Biden admin offering backhanded pardons to illegals

Victory Girls Federal prosecutors are quietly dismissing stacks of cases against illegal immigrants under a Biden administration mandate that could be on pace to effectively pardon 1 million people by 2024, according to leaked information reviewed by the Washington Examiner.

Attorneys for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement have begun to throw out tens of thousands of the 2 million backlogged cases in immigration court following a political appointee’s order not to go after illegal border crossers from before the November 2020 election.

According to the blog author but not the article, this will leave illegals with the ability to apply for legal residency and potentially citizenship. In other words, it's an amnesty. This shouldn't surprise anyone since Biden is Barack's mini-me and Barack had his DACA program to do the same thing, except DACA was publicized because Barack thought he would get political credit for doing it. He learned better when he got massively increased opposition. Biden is going to hide it and hope we don't notice.

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Are Republicans finally getting serious about illegal immigration?

Just The NewsRep. Scott DesJarlais (R-Tenn.) said that food stamps are going to most people who are crossing the southern border, despite denials from Democrats.

DesJarlais told the John Solomon Reports podcast on Tuesday that, while Democrats claim food stamps, or SNAP benefits as they are formally known, only go to minors, asylum seekers, and refugees — most of the people entering the U.S. fit into those categories.

"According to the Biden administration, the USDA, it's very difficult" for border-crossers to obtain SNAP benefits, he said. "But if you look at the list of reasons and exclusions of those who can get it, it includes about everyone crossing the border today.

"Nobody comes here just saying, 'Ah, I thought I'd give your country a try.' They're all seeking asylum and that automatically qualifies you — or a refugee status, or if you're 18 or younger, you qualify. So pretty much most people do qualify for food stamps, despite the denials in the — really, the Democrat side of the committee and the USDA."

I don't know how serious they really are, but some of them are at least starting to say the right things. But I'm cynical enough to expect that this sort of talk will disappear as quickly as the budget proposal should the Republicans actually gain enough power to get anything done.

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Pivot to amnesty?

Gateway PunditKamala Harris this weekend told reporters that one of her “expectations” this year is mass amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.

A record number of illegal aliens crossed over the US border from Mexico in 2021.

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Border Patrol agents encountered nearly 2 million illegals last year thanks to Joe Biden’s immigration policies.

Kamala Harris is pushing for mass amnesty in order to permanently entrench the Democrat party.

This sounds like one of those "expections" that you have for your subordinates, rather than an "expectation" like a prediction. I don't know if the two Dem holdouts will be any more or less amenable to this than the other thinly disguised steal all elections forever legislation, but Sinema is a Senator from a border state.

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Understanding the Border Crisis

Real Clear PoliticsThere were 178,622 apprehensions on the border in April, according to Customs and Border Protection -- the highest total in more than two decades. To put the number in context, last April, there were 17,106 apprehensions.

One America News NetworkActing ICE head admits agency is not tracking illegals released into U.S. interior amid surge at the border

The Biden Administration just wants to get as many illegals into the country as possible before 2022.

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Biden: 11 million amnesty in first 100 days

BreitbartJoe Biden: Amnesty for Over 11 Million Illegal Aliens Going to Senate in My First 100 Days

Already, a number of Senate Republicans have suggested that they are interested in working with Biden on some sort of immigration deal. Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC), John Cornyn (R-TX), and Chuck Grassley (R-IA) have all hinted at striking a Democrat-GOP deal on immigration that would almost certainly include an amnesty.

Exit polling after the election reveals that voters across party and racial lines overwhelmingly want less overall immigration to the U.S. More than 3-in-4 voters, for instance, said it is important to reduce immigration with continued high unemployment, and more than 62 percent said, even after unemployment has leveled off, immigration should remain lower than its current levels.

Traitors. They want to import enough new voters to make sure Trump can never win again.

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Mexican President demands answers on Fast and Furious

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Why we have a border

166 skulls found in mass grave site, and it's far from the only one.

We have a border so America does not become Mexico, and that is a good thing.

Judicial WatchYet another group of migrants from a terrorist nation managed to infiltrate the United States through Mexico this week. Thankfully, the Border Patrol apprehended them, though it’s becoming a crisis largely ignored by the mainstream media. The men are from Bangladesh, a south Asian Islamic country that’s well known as a recruiting ground for terrorist groups such as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and Al-Qaeda Indian Subcontinent (AQIS). Earlier this year Judicial Watch reported on the epidemic of Bangladeshi nationals getting smuggled into the country via the porous southern border, especially through Texas, which is where this week’s group got nabbed.

We also have a border so we can stop people entering from terrorist nations without being vetted. I have nothing against immigrants who follow the law and come here legally. (The debate about how many immigrants and which ones is a different matter). But our border controls absolutely must be sufficient to prevent criminals and terrorists from entering the country.

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California mayor issues warning of ICE sweep

SFGateThe relationship between U.S. immigration officials and California’s liberal leaders soured long ago, but Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf’s decision to warn potential targets of federal arrest that an immigration sweep could be imminent was an extraordinary escalation.

Schaaf said she issued the alert Saturday night after receiving confidential tips from “credible sources” who revealed that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, known as ICE, was planning arrests across the Bay Area as soon as Sunday.

Obstruction of justice is still a crime, isn't it? Passively not cooperating is one thing, but actively warning criminals is another.

UPDATE: The warning helped 850 illegals evade deportation.

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