein was also released.

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Official investigation into the origin of the Kung Flu

Fox NewsThe U.S. is conducting a full-scale investigation into whether the novel coronavirus, which went on to morph into a global pandemic that has brought the global economy to its knees, escaped from a lab in Wuhan, China, Fox News has learned.

Intelligence operatives are said to be gathering information about the laboratory and the initial outbreak of the virus. Intelligence analysts are piecing together a timeline of what the government knew and “creating an accurate picture of what happened,” the sources said.

Once that investigation is complete -- something that is expected to happen in the near-term -- the findings will be presented to the Trump administration. At that point White House policymakers and President Trump will use the findings to determine how to hold the country accountable for the pandemic.

Holding China accountable is unlikely to be very successful. Yes, this situation will generate a lot of political support for policies to punish China. Which means what? Pulling our manufacturing out, applying more tariffs perhaps, things which we mostly wanted to do anyway (under Trump, at least). We're unlikely to get them to actually pay us trillions. They will ignore lawsuits or enforcement actions through international bodies. They already have enough intellectual property to be only mildly inconvenienced by losing access to more.

A military response is only really on the table if there is strong evidence they did this deliberately, and that's a hard case to make. (Accidentally, sure).

Our options for responding to this hostile act by China seem limited.

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The intelligence agencies are still rogue

CIA issued a warning against hydroxychloroquine, saying it has potentially dangerous side effects, despite Trump talking up the drugs' usefulness against COVID-19. To be clear, they are both right: the drug is unproven but appears useful against COVID-19 but also has well-known risks and side effects that mean some people probably can't or shouldn't take it.

But the fact that someone at that agency was going out of their way to contradict the President is noteworthy.

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Covid-19 virus may have orignated in Chinese lab after all

Daily MailSenior Government sources say that while 'the balance of scientific advice' is still that the deadly virus was first transmitted to humans from a live animal market in Wuhan, a leak from a laboratory in the Chinese city is 'no longer being discounted'.

One member of Cobra, the emergency committee led by Boris Johnson, said last night that while the latest intelligence did not dispute the virus was 'zoonotic' – originating in animals – it did not rule out that the virus first spread to humans after leaking from a Wuhan laboratory.

The member of Cobra, which receives detailed classified briefings from the security services, said: 'There is a credible alternative view [to the zoonotic theory] based on the nature of the virus. Perhaps it is no coincidence that there is that laboratory in Wuhan. It is not discounted.'

I don't know where the virus originated, but there is quite a lot of credible evidence that it escaped from the virology lab in Wuhan. The lab was studying coronaviruses in bats, hiring people to study a new virus, and has had previously reported safety incidents related to their bats.

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