Election information in GA

UncoverDCOur investigation looked at the L&A testing for three counties, Cobb, Gwinnett, and Fulton. Both Cobb and Gwinnett counties successfully tested their early voting machines and were complete by October 9th. It’s also worth noting that they swiftly provided the testing results and supporting documentation upon request and did so at no charge.

In response to the same open records request submitted to the other counties, Fulton County returned the following...

Once more Fulton County has something to hide. Funny how it's always them.

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Destruction of election evidence in PA

UncoverDCMassive election fraud has allegedly been found in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. A video posted by a whistleblower of alleged fraudulent activity associated with the destruction of 2020 election files surfaced on Twitter this week.

Related to the video is a 91-page lawsuit filed in Delaware County, PA, alleging proof of individuals conspiring to “destroy, delete, and hide Nov. 3, 2020, election data, materials, and equipment to prevent discovery of election fraud and election law violations.”

This sort of thing just keeps showing up, but no one has actually done anything about it.

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Fulton County GA: 1M ballots missing, ordered without stubs

UncoverDCRecently we reported on the discovery of an eleventh-hour, massive Fulton County order of over 1 million absentee/by mail ballots. Our reporting analyzed the explanation given by the Georgia Secretary of State Elections Coordinator, Gabriel Sterling, and found it deficient for several reasons.

Mr. Sterling claimed that the ballots were ordered to serve as a backup plan in case the machines couldn’t be properly logic and accuracy tested before the election, as required by Georgia law. However, we reported that couldn’t have been the reason because the ballots were ordered after early voting had already begun. Our contention was basically that the machines were already being used at the time of the order; therefore, testing couldn’t have been the issue.

Ironically, we have found, and reported earlier this week, that the Fulton County voting machines were not logic and accuracy tested before the start of early voting. However, Fulton County proceeded to use the untested machines anyway. This revelation only further negates Mr. Sterling’s excuse that the issue of testing precipitated the “emergency” ballot order and bolsters our reporting.

Read the whole thing.

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Colorado election data reviewed and evidence of fraud found

Gateway PunditThe Mesa County, Colorado data was recently reviewed by database and systems analyst Jeffrey O’Donnell. Numerous issues were uncovered.

The accurate final vote for Mesa County cannot be determined based on the review.
Persons unknown altered data from the election and at least 5,500 ballots were processed differently than the other ballots in the county making them ineligible.
For some unknown reason, new adjudication and tabulation databases were created for most of the ballots processed in the county. The 5,500 ballots were not included in this activity.
In the new databases, adjudicated cases decreased in half, from nearly 10% to near 5%. There was no explanation from the county for this significant decrease.
There is no way of confirming that the new database included the exact same results from the original database.
Log files were purged almost daily which is illegal since election files must be maintained for 22 months after the election.
There is evidence the election machines can connect to the server and evidence SQL was accessible to make material changes to the data in the files.
There is evidence the systems have not been backed up for years, which puts all the voting machines at risk.

This report shows that the results in the county could not and cannot be relied on. This is why the corrupt Soros backed Secretary of State in Colorado wanted them kept secret across the state. She knew they were corrupted.

This information was the subject of a recent FBI raid. The raid confirms to me that the election fraud in Colorado is real and the FBI is playing defense to cover it up.

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Wisconsin election integrity update

UncoverDCWednesday’s informational hearing before the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections, which is headed by Chair Representative Janel Brandtjen and Vice-Chair Representative Joe Sanfelippo, allowed for testimony and questions about election integrity investigations at the county and state level.

The hearing featured testimony from former Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman, the man named Special Counsel for an investigation into potential election crimes in the state. Gableman’s investigation has subpoenas out to WEC, Mayors, and officials in the Wisconsin cities that received the most’ Zuckerbucks,’ seeking all records related to grants by groups like Zuckerberg funded Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) and the Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR).

Read the whole thing.

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74 GA counties have illegally deleted 2020 election information

Just The NewsSeventy-four of Georgia's counties have not been able to produce original images of ballots from the November 2020 election, according to an election integrity group.

VoterGA, an election integrity nonprofit organization, received confirmation through Open Records Requests (ORRs) from 56 counties that either most or all of the images that the Dominion voting system automatically created for tabulating results have been destroyed.

Images of ballots are crucial for election records and are required by both federal and state law to be retained for 22 months and 24 months, respectively.

VoterGA possesses written confirmation from former State Election Director Chris Harvey that granted permission to erase from the memory cards images from in-person ballots.

That "written confirmation" would appear to be an admission of a crime.

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About that voter fraud that doesn't exist...

PJMediaPublic Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) filed a lawsuit Wednesday against Michigan’s Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, alleging that almost 26,000 dead people are still registered to vote in that state. More than 17,000 dead voters have remained on the rolls for 10 years. Thousands more have been there for 20 years. Some are considered “active” and some are “inactive.” All are supposedly dead.

Why is this important? Because Benson sent a letter to Michigan’s election clerks before the 2020 election telling them to forgo signature verification for absentee ballots, a move that was later swatted down as illegal, and thus invalid, but not until after the election.

Dead people voting.

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Racine County Sheriff refers criminal charges against WEC

Wisconsin ExaminerRacine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling announced in a news release Wednesday that he had referred recommendations for criminal charges against five of the six members of the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) to Racine County District Attorney Patricia Hanson, a Republican.

Last week, Schmaling called a news conference to lay out allegations of election fraud against the commissioners but said he hadn’t sent the investigation to the DA and was instead calling for a statewide investigation into the matter from Attorney General Josh Kaul. After Kaul declined to open an investigation, Schmaling sent his recommendations, which include felony charges.

The sheriff did his job and investigated. Now, will anyone act?

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DeSantis announces election integrity reform proposal

Conservative Treehouse Today, Governor Ron DeSantis announced a new legislative proposal to further strengthen Florida’s election integrity. This proposed legislation will be addressed in the upcoming 2022 Legislative Session, which begins in January

.“We are excited to say that next legislative session we are proposing another package of election integrity reforms that will make Florida the number one state for elections,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “I am excited that with this legislation, our state will be able to enforce election violations, combat voter fraud and make sure violators are held accountable. If potential violators know they will be held accountable, they will be much less likely to engage in improper conduct in the first place.”

Our elections will not be secure until the people who benefit from fraud go to jail. Not just the pawns doing it, but the people benefiting from it.

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50% of Republicans believe their vote will not be counted accurately

Just The NewsA new poll finds 50% of Republicans do not believe their votes will be counted accurately the next time they head to the polls – a dramatic drop in confidence since the 2020 presidential election.

The NBC News poll also show just 41% of Republicans surveyed continue to believe that their vote will be counted fairly, compared to 84% last year.

Democrats, however, remain consistent in their belief that their votes will be counted accurately, with 89% of those surveyed responding in the affirmative.

This is a horrifying result that can only lead to civil war if it is not corrected by provably honest elections in 2022. If we go into 2024 with this cloud of doubt hanging over our elections still, there's no way we survive as a nation.

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Racine County Wisconsin taking election fraud seriously

Gateway PunditWisconsin’s Racine County’s GOP now is getting in the act. Over 23,000 voters were identified with the same phone number and over 4,000 with the same registration date of 1/1/1918.

The Racine GOP is now getting in the act. They too have identified over 23,000 voters in the 2020 Election, all with the same phone number and another 4,000 voters with the same registration date of 1/1/1918. These numbers don’t make sense.

The claim is that those values are system defaults. The problem is that, at least for the registration dates, those values should be kicked out of the system and not considered valid. The phone number should be allowed to be empty, rather than defaulting to something. (After all, a phone number isn't required to vote).

In general, there may be some fraud in those numbers, but probably not all of them. It's good that it's being looked at and hopefully corrected.

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Wisconsin votes without ID more than double the margin of victory

Just The NewsWisconsin's Legislative Audit Bureau released its audit of the 2020 presidential election Friday, detailing numerous problems and issues it found with how the election was administered.

The nonpartisan panel reviewed election data from hundreds of cities and municipalities across Wisconsin, as well as written complaints concerning the General Election.

According to the report, the review board is recommending dozens of changes to how the state runs elections, as well as advocating for certain election laws to be adopted or revised.

Gateway PunditThe Wisconsin election investigation found the number of resident who voted without proof of ID more than doubles the margin of victory in the state.

The problem, of course, is that votes without ID are not necessarily all for Biden. Once counted those votes are not separable from the general pool. But, it's likely fraud would heavily favor one candidate, and votes without ID would heavily favor fraud.

So, in essence, we know there was enough fraud to push Biden over the top, without being able to actually prove it.

This bullshit works until we stop putting up with it.

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About that voter fraud that doesn't exist...

Just The NewsA prominent Las Vegas businessman is facing potential prison time for allegedly voting twice during the 2020 presidential election.

According to the Associated Press, Donald “Kirk” Hartle is facing two felony counts of casting fraudulent votes, one of which was under his deceased wife's name.

If "prominent businessmen" are willing to commit felony offenses for a pathetic two votes instead of one, how many Democrat operatives are willing to do far more to actually get their candidate in office?

Categories Vote Fraud

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Whitmer vetoes election security legislation

Fox NewsDemocratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer vetoed two Republican-backed election bills, arguing they “fail to advance” secure elections.

“How do we provide safe and secure elections in our state if the governor can’t even agree that we should be ensuring dead people aren’t on our voting rolls?” a sponsor of one the bills, Republican state Sen. Michael MacDonald, said in a statement following Whitmer’s vetoes on Friday.

One of the vetoed bills would have revised the administrative process for removing dead people from voter lists and required more frequent checks during the 45-day period before an election.

The bill passed through the state Senate and House with bipartisan support, and some clerks said the change would be welcomed.

Whatever her attempted spin on the veto, she's not holding out for more secure elections.

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Another AZ County that needs an audit

Conservative TreehouseDr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, was part of the forensic audit group that looked at ballots in the Maricopa County audit of Arizona. Expanding his review, Dr. Ayyadurai also provided a mathematical and pattern analysis of mail-in ballot requests and mail-in ballot return rates in Pima County, AZ in 2020 U.S. general election.

What Dr. Ayyadurai discovered is quite remarkable and would seem to prove that specific precincts within Pima County were used to dump ballots into the county election system. The average rate of ballot return in Pima County was 87%. However there were 40 very unusual precincts with more than a 97% return rate of mail-in ballots, and there were two precincts that were over 100% rate of return. They counted more ballots than they shipped.

What Dr. Ayyadurai discovers {Direct Rumble Link Here} is that once Pima County precincts passed that average ballot return rate (87%), the precincts above 92% then shifted massively toward Joe Biden. It would appear several precincts scanned Biden ballots more than once, OR, several precincts participated in ballot dumps from mule harvests. It is a very compelling presentation...

While these audits are necessary to demonstrate, and hopefully correct, the fraud... they are moving very, very slowly and it seems as if little to no progress is being made. It's the same thing that happened to SpyGate; the defense is to drag everything out until the public becomes dispirited and disinterested because nothing is going to change.

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About that voter fraud that doesn't exist...

IJRSince the 2020 presidential election, Democrats have demonized Republicans who raise concerns about election integrity. But a new report Wednesday said a staffer of one Philadelphia politician had been engaging in voter fraud as far back as 2015.

According to Philadelphia magazine, Marie Beren, 67, faces federal charges for participating in a voter fraud scheme from 2015-2019. The outlet said Beren faces four charges related to voter fraud, one of which is conspiracy.

At the time of the charges, Beren was serving as a staffer for Philadelphia City Councilmember Mark Squilla. However, she has previously served in plenty of other political roles in the city.

Prosecutors said Beren and an unidentified “consultant” were involved in the voter fraud conspiracy. The complaint alleges the consultant “exercised influence and control in Philadelphia’s 39th Ward by distributing cash payments and supporting family, friends and allies for elective office in the 39th Ward, and installing Ward Leaders, Judges of Elections, and Democratic State Committee.”

So... when will these people who owe their offices to electoral fraud be named, prosecuted, removed from office, and imprisoned?

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About that voter fraud that doesn't exist...

Just The NewsMichigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has charged three women with crimes related to attempted voter fraud in the 2020 general election.

On the one hand, here are multiple people arrested for medium-scale (dozens each) vote fraud. On the other, these are the people they caught, of how many people who weren't caught? And you can bet they will be used as examples of how law enforcement is doing something but existing laws are enough and the problem is still a small one.

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GA judge dismisses Fulton County ballot inspection case

Just The NewsA Georgia judge dismissed a lawsuit Wednesday that accused members of Fulton County’s election board of illegally processing fraudulent ballots in the 2020 presidential election.

Yet another lawsuit dismissed on standing grounds. If the voters cannot sue to see the ballots, the candidate can't sue to see the ballots, the electors for a candidate can't sue to see the ballots... who can see the ballots to verify the official counts?

The answer appears to be either a) no one at all, or b) the judges are somehow corrupt and subject to blackmail. This one, in particular, let the case advance over months and was literally within days of actually inspecting actual ballots -- only to dismiss the case on a technicality before the inspection could take place.

If you want a good example of "appearance of impropriety" to put in the dictionary, this is it.

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Dems want to waive signature requirements for an election in progress

InsideNOVAThe Fairfax County Board of Supervisors is asking Gov. Ralph Northam to waive the witness signature requirement for absentee ballots cast by mail in this fall’s election.

The board voted 9-1 for the proposal by Chair Jeffrey McKay to send a letter to Northam, with Springfield District Supervisor Pat Herrity, the board’s only Republican, casting the only vote against the motion.

Herrity said that waiving the requirement would be a “blow to election integrity.”

“Witness signatures are important as they provide another line of defense against voter fraud,” he added. “They've been deemed important enough by the General Assembly that they were reestablished outside the state of emergency.”

He also argued that waiving the requirement now would be “problematic” because early voting began in mid-September and many absentee ballots have already been mailed.

“To do this in the middle of an election process in the name of COVID I think is nonsensical,” he said.

Changing the rules in the middle of the election should be outright illegal. And this rule in particular, waiving signature verification of mail in votes, opens the whole election to trivial fraud. Which is clearly exactly why they want to do it.

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AZ AG begins election investigation

Gateway PunditRoger Geisler, a special agent with Brnovich’s major-fraud unit, questioned Adrian Fontes, the Democratic former Maricopa County recorder, on Monday about issues stemming from the election.

Another investigator also attended the one-hour interview of Fontes, arranged late last week by Geisler.

The investigators seemed to be taking up issues raised by Cyber Ninjas, the Florida-based company that conducted the ballot review for the Senate, Fontes said.

No idea yet if the investigation is being taken seriously, but at least people are being interviewed.

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Election Day! Go vote.

If you're in Austin, here's a good news roundup and voting recommendations. I urge you to check your ballot summary page for "Proposition A"; my ballot was missing the "A" on the digital ballot summary even though it was present on the printed ballot and all other propositions and constitutional amendments were displayed correctly. I was told it was a known problem, but it's conceivable that it may cause problems accurately counting votes. If you encounter the problem complain to your election officials IN WRITING and also complain to the Save Austin Now folks. Since my area is likely to be a strong pro-Prop-A area, I smell shenanigans.

UPDATE: Virginia has shenanigans around masks and signature requirements for mail-in ballots and delayed counts and social security number identification requirements.

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AZ Audit team responds to Maricopa County defenses

Gateway PunditMaricopa County continues to purposely mislead Arizonans and the American public about the nature of audit findings, and the impact they had on the 2020 General Election. Their response renames and redefines audit findings so the claim can be made that the findings are false, includes logical sounding arguments that simply don’t add up, and is completely devoid of any supporting evidence. The following response to their review continues to refute their baseless claims with evidence and citations.

The degree of deception and interference from the county officials in response to this audit is very telling, in that it speaks to clear consciousness of guilt and fear of discovery.

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Democrats to fraud the Virginia elections again

Gateway PunditScott O. Konopasek, the radical partisan director of elections for the most populated county in Virginia, recently told mainstream media outlets that the Virginia governor’s race may not be decided on election day.
It appears Democrats are up to their old tricks again.

This isn't even a national election. The only possible reason for a delayed vote count like this is to enable fraud.

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More election issues from GA

UncoverDCA report resulting from an internal audit of Fulton County’s shameful election management practices has received little attention from the media. As shocking as that may be, and despite the expectation that such a report would be only somewhat critical of itself, the findings have led to several damning revelations. Apart from the self-initiated analysis and audits we’ve seen coming from Georgia this year, which only seemed to confirm perfection.

Such was the case with the “forensic audit” of the voting machines, which The Gateway Pundit exclusively reported was nothing but a sham.

The Fulton County internal audit was different because the Secretary of State didn’t control it. This review was prompted by problems such as budget overruns, unpaid past-due invoices, and other signs of poor management. The findings reveal an election that was so financially mismanaged it would have made Enron’s accounting look good. One of the most unbelievable is almost $2,000,000 in past due invoices from one company to staff the election. Fulton County election staff had potentially been exposed to someone with Covid, so they were all quarantined before and during the election. Some may find the timing convenient.

With this much smoke, there has to be a fire somewhere. And for some reason, everyone is reluctant to just check the ballots.

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GA calls for DOJ investigation into election issues

Just The NewsGeorgia's top election official on Monday demanded that the U.S. Justice Department open an investigation into election management in the state's largest county after officials in Fulton County disclosed they had shredded at least 300 voter applications for its upcoming municipal elections in apparent violation of the law.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger's office told Just the News that his office had also opened an inquiry into the disclosure by Fulton County officials but believed it was time for federal prosecutors to review chronic election irregularities inside the state's largest county, which includes the city of Atlanta.

For Raffensperger, who is widely suspected to have been involved in election corruption within Georgia, handing it off to the federal DOJ is a perfect way to ensure nothing ever gets investigated.

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Wisconsin county sheriff reveals widespread voter fraud

Just The NewsThe sheriff of Racine County in Wisconsin, Christopher Schmaling, presented evidence Thursday of felony election law violations in the county during the 2020 election.

Schmaling came out swinging against members of the Wisconsin Elections Commission, by whom he said "election statute was in fact not just broken, but shattered."

The sheriff's office received a complaint from a relative of a nursing home resident who died in October 2020. Despite suffering from severe cognitive decline prior to her passing, though, she still somehow managed to cast a vote via absentee ballot in the 2020 presidential election, according to state records.

John Solomon has more, and most of the press conference is available here.

The Wisconsin Senate is also starting their own investigation.

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Trump writes to the Wall Street Journal

Wall Street JournalIn your editorial “The Election for Pennsylvania’s High Court” (Oct. 25), you state the fact that a court wrongly said mail-in ballots could be counted after Election Day. “This didn’t matter,” you add, “because Mr. Biden won the state by 80,555, but the country is lucky the election wasn’t closer. If the election had hung on a few thousand Pennsylvanians, the next President might have been picked by the U.S. Supreme Court.”

Well actually, the election was rigged, which you, unfortunately, still haven’t figured out. Here are just a few examples of how determinative the voter fraud in Pennsylvania was:

Read the whole thing.

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Dem's file PA lawsuit demanding permanent mail-in voting

Gateway PunditThe Democrat Party filed in court to demand mail-in voting laws that will ensure Democrats can steal all elections for the foreseeable future.

Governor Wolf signed emergency legislation into law without the approval of the state leglislature in 2020 for mail-in voting. Republicans were not able to overturn this in the courts.

This is, quite simply, fraud. Fraud today, fraud tomorrow, fraud forever. Voting will no longer be a cherished right and a civic virtue -- it will be something old people do, like replying to all the junk mail that arrives in their mailbox, imagining that maybe they will win a prize in the raffle if only they send in their donation on time.

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Maricopa County admits deleting election information prior to audit

Conservative TreehouseEarlier today, during a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on the Arizona vote outcome, representative Andy Biggs (R-AZ) questioned Maricopa County officials about their deletion of 2020 election data in order to avoid a state senate subpoena for election records.

Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman Jack Sellers and the boards vice chairman, Bill Gates, admitted they intentionally deleted election data to route it onto an archive file. The archives of the county records were not subpoenaed, that way the county could avoid sending the full 2020 election data to the auditors.

There is no explanation for this other than a criminal coverup.

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The Democrats aren't winning in VA, so they are trying to cheat

Just The NewsThe Public Interest Legal Foundation has filed a complaint and motion for an injunction in Virginia against the Fairfax County General Registrar and three members of the county's election board that claims they violate state election law.

The complaint was filed Wednesday on behalf of the election integrity group Virginia Institute for Public Policy and argues Fairfax County is violating Virginia law by accepting and approving applications for absentee and mail-in ballots that do not include the last four digits of the applicant's Social Security number, as required under state statutes.

The legal foundation says the requirement to provide the ID numbers protects the right to vote and ensures Americans' right to vote because a ballot has been sent to someone else.

Whether they are allowed to cheat, still, tells us a lot about whether the nation is still viable.

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An update on the WIsconsin audit process

Gateway Pundit…The people of this country who are the owners of this government. It’s time to step up to act not like customers but to act like the owners and the managers you really are. Ask yourself, why is it when the people’s representative goes up to Green Bay simply asking for the production of documents that they’re required by law to keep anyway, and the whole purpose of them keeping records is to demonstrate that the elections were honest. Why in response to that do I get Tony Evers (Wisconsin Governor) saying to a statewide audience that they have to lawyer up and then, why do I get a majority of the city council in Green Bay, not only lawyer up, but they lawyer up with a national Democrat, a national Democrat lawfirm with their state subsidiary lawfirm… Why is it that these partisan leftist lawyers are donating their time to the defense? Is it because that partisan leftist things occurred and influenced the election in Green Bay? These are the kinds of things our fellow citizens deserve to know.

It sounds like maybe, just maybe, Wisconsin will get a real audit.

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Colorado officials and Dominion allegedly destroyed election data

National FileMesa County, Colorado Clerk and Recorder Tina M. Peters has submitted a forensic examination report to the Mesa County commissioners. The report shows that a massive amount of election data was deleted and “destroyed” by the office of the Democrat Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold and Dominion Voting Systems, which performed a supposed system upgrade on the voting equipment in May. Luckily, Peters had the data backed up before it was destroyed, hopefully keeping alive the prospect of performing a full forensic audit of the 2020 election

Maricopa officials also deleted election data, and other places have tried to do it by removing batteries from election devices.

At some point the attempts to cover up malfeasance become evidence in and of themselves.

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About the paper used in the Maricopa County election

UncoverDCPatrick Byrne, the founder of the America Project, has often highlighted the importance of the paper used in the Maricopa County Election. The America Project and Byrne helped fund the Maricopa audit. Byrne has stated that 100 percent of the ballots were “fake.”

On Friday, the Cyber Ninja report mentioned paper stock, paperweight, and kinematic artifacts being investigated by Jovan Hutton Pulitzer. More complete information about the paper used for the Maricopa County election could help provide a critical missing piece to reconstruct what happened in the 2020 election.

The paper stock used in elections is significant because it can affect how a vote is adjudicated and tabulated. Paper can also tell the story of whether counterfeit ballots were used. The weight, thickness, security features of paper are all critical features of a secure ballot. Bleed-through can result on ballots with thinner paper stock. Ballot paper should be uniform, and its specifications should be prescribed. Ostensibly, ballots that do not meet the defined specifications should not be counted.

The election was supposed to be conducted with VoteSecure paper, which would not have bleed through problems and would be readily identifiable as the correct paper. There's even a setting in the Dominion machines to check the paper type. But as it turns out, none of the paper was VoteSecure paper. Which would allow all kinds of fake ballots on fake paper to be inserted easily, and would also require premeditation to ensure the correct paper was not used and the machine detection turned off.

In other words, even more evidence of premeditated fraud by someone.

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Virginia government wants to allow election fraud by mail

Gateway PunditVirginia Democrats are now asking Governor Ralph Northam to waive absentee ballot witness signature requirements ahead of the gubernatorial race, citing Covid dangers.

The race between Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Glenn Youngkin is close and the Democrats know they have a real chance of losing so they are once again using Covid as a vehicle to cheat just like they did in 2020.

It's becoming more and more clear that the panic over COVID was always a way to enable election cheating. And so it's never going to stop, if the Democrats have anything to say about it. The Bayou Renaissance Man has more.

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Fulton County GA shredded 300 voter applications

Just The NewsGeorgia's top election official on Monday demanded that the U.S. Justice Department open an investigation into election management in the state's largest county after officials in Fulton County disclosed they had shredded at least 300 voter applications for its upcoming municipal elections in apparent violation of the law.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger's office told Just the News that his office had also opened an inquiry into the disclosure by Fulton County officials but believed it was time for federal prosecutors to review chronic election irregularities inside the state's largest county, which includes the city of Atlanta.

Don't trust Raffensperger's motivations here, or the federal DOJ to look into it. The federal DOJ will carefully sweep everything under the rug. A state level investigation might actually find something, but such an investigation would put Raffensperger at risk too, as he is widely believed to have some involvement in the 2020 election shenanigans.

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Massive fraud in Delaware?

National FileDelaware saw massive “fraudulent” votes being submitted in the 2020 election and nursing homes that had way more votes submitted than people who lived there, according to 2020 Delaware U.S. Senate candidate Lauren Witzke and a memo from Patriots for Delaware that has been obtained by NATIONAL FILE.

Lauren Witzke: “Preliminary Audits of the Delaware 2020 elections are damning. Only 10% of the votes have been audited and they’ve already found over 20k fraudulent ballots. Internal polling before the elections were EXTREMELY close. They couldn’t let Joe Biden’s home state seem even remotely competitive while they were busy stealing the swing states- would have raised a few eyebrows. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s looking like I pulled in at least 47% of the vote- I maybe even won. Thank you to Seth Keshel’s Team for all of their hard work. More on this to come. Stay tuned!”

I wasn't even aware there was an audit ongoing in Delaware.

Categories Vote Fraud

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Subpoenas issued in Wisconsin election audit

Just The NewsWisconsin state House Speaker Robin Vos, a Republican, said Friday he has signed off on the first subpoenas in an audit of the state's 2020 election results, an indication the review is proceeding.

Vos said the subpoenas were being filed as part of the GOP-backed investigation being led by former state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman. The former justice visited the site of the election audit in Arizona's Maricopa County and has said he could issue subpoenas to election officials who don’t comply with information related to his review, according to The Hill newspaper.

It remains to be seen how serious an audit this is.

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California goes universal vote-by-mail

Gateway PunditFresh off of a rigged recall election, Governor Gavin Newsom (D) on Monday signed a bill making universal vote-by-mail permanent in California.

With ballot harvesting, ballot drop boxes and now permanent vote-by-mail there is zero chain of custody in California’s election process.

This is exactly what the Democrats want moving forward in order to maintain total power in California.

I guess they got tired of cheating the hard way, and now all their dirty tricks operatives can cheat from the comfort of their homes.

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Chain of custody problems being investigated in GA

Just The NewsThe Georgia Secretary of State's office has opened an investigation into the handling of drop box ballots last November in one of the state's Democratic strongholds following a media report that there were problems with chain of custody documentation in DeKalb County.

The probe, confirmed in a statement to Just the News, comes at a tumultuous time for DeKalb County, whose elections director was placed on an extended leave of absence two weeks ago. Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger's office said the probe is ongoing and the county is cooperating.

I am a little skeptical of this investigation by Raffensperger. First, Raffensperger himself was involved in some suspicious issues in the 2020 election in GA. And second, we've seen how the FBI uses "ongoing investigations" as a shield against disclosure of internal wrongdoing. What if Raffensperger is "investigating" to block, for example, the lawsuit seeking to physically examine ballots in Fulton County?

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More election shenanigans uncovered in Wisconsin

Gateway PunditA group in Wisconsin that goes by the name of Wisconsin HOT (Honest Open and Transparent) released a telegram where they ask Wisconsin election officials why over 23,ooo individuals in Wisconsin’s voter roles have the same phone number?

23,000 voters with the same phone number? Seems legit.

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Was AZ audit report watered down?

Gateway PunditFollowing the public hearing, Michigan Attorney and Attorney General candidate Matthew DePerno tweeted out that he was told that Arizona attorney Cory Langhofer suppressed critical information from the audit report, including the statement that the election must be decertified.

I can understand how the politicians would want to keep the political judgments in their own arena, and just get an audit from the auditors, so to speak. But I do wander if anything more substantive was also suppressed.

