Debunking the Mexican gun control myth

AmmolandThe New York Times has seized upon a lawsuit filed by the Mexican government against six American firearms manufacturers – which even the newspaper’s own experts admit is frivolous – as if it’s a holy writ, in order to add their political support to the Biden-Harris Administration’s calls for increased gun control.

Using cherry-picked data taken out of context from a report from the Government Accountability Office, the Times reporters boldly state that “70 percent of the firearms submitted for tracing in Mexico between 2014 and 2018 originated in the United States.” However, that is not what the data says. That’s not the whole picture. It’s the submitted for tracing part that’s misleading – misleading in a big way.

I'm amazed that they think they will get farther with the same old crap the second time. But then, it's not like Biden is going to be coming with any new ideas.

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Mexican President demands answers on Fast and Furious

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Mexican guns, again...

Some of us have wondered how the BATFE was so sure that American guns were being smuggled across the border into Mexico.  It turns out, they were the ones doing the smuggling.

It used to be a common saying that in any political meeting with 3 members, one was from the FBI, one was from the BATFE, and the third person was an ordinary citizen telling everyone to calm down and stop talking about blowing things up.  I see that's still true.

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