Project Veritas has another USPS whistleblower

Project VeritasProject Veritas released today a new video of an anonymous USPS whistleblower here who claims that higher-ups ordered postal workers to discard pro-Trump and pro-Republican mail, and only deliver pro-Biden mail from now on.

“This is the third Pennsylvania USPS Insider to blow the whistle on election malfeasance in the last week. There is something going on with USPS and we must get to the bottom of it immediately,” said Project Veritas founder and CEO James O’Keefe.

It’s very concerning that every USPS whistleblower coming forward is telling stories that put our election integrity in serious doubt, he said.

This doesn't corrupt actual ballots, but it is certainly political corruption that should have consequences for those who did it.

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Project Veritas has another USPS whistleblower in PA

James O'KeefeANOTHER USPS worker just came forward regarding evidence of misconduct in the state of Pennsylvania. Inspired by Richard. Release tomorrow.

Another one.

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Reminder: Minnesota vote fraud

Project Veritas exposed Minnesota vote fraud. So far, nothing has happened to Ilhan Omar. No word of arrests, investigations, anything. Apparently, Minnesota has a tradition of vote fraud.

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Project Veritas finds another postal worker offering a "handful" of ballots

Project Veritas“I’m gonna see if I can get you some(ballots), like a nice little handful…”

“What’s your unit number? Let me see what I can do…”

This isn't a smoking gun admission, but it's definitely suggestive of widespread fraud.

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Project Veritas exposes discarded spoiled ballots

Spoiled ballots are supposed to be preserved for a recount. But at least one election office in PA is throwing them into the trash.

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ABC News had Epstein story three years ago... and didn't run it

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Project Veritas exposes Facebook political censorship

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Project Veritas exposes Dem Senator McCaskill

Project VeritasSenator McCaskill on Tape: “Of course!” She Would Vote Yes on Gun Bans”
Campaign Staff Says: McCaskill supports “a semi-automatic rifle ban“
McCaskill is Quiet on Gun Views “because she has a bunch of Republican voters,” Secretly Supports Gun Control Group
Staff: Wait Until After Election to Bring up Trump Impeachment; to Voters: “Get over it”
“People just can’t know” McCaskill and Obama “essentially have the same views on everything.”

Democrats lie to get elected. This is not news.

But pointing to a specific candidate who is lying specifically to get elected when the election is in two weeks? Yeah, that's not going to work out well for Ms. McCaskill.

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