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Understanding the AZ audit results

Monster Hunter NationIt turns out the audit findings are a lot more complicated that portrayed by the narrative. Shocker. Basically the headlines are all coming off of the executive summary, section 2. And note, they’re only taking the very first part, and then quit reporting as soon as they get to “based on our other findings, however”.... Except, the second part they aren’t talking about is… are those votes all actual legal votes? And the answer is possibly not (why possibly? I’ll get to that). Then see all those bullet points of problems, weirdness, and fuckery. Which comes down to there being about five times as many questionable votes as Biden’s margin of victory (for the state, in this one county).

Read the whole thing.

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Texas to audit elections in four counties

Gateway PunditOn Thursday the Texas Secretary of State announced it will conduct a FULL AND COMPREHENSIVE FORENSIC AUDIT in four Texas counties including the two largest Democrat Counties in the state.

The other two counties are the two largest Republican counties, so it's fair.

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Gateway Pundit has audio from inside Maricopa County's council

Gateway PunditThe Gateway Pundit’s Jordan Conradson joined Steve Bannon on The War Room on Wednesday morning following the breaking news last night that Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chukri resigned following Jordan’s earlier reports this week at The Gateway Pundit.

Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri announced his resignation from office on Tuesday effective November 5th.

On Monday, The Gateway Pundit reported that Steve Chucri said the Maricopa County-led post-election audit was “bullsh*t”.

A resignation from the Maricopa County government, over the audit issues.

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AZ Audit update

Conservative TreehouseThere is a lot about this video update released today from the Arizona Republican Party that triggers alarm bells. Apparently, the Arizona Republican Chairwoman Kelli Ward is not familiar with the process Maricopa County officials and State Senate leadership have agreed to.

Ms. Ward does not know what role the arbiter, mediator or “special master” will play in selecting the group who will provide the Senate with details of the router and splunk logs. Nor is Ms. Ward aware of the ideology, motives and intents of former congressman John Shadegg who has been selected as the “special master” in charge of fulfilling the senate request(s).

John Shadegg was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1994, serving 16 years before his retirement in 2010 as the Tea Party wave moved in. Shadegg was a close professional ally of Senator John McCain and currently remains close friends with Cindy McCain. In the typical mindset of the ‘Never Trump’ GOPe , “Mr. Shadegg, in an interview, said party leaders’ crusade against illegal immigration had damaged Republicans statewide and hurt their chances of drawing the growing body of Hispanic voters.”

A lawyer with offices in Phoenix and Washington DC, John Shadegg is a big time open-border and immigration amnesty activist, completely allied with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Business Roundtable. Shadegg is most certainly aligned to protect the interests of the corrupt cocktail class that runs Maricopa County elections.

This is a concerning analysis. I myself was curious what benefit putting a special master in between the auditors and the routing hardware would offer, but wasn't familiar with Shadegg and his political positioning. If he is aligned with the McCain camp, then he likely cannot be trusted, which makes any results coming from the router investigation something to be skeptical about. Especially if it results in a clean bill of health. There must be a reason Maricopa County protected those routers so fiercely, after all. And there must be a reason they would agree to Shadegg to mediate an audit.

On the plus side, the audit team can still call BS if Shadegg's team appears to be hiding things. So, we just have to wait and see about the results we actually get.

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AZ audit team gets access to Maricopa county routers in settlement

Gateway PunditMaricopa County has agreed to settle with the Arizona Senate and allow them to perform a joint-led audit of the County routers, Splunk logs, and dominion software.

This means that the 1487 complaint filed by Arizona State Senator Sonny Borrelli worked, forcing the county to comply with the Senate’s original and ongoing request for router access, on sight at the County buildings.

Looks like the AZ audit team will get access to the routers, albeit mediated through a third party. A suspicious mind would wonder if they finally managed to delete the data they needed to hide. The settlement agreement allowing access does, unfortunately, come with a limited date range, so I wonder if there is something after the end of that range that Maricopa County wants to hide (such as attempts to access the system after the election to delete data, which IIRC CyberNinjas implied was a possibility on the systems they did have access to).

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AZ election audit conclusions

Dr Shiva:
17K mail-in ballots with issues (duplicates, no signatures, etc), with escalating numbers of issues after the official election day. The escalating issues indicate a wave of fraud as the election day totals were known and fraud actors had to backfill in a hurry.

Another roughly 40k questionable ballots

Ben Cotton:
Security logs intentionally deleted with suspicious timing
Hundreds of thousands of files deleted
SQL logs indicate general election results purged from the database the day before the audit
Ballot images corrupt or missing
Remote access and terminal access are enabled
Anomalous port listening activity
Significant internet history in deleted files, also the day before the audit
Some bad actors in deletion of records identified from video

Ben Cotton conclusion:
The election was not secure. No accountability; a failed audit.

57k ballots total with known issues.

Statutes were broken.

AZ AG will investigate.

"Based on the audit the results of the 2020 election in Arizona should never have been certified."

(Read More...)

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True the Vote investigation has evidence of ballot harvesting operations

UncoverDCTrue The Vote may soon publicly release their alleged video evidence of ballot harvesting in the 2020 election. An Aug. 29 statement from Catherine Engelbrecht says the ballot trafficking initiative is “one of three investigations undertaken by True the Vote and … is just the beginning.” UncoverDC referred to the ballot trafficking project in an article on Aug. 24.

The updated message on the True The Vote website explains that “a select team of contractors and set out to determine whether widespread ballot trafficking was occurring as part of an organized criminal enterprise.” Suspicions of purposeful and planned ballot trafficking capitalizing on mass mail-in voting and the “harried installation of ballot drop boxes” prompted the group to “focus on the grifts that would necessarily leave trackable, provable data trails.”

It sounds like the folks at True The Vote are keeping this mostly under the radar, and have developed substantial evidence of criminal activity. Whether the FBI will do anything about it remains to be seen -- I don't expect them to -- but the evidence could be provided to (and arguably should have started with) local and state police forces. The FBI is compromised by DC politics, but the state agencies may not be.

I will be watching further developments here with interest.

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AZ Audit report presented today 1pm EST

Just The NewsTen months after the bitterly contested 2020 election, the Arizona Senate's long-anticipated forensic audit of ballots in the state's largest county will be released Friday during a live-streaming event certain to rekindle the passionate debate in America over voting integrity.

Senate President Karen Fann, a Republican, will be briefed at 1 p.m. EDT in public on the findings from Cyber Ninjas and CyFIR, two contractors hired by the Senate to inspect voting machines and review the 2.1 million ballots cast in Maricopa County, home to the city of Phoenix.

Ken Bennett discusses what to expect. Trump has two statements (first one). The media has a draft report and is saying it confirms a Biden win.

Watch the live feed here.

UPDATE: Now 4pm.

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AZ election canvass report is out

UncoverDCThe Maricopa County canvassing results are now published. Biden allegedly won by 10,457 votes in Arizona, yet, the report shows 173,104 “lost votes” and “96,389” ghost votes. Liz Harris, who spearheaded the canvass, appeared on Bannon’s War Room on Wednesday with Seth Keshel weighing in with his own data and his interpretation of the canvass data.

As reported by UncoverDC, Harris trained hundreds of volunteers to go door-to-door to canvass “vacant lots, hotels, county buildings, apartment complexes with no corresponding apartment number, abandoned properties, non-existent addresses, homes for elderly, churches, sports arenas, homeless shelters, native American reservations.” The independently-run grassroots canvass is a crucial piece in the puzzle for election integrity because it seeks to reconcile the voter database with the voter rolls. A simple count of votes does not necessarily reflect the will of the voters.

This is an effect distinct from the forensic audit report we are still waiting on. However, the results are still quite troubling, with some true horror stories of votes that went missing and dozens of votes from vacant lots or other invalid addresses. The only major flaw is that their headline numbers are based on extrapolation from a much smaller sample. I'll let statisticians argue over whether the extrapolation is sound or not. The results strongly suggest massive fraud was in play, more than enough by an order of magnitude to swing the election results.

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Wisconsin election integrity update

UncoverDCWisconsin awaits the resolution of multiple ongoing election integrity efforts. An election processes audit by its Legislative Audit Bureau that Republicans had ordered in February, an investigation initiated by Republican Speaker of the State Assembly Robin Vos, and a battle over attempts to subpoena election materials for a full forensic audit are ongoing. The state government has enacted legislation for election reform, and the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) has removed ~200,000 inactive voters from the rolls.

Republican Representative Timothy Ramthun describes the differences between the three audit efforts on episode 28 of his Ramthun Report. He warns that “there are major efforts to cloud the truth” of the various audits, described in his video as “a genuine effort to mislead and confuse everyone.” He calls State Representative Janel Brandtjen’s subpoena effort “the one true AZ style transparent full cyber and forensic audit that people are demanding.”

Just a chance to catch up on what is happening in Wisconsin.

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Fulton County to name Abrams' linked lobbyist to election board

Just The NewsGeorgia's largest county is prepared to name a paid lobbyist for liberal voting rights activist Stacey Abrams' group to be the next chairwoman of its election board, drawing immediate condemnation from the state's top election official.

Fulton County's Board of Commissioners confirmed Tuesday it is considering hiring Cathy Woolard, a former Atlanta city council president and mayoral candidate, as the next county election's board chairwoman. A vote is expected as early as Wednesday, according to the commission's meeting docket.

This is basically an open admission that the county wants maximum vote fraud. Abrams was already heavily involved behind the scenes in counting the votes in 2020, and now they want to put her in charge.

Not that Raffensperger's hands are clean either. He's in the "try to redeem my reputation with the base" phase.

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PA issues dubious election subpoenas

Just The NewsThe Pennsylvania Senate’s top ranking Republican said Friday the commission spearheading an election investigation should issue subpoenas as soon as possible.

Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman, R-Bellefonte, told the Senate Intergovernmental Operations Committee to convene Monday for a vote on the matter. The instruction comes after the Department of State stood up the panel’s invitation to testify at the probe’s inaugural hearing on Thursday.

It turns out they voted to issue the subpoenas, but they may not even be necessary, and didn't include ballots. So what is the point, if not to pretend to audit the election to shut people up about it?

There is a new effort at legislative election reform in PA including voter ID.

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Wisconsin Special Counsel demands evidence retention

Just The NewsSpecial Counsel and former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Mike Gableman is attempting to prevent the potential destruction of evidence pertaining to the 2020 presidential election in the state.

Gableman reminded the Wisconsin Election Commission via letter of its duty to prevent the tampering and destruction of evidence.

"I hereby request that you and your office preserve any and all records and evidence [...] including but not limited to information retained on any and all voting machine," including "metadata, router information, and/or access logs," he wrote.

The Wisconsin attorney took it upon himself to send the letter as concerns mount that updates to election machines could corrupt or destroy critical evidence and information relating to the ways in which the 2020 election was conducted in the state. Gableman notes that such tampering would interfere with the Office of Special Counsel's investigation.

This may well be too late, but it gives me hope we may get an actual audit in Wisconsin.

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PA to vote on election subpoenas tomorrow

Gateway PunditThe state of Pennsylvania is preparing pages of subpoenas related to the 2020 Election. These subpoenas will be voted on tomorrow.

The Senate in the state of Pennsylvania is voting on subpoenas related to an effort to get to the bottom of the irregularities in the 2020 Election in that state.

These have been a long time coming. We'll see if they pass, or if PA wants to remain willfully blind.

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Republicans told falsely they had already voted in CA recall election

Gateway PunditVoters were forced to fill out provisional ballots after they were told the computers showed they already cast their ballots.

Estelle Bender, 88, a Republican, told KTLA 5 that she spoke with many others in the same polling place and they were all told incorrectly that they had already voted.

The one thing all voters had in common? They are all Republicans.

The fix is in.

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Wisconsin lost more than 82K ballots in 2020

The Daily SignalWisconsin lost track of more than 82,000 mail-in ballots cast in the state in the November 2020 elections—more than four times the margin of difference separating the two presidential candidates in the state, according to a report by the nonprofit Public Interest Legal Foundation.

The legal foundation, an election integrity watchdog group, released a research brief Friday looking at one of the most closely contested states in the 2020 presidential election.

So far, Wisconsin has resisted a proper forensic audit of their election.

I'm still waiting to see what is in Arizona's audit report.

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Dekalb County ballot chain of custody problems

PJMediaBased on their analysis, 28,194 absentee ballots (46 percent) “were not documented as being received by the elections registrar or the director’s designee until the day after they were collected from the drop box.”

Another 15,713 ballots (26 percent) had “no receipt time recorded at all by the elections office.”

All 43,907 of these ballots “were counted in the certified results of the November 3, 2020 election despite being delivered to the registrar’s office in clear violation of the chain of custody documentation of the Georgia State Election Board’s July 2020 rule,” explains the Georgia Star News.

So in other words, in this county in GA, about 44K ballots in drop-boxes were collected and held overnight before being turned in the next day to be counted. That kind of delay screams shenanigans. It wouldn't take more than an hour or two to drive ballots from the dropbox locations to their counting locations. But instead they were held overnight.

And with a victory margin in the state for Biden being 12,000 votes, those 15,713 ballots without any receipt time recorded at all seems very suspicious indeed.

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AZ AG will enforce election subpoenas

UncoverDCArizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich today laid down the law in the case of the missing routers, admin passwords, and hardware keys to complete the forensic audit for the 2020 election. To date, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (MCBOS) has been flat-out non-compliant with their response to the AZ Senate subpoenas. In early August, UncoverDC reported that Republican Senator Sonny Borelli requested that Brnovich investigate the MCBOS failure to comply with the subpoenas. A failure to respond by September 27 will result in the loss of state funding.

I predict that they don't care about state funding, because it doesn't come out of their pocket. All they want to do is delay things as long as possible, and when they can't delay any more, DOJ will swoop in.

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About that voter fraud that doesn't exist...

We Love TrumpA report has surfaced from the Torrance(California) Police Department that they arrested a man that was in possession of Xanax, a loaded fire arm, methamphetamines’, and thousands of ballots.

According to reports a Torrance police officer was called to check up on a man that was passed out in his SUV at a 7/11 parking lot.

After the officer didn’t get a response from the man in the vehicle, the officer further investigated the situation and was able to find a loaded firearm arm, Xanax, meth, and “mail”.

The ballots are more than likely from California’s ongoing recall election which is an attempt to remove Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom and in return replace him with Republican Larry Elder.

Thousands of ballots, in the hands of one criminal.

How much of purported Dem dominance in CA is due to rampant voter fraud?

Fri Aug 27 22:32:58 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Barr told investigator to stop looking into election fraud allegations

Gateway PunditThis past week, Lt. Col. and President of the London Center for Policy Research, claimed that former Attorney General Bill Barr told him to stop looking into the transfer of ballots from New York to Pennsylvania he uncovered after the 2020 Election.

Barr's betrayal of both the President and the People was quite thorough.

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AZ audit report likely released to the public this week

Gateway PunditAudit spokesman Randy Pullen said that the machine recount numbers were finally delivered last Thursday to the audit team in Arizona.

Pullen expects that the final audit report will be made available to the public by the end of the month.

This report will show the audit team’s ballot count versus the county’s count, batch discrepancies, and other ballot discrepancies found in the three-layered forensic analysis of the ballots.

The auditors have finally received images of the mail-in ballot envelopes and they will shortly begin the envelope analysis phase of the audit shortly.

For those who were expecting it Friday, they presumably delivered a preliminary report to the Senate, which has said it will check it over and then release it.

The ballot envelope images should allow for signature verification of the ballot envelopes, which will tell us how many of those ballots would have been rejected if the normal rules had been followed.

Some other interesting information has come out. Jovan Pulitzer revealed his forensic process is looking for printer identification codes. Unlike ballot watermarks, which may or may not exist, the printer identification codes do; they aren't well known but occasionally show up in the news. I don't know enough of the details to say if they will allow invalid ballots to be detected, but if the codes can be read, the vast majority should be identified as being from a single major printer, I would expect.

It will be interesting to see what can be learned.

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Opening the door to a full audit in Michigan?

Gateway Pundit quoting Jovan Pulitzer#MICHIGAN MICHIGAN LEGISLATORS I have been able to secure the verbal commitment from a private donor to fully fund my PKAD initial Forensic Audit of every ballot in Michigan voted in the 2020 General Election. #ScanTheBallots #KinematicArtifactDetection #JovanHuttonPulitzer

It’s time for the lawmakers in Michigan to stand up for freedom and free elections that are fraud-free. Since Michigan politicians claim the election was absent of fraud, they shouldn’t have any complaints in having the ballots from the election audited.

If the election in Michigan was honest, an audit of the ballots and machines will only confirm the results.

Was it honest?

Let's find out.

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Election issues in Maryland, too?

Gateway PunditThe Maryland Voter Integrity Group announces today that a recent analysis into voter registration records and voting trends over the past decade shows remarkable anomalies in the most recent Presidential Election.

I'd be surprised if Democrats had to fraud to win Maryland. But in a Trump landslide scenario, it's possible. And worth checking, just in case.

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An expanded audit in GA?

Election WizardPress release from @VoterGA says the group has obtained new evidence that the election discrepancies in other Georgia counties may be worse than those it uncovered in Fulton County.

Auditing as much as possible seems like the thing to do.

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Michigan counties to erase election data?

Gateway PunditFive Michigan counties are allegedly moving ahead with guidance from the state that is likely to erase all activities on the voting machines in the county. A Cease and Desist order was mailed to the counties but these few counties may move forward anyways.

At least five counties in Michigan are reportedly moving ahead with the destruction of data from the 2020 Election on the voting equipment they used in the election. The problem with this is that the procedure that the vendor is performing reportedly removes all data from the machines but federal law states that information related to the 2020 Election is to be maintained in safekeeping for 22 months after the election. Also, all the counties in the state have been provided a ‘cease and desist’ order preventing them from removing the data from the machines.

The timing is this request is extremely suspicious. I hope someone manages to block the deletion.

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Problems with Wisconsin audit

Gateway PunditWisconsin’s Republican Speaker of the House continues to refuse a real forensic audit in the state. Now 2 of 3 policemen Vos selected for an audit of the state have reportedly resigned.

The resignations of the two policemen are likely an indication of deeper problems in Wisconsin that the audit is covering up.

Mon Aug 16 23:03:00 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

AZ SecState hiding double voting cases?

Gateway PunditAttorney General Mark Brnovich has requested evidence of illegal voting from Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.

The (attorney general) has not received any information from your office regarding potential double voting in the 2018 or 2020 election,

Notably, this is the first time in over a decade the AGO has received no referrals from the Secretary of State regarding double voting.

Additionally, please provide any and all records your office possesses related to potential violations of Arizona’s election laws.

Hobbs is known to be on the wrong side of the election integrity issue, so this shouldn't come as a surprise.

Mon Aug 16 22:03:00 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Sharpiegate confirmed

I confess, on election night and immediately after, I thought Sharpiegate was kind of silly. Even if using markers to mark ballots instead of normal pens was going to lead to some spoiled ballots, surely it was accidental, easily corrected, and unbiased. After all, if all voters get the bad markers, it won't be likely to bias the election, right?

Well, turns out all of those assumptions were wrong. Sharpiegate is real. First, the AZ audit confirmed that some ballots were printed on incorrect paper stock. Most of these were emergency ballots on election day, printed when normal ballots ran out or were not available for a particular voter. Guess what? Sharpies on that normal paper stock, not the correct ballot paper, can bleed through the ballot -- exactly as described in a newsletter from election officials -- and invalid the ballot. Election officials knew about this. Proven, documented, in writing.

How many ballots like this? About 168K. Less than 10% of those would swing the election in AZ to Trump.

OK, but how do we know the results were biased and not just a random sample?

Well, Trump voters are much more inclined to wait until election day to vote. This is due to conflicting messaging from the parties and candidates; it's well established and well know even ahead of the election. And guess what? Maricopa County election official Kelly Dixon (Asst Director of Recruitment and Training) was caught telling her people to hand out ballpoint pens during early voting and markers only on election day. "We NEED to use Markers on Election Day, but for now and through 11/2, hand voters a Ballpoint Pen." Given that markers have known bleed through problems, there can be no purpose for the conflicting directives than to sabotage the Trump vote on election day.

Sun Aug 15 22:22:48 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

About that audit in GA...

Gateway PunditThe Georgia audit held in November 2020 after the election that providedthe corrupt Secretary of State support that the election in his state was fine was not fine itself. Some damaging information provided through a FOIA request confirms this.

Some of the auditors were not certified when they performed the audit, which isn't a surprise (Maricopa County AZ had the same issue with the same firms), but it looks like some of the documents concerning the scope of work were created months after the audit was supposedly complete and returned with forged dates in response to a FOIA request.

While I don't see forged dates as criminal, exactly, it seems a very odd thing to try to cover up. Unless you are trying to cover up for the idea that no work was actually done when you claimed it had been done.

Sat Aug 14 23:34:04 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

A good summary of the preliminary audit results

Uncover DCThe Senate audit was not about merely counting ballots. Over 1500 people were involved from all over the country and about 1100 of them were volunteers, according to Fann’s opening remarks. The independent auditors painstakingly combed through upwards of 2.1 million ballots.

To date, issues were found with the storage and labeling of ballots, record keeping, failure to do security updates, failure to provide system logs to the auditors, and a breach of public server with unauthorized access. It is now undeniably true that county officials failed to follow a myriad of rules regarding the proper conduct of free and fair elections. Unfortunately, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (MCBOS) has yet to deliver routers, passwords, and hardware keys previously subpoenaed by the Arizona State Senate.

If you just want one story for most of what came out in the recent hearing, this is a good one.

Sat Aug 14 22:34:04 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Multiple threads on election fraud in Georgia

UncoverDCThe state of Georgia has election integrity on its mind as multiple parties push for hearings and investigations of alleged fraud in the 2020 General Election. Several of the cases involve Henry County Superior Court Judge Brian Amero. On Monday, Mike Daugherty’s lawsuit on the January Senate run-off election will be heard by Judge Amero.

We haven't heard much about fraud in the runoff -- yet. But logic suggests the Democrats would want to fraud it almost as much as they would want Trump out. So it would be wise to look.

Fri Aug 13 22:43:26 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

An election fraud coverup in Michigan?

Uncover DCLike a dog on a bone, Attorney Matt Deperno has been persistently pushing a forensic audit of the 2020 election in Michigan—despite efforts by almost every state official to prevent one. Between the evidence he has shown, recent calls for a forensic audit by legislators, and a July 8 memo calling for “preventative maintenance” on ICX equipment by the “Testing Department” at ElectionSource in Oceana and Osceola counties, DePerno may indeed be wise to persist.

On his website, Patrick Colbeck reported, “It is unclear what condition they are seeking to ‘prevent’. They state that they intend to remove batteries to avoid shutting off the machines. In most electronic equipment, the removal of batteries would actually lead to the shutting down of machines.” This could also lead to a significant loss of data.

The Election Source letter below states that clerks do not need to be present during the maintenance—a concern for anyone worried about tampering with election equipment.

Why the election machine vendors all of a sudden want to remove batteries from their election machines is suspect. Personally, I suspect that removing batteries could cause configuration information on those machines to be removed, making it difficult to audit the election. And I can see little other reason to request such a thing.

DePerno recently announced he is running for Attorney General in Michigan. If he wins, he will be in a position to criminally investigate the evidence he has already uncovered.

Wed Aug 11 23:32:29 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

At least one PA county refuses audit access

Just The NewsOne of the three Pennsylvania counties targeted for a forensic audit of the 2020 presidential election has said it won't participate, and will not allow auditors access to its voting machines.

Tioga County Commissioners said they would not provide access to the county’s machines after they received a directive from the Pennsylvania Department of State that ordered them not to provide access to third-party auditors on July 9, according to The Epoch Times.

It is likely the Senate will have to take legal action to compel compliance, resulting in a power struggle with the PA SecState. Ultimately, power over elections belongs to the state legislature. However, enforcing that requires political will, which may be difficult to muster. The PA SecState, however, is a singular position and highly motivated to cover up any fraud that occurred on her watch and potentially her complicity.

Wed Aug 11 22:32:29 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Provable election fraud in Fulton County GA

Battleswarm Blog A group seeking to ensure that elections are run fairly said this week that an in-depth analysis of mail-in ballot images it obtained through a court order shows that the hand-count audit in Fulton County, Georgia, last year “was riddled with massive errors and provable fraud.”

The analysis turned up at least 36 batches of mail-in ballots, containing 4,255 votes, that were added redundantly to the audit results, Voters Organized for Trusted Election Results in Georgia (VoterGA), charged. Nearly 3,400 were for Democrat Joe Biden.

The team examining the ballots also found seven audit tally sheets (pdf) they believe were falsified to contain fabricated vote totals. In one example, the group said, a batch containing 59 ballot images for Biden and 42 for former President Donald Trump was reported as 100 for Biden and 0 for Trump.

The analysis revealed that 923 (60 percent) of the 1,539 mail-in ballot batch files contained votes that were incorrectly reported in the county’s official 2020 election result compared to the audit totals, according to VoterGA.

“We believe that there is massive audit errors,” Garland Favorito, founder of the group, told a press conference in Georgia on July 13.

The group received the images as part of a court case after it petitioned in late 2020 to get clearance to inspect all mail-in ballots cast in the county in the 2020 election, alleging that fraud took place. The petition cited witnesses to the alleged fraud, including Favorito and other poll watchers and workers.

At a minimum, the person who signed the fake tally sheets needs to go to jail, and the official certificated results need to be updated for the improper 3600 Biden votes.

Mon Aug 09 23:41:56 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Polling on voter ID: 75% want it

Just The NewsLarge majorities of voters are in favor of tighter voting rules and restrictions in the wake of months of controversy following the 2020 election, new polling shows.

The polling, drawn from national surveys by veteran pollster Scott Rasmussen, indicates that up to three-quarters of U.S. voters are opposed to the looser voting regulations that were put in place for much of last year's presidential election.

A full 70% of voters, for instance, would like a hard Election Day deadline for mail-in ballots, indicating broad opposition to the post-election deadlines that many jurisdictions put in place for the Nov. 3 election.

A whopping 76% favor requiring photo ID to vote. White House and Democratic Party messaging has sought to paint ID requirements as Republican "voter suppression" tactics.

Rasmussen found that 65% of voters "believe government agencies should be required to report the vote totals from all ballots either on Election Night or the next day." In many cases in 2020, reporting totals in cities and states around the U.S. dragged out for several days after the election. Just 18% of voters were opposed to such a requirement.

Nearly 60% of voters, meanwhile, want a ban on the practice of "ballot harvesting," in which workers collect absentee ballots from voters and drop them off at a central location.

Strange how the Democrats are so off track from even their own voters on this. Until you realize that they rely on cheating to win, and their rank and file voters probably are not aware of this.

Mon Aug 09 22:41:56 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Calls for forensic audit in Wisconsin

Gateway PunditRepublican Representative Timothy Ramthum calls for a forensic audit in Wisconsin.

The train is moving downhill. Finally, someone in Wisconsin is calling for a forensic audit in the state. One that will uncover fraud in the state, nothing similar to the wasted time and money the Wisconsin House is currently touting.

“After reviewing the information released from both the Fulton County audit in Georgia and today’s Arizona Senate hearing on the Maricopa County audit, I am formally requesting a more comprehensive audit from former Justice Michael J. Gableman and the Legislative Audit Bureau into the 2020 presidential election in Wisconsin.”

“It is vital to our democratic process that the Wisconsin Legislature acknowledges the alarming information that threatens the very fabric of our society. In order to preserve our God-given rights and ensure that citizens can have confidence in the integrity of our elections, I am requesting it be added to the scope of the Wisconsin audit.

Pressure is building for real audits.

Wed Aug 04 22:53:27 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

PA to issue subpoenas to counties for election materials?

Gateway PunditPennsylvania Senator Doug Mastriano told One America News this week that he will ask the Pennsylvania Senate’s Intergovernmental Operations Committee he chairs to issue subpoenas to compel counties to cooperate with his effort to investigate the 2020 election.

On Friday Pennsylvania counties Tioga and Philadephia declined to participate in the Senate’s forensic election audit.

Doug Mastriano joined OAN earlier this week to discuss the mafia tactics by state leaders to threaten the counties that may participate in a forensic audit.

Again, taking note of the weirdly strong resistance to election audits in various states suggests something about which states have problems and who knows about those problems.

If 2020 was an honest election the audits will show that.

Let's find out.

Tue Aug 03 17:45:27 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

About that voter fraud that doesn't exist...

AZ Attorney GeneralAttorney General Mark Brnovich announced today that a State Grand Jury has indicted Tracey Kay McKee, of Scottsdale, with one count of Illegal Voting and one count of Perjury, for allegedly casting a vote in the name of a deceased person through an early ballot in the 2020 General Election.

The indictment alleges that McKee signed the name of a deceased individual to an early ballot envelope. McKee is the daughter of the deceased individual, who died on October 5, 2020. McKee is accused of signing her deceased mother’s name to a declaration made under penalty of perjury on an early ballot envelope on or between October 7, 2020, and November 3, 2020.

People claim it doesn't exist, and the number of prosecutions is usually small, but that's mostly because no one looks for it.

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Mon Aug 02 23:06:38 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

The full depth of Barr's betrayal

Conservative TreehouseIn previous comments attributed to AG Bill Barr, he claimed to have seen no evidence of election fraud. The Atlantic Article cites Bill Barr stating to an AP journalist December 1st 2020: ” To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election,” and then the article covers the fallout with the White House from that AP interview.

There’s a big difference between not seeing election fraud and purposefully blocking a United States Attorney from investigating allegations of fraud with a motive not to see it.

So, yeah, if you refuse to investigate election fraud, you won't see any evidence of it. It's clear based on Barr's endgame in 2020 that he was a deep state plant all along.

Mon Aug 02 22:06:38 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

AZ audit third ballot count completes

Just The NewsAuditors in Arizona's largest county late Wednesday finished a third count of 2020 election ballots. They will now shift their focus to compiling the long-awaited draft report on the results of the Maricopa County audit.

The third, mechanical, ballot total count should provide a credibility check as to which count is correct, as least as far as physical ballots. The report is where we will find out what's going on with the validity of those ballots, insofar as they can be checked.

The missing pieces: router information, admin credentials for the voting systems, and chain of custody documentation for the ballots.

They wouldn't be fighting so hard to protect those things if there wasn't something important there. What it is we don't know.

Fri Jul 30 08:25:13 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

AZ Audit news heats up

Uncover DCThe Arizona State Senate issued new subpoenas on Monday to complete the Maricopa County forensic audit. Both Dominion Voting Systems and the Maricopa Board of Supervisors (MCBOS) are now in their crosshairs.

This is the first time Senate President Karen Fann and Arizona Senate Judiciary Chairman Warren Petersen have targeted Dominion for information. Both the MCBOS and Dominion have been requested to appear on August 2 at 1 p.m. at the state capitol.

Enforcing the subpoena may be more difficult with one GOP holdout rumored.

In apparent response to the subpoenas, Twitter suspended nine accounts associated with several state audits. Once more Big Tech chooses censorship, a single day after announcing a partnership with the intelligence community that was undoubtedly unofficially in place long before the announcement.

Wed Jul 28 15:14:12 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Documentation issues in GA Fulton County election

Just The NewsDocuments that Georgia's largest county submitted to state officials as part of a post-election audit highlight significant irregularities in the Atlanta area during last November's voting, ranging from identical vote tallies repeated multiple times to large batches of absentee ballots that appear to be missing from the official ballot-scanning records.

The problems in predominantly Democratic Fulton County potentially impact thousands of ballots in a presidential race that Joe Biden was certified as winning statewide by fewer than 12,000 votes.

One of the complaints that came up in the security videos of ballot handling was the same batch of ballots being scanned multiple times after observers were told counting had stopped and they should go home. Low and behold, now the documentation shows exactly that occurring. And those missing ballots point directly to fraud. Not to mention missing poll pads, used to authenticate voters.

Tue Jul 27 23:58:23 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Audits and Illegal Ballots in Wisconsin

Gateway PunditLook Ahead America’s Executive Director Matt Braynard has announced that they have discovered at least 157,299 illegal ballots cast in the Wisconsin presidential election.

The amount of ballots that they believe to have been illegally cast is about eight times the 20,000 vote margin of victory in the election.

We may see a more substantial audit in Wisconsin as a result. That would be welcome.

Tue Jul 27 23:22:14 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]


American ThinkerCoincidences are interesting things. They’re considered remarkable because their combined occurrence seems improbable. But sometimes, improbable occurrences really happen. Lightning really has struck the same location twice -- on rare occasions.

But when coincidences start to stack up, their probability of jointly occurring becomes exceedingly low. One begins to wonder if they are not coincidences at all. Could they really be linked outcomes from the same underlying root cause?

I've noticed many of the same coincidences.

Tue Jul 27 22:58:23 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Raffensperger announces investigation of missing ballot documentation

Just The NewsGeorgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has opened an investigation into whether Fulton County has violated state rules in misplacing absentee ballot chain-of-custody documents.

"New revelations that Fulton County is unable to produce all ballot drop box transfer documents will be investigated thoroughly, as we have with other counties that failed to follow Georgia rules and regulations regarding drop boxes. This cannot continue," Raffensperger, a Republican, tweeted Monday after his office opened the investigation.

However, the size and scope of the investigation or when the state will disclose its findings remains unclear.

If Raffensperger is running it, it's not an investigation; it's a coverup.

More information on the missing documentation.

Mon Jul 26 22:08:43 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Michigan passes voter ID; Dem gov expected to veto

Just The NewsThe Michigan state Senate on Wednesday passed voter identification requirements strictly along party lines, with GOP lawmakers backing the bills and Democratic legislators voting against them.

All three bills passed 19-16, according to the Epoch Times, which noted that Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is expected to veto them.

Of course the Dem governor will veto. The party is desperate to put the kibosh on voter ID (and even more so, election audits).

A veto override looks unlikely at 19-16, so the state will likely need a new governor first.. a prospect made more difficult by the lack of voter ID requirements.

Sat Jul 24 22:55:59 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Did Stacey Abrams run Georgia vote count in Fulton County?

Gateway PunditFailed Gubernatorial Candidate Stacey Abrams Financed and Controlled Staffing for Fulton County Georgia’s 2020 Election

It sure looks like she did. How does that happen?

Fri Jul 23 23:33:28 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Wisconsin audit needed

Gateway PunditThe people of Wisconsin need to stand up and follow the lead in Arizona. There were 143,000 ballots for Biden only that were dropped early in the morning, the day after the election. All of American knows these ballots were fraudulent. If you want to prevent this from ever happening again you need to demand a forensic audit like the one in Arizona to be performed in your state.

Three retired cops aren't enough, and don't have the right expertise.

Thu Jul 22 22:29:15 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Survey: Strong majority of Americans favor election audits

Conservative TreehouseRasmussen has an interesting survey about election integrity issues [SEE HERE]. Within the survey the majority of likely voters support election audits including 71% of Republicans, 57% of Independents and 38% of Democrats.

55% favored audits overall, which suggests (at least to me) that roughly 55% actually voted for Trump and wonder why he didn't win. It should be obvious that you can't have a democracy when the majority think the elections aren't honest. We need audits to figure out what happened and fix it.

Thu Jul 22 10:54:36 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Republican Senators block Dem election fraud legislation

Conservative TreehouseIn a party-line vote the Senate did not get enough votes to advance cloture of the federal election takeover bill. The senate voted 50-50 to advance the bill; however, 60 votes are needed to invoke cloture and continue. Effectively, the republican senators have blocked the advancement of the bill using the filibuster. Even for BlackRock republicans the ramifications of this bill were too toxic and too well known.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is now left with a decision of whether to change the rules of the Senate and eliminate the filibuster. The severe left-wing of the Democrat party want Schumer to eliminate the filibuster and make simple majority legislation the rule of the Senate. The pressure on Schumer will now intensify as the the federal takeover of election bill will be used as an example for their position.

The Democrats will use this to pressure for dropping the filibuster on legislation, because they know they have just two years to solidify their control of government before the backlash hits at the polls.

Will they succeed? We'll see.

Thu Jul 22 10:54:28 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

DOJ sues GA over voter ID laws

Just The NewsThe Justice Department announced Friday is it has filed a lawsuit against Georgia over the state's new voting law, arguing it violates the federal Voting Rights Act.

"Our complaint alleges that recent changes to Georgia’s election laws were enacted with the purpose of denying or abridging the right of black Georgians to vote on account of their race or color" Attorney General Merrick Garland said.

There is nothing racial in the bill, but everyone involved knows that already. This is, purely, a power play: can DOJ block states from requiring honest elections?

Thu Jul 22 10:54:05 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

PA may have the votes for a full forensic audit...

Gateway PunditPennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano says he has a majority on his committee who will vote to issue subpoenas to audit elections in Philadelphia, and two other counties.

The audit will be similar to the Maricopa County forensic audit. Other Pennsylvania counties could also be audited.

We don't have a report from the AZ audit yet, but there's enough smoke there -- especially withholding the routers -- to be pretty sure there's a fire, just not what kind of fire.

And immediately after the PA audit announcement, the White House plans a trip to counter it. And the PA secretary of state directs counties not to cooperate.

Conservative TreehouseThe stakes are just too high to allow the Senate in Pennsylvania to conduct a 2020 election audit; and all prior corrupt activity must be protected and maintained. As a direct result the White House is announcing the people behind Joe Biden are immediately dispatching all federal resources to Philadelphia to begin the war against Pennsylvania voters.

Biden is not going there to give a speech, he's going there to talk to people in and around the speech, and figure out how to respond to an audit in PA.

For those who may have forgotten, AZ-PA-GA is enough to change the outcome of the election, and there are audits in some form in all three now.

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Thu Jul 22 10:53:48 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

DePerno: Three suspect states had anonymous remote election system logins

Conservative TreehouseAttorney Matt DePerno appears with Steve Bannon to discuss some similarities between Arizona, Georgia and Michigan electronic election systems. [Rumble Link Here] One of the things DePerno points to is “remote access log-in’s”, administrator level access with elevated privileges in the election management system.

The second point DePerno highlights is something previously covered; however, DePerno appears not to know. Maricopa County and the Secretary of State in Arizona have known about a November 3rd intrusion, a “security breach”, into the voter registration servers in Maricopa county. DePerno calls this a breaking story unknown to the public and hidden by state officials.

If you can log in remotely to the election servers, with admin privileges, you can pretty much do anything to change the results without an audit trail, especially if you have the MS SQL access tool installed to bypass the election system itself and directly adjust the database... and recall that tool has already been found on other election systems that displayed strange behavior.

Thu Jul 22 10:53:38 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

SQL tool found in PA election systems

Gateway PunditA recent election assessment conducted in Pennsylvania’s Fulton County and published in February 2021, found the existence of the Microsoft SQL database on the Dominion Voting Machines in the county.

According to the Fulton County report, the analysts found “no valid reason” for the software to be installed on the system... This is the same software Michigan Attorney Matthew Deperno’s expert found on the Dominion machines as was demonstrated in Michigan.

The software allows anyone with privileges to simply change values in the database directly in order to change the outcome of the election leaving no trace whatsoever. The Dominion system looks to the database for the values and uses whatever is there. It is outside of the logs or other election-related auditing record one would look for.

The mere presence of this tool on the system should decertify the election system. There's no valid reason for it to be present during an election.

Wed Jul 21 23:48:02 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

GA SecState ordered ballots opened, inspected

Real Clear InvestigationsFrances Watson, chief investigator for the secretary of state’s office, confirmed in a statement to RCI that she sent investigators to Fulton County earlier this year to inspect the batches of sealed ballots. Poll monitors involved in last November’s hand recount had described the mail-in ballots in sworn affidavits as devoid of creases and folds and featuring identically bubbled-in marks for Biden. But the state said it could not find any ballots matching that description.

“Our investigators looked into it and didn’t find anything,” she said, while adding the investigation is “still ongoing.”

The watchdogs question why state officials did not disclose their activities to the court and fear they may have “tampered” with the sealed ballots, which are at the center of their lawsuit seeking access to all 147,000 absentee ballots cast during the 2020 election in Fulton County, which includes much of Atlanta.

If this was a legitimate investigation and not tampering of some kind, why keep it secret?

Wed Jul 21 23:17:56 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Printed ballots in Antrim County were misaligned

Gateway PunditThe fact that pre-printed Dominion Voting Systems’ ballots were altered for the Antrim County election is a bombshell! The fact ballots were altered in Georgia is another bombshell. We’ll see if the same occurred in Arizona’s Maricopa County since they are looking for this in their forensic review.

The fact that these alterations appear to only affect Republican ballots, is not only a second bombshell, but also, if proved to be intentional, this would not just be a print error – it would be a crime.

Misaligned ballots would lead those ballots to be placed into the adjudication process, where the adjudicators -- anonymously and without supervision -- decide how to count the votes.

Wed Jul 21 22:48:02 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Stacey Abrams linked to GA temp agency that provided election workers

Just The NewsConflicting stories have emerged about whether a personnel group that had staff on the frontlines of Fulton County's contentious absentee ballot scanning process was funded by a microfinance company linked to Georgia Democratic super-activist Stacey Abrams, as state records appear to document a financial arrangement between the two concerns at some point.

Documentation from Fulton County shows that Fulton in late 2019 sough to contract with Atlanta-based Happy Faces Personnel Group "to provide temporary staffing services for Registration and Elections for approximately 340 positions, effective January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020."

Notes from an investigator commissioned by the Georgia Secretary of State's office confirms the presence of multiple workers from Happy Faces at Fulton County's absentee ballot processing center at State Farm Arena during the Nov. 3 election.

Do you think just possibly the workers her agency provided were biased and had motivations less than the purest?

Wed Jul 21 15:17:43 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

AZ to do third ballot count

Gateway PunditThe ballots cast in Arizona’s largest county in the 2020 election will be counted for a third time on orders from the state’s Senate.

The question is, will this purely mechanical count (only counting ballots, not votes) match what the audit said or what the official tallies said?

And if they are different... why?

Wed Jul 21 15:17:28 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Kelli Ward summarizes AZ election audit hearing -- preliminary results

Conservative TreehouseArizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward provides an update tonight by recapping the Arizona Senate hearing today that exposed stunning election malfeasance in the Maricopa County ballot audit. There is much more yet to come from the forensic audit finding, but the results so far show a significant collapse in voter integrity in the largest county vote.

The presidential election in Arizona was decided by about 10K votes.

From the audit results, just the preliminary ones so far, we have more than 70K absentee ballots received than were mailed out. Where did they come from, if not fraud? Poor record keeping of mailed out ballots is possible but that many? And if by some mischance the record was lost, shouldn't we -- in the interests of keeping our votes safe -- discard the resulting unknown ballots?

There were 10K voters added to the voter rolls after election day that nevertheless cast a vote in the election. That shouldn't happen. Those ballots should not be counted.

Duplicate ballots were not serialized and cannot be matched to their supposed original ballots. This is an easy way to insert new, fake ballots into the process. 25K duplicate ballots. (Video)

Bleed-through on ballots may have invalidated votes. Does this point to improper paper stock used for ballots? Election-day print-on-demand ballots may have been legitimately printed on ordinary paper stock, and there were 168k of those print-on-demand ballots. Meaning this issue could go either way -- Trump voters are more likely to vote on election day, and legitimate Trump voters might have their votes canceled. Or, invalid ballots on incorrect paper stock may have been injected into the system as part of a fraud operation. More investigation is being conducted here.

And the totals reported do not match the totals provided to the audit. We don't yet know by how much; a third physical count is being conducted.

Even ignoring the cybersecurity angle, this should be enough to overturn the election in Arizona, pending the final report. And Maricopa County is still hiding something.

We may see a criminal investigation from this.

House Democrats have already initiated a political investigation in an attempt to minimize the damage.

Wed Jul 21 15:16:42 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

GA ballot storage broken into prior to audit

Real Clear InvestigationsNow election watchdogs have used their affidavits to help convince a state judge to unseal all of the 147,000 mail-in ballots counted in Fulton and allow a closer inspection of the suspicious Biden ballots for evidence of counterfeiting. They argue that potentially tens of thousands may have been manufactured in a race that Biden won by just 12,000 votes thanks to a late surge of mail-in ballots counted after election monitors were shooed from State Farm Arena in Atlanta...
He and other petitioners were ordered to meet at the warehouse May 28 to settle the terms of the inspection of the absentee ballots. But the day before the scheduled meeting, the county filed a flurry of motions to dismiss the case, delaying the inspection indefinitely...
As part of his May 21 order, Superior Court Judge Brian Amero requested officials guard the warehouse around the clock until an inspection date can be set. But just eight days later, a breach in security was reported after sheriff’s deputies left their post for a couple of hours.

“The front door was [found] unlocked and wide open in violation of the court order,” Favorito said.

More details on the breakin. Given the timing of the breakin, the chances this is a coincidence are tiny. Bad actors are taking emergency measures to cover up their election fraud.

Sun Jul 18 23:01:49 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Motion for reconsideration in Antrim County election case

Conservative TreehouseMichigan attorney Matthew DePerno, on behalf of plaintiff William Bailey, files a motion [pdf available here] with Judge Kevin Eslenheimer for reconsideration of prior rulings given the nature of new evidence discovered by the legal team in Antrim County.

The 42-page brief contains new findings within the data forensics of the county. Two larger items include the remote log-on of the system by someone anonymous who was not at the election office. The implication is that the system was connected to the internet; and the user did not have to enter identifying credentials for their entries.

The second larger item is the identification of modifications, specific irregularities, of the ballots outer markings that led to a rejection of the ballots and the need for adjudication.

Two elements here are important, and for the same reason. These are not theoretical anymore. Someone actually tampered with ballots in a way that would send those ballots to adjudication. It actually happened.

Similarly, the remote access logins. No longer is this a theoretical issue. Someone actually logged in, remotely and anonymously, obtained admin rights, and conducted some election related actions.

Sat Jul 17 22:35:03 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

PA constitutional amendment for voter ID

Just The NewsTwo Pennsylvania lawmakers declared Friday that state residents should decide the stringency of the state’s voter identification law through a constitutional amendment.

Yes, please.

Fri Jul 16 23:19:34 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

UT, OK, MI, WA, GA tour AZ audit

Gateway PunditOn Friday, FIVE states received a walkthrough of the “golden” Arizona audit process including Utah, Oklahoma, Michigan, Washington, and Georgia. TGP’s Jordan Conradson spoke with Utah State Representative Steve Christiansen, who represents a state which Trump won by over 20 points.

It does seem like many states are interested in running audits.

Fri Jul 16 22:19:34 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

DOJ announces intent to scrutinize election audits

Conservative TreehouseApparently the DOJ is very worried about the ongoing movements to audit U.S. election systems and identify voter fraud issues. Attorney General Merrick Garland announces today that the Justice Department will double the number of federal employees inside the DOJ civil rights division and scrutinize any post-election audits for evidence of voting law violations.

Obviously the first set of inquiries into U.S. election systems is discovering multiple flaws and ways that vote outcomes can be manipulated. More states are taking note of the myriad of election integrity issues as an outcome of the 2020 election which was transparently flawed. The groundswell is picking up and several states are reviewing the audit procedures currently underway in Arizona.

Not surprisingly, today the DOJ Attorney General announces the federal government is prepared to intervene in order to retain the status quo.

The response from Arizona has been forceful.

Thu Jul 15 23:52:12 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Deperno on remote access and ballot misprinting

Gateway PunditTwo things we put out late last evening, two new reports that came out. One shows that there was, we’ve proved now that there was direct access to the Antrim County Election Management System, because we show on November 5, we can see it in the forensic images, that an anonymous user logged onto the EMS remotely with escalated privileges and made changes to the database, when they were trying to re-tabulate the election.

So, that’s one huge, huge development because now we prove that the machines were remotely accessed and, more importantly, they were remotely accessed by an anonymous user who had elevated privileges in the system.

That is pretty damning for the non-forensic reviewers out there or people who do not want a forensic audit.

And the other thing, probably as equally as explosive. Everyone’s seen ballots before, like these ballots here [waves a paper ballot]. On the side of the ballot, there’s these black boxes, there’s 59 black boxes on the side of the ballot. We now see within the forensic images that in Antrim County those blocks, blocks 15, 18, 28, 41 and 44, were all intentionally modified, the height and the width, the shape of the blocks were intentionally modified in order to generate errors.

What does an error do? In this case by modifying those specific blocks, they were able to cause rejections for Republican ballots, meaning if you voted for Donald Trump and then put your ballot in the machine, your ballot was rejected at a rate of 20% more than Joe Biden ballots.

Whenever people are actually allowed to look at the ballots and the election machinery, they find inconvenient, inexplicable anomalies.

Thu Jul 15 22:52:12 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

NC wants answers about ballot tabulation machines

Gateway PunditA group of North Carolina Republican lawmakers from the General Assembly want the State Board of Elections (SBOE) to give them some answers about the machines used to tabulate votes. The lawmakers want the machines opened and allow their own people investigate what happened in the 2020 Presidential election.

“I believe the information in what we call the ‘hand to eye audits’ needs to be public, and we need to make sure those tallies match what the machines came up with, currently they are not public and they should be,” McNeely said, asserting that North Carolina is a paper ballot state already, and if there was any major fraud it would show up with the ballot harvesting.

“We know that Mark Zuckerberg gave 5-6 Million dollars to counties in North Carolina, but we don’t have an accounting on that. We are working on a bill that would make it law to evenly distribute that money to our 100 counties. But as it is now, we do not know where that money went or what it went for,” McNeely said.

Audits and transparency are important. Every state should conduct them regularly, but especially after 2020, which was swamped with warning flags about fraud.

Tue Jul 13 22:11:44 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

AZ Audit: "The numbers don't match"

Gateway PunditSenator Karen Fann: “They haven’t released a number yet, if you will, however we do know that those numbers do not match with Maricopa County at this point,”

So we know the numbers don't match, the next question is by how much do they differ and would that change the outcome?

Tue Jul 13 20:36:06 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Actual fraud in Fulton County GA

Gateway PunditPetitioners in a lawsuit organized by VoterGA to inspect Fulton County ballots have added stunning claims in their amended complaint and provided new evidence from public records that show Fulton County’s hand count audit of the November 3 rd 2020 election was riddled with massive errors and provable fraud.

One type of error discovered involved duplicate results reporting for batches of ballots. The team found at least 36 batches of mail-in ballots with 4,255 total extra votes were redundantly added into Fulton Co. audit results for the November election. These illicit votes include 3,390 extra votes for Joe Biden, 865 extra votes for Donald Trump and 43 extra votes for Jo Jorgenson.

But it is not simply a case of errors. The VoterGA team found 7 falsified audit tally sheets containing fabricated vote totals for their respective batches. For example, a batch containing 59 actual ballot images for Joe Biden, 42 for Donald Trump and 0 for Jo Jorgenson was reported as 100 for Biden and 0 for Trump. The seven batches of ballot images with 554 votes for Joe Biden, 140 votes for Donald Trump and 11 votes for Jo Jorgenson had tally sheets in the audit falsified to show 850 votes for Biden, 0 votes for Trump and 0 votes for Jorgenson.

Actual, provable fraud here, by the people who signed the tally sheets most likely (name is redacted so we don't know). This is from the people counting the votes. Their counts did not match the recorded ballot images. This should be trival to prosecute and adds up to thousands of votes in just one county in GA.

Tue Jul 13 20:33:14 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

GA election investigation

Ruby Freeman, Shaye Moss subpoena'd for depositions in election case. If you don't remember what they have to do with possible election fraud, here's a refresher.

To be clear, a deposition is just giving testimony. It doesn't mean anyone did anything wrong. It does mean they will likely have to answer questions about what they did, and the deposition requests include things like messages and communication related to the election.

Mon Jul 12 23:13:31 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

CA has its own election integrity problems

NewspressApproximately 3,000 mail-in ballots counted in the Nov. 3 election were supposedly cast by UCSB students residing in a voting precinct that, along with other dorm buildings, includes the Francisco Torres/Santa Catalina Residence Hall at 6850 El Colegio Road in Goleta.

Problem: Due to COVID-19, the Torres Building, which normally accommodates 1,300 students, was empty and locked down through most of 2020, as were all other UCSB dorms.

This means no students/voters were residing inside the Torres Building (nor any of the other dorms) during the election season.

It also means these ballots were fraudulent.

That’s because there’s a second problem: These ballots could not legally have been forwarded to students where they were actually living.

Why not?

Because forwarding ballots to alternative addresses is a felony.

I'm betting no one in CA law enforcement even bothers to investigate this.

Mon Jul 12 22:13:31 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

TX bar association investigates AG Paxton over voter fraud lawsuit

Just The NewsTexas Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton is the subject of a professional misconduct investigation by the Texas bar association regarding his assertions about fraud election after President Trump lost the 2020 reelection bid.

The claim is that allegations of voter fraud were "misleading and in bad faith". That strikes me as being more in the character of telling someone they aren't allowed to challenge the king than a serious objection, but the use of the bar association is designed to shut down the use of courts to address election fraud. Which, if successful, will just take away one more legal avenue for the people to use in seeking redress of grievances.

Pretty soon there will be no legal avenues at all.

And what happens then?

Sat Jul 10 23:52:11 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

GA SecState Raffensperger censored

Just The NewsThe Georgia Republican Party on Saturday approved a resolution to censure Brad Raffensberger.

The Georgia Secretary of State “failed to perform his duties in accordance with the laws and Constitution of the State of Georgia, and Republican Party values," according to a version of the resolution posted on Twitter by Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Greg Bluestein.

The resolution cited Raffensperger for "Entering into the Compromise Settlement Agreement and Release which changed Georgia's absentee voting procedures outside the Constitutionally prescribed format set forth in Georgia law." The resolution said that Raffensperger had undermined election security by permitting "mass mailings of absentee applications by his office and third parties which created opportunities for fraud and overwhelmed election offices; rendering accurate signature matching nearly impossible; allowing ballot drop boxes without proper chain of custody; and ignoring sworn affidavits and disregarding evidence of voter fraud.”

The censure is richly deserved, but not sufficient.

Wed Jul 07 23:57:35 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Nevada legislation to create universal mail-in voting

Just The NewsThe Democrat-controlled Nevada Assembly has passed a measure to make mail-in ballots permanent, possibly making the state first in the country to expand voting measures.

The bill passed Wednesday and would require city and county clerks to mail a ballot to those who are registered to vote, The Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Just as with HR1 in the House nationally, the first thing Democrats have learned to do when they take power is institute mail in voting so they can fraud their way to victory without end from that day on.

Sun Jul 04 22:41:14 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

The Hursti Problem

Gateway PunditWhy were the decks cleared last Wednesday and Thursday leaving Dr. Harry Hursti as the only member of the forensic audit team present who, we now know, is the one who wanted Jeff Silvestro side-by-side with him?
What was the purpose in Hursti having a representative of LHS Associates, which programs these Diebold memory cards, next to him while he audited the Diebold AV-OS removable memory cards and their tabulators?

Hursti once exposed ballot machine flaws. Now, he appears to be covering for them. I wonder if he has experienced unusual financial opportunities in the intervening years?

Sat Jul 03 22:03:32 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Devastating report on Fulton County GA election

Gateway PunditWE CAUGHT THEM: President Trump Warned Raffensperger and His Attorney Ryan Germany About Election Fraud – New Evidence Shows Germany Was Made Aware of Election Fraud on Election Night And Hid This From President Trump

You can read the full report. It details a huge number of problems and chaos in the counting process.

Sat Jul 03 00:50:45 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Arizona preparing full election audit?

Gateway PunditThe Arizona Senate may sign a deal for another 2020 election review in Maricopa County following reports that some overseers of the audit are dissatisfied with the process.

Pretty much the only reason to do a full election audit after conducting a partial audit would be if the results from the partial audit suggest widespread problems. We haven't seen, publicly, any results from the partial audit yet, but this seems suggestive.

Fri Jul 02 22:48:07 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Fulton County GA ballot storage facility broken into on eve of audit?

Emerald RobinsonScoop: Attorney dealing with Fulton County GA on audit of more than 145k ballots from 2020 election tells me that alarm went off today at secure building where ballots were kept. The building was found left wide open & unattended.

This is problematic from a chain of custody perspective, meaning even if the audit is eventually conducted, it will be harder to prove to a court that any remedy from the election audit is valid. The argument would be that the ballots were tampered with during the break in, and thus can't be used as evidence even if the audit is conducted and appears to change the results or expose fraud. This argument is not without merit as it's probably impossible to know if anything was changed, removed, or tampered with, though some mechanisms may allow verification of what was present to at least some degree (number of ballots and boxes of ballots, etc).

The timing of the break in -- immediately following a emergency motion that forced a delay and the hiring of new defense attorneys by officials -- is also very suspicious.

Thu Jul 01 23:12:43 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

USB drives and election shenanigans

Gateway PunditIn multiple swing states flash drives (USBs) used in the 2020 Election process were reported either missing or suspiciously inserted into the voting systems used in the election...

The safekeeping and security of USBs used in the 2020 Election were very weak or even absent. There is evidence showing a pattern of USB abuse in swing states where Biden was eventually awarded the win.

Gateway Pundit rounds up the incidents across multiple swing states.

Thu Jul 01 11:57:20 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Luzerne County PA primary ballot party swap to be investigated

Gateway PunditDominion Voting Systems blamed “human error” for voting machines mislabeling Luzerne County Republican ballots in last week’s primary.

Republican ballots were mislabeled as Democrat ones on electronic screen at polling locations.

But Dominion says it wasn’t their fault.

Conservative TreehouseOfficials in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, have unanimously approved the district attorney to investigate the recent primary election after on-screen ballots mislabeled Republican ballots as Democrat candidates.

This absolutely should be investigated for possible criminal election fraud, but it does strike me as more of a human error -- someone forgetting to make the right edit, and sloppy quality control failing to catch it. (Technically, the county has admitted they do no quality control at all on what they get back from Dominion, which is insanely stupid and thus perfectly believable by politicians).

That said, it's also possible this is an unintended side effect of someone trying to do shenanigans and failing to do them well. And should absolutely force a do-over of the election regardless of what the investigation finds.

It will be interesting if the investigation does turn up any kind of deliberate tampering. I'm also curious if there is any kind of civil or criminal penalty for election negligence.

As the New Hampshire audit found with the folding ballot issue, it doesn't take much to cause election problems that are subtly directed at one party or the other.

Sat Jun 26 23:32:03 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

How Facebook bought the election

Real Clear InvestigationsThe Center for Tech and Civic Life, or CTCL, provided millions of dollars in private funding for the elections that came from a $350 million donation from Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan. The CTCL gave “COVID-19 response” grants of varying amounts to 2,500 municipalities in 49 states.

In exchange for the money, elections divisions agreed to conduct their elections according to conditions set out by the CTCL, which is led by former members of the New Organizing Institute, a training center for progressive groups and Democratic campaigns.

It's not clear to me that this is currently illegal, but it certainly seems to be problematic. Election staff need to be independent and not beholden to financial agreements with partisan actors.

Sat Jun 26 22:32:03 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

LA passes election funding legislation

Just The NewsThe GOP-led Louisiana Senate has approved a ban on private election funding, sending it to Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards who last year vetoed a similar measure.

The legislation previously passed the state House.

Gradually plugging the holes. Hopefully, it will be enough in 2024.

Thu Jun 24 22:39:47 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

330K GA Ballots missing chain of custody, some arrived before being collected

Gateway PunditMichael Patrick Leahy: “Here’s what’s shocking about it, 85% of the (dropbox) ballots, or over 50,000 were not transported from the dropbox to the registrar immediately as the Georgia state law requires… 5% of them, well over 3,000 were delivered before they were picked up. How can you do that?

Steve Bannon: Stop, stop, stop! Walk me through – give me that one again. You’re breaking the law of physics.

Michael Patrick Leahy: We have examined, every single one of the 1,100 document transfer forms, collection box, dropbox collections from September 24 to November 3rd… One delivery in College Park was delivered 22 minutes before it was picked up!

The closer we look at this election, the more problems we seem to find.

Tue Jun 22 23:58:27 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Vernon Jones calls for forensic audit of 2020 GA election

Gateway PunditVernon Jones called for a comprehensive forensic audit of Georgia’s controversial 2020 Election results.

He's running against Governor Kemp.

Sun Jun 20 22:36:54 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Fulton County GA still missing chain of custody documents in 2020 election

The Virginia StarSix months after the November 3, 2020 election, Fulton County has failed to produce complete chain of custody documents for 18,901 vote-by-mail absentee ballots deposited by voters into drop boxes.

The Fulton County missing documentation is a little more than five percent of the estimated 333,000 vote-by-mail absentee ballots cast in the November 3, 2020 general election for which chain of custody documentation is still missing.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has refused to collect, count, and verify the chain of custody documentation associated with an estimated 600,000 absentee vote by mail ballots deposited in drop boxes in the 2020 general election. Instead, Raffensperger has said it is a county responsibility. The Georgia Star News has filed Open Records Requests with all 159 counties in the state to obtain this documentation and report on it to the public.

I'm not sure how much of a big deal this is. But the lack of required documentation again suggests something to hide.

Fri Jun 18 22:39:22 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Lawsuit filed in Ohio over Dominion machine decision

Gateway Pundit“The process engaged in by the Board of Elections was not transparent and open to the public. Right before voting on the contract with Dominion, the board excluded the public for eighteen minutes from their discussion and deliberations. Nothing necessitated the public’s exclusion. And for the next months thereafter, they continued to exclude the public when discussing the contract with Dominion. That’s not consistent with both the letter and spirit of Ohio’s Open Meetings Act and we are going to get justice for the residents of Stark County Ohio,” Matt Braynard, Executive Director of Look Ahead America, said in a statement provided to the Gateway Pundit.

Braynard added “further, we are determined to ensure that any voting equipment purchased relies on open source software and hardware. This will restore trust, lower election costs, and create home state jobs for Clark County elections.”

Once again, why are deliberations related to these machines always kept out of public view?

Thu Jun 17 23:15:04 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Fulton County GA admits chain of custody missing for 24% of ballots

Georgia Star NewsIn a stunning admission about the critical chain of custody documents for absentee ballots deposited into drop boxes in the November 3, 2020 election, a Fulton County election official told The Georgia Star News on Wednesday that “a few forms are missing” and that “some procedural paperwork may have been misplaced.”

A Star News analysis of drop box ballot transfer forms for absentee ballots deposited in drop boxes provided by Fulton County in response to an Open Records Request showed that 385 transfer forms out of an estimated 1,565 transfer forms Fulton County said should have been provided are missing – a number that is significantly greater than “a few” by any objective standard.

Now the interesting question is going to be whether it was missing before the mysterious breakin or will Fulton County officials try to use the breakin as cover for the missing documents?

More analysis.

Tue Jun 15 20:25:02 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

AZ audit: 5-10% of ballots missing and/or blank?

National FileSeveral hundred thousand votes that were counted in Maricopa County, Arizona are associated with missing ballots, according to an audit organizer who is speaking regularly with people on the audit floor.

“We found a ballot shortage, anywhere from 5 to 10 percent of the votes,” Josh Barnett, an audit organizer who led the affidavit drive to make the audit happen, tells NATIONAL FILE. “It looks like a couple hundred thousand ballots are unaccounted for. The ballots are missing.”

“I also know that there were boxes filled with blank ballots in those pallets. There were blanks in there,” Barnett said, citing a person who is frequently at the audit site as part of the audit process. “They (election officials) were doing it for appearance, to try to hide the fact that ballots are missing by saying, ‘It’s okay, they’re all right here.’ But the ballots are blank.”

I'm a little skeptical about these reports, as the audit has (until now?) been very careful about not reporting anything until publishing a final report. But, if true, it would be a dramatic exposure of fraud and likely change the outcome of the presidential race in Arizona (and possibly others). More analysis here.

Mon Jun 14 13:04:43 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

PA officials touring AZ audit

Gateway PunditChristina Bobb: Pennsylvania sent a delegation out here. They’ve expressed interest in the Arizona audit and replicating this in Pennsylvania. So there is a delegation of state legistlators from Pennsylvania that are arrive in Arizona today. They are getting a behind the scene tour tomorrow. I’m hoping to catch up with them tomorrow so hopefully we’ll have some of that.

It remains to be seen what the AZ audit will find, but having the states with questionable results conduct thorough audits seems like a good idea. If the audit is good -- unlike, say, Windham -- then the result is a positive regardless of outcome.

Tue Jun 01 23:50:59 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

A "new normal" of vote fraud in Detroit

Just The NewsIn Detroit's report on the $7.4 million in grants it received from the Center for Tech and Civil Life (CTCL), a voter advocacy organization funded by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, the city said that a new normal had been created with how the election was run in 2020.

"We created a new expectation for the public, because we significantly increased the number of ways [a] voter can vote," reported the city's Department of Elections in the CTCL grant report, obtained by Just the News through a Freedom of Information Act request.

"We have created a new normal in terms of how voters expect to vote in the City of Detroit," reads the report. "The funding structure established must be preserved for future elections. We are requesting grant funds for the current year."

If they get away with it, they'll keep doing it. And given that the House and Senate are very, very close, probably even expand their efforts. It's not just about Trump; the Democratic HR1 election legislation proves they want to make all the changes to election rules permanent, and shut out Republicans from government completely.

Sun May 30 22:35:11 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Deleted database files recovered by Arizona audit team

Just The NewsCyFIR founder Ben Cotton said he had resolved one of the most bitter disputes between Senate Republicans and county officials: the alleged deletion of the main database for the 2020 general election.

Despite finding a "master file table" confirming that a database directory was deleted from the server, Cotton has been able to recover the deleted files and does not need anything more from the county, he told lawmakers. "I think that's some good news," Petersen replied.

The county does not want to let the issue go. "Maricopa County did not delete files when preparing the subpoenaed SQL server for delivery," it said in a tweet thread shortly after the hearing ended.

Good to know the files were recovered.

Whether I believe the protests from Maricopa County officials that they didn't do it will depend entirely on whether the audit finds tampering in the election machines. Given how much they are resisting turning over other equipment, such as the routers, I suspect they have something to hide and know it.

Fri May 28 13:32:27 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

NH audit tapes show memory card cleared

UncoverDCTodd, a financial auditor and founder of NH Voter Integrity Group, reported that activity on a computer with firmware software on it would be listed on an internal audit report. Indeed, this is the case with Windham’s machines, which are serviced and maintained by LHS Associates. Interestingly, LHS President Jeff Silvestro was present multiple days at the audit. Upon looking closer at the pictures of the machine’s audit report from May 12, Todd noticed the following specific line items among others:

Line 30 – Session Start, date 5/12/21
Line 31 – Machine put in “Supervise Mode”
Line 33 – Memory Card Reset
Line 34 – Session Start, date 5/12/21
Line 35 – Prep for Election
Line 36 – Clear Counters
Line 37 – Session Start, date 11/3/20
Line 43 – Session Start, date 11/5/20

According to Todd and reported by UncoverDC, Hursti previously indicated that he would need to reset the entire memory card because it was not possible to clear the counters. Upon seeing the machine’s audit report, Todd realized that was not true, and the memory card does not need to be deleted, as Hursti insisted.

This shows that during the currently ongoing audit, the memory card in the vote counting machine being audited was cleared before running the election audit.

This would likely have the effect of wiping out any modifications performed on that card intended to effect the election. In other words, you could rerun the election and it would function normally because any modifications intended to influence the election would be wiped out.

Does it prove there was anything nefarious? No. But is it intended to prevent future auditors from discovering if there was anything nefarious? I can't think of other serious explanations, but I'm not an expert on how these machines work or exactly what each machine command on the tape means.

But it sure looks like the "auditors" in New Hampshire got caught deleting election records and potentially evidence of a crime.

UPDATE: It's possible the card being cleared was not an actual card used in the election. It could be a copy, or even an entirely new card with fresh programming. So that's one possible explanation.

UPDATE: There's also some date manipulation that seems significant.

UPDATE: Here's the explanation from the auditors.

Fri May 28 08:56:02 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Duplicated, damaged ballots unmatchable in AZ audit

Just The NewsFormer Secretary of State Ken Bennett's team uncovered the error just a few days ago, he told Senate President Karen Fann and Judicial Committee Chair Warren Petersen. Each damaged ballot and its associated duplicate ballot are supposed to have the same serial number to ensure they are only counted once.

But he has found many batches of damaged ballots without the serial numbers that are on the duplicates, violating state law. "We are struggling as to how we're going to be able to match up" those damaged and duplicated ballots, Bennett said.

The purpose of the serial numbers is not "to ensure they are only counted once", it's so the the damaged ballots can be matched with the duplicate ballots and checked to ensure the selections made on the original ballot are faithfully duplicated.

Fri May 28 05:28:32 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

The New Hampshire auditors: compromised or merely biased?

Gateway PunditBoth Philip Stark, Ph.D. and Barbara Simons, Ph.D., the board chair of Verified Voting and also a member of George Soros’ elite Democracy Alliance Board, are current appointees to the corrupt and powerful U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC).
Stark was appointed by Speaker Pelosi in 2016 and Simons was appointed by former Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D) in 2008 and was re-affirmed by then-Senate Minority now Majority Leader Schumer.

Two of the three NH election auditors, therefore, Stark and Mark Lindeman, Ph.D., and co-director at Verified Voting, have direct ties and loyalty to the powerful American Democrat-progressive machine, at the very highest levels.

As it turns out, all three auditors know each other and have worked together. At least one of them has demonstrated the machines he is supposed to be auditing can be easily hacked. Two of them were appointed to important election-related public office by Democrats (Pelosi and Reid).

None of this is proof of wrongdoing. But. None of the auditors appears to be politically independent. One has previously demonstrated exactly how hackable the exact type of machines at issue here really are, which calls into question any later attempt to give them a clean bill of health.

Fri May 28 05:27:16 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Sham audits

It appears the public pressure for election audits has become too strong to ignore, and the election fraud defense teams have shifted to allowing controlled audits that can be prevented from finding or disclosing any real problems.

Georgia has already conducted several sham audits and "recounts" that were designed not to find any actual problems. Raffensperger is now claiming to support audits now that an audit has been ordered in Fulton County, even though he strongly opposed them shortly after the election. Democrats are opposing the audit there and hiring defense attorneys, so what do they have to hide?

The ongoing "audit" in New Hampshire appears to have chosen a team with strong conflicts of interest, and one of the three auditors just mysteriously resigned.

The latest example is a sham audit in Wisconsin. How will three retired cops investigating "tips" detect illegal ballots?

Michigan is now threatening any election official who allows anyone to access ballots for an audit.

At least the audit in Arizona appears legitimate.

Thu May 27 19:49:03 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

A good explanation of the ballot fold problem

Granite GrokIt may be that the AccuVote machines can sometimes mistake a fold in a ballot as a bonafide vote for the candidate whose name, and the associated oval, happens to be on a fold on that ballot.

For those voters using an absentee ballot, the ballot is folded to put in an envelope for mailing. One of the things that the Windham Audit is taking note of is ballots that had been folded on or near a candidate’s name. This may be the reason for the original vote discrepancy.

There's a video that goes into a little more detail.

Bottom line, this is a statewide problem in New Hampshire, and possibly more areas. It has been a problem for a while, but became obvious in 2020 due to the more frequent absentee voting. It may explain some of the significant discrepancies in Windham but neither supports nor denies malice -- that is, it could be either accidental or deliberate. (All it would take for it to be deliberate is for the person designing the ballot to know about the folding problem and design the ballot layout to exploit it). And it doesn't prove the voting machines were otherwise clean, either.

Wed May 26 06:58:07 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Another GA election lawsuit, this one targeting the Senate runoffs

CDMedia“The case does not rely on the anecdotal evidence of ballot harvesting, dead citizens voting, or stuffed ballot boxes to seek to overturn the GA Senate election. This case is different because it involves a solid, objective examination of whether the voting machines used in the election meet the required GA statutory standards. The answer is — they do not. Since they do not, the election must be invalidated,” declared Daugherty.

It's worth a try, but I get the impression the courts are just as controlled by the Deep State as the rest of government.

Tue May 25 23:04:33 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Census data contradicts voter totals in 2020

Election WizUS Census data released last week called into question the official vote tally from the 2020 election. As part of the Census, the government collects data on citizens who self-report as having voted in presidential elections. The collected data shows an unusual anomaly in the reported results.

According to the Census, the recorded number of people voting in 2020 was tallied at 154,628,000. On the other hand, official results place the number of actual ballots cast slightly north of 158 million. That’s a discrepancy of nearly four million votes.

Speaking to pollster Richard Baris during an episode of “Inside the Numbers,” lawyer Robert Barnes said historically, the Census tends to “pin on the nose” the recorded vote numbers with the actual results. In other words, often the two data sets reasonably match.

Interesting. Not proof of anything, but another data point suggesting fraud, similar to Trump winning 18 of 19 bellwether counties.

Mon May 24 23:49:00 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Texas passes election security legislation

Gateway PunditOn Friday, the Texas House passed HB 6/SB 7 on election reforms, which now goes to Texas Governor Abbott’s desk.

Lots of states are trying to fix the problems. Hopefully it will be enough.

Mon May 24 22:49:00 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Windham audit shows folded ballots can produce fake votes

Conservative TreehouseThe people on the ground in Windham, New Hampshire, are doing an excellent job holding the election officials and auditors accountable to the people during this forensic ballot audit. The audit started because the tabulating machines (Dominion hardware and software) did not accurately count the votes from the physical ballots.

Yesterday it was reported the second hand recount matched the first, which means the machine tabulation of those ballots was wrong. The auditors wondered if folded ballots generated the problem. The test of folded -vs- unfolded ballots (counted by same machine) showed a high number of errors. That would mean the tabulation machines across all of New Hampshire may have this problem.

Note that this doesn't explain all the problems with the count, so there's more to learn.

Mon May 24 22:41:04 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

GA to conduct forensic audit of ballots in Fulton County

Gateway PunditJudge Amero granted the motion to unseal the ballots, but will only allow the Fulton County employees themselves to scan the ballots to a 600dpi uncompressed resolution, and have the VoterGA forensic experts present during the process.

CDMediaIn an ongoing hearing, Henry County, GA judge, the Honorable Brian J. Amero may give access to the plaintiffs (, Garland Favorito, and another plaintiff) to the physical mail-in ballots in Fulton County, which could show massive election fraud in GA during the 2020 presidential election cycle, and the follow-on runoff that decided control of the U.S. Senate for the Democrat Party, leading to full control of the American government.

In the hearing, lawyers for described large discrepancies (21%) between the number of ballot batches reported by the GA Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger who certified the election, and the number of ballot batches actually provided by court-ordered access in the previous April hearing in the case.

Just The NewsForensics expert David Sawyer told the court that he had identified a discrepancy in the number of ballot batches received from the Dominion Voting Systems software, compared to the number Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s office listed as having been examined in an audit.

Copnservative TreehouseThere are approximately ten plaintiffs in an ongoing lawsuit about the election and ballot tabulation in Fulton County (Atlanta), Georgia. The state and local officials had been denying access to the physical ballots, only permitting a review of low resolution scanned images. However, an expert testified a disparity of approximately 21% (of those “low resolution” absentee ballot batches) from what the state reported to what the auditors were able to see. A large number of the scanned ballots appear to have been counted twice.

Bottom line here: there's a large discrepancy in the ballots in a Georgia county, suggesting up to 20% were counted twice. There are also serious flaws in chain of custody documentation. This was enough to convince a judge to allow access to the physical ballots in order to produce high quality ballot images and check for fraud -- similar, but on a smaller scale, to the audit taking place in Arizona.

If problems are found in this audit it will give political support to a more complete audit in other counties of GA, as well as other states.

Fri May 21 23:16:44 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Fayette County voting machines rejecting Republican ballots

Gateway PunditElections officials in a Pennsylvania County are working to resolve a problem dealing with voting machines rejecting ballots.

Voting machines in Fayette County are only rejecting Republican ballots, according to Chris Varney, Judge of Elections.

At first, Varney was under the impression that there was a problem will the barcodes on all ballots, but it turns out only Republican ballots are being rejected.

How strange.

Anyone who can't see that there is clearly a systematic election fraud problem here by this point is willfully blind.

Thu May 20 12:45:49 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Fayette County PA election violation investigation involving ballot issues

AmyWadasBREAKING: The Fayette County district attorney is launching an investigation into the ballot issues from Tuesday’s primary. He’s also looking into a possible election violation that he believes may have happened.

The interesting thing here is how and why this happened. The issue appears to be that all, and only, Republican ballots were rejected by the machines in the county. Democrat ballots worked fine. Since this is a primary, it's not as if you can gain a partisan advantage by blocking Republican ballots, generally. There are only a couple of scenarios where this makes sense:

1) If only some counties block only some Republican votes for statewide races, that may influence the outcome of Republican primary races based on which regions are allowed to vote.

2) If there are other races that are not primaries (ballot issues, non-partisan offices, statewide races) the outcomes may be influenced.

3) This may be a mistake -- a leftover manipulation from the Presidential election in 2020. Fayette County went heavily for Donald Trump by 66% to 33%.

Donald Trump slightly improved his total and percentages in Fayette County in 2020 compared to 2016. Did some sort of block on Fayette County's voting machines prevent those total votes from going much higher that we have now discovered by accident? Or was something done specifically for this election?

I couldn't immediately find counts for the number of ballots adjudicated. The modus operandi of the fraud operation appears to be to send as many ballots into adjudication as possible where the results can be manually adjusted. If Fayette County had an abnormally high adjudication rate in November 2020...

And guess what?

DJHJMediaAs if Pennsylvania didn’t have enough trouble running an honest election, now it’s gotten worse in Fayette County where the brand new in 2020 Dominion Voting machines refuse to recognize votes for Republicans. according to Chris Varney, Judge of Elections, Fayette County machines is only rejecting Republican ballots.

Yes, they are Dominion machines.

Thu May 20 12:23:04 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Gateway Pundit interviews DePerno about Antrim County audit decision

UncoverDCAttorney Matt DePerno, who has been battling election fraud for six months in Antrim County, Michigan, appeared after a hearing on Tuesday to reassure Michiganders that he is not finished fighting. Judge Elsenheimer dismissed his client’s case yesterday with a ruling based on what DePerno says is a “narrow decision” that had nothing to do with any of the evidence he and his client, Bill Bailey, have presented. This, he says, leaves the door open for further action on the case. The appearance with Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit can be viewed below...

Watch the whole thing at the link.

Thu May 20 12:22:52 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

New Hampshire election audit to examine US Senate race

Gateway PunditThe numbers coming from the legislatively-ordered audit in that NH town confirm what the concerned citizens of NH have claimed all along. Their machines are not accurate, consistently shorted Republican candidates and cannot be trusted to accurately count our votes.

What the recount showed was that when ballots were fed through all four machines this past week, one machine (Machine #2) reliably and repeatedly shorted each of the 4 Republican candidates roughly the same amount – 55 votes (Lynn), 54 (McMahon), 53 (Soti) and 53 votes (Griffin) compared to the results from the other machines. These audit-repeated machine counts are also different from those machine-generated counts on Nov. 3rd by 281 votes (Lynn), 274 (Soti), 276 (McMahon), and 279 votes (Griffin).

There are suspicions that other towns in the state have their own version of “machine two,” so this does not appear to be a Windham-only problem....

Next, the Windham audit team is going to review a statewide Federal race (US Senate) and a statewide non-Federal race (Governor) as well, as both of these races are scheduled to be hand-counted this week as part of the audit.

The 2020 race had a US Senate seat in New Hampshire, won by a Democrat originally elected in 2008 by 56% to 41%. That seems like a very big gap to be attributable to machine fraud, so overturning the result of that race seems like a big stretch even if you account for a libertarian getting 2.3%.

But the point of doing the audit is to be able to trust the results, not to change the outcome. Let's find out if the machine fraud was widespread.

Note that this audit outcome is happening even with the audit team arguably selected by the Senate to cover things up. I think maybe a decision has been made that it can't be covered up completely, so look for efforts to do damage control instead.

Wed May 19 00:37:51 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Antrim County audit case dismissed

Gateway PunditJudge Elsenheimer ruled that Michigan’s dishonest Secretary of State Joselyn Benson can initiate any type of audit she chooses. Hence, her limited audit after the 2020 election satisfies the requirement that any Michigan citizen can demand an audit of an election. The problem is that Attorney DePerno has uncovered numerous cases of irregularities that would require a deeper audit, and Michigan’s highly partisan Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson has falsely alleged that she’s already performed an audit on the election in Antrim County.

The problem here is that the New Hampshire Constitution says that any citizen is entitled to an audit according to the law. The law doesn't say much about audits. The SecState says she conducted an audit, and that's that. The judge agreed that if the SecState says she did an audit, that's all anyone is entitled to. Even if what the SecState did was more of a recount of the tabulator tapes and did not look at any actual ballots. Even if there were demonstrated problems with the tapes and machines.

There will be an appeal. It seems unlikely that would go any differently.

The best chance for moving forward seems to be to convince the legislature to authorize their own audit, similar to the one being conducted in Arizona. The examination of the voting machines in this case did produce useful evidence that may help convince the legislature.

Tue May 18 23:54:06 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Maricopa County refuses to appear before Arizona Senate

Just The NewsFinally, the county will not turn over its routers because they "provide a blueprint" to the entire network, no different than burglars obtaining a blueprint to a house that marks "a hidden wall safe."

Sharing the blueprint could put the county at risk for a ransomware attack and endanger "data related to the most sensitive law enforcement programs," the letter says.

Given the alleged incompetence of Fann's contractors, the supervisors said they won't answer any more questions from them, and will not attend the Senate president's Tuesday hearing. "People's tax dollars are real, your 'auditors' are not."

There's a lot of inflammatory claims and language flying back and forth here.

I suggest the bottom line is that Maricopa County is refusing to appear and defend their actions.

Tue May 18 11:57:40 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

DePerno Press Release bombshells

UncoverDCOne of the critical deficiencies highlighted by DePerno is the ability of the election workers “to set the time on a tabulator at any time in order to print paper tapes that show the appropriate date/time stamp. The technician/supervisor password enables the workers to have this capability.” This is a significant issue because an election worker can potentially run extra ballots without detection “outside of the election window or after hours” to create ballots to produce a desired number of votes.

UncoverDCDePerno also explained that the user name can appear as a default name (in this case, Ryan Smoth) and not the actual name of the election worker committing the fraudulent act. Thus, the admin user name and password can be “accessed by anyone” under the default name. Therefore, there is no personal accountability for the actions of the election workers who might engage in fraudulent activity.

UncoverDCLenberg writes in Exhibit 17, “The malicious actor initially makes an estimate [of] the number of fraudulent votes needed to win the election and programs for that scenario. However, often they need to add additional votes beyond the pre-planned fraud estimates, requiring the polls to be re-opened again to add additional fraudulent votes to achieve their objectives.”

UncoverDCIt seems the DePerno team has also found “duplicate matching ballot indexes.” DePerno stated, “It gets worse, people. Based on a review of the Antrim County results, it indicates duplicate matching ballot indexes—which is evidence of ballot stuffing and fraud.” While they are still studying the evidence, he explained that “this means there were ballots fed into the system more than once—repeatedly.” This issue showed up in the Antrim County election to the tune of 1,060 potential fraudulent phantom votes that showed up in the hand recount according to DePerno and do not match the records held by Secretary of State Benson.

UncoverDCDePerno also claims that he has confirmed that Benson allowed officials to turn off the storage of ballot images to make it difficult to audit the election properly. Dr. Shiva indicated that he found the same behavior when he investigated his race in Massachusetts. A series of tweets from DePerno discusses the “scanned ballot images.”

Mon May 17 22:59:08 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Matt DePerno's smoking gun

Gateway PunditMatt DePerno: And I’ll tell you something we discovered this weekend. We can now show that after the election is done, someone, anyone really who has access to those tabulators, can reopen the election, run more ballots through the tabulator, print off new tabulator tape with a new balance and backdate that tape to November 3rd.

From the press conference today, I heard the magic words around 30 minutes in.

1) Microsoft SQL (the SQL client used to access the data) was present ON THE ANTRIM COUNTY ELECTION SYSTEM. It was there on the actual machines used. This decertifies the machines it was on, and arguably, the election itself. (How was it installed? Who used it?)

2) DUPLICATE MATCHING BALLOT INDEXES were found. This is evidence of ballot stuffing and fraud. The same ballots run through the system more than once.

3) 1060 votes in the hand recounts that are not in the state's voter database.

4) Evidence of connections to the internet from the tabulators.

He also repeats a couple other problems, but the biggest news here is item 2. This is no longer a matter of theory, a matter of possibility. He found evidence on the machine images that tampering has happened.

UPDATE: Around the 40 minute mark he discusses the County Clerk deleting ballot images to prevent an audit. Apparently he has documented communications to that effect.

Mon May 17 15:37:21 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Why was an assistant AG in Windham seen with the ballots?

Granite GrokBefore the security camera footage went out for about an hour, we see an image of NH Associate AG Anne Edwards walking toward a table covered with “secured” ballots – from the November election in Windham.

My contact in Windham tells me that, before the cameras go out, the state Trooper (also pictured) can be heard saying something to the effect that there’s nobody else in the room.

At 11:15 pm on Wednesday. And then the cameras go black for over an hour.

According to my source, on Thursday morning, there were four more boxes of ballots than the original number signed off by Nicole from the Town of Windham. The Windham clerk signed off 23 boxes but the auditors have 27?

Caught red-handed, in my opinion.

Mon May 17 12:54:05 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Antrim audit: DePerno law office broken into

Gateway PunditOn Friday evening, Matt DePerno’s law office was broken into. According to DePerno, the break-in took place in the late evening. Police were called to investigate the break-in and it was determined that nothing was stolen. The real question is, who broke into DePerno’s office and what were they looking for?

On Monday, DePerno scheduled a press conference in Traverse City, MI at the VFW hall, where he planned to drop a bombshell discovery in the Antrim County voter fraud case.

Today, DePerno got a call from a VFW representative telling him that they could no longer allow him to use the VFW hall for his press conference after they allegedly received threats from someone or some group for allowing DePerno to use their facility for his press conference.

Older readers may remember that Watergate was all about a simple break-in to a party office, that everyone agreed had no practical effect on the election, and the resulting coverup which forced Nixon out of office. This election scandal starts with stealing the election and the coverup is ongoing.

Hopefully, someone will step up to provide a better way to get this press conference than streaming over Facebook.

Mon May 17 12:53:57 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

More information coming out about Wisconsin election

Gateway PunditDan O’Donnell told his audience on Thursday he has obtained emails from the City of Milwaukee and several cities across the state in conjunction with members of the “Grant Team” for the Center of Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) that show that in Milwaukee there were daily reports that provided to private liberal organizations on who exactly was voting. Dan continues, “In my estimation, the only reason for this is the creation of a massive, and I mean massive ballot harvesting operation ahead of 2020 presidential election.”

Emails obtained via an open records request reveal that the City of Milwaukee did not run the presidential election in accordance with state law and instead turned over administration of it to liberal-leaning groups after receiving a multimillion-dollar grant from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. One of these groups, the National Vote at Home Institute, was provided with daily absentee vote data and even asked for the City’s voter database!

This would seem to cast significant doubt on the legality of elections in Wisconsin. More information here. Basically, huge donations from liberal groups resulted in the election being run by those groups, with massive access to the data needed to conduct targeted ballot harvesting (and, ultimately, produce fake votes for those who did not vote).

Mon May 17 09:03:27 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Overnight camera failure in Windham audit

Just The NewsAn audit team sent to conduct a forensic examination of the 2020 election results in Windham, N.H. started the process off well enough on Tuesday. But by Wednesday, they hit a major snag: The live stream cameras that had been broadcasting the audit room around the clock went offline for close to 90 minutes, potentially obscuring any problematic intervention.

The team decided Thursday morning to reinspect the ballot machines on camera in an attempt to maintain observers' faith in their process. They needed to determine whether the machines had been tampered with over night when the cameras mysteriously went down.

The audit in Windham is already compromised by the people they selected to conduct it. The cameras going down overnight for 90 minutes is just clumsy coverup work. I guess they found something too significant to pretend they didn't see unless they had a window of time to destroy the evidence.

Mon May 17 09:02:27 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Windham audit proceeds with problems

Uncover DCFriday marks day four of the forensic audit in Windham, NH. Day three came to a close, leaving election integrity advocates, once again, with mounting concerns over the “chaotic” process and with a burgeoning list of unanswered questions, including why a representative from Dominion Voting Systems was at the audit facility. As previously reported, Senate Bill 43 (SB43) gives the team of three auditors until May 27 to complete the investigation of the 2020 election results for four state House seats after discovering a significant and unexplainable discrepancy during a Nov. 12 recount.

Disturbed over learning the 24-hour live stream video of the audit was turned off for two hours Wednesday night, Thursday got started with Harri Hursti, the auditor selected by Secretary of State Bill Gardner and Attorney General John M. Formella, attempting to explain, unsuccessfully, what happened.

The Windham audit appears to be an unmitigated disaster of a cover up.

Mon May 17 09:02:17 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

No one seems to want to admit deleting election files in Maricopa County

Gateway PunditHOT POTATO – Not the Sec of State (Katie Hobbs), Not the Election Vendor (Dominion), and Not the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, NO ONE, Is Admitting Illegally Deleting Files Requested by Senate Auditors

Since deleting those files probably comes with criminal penalties, that's not surprising. But it seems likely someone did delete them before providing the routers to the auditors.

Who and why deleted the files?

There are some suggestions that the audits may have managed to recover the deleted files. From my own experience, this is sometimes (often) possible, depending on the measures taken to recover files and on the measures taken to delete them. However, I haven't seen anything that indicates that has actually happened, just suggestions that it very well could have.

Mon May 17 08:40:46 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

"Windham Incident" audit shows problems

Granite GrokI believe the preliminary results of the forensic audit of the Windham, NH voting machines as configured on November 3, 2020, show the aging Diebold ES2000 Model A Voting Machines cannot be trusted.

And by extension… potentially the elections across the state of New Hampshire as well.

Those machines cannot be trusted until the discrepancy in vote totals -- that coincidentally reduced votes for Republicans while leaving Democrat votes almost the same (and in one case adding increasing them) -- is explained and corrected. Not just corrected for this race but corrected in that whatever took place cannot reasonably be repeated. Because it sure looks like fraud in support of one specific candidate, and despite several "audits" that were really recounts, we have no explanation for why and how the mistake happened.

It may even be worse than it looks. The results differ by almost 3% depending on which voting machine you ran the ballots through.

If you have an hour, there's a video interview. And if you happen to be a New Hampshire resident, there's contact information at the end of the post: you can ask the people supposed to be representing you what their explanation is.

Mon May 17 08:36:20 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Election security bill passed in Kansas over veto

Gateway PunditThe Kansas Legislature has voted to override the veto of Democrat Governor Laura Kelly on some election-related reform bills — which reports said were meant to plug the issues raised during the 2020 election... Over two-thirds of the lawmakers backed the move — exceeding the threshold needed to pass bills without the governor’s approval.

There's definitely a trend building.

Sun May 16 23:18:25 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Antrim County audit: illegal database software installed, logs deleted

NOQreportMySQL was installed onto tabulation machines illegally. This demonstrates intent to manipulate the database as there is literally no other reason to do this ahead of Election Day.
The Michigan system is designed on an antiquated intranet that allows the machines to communicate with each other as well as to the Secretary of State’s office. This leaves numerous vulnerabilities for internal manipulation through the MySQL database software, but also enables an outside bad actor to commit massive voter fraud remotely without being detected easily (more on that below).
A laptop was left connected to the system that had internet access. Anyone with internet access anywhere in the world, an understanding of MySQL, and a desire to manipulate the vote counts would have been able to do so. It’s important to note here that there is no legitimate reason to connect an internet-connected laptop to the voting system on Election Day.

NOQreportThe ballot-adjudication logs and the security logs for the November 3 general election were removed. All log files for previous elections were still contained on the machines, but someone on the inside was able to erase the all-important log files for the 2020 election.

“The adjudication process is the simplest way to manually manipulate votes,” wrote Russell Ramsland, who prepared the forensic report. “The lack of records prevents any form of audit accountability, and their conspicuous absence is extremely suspicious since the files exist for previous years using the same software. We must conclude that the 2020 election cycle records have been manually removed.”

The combination of the presence of database software (which I heard as Microsoft SQL, MS-SQL, not MySQL -- two different products), an open VPN port on a laptop connected to the supposedly secured intranet, and the removal of the security logs is extremely suspicious.

Fri May 14 00:00:55 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Demand letter from Arizona State Senate President on election audit

Just The NewsArizona State Senate President Karen Fann in a letter to Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chair Jack Sellers regarding the the Senate's audit of the 2020 general election said that material has been deleted, the county has failed to comply with subpoenas and there have been other issues like the county's failure to supply any ballot chain-of-custody information.

Full letter here, along with some anaylsis. Internet with the Senate President.

Thu May 13 23:49:05 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Adjudication issues in Maricopa County, too

UncoverDCToday, the Arizona audit has reached a critical point. They are now recounting the duplicate ballots, as reported by OAN news. There could be as many as 213,000 ballots, or “roughly 12 percent of the entire vote that was duplicated or adjudicated by someone other than the voter—the highest percentage of adjudicated ballots in the history of Maricopa County.” The county had expected closer to 6 percent adjudication. Importantly, the auditors do not yet know whether “the duplicate ballots were properly stored together with the original ballot cast by the voter.”

Once again the adjudication process is suspect. If 12% of the county's votes were adjudicated, then the adjudicators decided the election for that county, and thus for that state. The same is true even for the 6% figure. The standard for adjudication rates set by federal law is below 1% according to previous audit reports, so either 6% or 12% raise huge red flags.

Thu May 13 23:48:45 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Dominion refuses to comply with subpoena in Marocopa County audit

Gateway PunditDominion Voting Systems released a very revealing statement on Thursday. The Denver-based company responded to the Arizona Senate’s demand for passwords to ballot tabulators. America’s Audit Director Ken Bennett told OAN earlier in the week that Dominion was refusing to comply with the subpoena to turn over the passwords.

This is really not something that should be optional. They need -- have a legal requirement -- to provide those passwords and admin access to allow the audit to proceed.

Mind you, until now, Dominion may not be a direct party in the case, meaning they are not legally bound to comply. But that should be a simple matter of bringing this to the judge and saying "Look, they have the admin access to the machines you already ruled we could get, and they won't provide it. Please order them to."

But given what has already been found, it's clear that all of this is just a series of delaying tactics. The election in Maricopa County, AZ was stolen. The cover-up proves it to my satisfaction. Which means it was stolen in Arizona overall. Which is not enough to flip the result to Trump... but proving that would put tremendous pressure on the other states involved in shenanigans to conduct proper audits.

Thu May 13 23:21:15 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Criminal coverup in Maricopa County, AZ

Just The NewsThe head of the Arizona Senate confirmed this week that an audit of the Maricopa County election in November has identified significant irregularities as well as missing data, with the county itself also being warned of its ongoing noncompliance with the Senate's audit subpoenas.

The dispute is likely to boil over in public next week when county election officials have been asked to testify before a Senate hearing to address the legislature's concerns.

State Senate President Karen Fann said in a Wednesday letter to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors that the Senate was seeking resolution to three "serious issues that have arisen in the course of the Senate’s ongoing audit of the returns of the November 3, 2020 general election in Maricopa County."

Maricopa County has called for yet another emergency meeting in response.

Thu May 13 22:47:44 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Ballot box discrepancies in Maricopa County audit

Gateway PunditBallot auditors in Maricopa County are reporting that they have found “significant discrepancies” between the number of ballots therein and the batch reports included in the boxes.

Arizona Senate Republicans are in their third week of recounting 2.1 million Maricopa County ballots by hand.

The auditors have been reporting 5-15 percent discrepancies across many boxes, with the number consistently growing. Joe Biden supposedly won the county by only 2.2 percent, according to the official results.

Missing votes and extra votes found in ballot containers with broken seals.

Thu May 13 22:35:24 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Maricopa County, AZ refuses to provider routers to election auditors

Gateway PunditThe Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (MCBOS) is at it again. Silently they have decided not to provide routers to the audit team attempting to audit the county’s 2.1 million votes and machines used in the 2020 Election.

We’ve seen this time and again since the November 2020 election where the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (MCBOS) decided not to comply with reasonable requests related to the 2020 election and now again.

“We had previously believed that the risk would be eliminated by redacting the law enforcement data on the routers and not producing it. But we were informed that redaction did not eliminate the risk,” Deputy County Attorney Joseph LaRue wrote in a letter to Senate Audit Liaison Ken Bennett. “We also learned that if criminal elements or others gained access to this data, it might compromise county and federal law enforcement efforts and put the lives of law enforcement personnel at risk.”

This seems to me to be an excuse. Why would law enforcement data be on those routers in the first place? What is actually on those routers that they are afraid will be exposed?

Thu May 13 22:08:38 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Hit piece coming on Ramsland

America Can We TalkWashington Post reporter Jon Swaine emailed me on Thursday April 29, 2021, with a list of questions about my interview of Russ Ramsland on my AmericaCanWeTalk show. Mr. Ramsland has appeared on the show several times, but I believe the focus of Mr.Swaine’s interest is on Mr. Ramsland’s appearance on November 23, 2020. The interview topic was election fraud, specifically electronic manipulation of voting machines, in the 2020 elections, as investigated by ASOG, the Allied Security Operations Group headed up by Mr. Ramsland.

Rumors have swirled for weeks about an impending hit piece on Mr. Ramsland by the Washington Post. I don’t know whether the rumors will prove true, and I applaud Mr. Swaine for the professionalism involved in reaching out to me for comment on an as yet unpublished article in which he openly acknowledges his intent to mention me and my show. That’s the way journalism should be done. I’m also hopeful that the rumors will prove half-true, in the sense that a story will be published regarding Mr. Ramsland, but that after taking into account all Mr. Swaine will have learned about the facts and circumstances surrounding election fraud concerns raised by Mr. Ramsland and others, the story will not be a hit piece.

There's an excellent, brief summary of reasons to doubt the veracity of the 2020 Presidential election, and it's worth reading just to inoculate yourself against the hit piece that likely will come later.

Thu May 13 21:25:01 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Windham board chooses unreliable auditors

Gateway PunditLast Monday night, the Windham Board of Selectmen held a public meeting to discuss their choice of an analyst for the forensic audit team that will investigate the largest discrepancy between machine and hand counts for any election in the history of New Hampshire. At the meeting, 3 of the 4 selectmen announced their support for the team of Dr. Andrew Appel and Mark Lindeman’s Verified Voting.
According to an article at Fast Company back in December 2019, a year before the 2020 election, two experts working with Mark Lindeman and Verified Voting quit the organization over claims it was untrustworthy and was providing cover for the companies that make and sell the voting machines.

The last auditor has been selected. Trump and the Treehouse seem to approve, but he also has past links to Verified Voting.

Gateway Pundit“I believe that Verified Voting has lost its way. It has been providing cover for inherently untrustworthy voting systems–and the officials who bought them, the companies that make them, and any officials who might contemplate buying them in the future–by conducting “risk-limiting audits” of untrustworthy paper records, creating the false and misleading impression that relying on untrustworthy paper for a RLA can confirm election outcomes(and debasing the meaning of “RLA” in the process). This contradicts the most basic principle of Evidence-Based Elections: the need to establish that the paper trail is trustworthy.”

It seems to me that out of three auditors, one might be honest.

There's an effort to hire an outside auditor via crowdfunding. I question whether such an effort could get access to the ballots, but I wish them luck.

Thu May 13 21:24:50 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

DOJ attempts to interfere in Arizona audit

Conservative TreehouseEveryone knew this was coming…. The Feds are attempting to get involved in the Maricopa County ballot audit. The DOJ Civil Rights Division has sent a letter [pdf available here] to the Arizona State Senate claiming their review of Lawfare statements and media reports may show evidence of auditing issues that violate federal laws.

The reasons they cite are worthless, but they don't need to be serious. All they need to do is get their foot in the door, and they will find -- or make up -- anything else they need.

Thu May 13 21:24:19 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Maricopa County AZ does not have admin access to their machines?

Gateway PunditIt would likely be impossible to run an election without these. The Maricopa County Election team claims they do not have ‘Admin’ access to their voting machines. If this is the case, then the County did not own the election process they ceded it to their external vendor.

The fact that the County does not have system administrators who have administrative access to the Dominion voting machines is a big concern. By allowing Dominion to have the administration access only, the County has basically turned over the system to the Dominion voting machine system people. There is no IT control here because that’s been ceded to Dominion.

If the county owns the machines, they should have at least one person with admin access or a record of the credentials for it. Otherwise they are at the mercy of the vendor, who is really running the election.

If the county is basically hiring "elections as a service" they may not own or be expected to have administrative control over the machines. But this may present legal problems and certainly presents practical ones with respect to control of elections.

It's also possible that they are only pretending not to have these credentials in order to make things more difficult for the auditors.

This is yet another piece of information that can be fairly described as suspicious without being proof of wrongdoing.

Thu May 13 21:23:40 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Maricopa County AZ removed stored ballot images from election sites nightly

Gateway PunditDr. Kelli Ward says that devices that held data during the election in Maricopa County were snuck offsite nightly.

Per Republican Chairwoman Kelli Ward, Maricopa County Director of Election Day And Emergency Voting, Scott Jarrett, said that the orange devices in the picture above were external drives that were loaded nightly with early vote totals and taken offsite to an undisclosed location for safety by an employer or a Dominion contractor working for Maricopa County.

On the one hand, having an offsite backup for emergencies is good IT practice. On the other, there are obvious and significant security and chain-of-custody concerns doing this for elections.

Given how the adjudication process appears to work, on Dominion machines, having these drives would allow the ballots to be "adjudicated" offline on the backup device and then moved into the live machines again in the morning.

Alternatively, the totals could be examined and sufficient new ballots printed and counted through the "official" process to try to change the outcome.

Or, viruses could be introduced to the devices and via them to the counting machines.

There are many reasons for concern here. But it is not by itself evidence of malice.

It would be interesting to understand what security measures, if any, were in place for these ballot image backups and how the practices here compare to other areas.

Thu May 13 21:23:14 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

How to flip votes without getting caught

Uncover DCMonday’s video showing expert Ken Lenberg using a tabulator to flip votes as one more piece of evidence should have turned the heads of every media person and government official in the state of Michigan. Lenberg’s demonstration is further proof that the Antrim County election may have been fraudulent. Friday’s Dark to Light podcast featured Attorney Matt DePerno, who filed the first election lawsuit, still ongoing, that has made it to the evidentiary phase. At the end of the interview, he asked a simple question,

It's interesting background information about an election lawsuit that has gone mostly unnoticed until now. It's still mainly focused on showing that it can be done, not that it has been done. The plaintiffs are asking to see the actual ballots, and strangely, no one wants them to be able to do that. Why not?

Thu May 13 21:22:00 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Maricopa County AZ deleted entire election database before turning over machines

CDMediaMaricopa County deleted entire databases prior to turning over election equipment to the AZ Senate for the forensic audit now occurring. The Senate President Karen Fann today sent a letter to the County Election’s Board for an explanation.

The only explanation for this is covering up fraud. It's clumsy, and makes it obvious that a coverup took place, but may be successful in preventing the exact details of the fraud from being proven.

Thu May 13 21:21:32 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Another attempt to disrupt the election audit in Maricopa County AZ

Conservative BriefThe Maricopa County, Arizona, recount and audit of the 2020 presidential election is ongoing, but there has been a new plot twist.

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is raising concerns about a Wi-Fi router that her staff observed at the Maricopa County election audit.

Hobbs took to Twitter on Wednesday to argue that it could pose a threat to the integrity of the audit.

“There’s no way to ensure that ballot images, vote counts, & perhaps voter data weren’t connected to external networks or the internet,” Hobbs tweeted.

Katie Hobbs, despite her party, is opposed to this audit and to fixing the problems in the 2020 election that led to it being stolen. I don't trust her motives here.

That said, if there was in fact a wireless router hooked up to the audit servers, that would be unforced error on the part of the auditors.

Thu May 13 20:59:33 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Analysis of Antrim County election

Gateway PunditAttorney Matthew DePerno filed his latest finding in the Circuit Court for Antrim County on Friday. According to DePerno, there were 1,061 “phantom” ballots found in Antrim County during the 2020 election. Attorney DePerno also contends there was nearly 100% turnout between ages 65 and 80 in the county despite the threat of the coronavirus.

And not quoted, but 20% of the addresses appeared to be post-office boxes.

Thu May 13 20:31:09 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

An Interview with Matt Deperno

Uncover DCToday is one of the most important shows we have ever done on this podcast. We interview Matt DePerno about the voter integrity lawsuit in Antrim, MI. He goes over the case in detail from start to finish and explains the recent evidence uncovered that has never been documented before and will send chills down your spine.

If you have an hour, there's a lot of good information here.

Thu May 13 20:30:29 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Amended complaint in Antrim County case

UncoverDCAs reported by UncoverDC on May 5, attorney Matt DePerno says he has additional proof of votes being flipped in Antrim County. Because of the mounting evidence of alleged election fraud, DePerno has submitted an Amended Complaint to the court.

Read the whole thing for an effective summary of the evidence in the complaint.

Thu May 13 20:30:17 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Arizona lawsuit filed alleging 2018, 2019, 2020 elections violated law

The core complaint is lack of certification of the voting machines, since the companies that did the certification were not themselves certified.

I'm predicting this one gets tossed by the courts because it's too late to do anything about it.

Thu May 13 20:30:04 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

About that voter fraud that doesn't exist...

The Morning CallTwo Bucks County women face charges of voter fraud after authorities say they filled out mail-in ballot applications for their dead mothers in separate incidents ahead of the November election, the county District Attorney’s Office announced Friday night.

The allegations come after the Bucks County Detectives investigated 22 complaints of voter fraud and other irregularities in the presidential election that saw record voter turnout here.

It does exist, if you bother to look.

Categories Vote Fraud

Wed May 12 22:32:32 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Direct evidence of fraud in Antrim?

DePerno's expert has previously shown how a race can be subverted, using the machines in use by Antrim County. However, buried in his Amended Complaint, is further evidence of actual fraud: if the conditions for vote switching were present, the vote tabulator should have errored out and shut down the election. Instead the errors were trapped and the election continued, which DePerno argues is evidence of willful fraud.

It's certainly suggestive of that.

Mon May 10 10:47:01 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

FBI raids Giuliani, Toensing

Conservative TreehouseAccording to media reports federal authorities raided the New York apartment of Rudy Giuliani today. Apparently electronic devices were seized as part of their investigation into him. However, the DOJ motive behind the investigation is something everyone should be familiar with, Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA).

FARA violations being used as a backdoor justification for political targeting has long been the approach of a weaponized DOJ. They are using that same tactic again in their effort to target Rudy Giuliani.

This is nakedly political.

It's unclear what exactly they were looking for, but the election audit in Arizona is also getting a lot of attempted legal interference, and Trump gave interviews on that topic the day before the raid where he said he was being kept up to date on the results. Likely, the FBI were really looking for information about the results of that audit (which is ongoing). It's not the first time they have targeted Giuliani. And of course before that they targeted another Trump lawyer, Michael Cohen, who eventually broke -- but had nothing on Trump.

They raided Victoria Toensing at about the same time. The warrant mentioned John Solomon. It's purportedly about Ukraine. But once they have seized all electronic devices, they can search those devices for whatever they want to know. Legally? Of course not; legally they are only supposed to look for evidence of crimes listed on the warrant. But in practice? Everything.

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The election gun is smoking

I wrote earlier that election auditors demonstrated the ability to swap vote totals on election machines in Antrim County, where such a swap was in fact observed. I also wrote that they had not reported evidence that such a swap had actually been performed, just that it could be performed. It now appears we have taken the next step.

UncoverDCNotably, unauthorized software called SQL Management Studio \version 17.1 was installed on the Antrim County Election Management System (EMS)—as reported by Doug Logan of Cyber Ninjas in a report on April 9, 2021. “This software is not certified b5, the Election Assistance Commission for use on electronic voting systems,” as reported in Lenberg’s expert summary.

Lenberg also wrote that “vote modification can be pre-planned and deployed prior to an election. ElectionSource staff possesses all of the administrative access” to modify the vote tally files. He also explained that he was able to “replicate the election inaccuracies observed in the November 3, 2020 election” when he ran his tests on the equipment.

ElectionSource had access to other counties across Michigan...
The counties “appeared in the Userlnfo log file on the EMS” and were “opened projects” during the “same timeframe as the files that ElectionSource technicians were working to configure and deploy project files for Antrim County.”

There's some substantial new information here. The initial report demonstrated that the election database could be hacked using an SQL tool, with admin access. Lenberg is alleging that the election management system in Antrim
County had that tool installed on it, which is not allowed, and that the log files show that ElectionSource had the necessary admin access and were logged as accessing the election files for many other counties during the same time as they were working in Antrim.

He also indicates that the Antrim County Clerk authorized staff to remove files and data from the voting machines the day after the election.

The classic trifecta of means, motive, and opportunity. Plus, if you weren't convinced already, the damning cover up of the crime.

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Democrats try to involve DOJ in blocking Arizona election audit

Conservative TreehouseAfter the Democrat Secretary of State failed to get the Arizona State Attorney General to initiate an investigation of the audit; and after a Democrat state judge rejected the Democrat effort for a temporary restraining order; and after all other efforts have failed…. now we see three outside left-wing election groups (claiming bipartisanship yet led by lawyers from NYU) asking the DOJ to intervene in the Maricopa County, Arizona, ballot audit.

The audit started on April 23. A judge on April 28 rejected the attempt by Democrats to halt the process.

The Brennan Center, Protect Democracy and The Leadership Conference have signed a letter to the civil rights division of the DOJ asking them to get involved.

The Dems are clearly freaking out about this audit, but still trying to do it quietly without a lot of publicity.

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Historical example of AZ election fraud -- in 2006

Gateway Pundit2006 Pima County, AZ Investigation Found Computer Technician Exported Election Data from Voting Machines and Manipulated It Offline to Get the Outcome They Desired

This sort of thing has been going on for a long time.

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How the voting machines can be hacked

Gateway PunditMatthew DePerno: We have the proof that voting machines used in the 2020 elections can be compromised and votes easily transferred from one candidate to another. We can flip votes at the tabulator/precinct level. We can flip votes at the county level. The American people are losing their voice for the future of our democracy. We must fight together for free and fair elections.

2. Michigan elections happening today. Do you think putting your intent on a ballot matters? Machines convert data and data can be manipulated...

Matthew DePerno says he will be able to show the tabulator tapes at the precinct lever were different than the paper ballots.

Matt Deperno shows, on video, how the election machines can be hacked to show different results and alter the reported outcome without matching the input ballots.

There are two catches here. One, the hack demonstrated is some simple SQL commands, which would generally require access to the database. He hasn't demonstrated how he obtained that access -- but lots of people in an election administration staff could have such access. Two, he doesn't demonstrate that the actual election was modified this way, just that it could be done with admin access to the database.

That said, it may be impossible to demonstrate the second part, if the machines are hackable and fail to keep appropriate logs.

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Millions of election dollars flowed to AR,GA in addition to other states

Gateway PunditWhere did the millions go? Maricopa County Arizona, one of the largest counties in the nation, received $3 million in ‘Zuckerbucks’ from a Democrat non-profit before the election. No one knows who accepted it or where it went.

Gateway PunditGeorgia’s Raffensperger did it too – received millions in ‘Zuckerbucks’ and the best information is that he spent it on public service announcements promoting his election actions. A group directly linked to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg donated nearly $5.6 million to the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office last year…

…The Georgia Star News contacted Raffensperger’s communications staff Monday for comment. Raffensperger Spokesman Walter Jones, in his emailed response, took a dig at this publication.

“Any grant or funding source, as allowed by Georgia law, has enabled this and local elections offices to combat disinformation similar to recent articles published by this outlet that undermine the confidence of Georgia voters,” Jones said referring to the events of last year.

Jones did not specifically describe how Raffensperger spent the money — but the CEIR website did.

“Georgia used CEIR grant funds in both the November general election and January runoff election to encourage voters to apply for a ballot online,” the CEIR website said.

“This approach sped up the process for both voters and election officials while also making it easier to track application status. Georgia also used the funds to counteract disinformation, issuing public service announcements warning voters of disinformation and encouraging them to report fraud to the Secretary of State hotline.”

Well, that explains both of those locations. With hundreds of millions flowing in, do you really think none of it stuck to the right pockets?

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Supreme Court declines PA absentee ballot case

YahooThe Supreme Court won't take an appeal by Pennsylvania Republicans claiming that the state's secretary of state exceeded its authority when expanding deadlines for mail-in ballots last year due to the pandemic, according to NBC News.

This was a clear violation of the law by the PA SecState. The SC had, prior to the election, issued injunctions which strongly suggested they would take the case and likely reverse the SecState's action. But somewhere between then and now, they lost their nerve.

Decisions like this strongly suggest that Democratic threats to pack the courts have worked like a charm.

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Maricopa County AZ election audit poised to begin

Just The NewsThe Arizona Senate is poised to begin a major audit of over two million ballots cast in the 2020 election in the state's largest county, a process the state Senate president claims has been stymied by county officials and which the county claims rests on legally uncertain ground.

Senate subpoenas to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors for information and equipment needed to perform the audit have been pending since Dec. 15, 2020 and were upheld by a judge on Feb. 25. In mid-March, the state Senate announced that Republicans in that chamber would be conducting a "broad and detailed" review of Maricopa's ballots, one that would involve "testing the machines, scanning the ballots, performing a full hand count and checking for any IT breaches," among other approaches.

The ballots and machines are being moved now.

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Is the Arizona election audit pointless?

Daily Pundit (SteveF)You’ve no doubt seen news of the ballot recount in Arizona. Republicans (not Nevertrump RINOs) pushed for the audit, raised money, and jumped through all the hoops needed to get the order. Democrats, the establishment, and Nevertrumpers (some category overlap) objected and made noises about records being destroyed before the audit but they didn’t put their money where their mouths were.

Does anyone over the age of six think that Biden will be thrown out and Trump reinstalled as the legitimate President? Does anyone think the Supreme Court will take up the challenges? Does anyone think that anyone above the level of flunky will be hauled before a judge, let alone see the inside of a jail cell?

I don't disagree with the above. Election audits, at this point, will not result in Biden being removed from office. There's a process, flawed and time-limited as it was, and that process put Biden in office. That doesn't, however, mean the election audits are pointless.

Conducting the audits -- if done properly, and if the results do expose massive fraud as many suspect -- will go a long ways towards securing future elections. It will create significant public momentum towards updating election laws and performing audits in other questionable states. It will expose not only that fraud happened, but HOW the fraud happened, informing us of what exactly needs to be secured. And it will do so with the kind of evidence needed to get cowardly legislators to act. If they do not, it will provide powerful arguments in future elections for replacing them with others who will.

At this point, removing Biden from office over election fraud would take impeachment, and that's not going to happen. But removing Democrats from power will require either honest elections or extreme measures. Audits are the pathway to doing so with honest elections.

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Nevada SecState censured over stolen election

Gateway PunditJoe Biden won Nevada in the 2020 election by 34,000 votes. There was much more corruption included in these numbers than the winning margin. Yesterday the Nevada Secretary of State was censored for her role in the state’s corrupt 2020 election results.

The courts haven't been willing to touch this, but political remedies are still within reach.

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Biden pays off Cindy McCain

Just the NewsPresident Biden is preparing to nominate Cindy McCain, the wife of late-Republican Sen. John McCain, to an ambassadorship in Western Europe, according to a news report Monday. During the 2020 presidential election, McCain's support for Biden helped him win in Red state Arizona, which her husband represented in Congress.

Both McCains hated Trump and were big players in Republican politics in Arizona. Why would Biden appoint a Republican ambassador unless Cindy McCain did him a big favor? I suspect that "big favor" was arranging for Arizona to go Biden's way. Cindy gets a no-show sinecure as her payoff.

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Susan Rice takes charge of expanding vote-by-mail

Daily PunditBiden doesn’t put anybody, least of all Susan Rice, (since Susan Rice is in charge of Joe Biden) in charge of anything.

She either did it on her own, or at the order of Barack Obama and those who control him.

The amount of effort they are putting into securing their changes to election procedures, by any means necessary, suggests they know damn well that they lost.

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Written instructions for Detroit election handling found

Just The NewsNewly obtained printed absentee ballot instructions for election workers in Detroit confirm that oral instructions described by a city election worker in a post-election sworn affidavit would have been egregious violations of city election rules.

The instructions, obtained by Just the News through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, were crystal clear concerning signature matching and ballot dating: Verification of signatures on absentee ballots was mandatory, and ballots were to be stamped with the date on which they are received.

Detroit election worker Jessy Jacob, a longtime city employee, testified in November that she was instructed by supervisors to ignore signatures on absentee ballots and to fraudulently backdate late-arriving absentee ballots to make them appear to be valid.

To be clear: The written instructions match what the law requires, and multiple individuals have testified under penalty of perjury that they were given different, illegal, verbal instructions during the election.

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Raffensperger's false claims

Gateway PunditLast week we reported that Georgia’s creepy Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger had petitioned the court to request that the state of Georgia not have to provide paper ballots in an audit requested and awarded by the court. Yesterday, creative destruction media, listed seven instances in Raffensperger’s letter that are just plain false

What is Raffensperger trying so hard to hide?

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Election Auditor Pulitzer offered $10M to drop audit

Gateway PunditJovan Hutton Pulitzer was on “The Professor’s Record” with professor David K. Clements from New Mexico State University. During his interview, Pulitzer said he was recently offered $10 million to walk away from his efforts to scan the ballots and determine the number of valid votes in the 2020 election in various states.

The claim is right at the beginning of the interview as a teaser. At least the first 20 minutes of the interview is basically Pulitzer bragging about his history. If you're just looking for election information, I don't know how much more is in there. (The election topic comes up about 35-40 minutes into the video).

For me, I'd love to know who made that offer, and who was behind the person making the offer.

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New Hampshire will get an election audit

Gateway PunditA voting machine audit is coming! On April 8th, the New Hampshire Senate passed a bill to mandate an audit of the Windham, New Hampshire election results. All that remains for the audit to take place is a signature from the Governor. At a press conference, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu (R) says he will sign the bill.

They've had a long time to hide the evidence by now, but it's possible there is still something to be found.

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The left brings the big legal guns to Maricopa

Gateway PunditThe corruption from the Obama years is not over. It’s just beginning. The so-called “Non-For-Profit” group, the Protect Democracy Project, is now involving itself in the Arizona Senate’s audit of Maricopa County. They are connected to Obama, Soros, China, and Biden’s DOJ, and are fighting to prevent an accurate count of the valid votes in the county.

Yesterday we reported that some legal firms joined the Not-For-Profit Protect Democracy Project in threatening the auditors selected in Arizona by the Senate to audit the 2020 Election results of Maricopa County.

Why are they so afraid of an accurate count?

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Michigan SecState refuses to participate in hearing

Gateway PunditMichigan’s Secretary of State is refusing to attend and testify in front of a Michigan Senate hearing regarding the state’s election audit process.

What is she afraid of, exactly? What questions doesn't she want to answer?

Well, to start with, she ordered election clerks to ignore signature matching laws, and then ordered clerks to delete election data. But answering questions about that would be awkward, and expose the election fraud.

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Maricopa County election audit spawns lawsuit

Gateway PunditThe circus never ends in Arizona as now law firms are threatening suits against the auditors selected by the Arizona Senate to audit the questionable results in Maricopa County from the 2020 Election.

There really must be some bad stuff lingering in the results of the 2020 Election in Maricopa County because the Democrats and the county’s Board of Supervisors are doing everything they can to prevent an adequate audit of the results in the county.

And it looks like the law firm handling the case is Perkins Coie, the same one that was involved in SpyGate and many other Democratic dirty tricks and cover ups.

If Perkins Coie is involved in trying to block this audit, that's practically an admission that foul play was involved with links back to high powered Democrats. Given that the county and state are predominantly Republican, there is likely bipartisan corruption too.

When you're taking fire, it means you're over the target.

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GA SecState doesn't want paper ballots audited

Gateway PunditGeorgia’s corrupt Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger sent a request to the courts yesterday requesting that ballot images taken from the voting machines in Georgia be the only source of evidence to be used in an upcoming audit in Fulton County Georgia. Raffensperger doesn’t want the paper ballots reviewed.

The motion cited claims that Georgia law doesn't allow for public release of actual paper ballots, only ballot images. He may be right on that point, if you consider an audit to be a public release. But auditing only images makes it difficult to note actual problems with actual physical ballots that may not show up on scanned images -- like a lack of fold marks.

This is one of those things that could be completely above board, but Raffensperger has already violated whatever trust he was due via his earlier efforts at obstruction.

I'm betting if we get to look at the paper ballots, we find something interesting. Remember, we already have several sworn affidavits indicating at least some batches of those ballots appeared suspicious.

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Arizona legislature hires election auditors

Just The NewsArizona state Senate Republicans have hired a team of independent auditors to recount the 2020 election, including a hand recount of all ballots in Maricopa County.

The lawmakers announced their decision Wednesday.

The Senate hired truly independent auditors, prompting Maricopa County to hold an emergency meeting and refuse to allow the audit in situ. Sundance figures this is an action to create plausible deniability when the audit results are made public and, obviously, find fraud.

The only questions in my mind at this point is exactly how the fraud was conducted, and will the results enable audits of other questionable results elsewhere?

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About that voter fraud that doesn't exist...

Real Clear InvestigationsThe story at hand begins during the pandemic summer of 2020, when the then-governor, Democrat Steve Bullock, issued a directive permitting counties to conduct the general election fully by mail. In the run-up to the election, a court also struck down Montana’s law aimed at preventing ballot harvesting.

Missoula, Montana’s second most populous county and one of its most heavily Democratic, opted in to the universal vote-by-mail regime.

Election fraud has always been around, usually used by Democrats against Republicans, but as most of both are part of the same uniparty, the fraud is usually low key and only secures a small advantage for Democrats. But against Trump they pulled out all the stops, and that leaves tracks that suddenly people are interested in following.

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Election lawsuit status update

Mike HuckabeeDon’t believe the media narrative that court challenges to the 2020 election are over and that we need to “move along; there’s nothing to see here.” Yes, most courts dismissed their cases without even looking at evidence, but some rulings have been made and there are still cases to be adjudicated. John Solomon has been keeping up with the activity.

In fact, now that Joe Biden is comfortably situated in the White House and Trump has dropped his own legal challenges, courts in Michigan, Wisconsin and Virginia are starting to rule that the way widespread absentee balloting was handled in these states violated state laws.

Read the whole thing.

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Fake News strikes again: WaPo retracts fake quotes from Trump call to GA

The Conservative TreehouseThe Georgia Secretary of State recorded President Trump, then lied about the content of the call, then attempted to delete the recording (found during FOIA search), which led to the Washington Post issuing the following [retraction]...

Remember the massive controversy that came from this supposed call? Oh my gosh Trump was trying to pressure GA officials to produce fake results!

But no. Trump was asking GA officials to scrutinize ballots in Fulton County, asserting that they would find dishonesty, and that that job was very important. Nothing objectionable at all. And the Washington Post reported on the issue, which was used to frame a second impeachment of the President, based on faked quotes.

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More vote fraud that doesn't exist

Gateway PunditDemocrats were caught cheating again.
New Jersey – Two Paterson City Council Democrats were indicted on voter fraud charges after harvesting ballots and mailing them in bundled packs.

They'll arrest the small fry, but apparently if you steal a big enough election you can just get away with it.

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Four arrested for 150 charges of voter fraud in Texas

The BlazeA south Texas justice of the peace was arrested along with three other individuals who face 150 charges of voter fraud altogether. Medina County Justice of the Peace Tomas Ramirez was arrested on Feb. 11 and is charged on one count of organized election fraud, one count of "assisting voter voting ballot by mail," and 17 counts of unlawful possession of a ballot or ballot envelope, KABB reports.

He was arrested with Leonor Rivas Garza, Eva Ann Martinez, and Mary Balderrama. All four were indicted by a Bandera Grand Jury on Feb. 9.

Garza, Martinez, and Balderrama were each charged with organized election fraud. They also face multiple charges of illegal voting, unlawful possession of a ballot or ballot envelope, election fraud, fraudulent use of an absentee ballot by mail, tampering with a government record, and purportedly acting as an agent.

Yes, voter fraud does exist.

But note that this happened in the 2018. It took almost 3 years for justice to catch up to these people.

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FBI accused of destroying evidence of voter fraud

Gateway PunditThis all started when a shredding company was hired to come in and shred election material. When the truck arrived at the scene, the material asked to be shredded turned out to be ballots and other official records from the 2020 election. The company began shredding the material into little balls which are basically impossible to piece back together once they are shredded in that manner.

After the shredder operator obtained the material to shred he noticed something unusual and eventually connected with members of the Trump team who were in Georgia at that time. He explained the situation and brought the material to this Trump-related group. This group of individuals who were connected to the investigation to uncover the 2020 election fraud immediately began sifting through what was not yet fully destroyed. They reportedly found shipment transit receipts linked to China, ballots, and other sensitive information related to the 2020 election.

A local DHS investigator was also invited to review the material. When the China information was found, the information was immediately shared with the Trump White House and the DHS in Washington DC. One of our sources believes it was the DHS in Washington that then notified the FBI about the situation.Within a short period of time, the local DHS investigator was pulled off the case by a very senior individual with the DHS. Soon thereafter, the FBI showed up and ordered the investigation to be shut down.

The FBI insisted they had jurisdiction over the review of these ballots in Georgia. They took control of the shredding truck and materials and demanded the shredding operation be completed.

If true, the FBI engineered a cover up of election fraud. Not just ignored it or failed to investigate; they actually destroyed evidence.

I can think of absolutely no excuse for shredding this material. Either the ballots were legitimate or not. Either way, they are evidence. If they are real, federal law requires election records to be kept for years. If they are fake, they are evidence of large-scale election fraud that helped swing a Presidential election.

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78% of mail in ballots proved fraudulent

Gateway PunditJudge Jeff Weill ordered a new runoff election in Aberdeen Mississippi after he found that 78% of mail-in ballots proved fraudulent.

It was a very close race with relatively small numbers of ballots voting, but that percentage of fraud is huge.

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Judge rules Maricopa ballots can be audited

Conservative TreehouseJudge Timothy J Thomason has ruled the Maricopa, Arizona, board of elections must turn over 2.1 million ballots to the republican state senate so they can be reviewed for any election issues.

There will, of course, be appeals to drag it out as long as possible, even though it's already past the point where changing the outcome is possible at all.

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GA Senate advances election security legislation

Just The NewsThe Georgia Senate has approved four election bills including one that will require ID verification for absentee ballot applicants.

One of the bills, SB 67, adds an ID requirement to paper requests for absentee ballots and would require either a driver's license number, state ID number, or photocopy of a photo ID that would be needed for in-person voting, according to news reports.

"It's not about disenfranchising voters," said Sen. Larry Walker, who sponsored the bills passed Tuesday. "It's not about overly burdening the electorate. It's about efficiency, integrity, allowing the Georgia public to have confidence in the vote."

The legislation seems like a good idea, but it will be meaningless if the executive branch can change the rules on a whim as happened in 2020.

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Adjudication issues in Maricopa County, too

Gateway PunditMaricopa County in Arizona recently released reports by two vendors who conducted election audits in early February. Witnesses working at the (MCTEC) Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center testified that 12% of all ballots were being sent to adjudication. Numerous supervisors offered this data when struggling to assign this large amount of ballot files to adjudicators.

So one in eight ballots were being sent as a digital image to humans at computers. These adjudicators would review and could change the circles voters selected on these ballots. Changing a ballot is as easy as checking a box on a PDF form. But neither audit discloses this unusually high rate of adjudication or why it happened.

The unusually high adjudication rates appear to be a common factor in regions that had unusual results. Each adjudicated ballot has to be decided by a human, but the process is electronic and subject to interference from hackers. When proper audits have been performed, evidence of intrusions was detected. None of this depends on conspiracy theories about CIA or Dominion involvement, just evidence in the public record.

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Fake voters in Missouri

Gateway PunditAn organization called Missouri Black Votes registered roughly 40,000 voters in St. Louis City and 100,000 voters in St. Louis County this past year for the 2020 election. And now St. Louis area residents are receiving voter announcements for people who do not live at their address.
The group was also active in 2018 and reportedly registered more than 87,000 voters across Missouri. According to KBIA — the effort by the coalition, including Missouri Faith Voices, Missouri Jobs with Justice and Shirley’s Kitchen Cabinet, is funded by the Black Progressive Action Coalition, which is affiliated with BlackPAC, a super PAC that backed former Sen. Doug Jones, an Alabama Democrat, and Lucy McBath, a Georgia Democratic congressional candidate.

I bet the vast majority of those fake people voted.

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Hand recount shows 300 votes missing from Republican totals in NH

Gateway PunditMore proof of election fraud by Dominion Voting Machines.

A recent hand recount in the Rockingham District 7 NH House Race in Windham, New Hampshire, found that the Dominion voting machines shorted EVERY REPUBLICAN by roughly 300 votes.

The most logical explanation for this is that roughly 300 ballots had some sort of issue with the ballot as a whole rather than with a particular vote (and also less than ten ballots with individual vote issues). Did these ballots go to the adjudication process for manual evaluation? Who did that evaluation?

The Dem totals were also off, but by an order of magnitude less.

300 votes is about 6% of that race. It looks like one race among four almost flipped from R to D based on the missing ballots.

Note: The original source for this claim is Facebook, as far as I can tell. However, the ballot totals after the recount do check out.

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Supreme Court considering election cases

Washington ExaminerThe Supreme Court on Friday listed several high-profile election lawsuits for consideration at its mid-February conference.

The cases include challenges to the 2020 election from Trump-aligned lawyers Lin Wood and Sidney Powell, as well as Republican Rep. Mike Kelly's Pennsylvania lawsuit. Nearly every lawsuit takes issue with the expanded use of mail-in ballots by many states.

The decision came after the court declined to fast-track all election-related litigation in early January.

I fear the outcome in these cases is now preordained. Had these cases been decided before the election, their decisions could be made honestly. Now? If the court rules that Biden's wins in several of the states was actually illegitimate... how do you uninstall a president who is occupying the White House?

You don't, absent impeachment, which will not happen due to Democratic control of both houses of Congress (or the 25th Amendment, which doesn't apply here). But if the Supreme Court rules honestly that the rules were illegally changed and the election was invalid, it will tear apart the country and likely spark civil war.

The only justice I trust to have that level of fuck-you is Clarence Thomas. The others are unknown quantities or known squishes.

The court has destroyed its own credibility.

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Why hasn't Maricopa County AZ released their ballots?

Gateway PunditThe Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (MCBOS) is required by law to hand the ballots over to the County’s Treasurer after the election is canvassed. This is the law. Yet, this reportedly hasn’t happened.

Arizona’s Elections Procedures Manual states that after an election has been certified, the ballots are to be provided to the County Treasurer for safekeeping until the period of time for maintaining the ballots has legally lapsed.

There is so much odd behavior around this election and especially any attempt to audit the ballots that is only explained by deliberate fraud.

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Surveillance video proves vote fraud in Detroit

Gateway Pundit** At 3:23 AM The Gateway Pundit has exclusive video of a white van registered to the city of Detroit entering the gate into the TCF Center.
** At 3:25 AM we discovered video from a second camera showing three individuals unloading over 50 boxes of ballots in a hallway inside the TCF Building and just outside the counting room.
** The ballots were then wheeled away on carts into the ballot counting room.
** The van is then seen on video leaving the center about 25 minutes later.
** Then we saw the van returning an hour later, entering the TCF Center again and unloading more boxes of ballots.
** The white van was escorted by a black sports car for both ballot deliveries.
** The white van was allowed through an electronic gate to enter the TCF complex.

Video proof of vote shenanigans confirming witness affidavits, conveniently withheld until it was too late.

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Virginia court blocks ballots without postmark

Daily CallerThe Virginia Board of Elections rule allowing officials to count ballots that arrived without a postmark up to three days after the election was illegal, a state judge ruled.

Now that it's too late to do anything about it, the rulings can come in.

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Stealing elections from now into perpetuity

HR1 has been introduced, which (if passed and signed) will institute national vote-by-mail, ban voter ID, ban cleaning of voter registration rolls, and much, much more. Having seen how close this election was even with their fully operational voter fraud system, they have decided to triple down on their success and take over the country with permanent voter fraud.

Tue Jan 26 22:21:35 CST 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

About that voter fraud that doesn't exist...

KTBSLouisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin Thursday morning announced their offices have arrested an Amite City Councilman on eight counts of election fraud.

Emanuel Zanders, III is accused of submitting voter registration applications that are known by the person to be materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent.

He's a Democrat, of course.

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Sun Jan 24 22:53:33 CST 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

PA: 300,000 mail-in ballots that were never mailed

Gateway PunditGround Truth host Sam Faddis talks with Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, pattern recognition specialist and inventor, about allegations of election fraud and how Jovan’s technology has the capability to resolve the controversy surrounding mail-in ballots in the recent Presidential election.
Among the many explosive revelations Jovan makes are that there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 300,000 mail-in ballots that were counted in Pennsylvania and yet do not show up anywhere in the Postal Service tracking system as having been processed. On the face of it, that is 300,000 ballots that seem to have appeared out of thin-air. Joe Biden’s margin of victory in Pennsylvania, as currently tabulated, is slightly over 80,000 votes.

The contest may be over, but the investigations can and should continue. We need to pressure the states to firm up their election laws, along with their enforcement of them.

Categories Vote Fraud

Sun Jan 24 21:53:33 CST 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Arizona county agrees to audit -- but only after inauguration

Gateway PunditOn Inauguration Day Maricopa County Arizona officials finally agreed to an audit on the presidential votes.

This is how you know they cheated.
They don’t even hide it. Then the tech giants shut you down when you say something!

They wouldn't need to insist on delaying the audit until after the election if they were confident their "results" would pass muster. But they are insisting on auditors from a particular body -- whose membership Biden controls -- rather than independent auditors who might actually find something.

Sat Jan 23 21:36:42 CST 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Video proves election fraud in GA?

Video here. I can barely make out the audio myself, but the captions suggest that election workers (previously implicated in mysterious and controversial counting video where ballots were removed from under a table and counted without observers) are conspiring to get rid of observers so they can count ballots. Combined with video evidence of what they actually did later, it seems damning -- if you believe the captions.

Tue Jan 19 22:36:36 CST 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Texas arrests illegal vote harvestor

Just The News"Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton today announced the arrest of Rachel Rodriguez for election fraud, illegal voting, unlawfully assisting people voting by mail, and unlawfully possessing an official ballot," according to a press release. "Each charge constitutes a felony under the Texas Election Code. Rodriguez was exposed in a Project Veritas video last fall while she engaged in vote harvesting leading up to the 2020 election."

Only one state that I know of has even begun to address vote fraud properly.

Categories Vote Fraud

Tue Jan 19 21:36:36 CST 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Dem Gov says election fraud claims are not protected

Gateway PunditPennsylvania Lt. Governor John Fetterman (D) on Friday said President Trump does not have the right to say the election was stolen.

According to Fetterman, saying the election was stolen or rigged is not protected under the 1st Amendment.

“This idea that saying that Pennsylvania was ‘rigged’ or that we were ‘trying to steal the election’ — that’s a lie. And you do not have the right, that is not protected speech,” Fetterman said.

He is, of course, insane. Political speech is exactly what the 1st Amendment is intended to protect.

Sat Jan 16 23:06:23 CST 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

How the Democrats run elections

Gateway PunditLone Pine, California is a conservative-leaning town near the Nevada border.
In the last election, 51.9% voted for the Republican Party, and 38.6% voted Democrat.

So there was really no rush by liberal state officials to collect the ballots for the 2020 election.

In fact, there is still a ballot drop box on the sidewalk near city hall.

Of course the Democrats will win... when they don't even bother to pick up the votes cast in Republican areas.

Wed Jan 13 23:23:24 CST 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Byrne on possible solutions

Patrick ByrneOver the lat couple of decades, as townships, counties, and states have been pitched on the virtues of electronic voting systems over the tools of Stone Age democracy (where voting was done on paper ballots with simple mechanical machines). The pitches all came with one promise: “There will always be a paper ballot fail-safe, so in the event of a broken election you can always just open the boxes and count the ballots!” I would respectfully suggest that whatever foresight caused election officials in years past to extract that commitment, whatever threshold of election uncertainty they envisioned might someday occur requiring that a measure be taken to give the public confidence in an election result…whatever that point is, has surely been breached.

Because of that fact, since November 15 I have imagined a way to resolve this quickly, with little-to-no insult to the Constitution...

Read the whole thing. It's not a perfect solution, but there are no perfect solutions, and he reports a lot of direct information from meeting with the President and what went down after that.

Byrne is (probably) one of the major funders behind Powell and Wood. He's got an inside position here, and while he seems a little crazy, that inside position combined with his connections to Flynn and Powell make it impossible to dismiss his claims. What he describes in this article are White House staffers, supposedly answerable to the President, blocking the President's decisions and refusing to act on them.

Of course that's been pretty much the story of Trump's time in office, beginning to end.

I neither endorse nor reject Byrne's proposals for a physical recount of paper ballots. I don't think calls to redo the election if major discrepancies are found are even possible at this point. I do think a full physical audit of all ballots in those states with major signs of fraud is a requirement for anyone to trust our elections again -- and I think the refusal of the establishment, on both sides, to allow anything like that demonstrates their knowledge of and agreement to the fraud. But to be accurate, such an audit would need to include the voter rolls and the status of all voters, and I don't think there's any realistic way we can get that in any reasonable amount of time. Next election, maybe, if the state legislatures in those states really take charge. Not this time.

Tue Jan 12 23:43:41 CST 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

California's Election Censorship Office

Sultan KnishThe Office of Election Cybersecurity isn’t non-partisan and it isn’t keeping anyone’s votes safe. It’s in a position to use government power to censor questions about election fraud by its party, while working with a consulting firm involved in one of the most contentious elements of the election, whose results the office’s boss expects will put him in the United States Senate.

Corruption is one thing. Government censorship of complaints about corruption is another.

Unfortunately, since it's California, we can do the same thing about both: jack shit.

Tue Jan 12 21:43:41 CST 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Michigan election inquiry will continue

Just The NewsMembers of the Michigan legislature will continue their inquiry into reported irregularities in the 2020 election, a state lawmaker revealed this week, despite growing pressure to abandon further scrutiny of the 2020 presidential election results amid fallout from the recent Capitol riot.

This is as it should be. Even if the outcome is settled -- and I don't think it is truly settled until the inauguration takes place -- the investigations should continue, both as a matter of history and to support future lawmaking efforts to prevent election fraud in the future.

That's why the FBI is busy destroying evidence.

Mon Jan 11 21:37:01 CST 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

FBI seizes evidence of election fraud in Georgia

Patrick ByrneUpdate on Georgia ballots: DHS had been trying to move forward this week. Two days ago FBI jumped in claiming jurisdiction. Yesterday 3 PM FBI took control of shredding truck and materials, directed they be returned to shredding operation and the shredding job completed.

If true, this can only be a cover up operation. Even if the documents were just taken into FBI custody rather than returned to the shredder, given the complete lack of interest FBI has displayed in election fraud so far I do not believe there is suddenly any active investigation. The FBI is just making sure it covers things up for Biden.

I didn't post much of Byrne's extra-ballots-in-Georgia saga because it was suspicious but not clearly criminal. Maybe the ballots were marked differently for some reason, but that was unproven. Printing extra ballots for emergencies is understandable. Printing LOTS of extra ballots is suspicious, but not clearly fraudulent. Shredding the ballots right after the election is suspicious, but could have been from an earlier election. I wanted to wait until we had an actual forensic analysis of the ballots in bulk.

Now it looks like we won't get that because the FBI shredded the evidence.

Sun Jan 10 22:44:13 CST 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

The steal is back

Gateway PunditA Democrat-leaning Georgia county called it quits for the night with thousands of vote yet to be counted as the two Republican U.S. Senate candidates held on to slim leads after being behind the Democrats most of the evening after polls closed.

As of 11 p.m. EST with about 91 percent of the votes counted, Sen. Kelly Loeffler was ahead of Rev. Raphael Warnock 51.1 to 48.9 percent and Sen. David Perdue was ahead of Jon Ossoff 51.5 to 48.5 percent.

We'll see where the totals stand when the Democrats are finished stealing.

Wed Jan 06 10:46:51 CST 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Will we get video footage of Michigan vote count in time?

Gateway PunditIn Wayne County, the election night counting of absentees was happening at the TCF Center, formerly known as Cobo Hall. This is the site where Detroit City Officials put cardboard over the windows to prevent the GOP from seeing in, where poll workers were militantly hostile to the GOP, and where hundreds of affidavits claim they witnessed voter fraud.

And until now, no one has bothered to review the video footage.

Probably these requests will be delayed as long as possible, just to run out the clock.

Tue Jan 05 20:38:47 CST 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Study by John Lott suggests almost 300k excess votes

Washington ExaminerAn analysis of the 2020 presidential vote suggests that there were 289,000 “excess” votes for Joe Biden in states his victory over President Trump was small, and that differences in votes by neighbors were “suspicious.”

The study by economist John R. Lott Jr., noted for his statistical analysis of guns in America, called into question the victories declared for Biden in Pennsylvania and Georgia and cast a cloud over those in Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Lott is undeniably a statistical expert with serious credentials and experience. That said, I'm not sure I follow his reasoning here, beyond claiming that there are noticeable differences in voting patterns where there shouldn't be.

Tue Jan 05 20:38:42 CST 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

How the ballot adjudication process leads to fraud

American ThinkerThere was a point in that video where we showed, it was Richard Barron, who had said that 113,000 votes were cast, a 105,000 were adjudicated. Right? Now, that’s not physically possible, you know, which we can prove mathematically but, at the same time, if you adjudicate 105,000 votes, you have to understand from a technological perspective, as we’ve delved into all the different aspects of how the vote moves along, when you adjudicate a ballot, that old reference, the image that you saw or anything like that, is completely destroyed. It’s gone. You can no longer reference that thing. And when you go run a hand recount like you did in Georgia, then you’re looking at a printout of those ballot scans. So, at no point did the original voter intent enter into that process once it’s been destroyed.

And that’s how the hand recount jived with the election information: Original ballots were counted outside of the sight of observers and then destroyed, while “adjudicated” ballots were printed up with the information the adjudicators’ chose, and no hint at all as to the voter’s actual intent.

The fact that Republican ballots were misprinted may explain how so many got tagged for “adjudication”: The printing error triggered a machine misreading that required adjudication.

No wonder that, after all the evidence was in, the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee unanimously passed a motion to embrace Jovan Pulitzer’s proposal to audit Fulton County ballots to determine whether they had actually been mailed-in or had been run off a pro-Biden photocopy machine.

Shortly after the vote to allow the audit, bulk shredders showed up at the counting facility to begin shredding the ballots. That's not suspicious at all.

The good thing about this is that it manages to explain from head to tail how the fraud works -- not very clearly from the testimony but all the pieces are there for the first time.

Basically, the machines are set up to send large numbers of ballots into the adjudication process. We've seen examples of about 68% (Antrim County in Michigan, one county in Nevada) and one in GA where 93% were adjudicated (above). Maybe this is done via differences in ballot printing by region, or the use of Sharpie pens that produce bleed-through. The point is, the machines scan large numbers of ballots that they cannot read automatically. These ballots must be adjudicated by humans.

Those ballot images, after being adjudicated, are deleted and replaced with newly generated ballot images from the adjudication process. Possibly the adjudicated ballots are also printed, so paper copies would exist -- in the case of absentee ballots, paper copies that had never been folded for mailing or handled by human hands; the marks would be made by the printing device. The adjudication process itself can be done remotely over the internet with no audit logs, and the machines can be hacked into with relative ease.

The "traditional" fraud by mail-in voting, ballot harvesting, and so on still happens. But it's less necessary once the machines have sent enough ballots to adjudication. The adjudication process itself controls the results.

Tue Jan 05 20:38:36 CST 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Wisconsin resolution to award electoral votes to Trump

Gateway PunditThe state of Wisconsin has reportedly announced that it will introduce a resolution on Thursday morning to decertify the state’s electoral college votes and award them to President Trump.

So, the tricky parts here are: it has to pass both sides of the Wisconsin legislature (but probably does not need a governor's signature); it doesn't actually assign electors, just says the State Assembly shall take up legislation... and finally, if it happens on Thursday, it will be after Congress has had their official count (January 6th, or Wednesday). Does the timing matter here, if it's still before the 20th? I don't know. Maybe. And it wouldn't even be the timing of this resolution, but the timing of actual legislation to reassign the electors, which isn't even explicitly promised.

Even if the resolution passes, we still need to actually pass something reassigning the electors, and at least two other states to do the same for the total to change.

This is progress, but it's not the game-changer Gateway Pundit thinks it is.

Tue Jan 05 20:38:23 CST 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

PA vote totals showed over 400K votes removed from Trump

Epoch TimesPennsylvania election data shows that over 432,000 votes were removed from President Donald Trump during the November election, data scientists say.

According to an analysis by the Data Integrity Group, obtained exclusively by The Epoch Times, votes for Trump—from both Election Day and mail-in ballots—were removed from the totals in at least 15 counties.

Time-series election data shows Trump’s votes decrementing in various counties at numerous time points instead of increasing as would be expected under normal circumstances.

Why would a vote total EVER go down?

Tue Jan 05 20:38:16 CST 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

67% of Republicans say fraud behind Biden win

NewsmaxSixty-seven percent of Republicans believe Joe Biden won the presidential election due to voter fraud, according to a poll conducted by NPR/Ipsos.

"Increasingly, people are willing to say and believe stuff that fits in with their view of how the world should be, even if it doesn't have any basis in reality or fact," Chris Jackson, a pollster with Ipsos, told NPR.

I bet Chris Jackson hasn't read the affidavits or examined the other evidence the way those 67% of Republicans have.

Mon Jan 04 22:27:28 CST 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

PA: 200k more votes than people who voted

PA State Rep Russ DiamondA group of state lawmakers performing extensive analysis of election data today revealed troubling discrepancies between the numbers of total votes counted and total number of voters who voted in the 2020 General Election, and as a result are questioning how the results of the presidential election could possibly have been certified by Secretary of the Commonwealth Kathy Boockvar and Governor Tom Wolf. These findings are in addition to prior concerns regarding actions by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, the Secretary, and others impacting the conduct of the election.

A comparison of official county election results to the total number of voters who voted on November 3, 2020 as recorded by the Department of State shows that 6,962,607 total ballots were reported as being cast, while DoS/SURE system records indicate that only 6,760,230 total voters actually voted. Among the 6,962,607 total ballots cast, 6,931,060 total votes were counted in the presidential race, including all three candidates on the ballot and write-in candidates.

Will anything be done about this? Of course not.

Hat Tip to Behind the Black.

Sun Jan 03 21:32:27 CST 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Trump campaign petitions SC in Wisconsin election case

Just The NewsThe Trump campaign is seeking to bring an election-related issue regarding the state of Wisconsin to the U.S. Supreme Court.

"Mayor Rudolph J. Giuliani, the Trump campaign’s lead attorney, today announced that the campaign filed a petition for a Writ of Certiorari with the U.S. Supreme Court challenging the Wisconsin Supreme Court decision that allowed over 50,000 illegal absentee ballots in violation of Article II of the U.S. Constitution and Wisconsin law," a press release from the Trump campaign noted. "The filing seeks expedited consideration before the January 6 Congressional review of the Electoral College votes."

According to the Associated Press, Biden beat Trump in the state by about 21,000 votes.

The Supreme Court has so far shown no signs of the courage needed to step into election fraud issues. But there is still time to ask, and more evidence every day.

Fri Jan 01 21:23:03 CST 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Arizona AG files brief supporting legislative subpoena of election machines

ElectionWizThe Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich has filed a brief in support of Arizona legislature in the battle over whether the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors must comply with election-related subpoenas.

Earlier this month, the Maricopa Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 today defy the state lawmakers and resist complying with legislative subpoenas. Instead of allowing an audit, the board voted to file a lawsuit against lawmakers in state court, seeking to block the enforcement of the subpoenas.

The subpoenas were issued by Arizona lawmakers in response to claims that the election in Maricopa County was fraught with fraud. The lawmakers seek force county officials to allow an audit of the voting machines.

There's no justification for refusing this subpoena; the county must, therefore, have something significant to hide. But they don't have to actually win their case, just delay it past January 20th when nothing can be done about their cheating.

Thu Dec 31 22:17:56 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Whistleblower exposes vote fraud linked to Biden campaign in Texas

National FileDemocrat political strategist Damien Thaddeus Jones, who served as regional political director for Beto O’Rourke’s U.S. Senate campaign, has come forward to blow the whistle on a massive voter fraud ring in Harris County, Texas. The voter fraud ring is overseen by Dallas Jones, who served as Texas Political Director for the Joe Biden presidential campaign. In this stunning audio obtained exclusively by NATIONAL FILE, Damien goes into detail about Dallas Jones’ fraudulent activity and work for Biden. On the tape, “Sheila” refers to Sheila Jackson-Lee. This article below delves into the massive evidence of voter fraud — including photographic evidence and sworn affidavits — that emerged in Harris County in 2020, and how its direct link to the Biden campaign provides even more justification for President Donald Trump’s ability to claim victory in the presidential election.

Is this why the Dems were so vocal about turning Texas blue? It looks like they didn't manage it only because they got caught.

Thu Dec 31 21:17:56 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

The Democrats are stealing Georgia again

Doug StaffordMy wife just got a text thanking her for voting in the Georgia Senate election, and asking her to get her friends to vote. That’s interesting since she’s been a VA registered voters for 15 years and has never lived in GA.

Bayou Renaissance ManThis, in a state where a judge (the sister of one of its leading progressive Democratic Party politicians) has just blocked the removal of invalid voters' names in two counties. She was asked to recuse herself from the case due to that relationship, but stated that "she found no reason for doing so". If she'd been the relative of a Republican politician, do you think her refusal would have met with the same quasi-conspiratorial, silent assent from the mainstream media?

Read the whole thing at the second link for even more evidence of things continuing to go wrong in Georgia.

Wed Dec 30 21:47:00 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

More vote fraud

The National PulseRoughly 8,000 ballots are believed to have been requested by non-Georgia residents for the upcoming Senate elections according to the Secretary of State.

Raffensperger is threatening to prosecute people who vote twice... but apparently only in the Senate runoff election. The 2020 presidential election fraud is fine!

Sun Dec 27 14:22:41 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

A special counsel on election fraud?

Trump has said he wants a special counsel on election fraud. Sidney Powell says he offered her the job, but that she was then blocked by White House staff from reaching the President. If true, this is basically a palace coup. Is the President in charge or can his staff veto his decisions?

Sun Dec 27 11:22:41 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

GA SecState tries to blame-shift

NewsmaxGeorgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger on Wednesday called for an end to “no-excuse” absentee voting in the state, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

"The no-excuse system voted into law in 2005 -- long before most of you, if not all of you, long before I was in the General Assembly -- it makes no sense when we have three weeks of in-person early voting available," Raffensberger told the House Governmental Affairs Committee. "It opens the door to potential illegal voting, especially in light of the federal rules that deny us the ability to keep voter lists, registration files, clean."

This is simply Raffensberger trying to shift blame for the 2020 fraud to others. The law should be changed to block absentee voting entirely, absent reasonable excuse such as travel or illness. But advocating for it now is just a way to try to burnish his image and make up for his capitulation on other issues when they actually mattered -- 2020.

Sun Dec 27 10:22:41 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

The coming storm

BookwormWe’re seeing a perfect storm here: The monoparty (mostly Democrats) have engaged in policies that have destroyed, and are destroying, everything that kept working- and middle-class people stable and non-rebellious. Not only that, they’ve done so in the most offensive ways possible, continuously reminding these same working- and middle-class people that, even as their lives are being ruined, the protected classes are subject to different rules and are doing just fine, thank you very much. They’ve also worked hard to sow racial divisions, so that Americans cannot come together to fight this oligarchy. And just to ice that toxic cake, this whole lockdown might have been stopped instantly if the monoparty hadn’t decided that a medicine Trump recommended must instantly be treated like poison.

And then, on top of it all, to gild the icing on that toxic cake (yeah, yeah, metaphors run amok), the monoparty commits blatant election fraud to push into the White House a man who never left his basement, who inspired no enthusiasm, who had negative coattails, who has a 48-year record of corruption and stupidity, who pimped out his son to America’s geopolitical and economy enemies for cash, who dances to China’s tune, and who is drifting into senility.

People who have nothing left to lose, and who see unworthy people stealing everything they have, are a people ripe for rebellion. These are not college students with imaginary grievances or mentally-ill (and often criminally perverted) Antifa types who are ripe for a riot or some fun looting. Instead, these are people who responded to Pearl Harbor, or who rose up in the Warsaw Ghetto, or who fought the most powerful military in the world in the second half of the 18th century, or who engaged in the Battle of Athens.

Convincing half of America that elections are corrupted to the point that they are pointless to participate in... the consequences of that can only be terrible. I don't know what those consequences will be. Neither does anyone else.

For now there is still time for the system to work.

Sun Dec 27 08:22:41 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

GOP electors to join suit seeking audit in Arizona

Just The NewsThe Republican party of Arizona announced on Monday that the state's GOP electors will intervene in the case between Maricopa County and the Arizona state legislature over access to the county's voting machines.

Maricopa county's desperate attempts to block a forensic audit of their machines are practically an admission of guilt.

Wed Dec 23 11:38:13 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Direct evidence of foreign election interference?

The Federalist PapersFormer national security adviser Gen. Michael Flynn said foreign partners can provide evidence that will show there was foreign influence at work in the Nov. 3 election.

Flynn, speaking to Lou Dobbs Friday on Fox Business, said that interference with elections was linked to the recent extensive infiltration of federal government systems through software made by a company called Solar Winds that was hacked.

“When we talk about our election security, Lou, I think this is all part of it because there’s a relationship between this Solar Winds attack which has basically penetrated our entire critical infrastructure, as well as our election security,” Flynn said.

“With all of the egregious behavior that we have seen on our elections security, we cannot stand for foreign influence, which we have direct evidence of,” he said.

If we do have this direct evidence, and it's not just some trivial ad buys on Facebook but things that actually could make a difference, that puts Trump in a much stronger political position. But the evidence has to be real and solid, not just allegations.

Tue Dec 22 16:41:23 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Trump considering Sidney Powell for special counsel?

Conservative TreehouseThe New York Times is reporting today on a Friday night visit between President Trump and lawyer Sidney Powell. According to the Times President Trump’s legal counsel Rudy Giuliani was present via phone conference and White House counsel Pat A. Cipollone represented the office of the President.

The Times reports “[p]art of the White House meeting on Friday night was a discussion about an executive order to take control of voting machines to examine them, according to one of the people briefed.” However legal advisors to the office of president are unsure if DHS would have authority to impound Dominion ballot machines. The 2018 executive order would seem to indicate that any office directed by the White House would have authority. This avenue would obviously depend on the DNI final report.

Ms. Powell has two lawsuits in the docket of the high court; however, as each day passes it seems the ability to confront known election fraud evidence becomes more challenging. It is likely Powell is recommending a more forceful approach by the executive branch that will support the lawsuits underway by her outside group.

I take no position on whether Sidney Powell should be a special counsel for vote fraud. I think someone needs to be, and if the President has to order voting machines seized as evidence in order to prove it, that needs to happen too. We need to know whether the election system has been corrupted to the degree Powell has alleged whether she is right or not. We cannot simply hope she is wrong, and it costs very little to check.

Tue Dec 22 11:41:23 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Rep Gaetz to join objectors to the electoral college votes

Gateway Pundit“So on January 6, I’m joining with the fighters in the Congress and we are going to object to electors from states that didn’t run clean elections,” Gaetz said.

Gaetz joins Rep. Mo Brooks, who previously announced that he will be objecting to the electoral college votes. Alabama senator Tommy Tuberville is also said to be joining the effort.

Gateway PunditCongressman-Elect Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) announced that he will be contesting the election on January 6th, 2020 when the electoral votes will be counted in a joint session of Congress.

Gateway Pundit“Big meeting today with @realDonaldTrump, @VP, the President’s legal team, @freedomcaucus and other Members of Congress. I will lead an objection to Georgia’s electors on Jan 6. The courts refuse to hear the President’s legal case. We’re going to make sure the People can!”


Tue Dec 22 10:41:23 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Arizona legislature calls for special session after subpoena refused

Federalist PapersA Republican Arizona state representative wants to push back even harder now that the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors is pushing back against a state effort to examine the county’s voting machines.

On Monday, the Arizona state Senate’s Judiciary Committee voted to issue subpoenas and seize machines made by Dominion Voting Systems that were used in Maricopa County, the state’s largest in terms of population.

On Friday, the Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 to take the Senate committee to court rather than allow the machines to be examined, according to the Arizona Republic.

Now, Republican state Rep. Anthony Kern wants a special legislative session that will address election integrity.

The only reason I can come up with to try to block a state legislative subpoena for this information is that it will find something that would incriminate the local officials who ran the election.

Mon Dec 21 21:36:43 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

GA election officials trying to block open records requests for election machines

Just The NewsA recently revealed memo shows a top-ranking Georgia election official informing county election workers that they are not required to provide journalists and citizens with records of software updates applied to voting machines in the state.

Chris Harvey, the state elections division director, said in the Nov. 17 memo that “multiple counties have reported receiving Open Records Requests asking for data information” including, in part, “copies of any software patches performed on Dominion voting machines in the state of Georgia prior to the November 3, 2020 General Election.”

“Under the Open Records Act,” Harvey writes in the memo, “providing copies of software, software updates, or thumb drives containing software or software updates is not subject to open records requests.”

There's some truth to the idea that providing copies of software used and exact versions & patches applied has security implications, but after the election those security implications seem very minimal. At worst, such requests (aside from copies of the software itself, which is probably protected by vendor's copyright, unless the agreements made it available) should be delayed until after the January 5th runoff. After that, there's no real reason that the software versions and patches on the election machines at the time the elections were run should not be made available.

So... what is there to hide here?

Mon Dec 21 19:36:43 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Leaving the door open for vote fraud in GA runoff

Citizen Free PressThe Cobb County Board of Elections and Registration unanimously voted to deny a hearing on three separate challenges aimed at disqualifying thousands of Cobb County voters ahead of the Jan. 5 Senate runoff election.

Jason Shepherd told the board that he found evidence of approximately 16,024 people registered to vote in the county who reside outside of Georgia. The information was gathered by running the county’s voter registration database against the National Change of Address registry, he told the board in a letter earlier this month.

They may be right on the law in this case, but the law results in people voting when they aren't supposed to. And that leaves the door open to fraud.

Mon Dec 21 14:36:43 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Presenting the evidence of fraud

American ThinkerI propose that Donald Trump call an emergency session of Congress prior to January 6. There he, his legal team, director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, and secretary of state Mike Pompeo should present all of the information that they've uncovered as it pertains to illegalities and foreign interference uncovered prior to and during the 2020 presidential election.

Having Congress presented this information would likely not convince the entire Republican caucus, and likely none or few of the Democrat caucus, but it would provide enough cover for a few patriots to do the right thing on the 6th.

If Trump really wants to cross the Rubicon with the support of the American people, he needs to present the evidence in some forum well beyond what has already been done. That can be in courts, or in Congressional hearings, but it needs to happen somewhere and it needs to be in public view.

Mon Dec 21 11:36:43 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Trump campaign asks SC to review PA case

Conservative TreehouseThe campaign of President Donald J Trump filed a petition [pdf here] and motion [pdf here] asking for expedited consideration before the U.S. Supreme Court. The substance of the petition is a request to reverse some Pennsylvania Supreme Court decisions.

This is the first direct filing to the U.S. Supreme Court for intervention in the 2020 election and seeks expedited consideration prior to the January 6, 2021, congressional certification of the electoral college vote.

I don't think enough has changed on the ground to change the outcome of this case. I think the Supreme Court is willing to entertain the matter only so long as they can delay it past the election to avoid controversy. However, if enough other evidence of fraud emerges, that may change. The trick is convincing the Supreme Court that intervention is necessary in the court of public opinion. Left to their own devices the court would prefer to settle legal matters after Jan 20th.

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Further information to come out in the next few days?

Gateway PunditOn Friday night Ramsland told Newsmax that the Trump campaign will likely not win in the courts because the lawsuits are being dismissed before evidence is even being heard.

Ramsland then told Greg Kelly, “But I think there’s going to be some information that comes forward in the next few days that is going to drastically change the playing field. The real question will be will people report on it.”

I assume he's referring to the foreign interference report from the DNI, which has been delayed to some time in January.

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It's not over yet...

CNSNews“Traditionally, the Electoral College results happens to be the point by which we have started to refer to the winner as the president-elect but technically, Joe Biden is not the president-elect, because seven states are sending competing slates of electors to the Congress via the archivist,” Blackwell told Fox Business’s “Mornings with Maria Bartiromo.”

“We already know that there will be one senator and one member of the House that will challenge these slates coming from the electoral college. That means that that has to be vetted out. That means that the clock didn't stop on Monday of this week. The clock is still running. A shorter runway, the time is running out, but there's still time on the clock to really push this through,” he said.

... but if Trump has anything more up his sleeve, he better put it on the table soon.

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Maricopa County, AZ refuses subpoena for voting machines

Gateway PunditThe Maricopa Board of Supervisors has voted 4-1 to refuse to comply with legislative subpoenas to turn over Dominion voting machines for a forensic audit.

Instead of supporting transparency and making sure there was a free and fair election, they will be filing a complaint in Superior Court.

There is neither excuse nor justification for this refusal. Clearly the Maricopa County officials know that shenanigans will be exposed if the machines are audited, and they are likely trying to figure out how to cover their tracks even now.

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What options remain?

NewsmaxFormer national security adviser Michael Flynn says President Donald Trump has options to make sure the integrity of the 2020 election remains intact, including seizing voting machines around the country and using military capabilities to rerun elections in swing states.

''I don’t know if he’s going to take any of these options. The president has to plan for every eventuality because we cannot allow this election and the integrity of our election to go the way it is,'' Flynn said Thursday during an appearance on Newsmax TV’s ''Greg Kelly Reports.''

''This is just totally unsatisfactory. There’s no way in the world we’re going to be able to move forward as a nation with this. …

''He could immediately on his order seize every single one of these machines around the country on his order. He could also order, within the swing states, if he wanted to, he could take military capabilities and he could place them in those states and basically rerun an election in each of those states. It’s not unprecedented,'' Flynn added.

I think selling a military revote in the swing states to the American people would be a big challenge. But seizing the voter machines to demonstrate the fraud would be a smaller and more reasonable step that might convince the public that a big remedy is necessary.

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Michigan SecState refuses to participate in hearing

Gateway PunditMichigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson (D) refused to testify before legislative oversight committees Tuesday investigating allegations of fraud during the 2020 general election. State Rep. Matt Hall (R), chairman of the House Oversight Committee, had invited Benson to appear, but she told the committee in a letter that she will not participate.

What does she have to hide?

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Amistad project demands preservation of voting machine evidence

NewsmaxThe Amistad Project of the non-partisan Thomas More Society is announcing Monday it is demanding the preservation of evidence in five key swing states in response to a bombshell report detailing the results of a forensic audit of Dominion voting machines in Antrim County, Michigan, which was approved for release by 13th Circuit Judge Kevin Elsenheimer.

"We're filing in all swing states a demand that judges step in and preserve evidence to avoid it from being destroyed or spoiled by the intentional or reckless acts of executive officials," said Phill Kline, director of the Amistad Project, which has previously filed election litigation in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

We'll see if any courts take these demands seriously.

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130,000 illegal votes in NV

PJMediaBinnall said that their data study, along with “brave whistleblower” testimony, revealed that there were at least 130,000 unique fraudulent votes. Here’s the breakdown of the ones they could verify and have been provided to the public.

42,000 people voted more than once
1,500 dead voters cast ballots
19,000 non-Nevada residents voted (number doesn’t include students and military)
8,000 people voted using non-existent addresses
15,000 votes were cast from commercial addresses or vacant houses
4,000 ineligible foreign nationals voted

Binnall said 130,000 is probably a low number.

Youtube is censoring his testimony, but you can see it on Twitter.

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Arizona vote fraud

Gateway PunditData scientists took a closer look at what happened in 8 counties in Arizona including Maricopa, Pima, Pinal and Coconino counties, and it’s shocking.

Our sources tell us that the people behind this video are experts in data science and analytics, and have included the raw data to create transparency in their research and conclusions.

These data scientists identified a whopping 790,175 laundered votes that were injected into the system across 8 counties in Arizona!

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Navarro produces election report

NewsmaxWhite House trade adviser Peter Navarro issued a blistering 36-page report Thursday, in which he asserted that voter irregularities and election fraud have been found in "more than sufficient" quantities to swing the election to President Donald Trump.

The Navarro report was titled "The Immaculate Deception: Six Key Dimensions of Election Irregularities," and it "assesses the fairness and integrity of the 2020 Presidential Election by examining six dimensions of alleged election irregularities across six key battleground states."

"The observed patterns of election irregularities are so consistent across the six battleground states that they suggest a coordinated strategy to, if not steal the election outright, strategically game the election process in such a way as to 'stuff the ballot box' and unfairly tilt the playing field in favor of the Biden-Harris ticket," Navarro's report alleged.

He's right, but... is anyone paying attention? Probably not.

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Judge rejects dropbox challenge in GA

NewsmaxAn attempt by Georgia Republicans to eliminate absentee drop boxes used for early voting in the state’s two Senate runoff elections was scrapped by a federal judge on Thursday.

Fox News reports that a federal judge in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Georgia dismissed the case brought by the 12th Congressional District Republican Committee. Chief Judge Randall Hall ruled the plaintiffs didn't have standing and that courts shouldn’t change election rules so close to an election.

And again we have the judicial dance. No standing because no injury yet; too close to the election... and after the election, no standing unless it would change the results, and too late because you waited until you after the election when you would have standing. Courts just don't want to touch these issues.

Unless they are brought by Democrats and the SecState settles.

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We may have a Senator willing to challenge the electors

The HillSen.-elect Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) indicated in a video that surfaced Thursday that that he thinks the Senate should support a challenge to the results of the Electoral College, which certified President-elect Joe Biden’s victory this week.

Tuberville suggested he would back a challenge Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) has vowed to bring against the vote. If a senator joins Brooks, it would require the House and Senate to debate and then vote on the issue.

We absolutely must have this debate, with all available evidence presented. This will likely be the last chance we have to actually change the outcome, and the evidence presented will need to be absolutely damning.

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Cyberhack much bigger than already reported

NewsmaxA foreign hack of the U.S. government is even bigger than originally thought, according to the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

The Washington Examiner reports the agency shared that the cyber hackers gained secretive backdoor access in more ways than just through the publicly known SolarWinds software update being corrupted.

“One of the initial access vectors for this activity is a supply chain compromise of the following SolarWinds Orion products. CISA has evidence of additional initial access vectors, other than the SolarWinds Orion platform; however, these are still being investigated,” CISA wrote on Thursday, noting that “the SolarWinds Orion supply chain compromise is not the only initial infection vector this advanced persistent threat actor leveraged.”

The magnitude of this as already reported is huge.

The timing -- almost exactly aligned with the forensic audit of Dominion voting systems in Antrim country, which is known to use the Solarwinds product -- is also extremely suspicious.

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GA signature audit will cover a random sample only

Just The NewsBut on Thursday, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced a statewide move to match signatures to their absentee ballots in all 159 counties in the state.
Raffensperger announced that the signature matching will be done in partnership with the University of Georgia. The study will review a random sample of signatures for mail-in ballots that were cast in the presidential election.

Once again, the fine print contains a way out. The signature matching will be applied to a "random sample" of all ballots statewide, not literally all ballots. Whoever is choosing that random sample may just make sure to pick from ballots that were not fraudulent.

Audit all the ballots.

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SC rejects WI and AZ; accepts MI and GA but replies due Jan 14th

Conservative TreehouseLawyer Sidney Powell tweets out today that the Supreme Court has rejected two cases of election fraud against Wisconsin and Arizona; and has accepted two cases against Michigan and Georgia. The high court has given GA/MI until January 14, 2021, to file their responses.

Those states plus PA (which also has a pending case on non-emergency schedule) could still change the results.

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DNI claims foreign interference in the election

Gateway PunditCatherine Herridge: Well DNI Ratcliffe leads the 17 intelligence agencies and he has access to the most highly classified information that is held by the US government. And he told CBS News that there was foreign interference by China, Iran, and Russia in November of this year and he is anticipating a public report on those findings in January.

"In January" is unfortunately very likely to be "too late".

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FBI, CISA, and DNI investigating Solarwinds breach

Gateway PunditThe FBI, CISA and Office of the DNI released a joint statement tonight on the SolarWinds cybersecurity incident.

The three government investigative bodies are reportedly working together on the SolarWinds breach that was announced earlier this week.

The timing of this investigation, coupled with the delay in the DNI intelligence report on the election, strongly suggests that the forensic audit of the Dominion voting systems in Antrim county found an unexpected backdoor that was used to access and tamper with those voting machines.

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Powell files appeals to the Supreme Court from MI and GA

NewsmaxFormer Donald Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell asked the Supreme Court to overturn Joe Biden’s election victories in Michigan and Georgia, continuing with a flurry of long shot litigation despite repeated rejections in the courts.

The Supreme Court has already spurned two efforts to nullify Biden victories, first a challenge to his Pennsylvania triumph and then a Texas lawsuit that sought to reverse the results in four pivotal states.

The SC has actually not disposed of the PA case; it rejected an emergency injunction but there is a pending request to hear the case on the normal schedule.

However, the tea leaves are not positive for Powell's cases. The one bright spot is that forensic audits have turned up new evidence suggesting at least some of the Dominion voting machines have been compromised and the election results tampered with. If more such evidence turns up, courts may start to take notice. Legislatures appear to have taken notice already.

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Michigan legislature subpoenas Detroit election data and machines

Just The NewsConcerned about possible election evidence being destroyed, members of a joint session of the Michigan Legislature’s House and Senate oversight committees on Tuesday voted to issue subpoenas to Detroit and the nearby suburb of Livonia demanding they surrender hard drives, emails, absentee voter counting board laptops and other election-related materials.

One Senate Democrat reportedly joined his Republican colleagues in supporting the subpoenas.

Let's get a forensic audit on those machines, and see if the same problems detected in Antrim county also show up here.

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Non-citizens voting

The National PulseData obtained by the Nevada GOP from the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles reveals that thousands of non-citizens were registered to vote and ultimately cast ballots in the 2020 election.

The revelation, adding to a long list of fraudulent election activities in the critical swing state, comes as a result of Nevada’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) automatically registering all voters who apply for driver’s licenses. Since legal and illegal non-citizens can hold driver’s licenses and identification cards, if the DMV fails to “do their due diligence,” non-citizens can easily be registered to vote, as explained by the Nevada GOP.

This is a long-standing problem that needs federal legislation to fix, I think. It's the '92? Motor-Voter act. That needs to get amended to require (not just ALLOW, but REQUIRE) states to check citizenship before registration to vote. Looking at the makeup of Congress, my best guess on when we can pass that legislation is never.

In the meantime, though, we can prosecute those who actually vote.

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Powell now talking up a RICO case

Western JournalAttorney Sidney Powell says that her battle over the Nov. 3 election is far from over, saying that the evidence she is gathering could turn into a major racketeering case under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.

While the audits of Dominion voting systems have certainly turned up disturbing and suggestive information, Powell seems entirely too focused on making big allegations with limited circumstantial evidence rather than pushing for the audits of actual voting machines that would reveal how widespread the problem really is.

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Arizona to subpoena voting machines and conduct an audit

The Federalist PapersVoting machines used in Arizona’s Maricopa County may now be subject to inspection following action by a state legislator on Monday to begin the process of seizing the machines.

The action by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Eddie Farnsworth came after a six-hour hearing concerning the election and the ability of Arizona residents to trust the results, according to KJZZ-FM.

“We hold an audit and we see what the outcome is,” he said. “And then we can put this to rest.”

Subpoenas to seize the machines could be issued as soon as Tuesday, according to Farnsworth.

The subpoenas have now been issued. Frankly, this should be done after every election as a matter of ordinary business, with the results published.

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Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling offers some hope for Trump

Just The NewsThe Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled Monday that state and local election officials erred when they gave blanket permission allowing voters to declare themselves homebound and skip voter ID requirements in the 2020 election, potentially opening the door for Republicans to challenge tens of thousand of ballots.

In a case challenging the practice in Dane County, one of Wisconsin's large urban center around the city of Madison, the state's highest court ruled only those voters whose "own age, physical illness or infirmity" makes them homebound could declare themselves "indefinitely confined" and avoid complying with a requirement for photo ID.

The mere existence of a COVID-19 pandemic and shutdown orders was not sufficient under Wisconsin law for all persons to skip the voter ID requirements, the justices ruled.

There are enough "indefinitely confined due to COVID" illegal votes to overturn the election. Hillary may be warming up, but she ain't sung yet.

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Biden performed 1.5% better in states using Dominion

ElectionWiz“Statistical analysis of past presidential races supports the view that in 2020, in counties where Dominion Machines were deployed, the voting outcomes were on average (nationwide) 1.5% higher for Joe Biden and 1.5% lower for Donald Trump after adjusting for other demographic and past voting preference.

For Dominion to have switched the election from Trump to Biden, it would have had to have increased Biden outcomes (with a corresponding reduction in Trump outcomes) by 0.3% in Georgia, 0.6% in Arizona, 2.1% in Wisconsin, and 2.5% in Nevada. The apparent average of 1.5% “Dominion Effect” is greater than the margin in Arizona and Georgia, and close to the margin for Wisconsin and Nevada. It is not hard to picture a scenario where the actual effect in Wisconsin and Nevada was greater than the national average and would have changed the current reported outcome in those two states.

Assuming the “Dominion Effect” is real, it is possible that an audit of these machines would overturn the election.

These results are scientifically valid and have a p-value of less than 1%, meaning the chances of this math occurring randomly are less than 1 in 100.”

We already have one audit that demonstrated conclusively that the machines were tampered with in such a way as to send 70% of all ballots to manual adjudication, and to remove the audit logs concerning the election and adjudication process.

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GA SecState finally agrees to signature audit

Gateway PunditGeorgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger on Monday announced a signature audit in Cobb County.

“We stand ready to answer each and every question out there,” Raffensperger said. “Every Georgian should have faith in our elections.”

Did he finally cave to public pressure or did he think of some way the election fraud can survive a signature audit? I guess we'll find out!

Looks like he's going to try to exploit public confusion over where the fraud happened.

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Dominion, Solarwinds, and Barr...

Gateway PunditLast night the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued a rare Emergency Directive 21-01, in response to a KNOWN COMPROMISE involving SolarWinds Orion products.

This was only the fifth Emergency Directive issued by CISA under the authorities granted by Congress in the Cybersecurity Act of 2015.

CISA reported a breach of the SolarWinds Orion products.

This Emergency Directive called on all federal civilian agencies to review their networks for indicators of compromise and disconnect or power down SolarWinds Orion products immediately.

So guess who uses SolarWinds?

Dominion Voting Systems uses SolarWinds products.

This seems likely to be part of the non-public fallout from the forensic audit of the Dominion Voting Systems hardware in Michigan -- the audit that found the systems were compromised to produce an artificially high error rate, where ballot adjudication can be used to steal the election, and that crucial security and audit logs were missing from the systems, suggesting them were compromised and the logs removed.

I wouldn't be surprised if Barr's departure is also related to this -- either because Barr didn't find it or didn't want to follow up on it.

It feels like the dominoes have started to fall.

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4000 illegal aliens voted in Nevada

The Epoch TimesNevada Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) records suggest that nearly 4,000 legal and illegal aliens cast votes in the 2020 general election, according to a sworn affidavit filed with a state court.

Not enough, by itself, to swing the election, but combined with a few other issues, pretty close. It would be nice if we could clean this stuff up, but somehow it never happens.

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Poll says 56% think voters should show proof of citizenship

Just the NewsAlthough it is illegal for non-citizens to vote in U.S. federal elections, a 1993 law prevents officials from requiring proof of citizenship, and 56% of registered voters in a new survey think that should change.

The majority of the respondents in the new Just the News poll with Scott Rasmussen say the law should be changed so that it is legal to check voters for U.S. citizenship status.

This is not just a theoretical problem; thousands of non-citizens voted in Nevada.

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How do you get negative votes?

Conservative TreehouseA video has been produced to ask a few very basic questions. As the tabulations of vote counting is automatically updated to central databases for distribution to media, how do vote counts turn negative? Errors can be made, but why are all the ‘errors’ going in only one direction. Vote tabulations should be additive, why are vote totals decreasing?

Watch the video. It's only 6 minutes long, and it raises a very serious question that no one is even trying to answer yet.

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GA double voting problem hasn't been solved

Real Clear InvestigationsMore than 1,700 Georgians were singled out for illegally casting two ballots in 2020 elections — including last month’s hotly contested presidential race -- but their fraudulent votes weren't canceled out, according to state election officials. And so far, none of the cheaters has been prosecuted, raising concerns about continued fraud as Georgia prepares to vote again in twin U.S. Senate runoff elections next month.

The majority of double voters were Democrats who cast an absentee ballot either by mail or drop box and also voted in person on Election Day, officials said, which is a felony under state law.

The highest share of offenders were from Fulton County, which includes Atlanta -- many of whom were allowed to cast a second ballot by poll workers, officials said.

It's only 1700 votes, but still.

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Arizona case bound for Supreme Court?

NTDArizona’s Republican Party says it’s going to appeal its election integrity case to the U.S. Supreme Court. This comes days after Arizona’s Supreme Court rejected their case.

Dr. Kelli Ward the Chairwoman of the Arizona GOP noted that it’s only the third election-related case to go to the Supreme Court. It joins Texas and Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.).

The only problem is they have to agree to hear it, and they don't seem inclined to.

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Trump argues case in Wisconsin Supreme Court

Milwaukee Journal SentinelThe state Supreme Court showed deep divisions Saturday as it contemplated a final push by President Donald Trump to throw out Democrat Joe Biden's narrow win in Wisconsin.

The arguments — a rarity on a weekend — came amid a string of legal setbacks for the president. During the arguments, a federal judge in Milwaukee ruled against Trump, dealing the seventh defeat to Trump and his allies in 10 days over Wisconsin's results.

The three liberals on the state's high court showed extreme skepticism toward Trump's arguments. Three conservatives showed some support for at least parts of his claims.

Unclear were the views of Justice Brian Hagedorn, who was elected last year with the support of Republicans but has sided at times with the liberals. He joined the liberals last week in turning down three other challenges to Wisconsin's election results.

In the latest case, the justices are expected to rule before the Electoral College meets at noon Monday.

I haven't seen any word on a ruling yet.

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Trump campaign ready to appeal to the Supreme Court from four states

National FileIn a move that seems to incorporate the direction that US Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito tacitly voiced in his accompanying statement Friday’s decision not to hear Texas’s lawsuit against Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia, the Trump legal team is or has filed lawsuits in each of the Defendant States.

I can't bring myself to be optimistic about their chances after the Texas case got shot down, but at least it was shot down on standing and not the merits. We will see if the Supreme Court will hear cases with different standing arguments. This description of how the Wisconsin Supreme Court hearing went is a little disconcerting. While I'm unconvinced by yet another invocation of laches, and I think the legal claims about election procedures have more merit than the author does, the failure to present evidence of fraud given the opportunity is concerning.

Wed Dec 16 17:15:33 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

A possible explanation for "You have already voted..."

Capitol ResearchOne Virginia polling place worker who wishes to remain anonymous sent CRC a copy of an envelope (archived here) mailed to him by CVI prior to the election containing an absentee ballot request, but the return address ([...]) is a UPS store, not CVI’s Washington office. He has found similar envelopes in eight other states—Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Ohio, Wisconsin, North Carolina, New Mexico, and Missouri—with return addresses for UPS stores (see addresses listed below). This poll worker believes CVI (or someone close to CVI) generated a list of missing voters from the absentee ballot requests returned to these mailboxes to vote early for them.

This would explain a lot.

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Powell appeals the election in Arizona...

NewsmaxConservative lawyer Sidney Powell has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to decertify Democrat President-elect Joe Biden's victory over Republican President Donald Trump in Arizona.

Powell, who filed the request with the court on Friday night, also asks the justices to bar Biden’s electors from casting Electoral College votes on Monday.

Her appeal marks the second petition for review filed with the nation’s highest court in challenges to Biden’s win in the state. Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward on Friday asked the Supreme Court to review her case seeking to overturn Arizona’s election results.

... as well as other states. At this point, it's impossible to read anything but very negative and bitter flavors in the tea leaves. But it's still at least possible to see a positive result. Just not very likely, so don't go holding your breath.

Wed Dec 16 14:15:33 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

PA absentee ballot lawsuit appealed to Supreme Court

Epoch TimesPennsylvania Republicans on Friday asked the U.S. Supreme Court to review their claims that Pennsylvania violated the Constitution by allowing anyone to vote by mail.

Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.) and other party members, including congressional candidate Sean Parnell, filed the suit last month, over a state law enacted last year.

“Act 77 is the most expansive and fundamental change to the Pennsylvania voting code, implemented illegally, to date,” the suit stated, describing the law as “another illegal attempt to override the limitations on absentee voting prescribed in the Pennsylvania Constitution, without first following the necessary procedure to amend the constitution to allow for the expansion.”

The SC previously denied an emergency injunction, but may still hear the case on a normal schedule.

Wed Dec 16 09:15:33 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Were automated test ballots used to commit election fraud?

Gateway PunditThe Automated Test Deck Generator creates comprehensive test decks for efficient and easy logic & accuracy testing. Using the election project database, a deck of vote-marked ballots is randomly generated to provide the highest assurance of system accuracy. When scanned, these automated test deck ballots create known outcomes that can be compared with the tabulated results, providing verification of both the quality of the printed ballots as well as the complete accuracy of each tabulator.”

Are these the “pristine ballots” with the identical ballot markings as Fulton County Poll Manager Susan Voyles testified to in her hearing? Where else have we seen stacks of ballots, some pristine, with predictable 95%+ Biden results?

This is one of those technologies that can have legitimate uses, and can also be abused for improper purposes. One would hope that test ballots would be automatically marked in some way to avoid them being counted in a real election (although that has its own problems, too). Fundamentally it's a choice between testing with valid normal ballots versus testing with special test ballots that might have special code to handle. The right answer is probably to keep stringent protections on the test ballot generator combined with logs of which ballots were generated as tests so they can be removed from any actual results. It doesn't sound like those controls are in place.

Tue Dec 15 23:08:05 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Ware County, GA Dominion machines did flip votes from Trump to Biden

Tue Dec 15 21:08:05 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

House Republicans call for special counsel on election fraud

OANNRep. Lance Gooden (R-Texas) is leading an effort with nearly three dozen House GOP lawmakers, urging President Trump to name a special counsel to investigate election fraud. The lawmakers noted they believe the Justice Department isn’t taking the allegations seriously.

One America’s John Hines caught up with Gooden and has this report.

I'd like to see a special counsel on this topic after every election. Make sure there is a team of investigators and a prosecutor whose only job is to go after anyone who tries to engage in vote fraud. That should be sufficient to discourage people.

Tue Dec 15 20:08:05 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

More Trump cases heading through the courts

NewsmaxRudy Giuliani says President Donald Trump’s legal battle will go on despite the Supreme Court rejecting a bid Friday from Texas’ attorney general to block the ballots of millions of voters in battleground states that went in favor of Joe Biden.

“The case wasn’t rejected on the merits, the case was rejected on standing,” Giuliani said Friday during an appearance on Newsmax TV’s “Stinchfield.”

“The answer to that is to bring the case now in the district court by the president, by some of the electors, alleging the same facts where there would be standing and therefore get a hearing.”

I admire his ability to stay optimistic, I really do. And maybe he's right; maybe the issue was just standing. Maybe enough of the other cases will be heard and change the result. But maybe -- probably -- they won't.

The question remains. What do we do now, when "just win the next election" can be negated by blatant cheating?

Tue Dec 15 18:08:05 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

A recall for GA SecState Raffenberger?

NewsmaxGeorgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger should be recalled from office, according to Rep. Jody Hice, R-Ga., on Newsmax TV.

"I know there are conversations already underway regarding a recall, and those conversations are totally appropriate,'' Hice told host Grant Stinchfield on Friday’s ''Stinchfield.''

"We have one of the most important elections coming up in January in the history of our country and to this point, Brad Raffensperger as secretary of state is doing nothing to make sure that this election is going to be more secure and more protected than the one in November. That is unacceptable. We can’t do that."

It would be nice to see some consequences for this clusterfuck.

Tue Dec 15 16:08:05 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Sen Ron Johnson to hold hearing on election Weds

The Federalist PapersAlthough Election Day was more than a month ago, questions about the validity of the 2020 presidential election still hang heavy in the air.

For this reason, the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee has set a hearing for Wednesday to get to the bottom of some of what its chairman, Sen. Ron Johnson, has called “irregularities.”

The Senate will hold hearings, but what will those hearings change? What new information will become available, and who can act to change this course?

At this point we really are needing a hail mary. Unless Trump has something really fucking big and a complete game-changer left in his hat, Biden will take office and we will descend into socialism and tyranny.

There are a few slim rays of hope left. Several cases are moving through the appeals process. The legislatures may still act. The Antrim county forensic audit of the Dominion machines seems to have turned up something that is still under seal. And the report on foreign interference in the elections is due no later than December 18th, next week. But I have no reason to think any of those will turn out any better than the various tactics and lawsuits that have already failed.

Tue Dec 15 15:08:05 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Michigan SC denies Trump appeal

NewsmaxPresident Donald Trump's campaign was handed a unanimous defeat Friday at the Michigan Supreme Court, which declined to hear an appeal about how absentee ballots were handled in Detroit as well as other issues.
The president's campaign claimed the Republican Party wasn't allowed to get an appropriate number of observers inside a Detroit convention center where absentee ballots were counted. The campaign also wanted access to video of ballot drop boxes. A judge and the Michigan appeals court ruled against Trump.

So apparently we're not even allowed to observe the vote in process and examine evidence afterwards? We just have to take it on faith, and when access is denied, that doesn't mean anything?

Tue Dec 15 12:08:05 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Wisconsin SC agrees to hear Trump case

NewsmaxThe conservative-controlled Wisconsin Supreme Court agreed on Friday to hear arguments over the weekend on President Donald Trump's state lawsuit seeking to disqualify more than 221,000 ballots and overturn his loss to Democrat Joe Biden in the battleground state.

The court's decision to take the case, and to hear arguments on Saturday, came hours after a lower court judge ruled against Trump and said there was nothing illegal about the election or subsequent recount in the state's two largest counties. The fast action comes ahead of Monday's scheduled Electoral College vote.

I'm past actually hoping for relief from the courts at this point. Technically, the cases are still in progress and could result in a positive outcome. But I can't believe they actually will. It's a very demoralizing process.

Tue Dec 15 11:08:05 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Two more appeals to the Supreme Court....

NewsmaxArizona’s Republican Party chairwoman appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court as part of a long-shot effort to nullify Joe Biden’s victory there in the presidential election, according to a filing posted online by a Democratic lawyer.

The high court on Friday also got an emergency filing from former Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell seeking to decertify Biden’s victory in Georgia, according to Democratic lawyer Marc Elias, who has been active in the post-election litigation. Neither case has been formally docketed at the Supreme Court.

... but what are the odds they will be heard?

Tue Dec 15 10:08:05 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

HR 8189 blocks votes received after election day from being counted

NewsmaxIn September, I introduced H.R. 8189, which amends the Help America Vote Act of 2002 to generally prohibit states from counting ballots that are received after the date of a federal election. However, the prohibition reasonably does not apply to absentee ballots that are lawfully cast by uniformed service members, their family members, or overseas citizens.
Without the federal prohibition established in H.R. 8189, it’s clear that political and corrupt state officials will shamelessly override the will of the people to unlawfully allow for fraudulent votes. Due to Congress’ failure to act in anticipation of what has now come to fruition, the integrity of our elections is already in grave jeopardy.

It will never pass. The Democrats have learned that they can steal an election in broad daylight and no one will stop them.

Tue Dec 15 09:08:05 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Vote fraud perpetrated on the mentally ill

Team TrumpA nursing home resident said she wanted to vote for @realDonaldTrump. But a nursing home staff member said "No no. He's a bad man. We're voting for Biden," and instructed the resident to do so against her wishes.

This may be one single incident, but it's illustrative of many others.

Mon Dec 14 23:24:04 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

FBI harassing and intimidating witnesses instead of investigating

Lou DobbsWitness Intimidation: Whistleblower @OGJesseMorgan describes the harassment he and his family have faced from the FBI and USPS OIG after testifying he witnessed completed ballots smuggled from New York to Pennsylvania.

Disgusting. It's obvious they aren't taking this seriously.

Mon Dec 14 22:24:04 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Arizona legislature to hold hearing on election fraud

National FileThe Arizona Senate has finally called a full legislative hearing to investigate the irregularities seen during the presidential election.

The announced agenda will include presentations from the Election Day and Emergency Voting Division from Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, and the Arizona Attorney General’s Election Integrity Unit, followed by discussion and questions. With the announced agenda, it seems that the Committee will not call anyone from Dominion Voting Systems to be questioned, as had been posited by online commentary

I'm not sure if this happened or not.

Mon Dec 14 22:02:45 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Washington State governor's race now has a pending lawsuit

Gateway PunditThe Republican candidate for governor in Washington state, Loren Culp, is suing the Washington Secretary of State for mismanaging the 2020 election.

Culp, who won what looks like the entire state besides Seattle, believes the election was rotten. The Culp for governor campaign filed a lawsuit yesterday against the Washington Secretary of State for election improprieties and demanding a full audit of the ballots and voting machines.

Another demand for a voting machine audit, too. If any of Sidney Powell's claims have real meat behind them -- by which I mean, there was not just potential for fraud and foreign actors, but actual people using the security holes in the Dominion system to commit actual election rigging -- then there are a LOT of applecarts about to be turned over.

Mon Dec 14 20:24:04 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Arizona election lawsuit appealing to Supreme Court

The Federalist PapersArizona Republican Party Chairwoman Kelli Ward announced Thursday that she is appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court her federal case regarding alleged irregularities with the voting software used in November’s election.

On Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Diane J. Humetewa, who was appointed in 2013 by then-President Barack Obama, dismissed the case, which was launched by attorney Sidney Powell but named Ward as a plaintiff, The Washington Times reported.

The lawsuit claims “Dominion Voting Systems’ machines connected to the internet, which violates election laws,” The Times reported. “Dominion is not listed as a defendant, as the suits challenge state officials, but the company has denied any wrongdoing in the 2020 election.”

The case contests more than 412,000 of the votes cast.

The results of this forensic audit may add more weight here.

Mon Dec 14 17:24:04 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Antrim County forensic audit bears fruit

Washington ExaminerHe said that his team is already in possession of the “forensic images” and that “some conclusions” have already been made from the information. DePerno also took notice of how Benson’s office characterized an apparent glitch that temporarily invalidated 6,000 votes erroneously tabulated for President-elect Joe Biden rather than Trump. He said the state has characterized it as a tabulation error.

“We believe now that that statement was false,” DePerno claimed, adding that they have seen “serious security breaches.”

DePerno said that prior to the hearing, he had received two affidavits that detailed “significant errors” that occurred during the election and noted that his client believes the results in the county are “uncertifiable” and called for decertification of the election.

The lawyer said that his team will be filing a motion regarding a protective order that was put in place dealing with what information can be released publicly. He called the matter an issue of national security.

He's making big claims, and it looks like he can back them up for Antrim County. But do the results apply to other counties?

Mon Dec 14 16:24:04 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Vote fraud by the mentally ill

UncoverDCStealing the elderly and mentally disabled vote is a well-documented and fraudulent election practice taking place across the nation. Specifically, voting “handlers” have been known to register to vote on behalf of these vulnerable citizens or force them to vote for the candidate they are representing.

On Nov. 2, 2020, in Otsego, Minnesota, a retired construction worker, developer, and land investor made one such declaration.

In a sworn affidavit, this person witnessed “a busload of severely mentally handicapped people who were forced by handlers to vote for Joe Biden.” In great detail, the witness describes being at the Sherburne county office and standing right next to a line of severely mentally handicapped people who were there for early voting, and watching them being taken, one by one, up to vote, with someone else (caretaker/handler) holding their hand and forcing them to make voting choices. The witness notes that “the caretakers were the ones making the voting choices for these handicapped people.” They literally held the handicapped person’s hand in theirs and marked the ballot for them. The witness was close enough to see they were forced to vote for Joe Biden, and indicated that many of them could not even hold a pen by themselves and appeared unable to make voting decisions.

It's hard to draw a clear line here, but if you need to be living with a handler who has to help you vote, perhaps you should not be able to vote.

Categories Vote Fraud

Mon Dec 14 13:24:04 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Sidney Powell on Lou Dobbs

Gateway PunditThey designed and developed the Smartmatic and Dominion programs and machines that included a controller module that allows people to log in and manipulate the vote even as it’s happening. We’re finding more and more evidence of this. We now have reams and reams of actual documents from Smartmatic and Dominion including evidence that they planned and executed all of this.

The key thing that remains missing here is evidence that this "controller module" was actually used fraudulently during the election to flip the race for Biden and possibly others. Ballot adjudication of unclear ballots is .. I won't say normal, because I would just toss out ballots unreadable by machine as the machine is or should be an impartial process... so let's say adjudication is expected.

Descriptions I've seen of how Dominion implements the adjudication process appear to me to be ripe for fraud and abuse and a security/audit nightmare. But that, too, is not proof of fraud.

Mon Dec 14 12:47:02 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

GA hearing on election issues

Sara CarterWatch the Georgia State House election hearing live. Witnesses discuss the irregularities, as well as allegations of fraud that some witnesses observed during the November, 3, 2020 general election.

There was some new information here, including a demonstration of Dominion's ballot adjudication "feature" allowing fraud.

Mon Dec 14 10:24:04 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

BOMBSHELL: Forensic audit of Dominion voting system available

Steve Gruber2.) Item 6: The allowable election error rate established by the Federal Election Commission guidelines is of 1 in 250,000 ballots (.0008%). We observed an error rate of 68.05%. This demonstrated a significant and fatal error in security and election integrity.
3.) Item 15: Significantly, the computer system shows vote adjudication logs for prior years, but all adjudication log entries for the 2020 election cycle are missing.
4.) Item 16: Likewise, all server security logs prior to 11:03pm on November 4, 2020 are missing. Other server logs before November 4, 2020 are present, therefore, there is no reasonable explanation for the security logs to be missing.

The high error rate is significant because it would result in sending almost 70% of votes to the adjudication process, where the administrator could decide which candidate would receive the votes.

The missing adjudication logs for 2020 along with the presence of those logs for prior years indicates that the adjudication logs were deliberately removed this year. Deliberately.

The missing logs for 2020 in general are also troubling and indicates someone was deliberately wiping evidence.

Steve Gruber6.) Item 22: we conclude that the errors are so significant that they call into question the integrity and legitimacy of the results in the Antrim County 2020 election to the point that the results are not certifiable. Because the same machines are used in 48 other counties in Michigan, this casts doubt on the integrity of the entire election in the state of Michigan.

And by extension similar systems used in other states, including most of the battleground states at issue. However, without a forensic audit of those systems, we won't know whether they have the same specific problems (missing logs, absurdly high error and adjudication rates) that demonstrate the step for a possibility of fraud to probability of fraud.

We do appear to have proof of fraud in Antrim County, specifically the high error/adjudication rate, the vote swap, and the missing log files.

The full report is available.

(Read More...)

Mon Dec 14 10:04:41 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

House Republicans call for special counsel on election fraud

The BlazeA group of 27 Republican members of the House of Representatives sent a letter to President Trump on Wednesday urging him to direct Attorney General William Barr to launch a special counsel investigation into 2020 election "irregularities."

I certainly don't trust the FBI to investigate this, and I don't think I trust Barr. A special counsel may be the only possible answer if Biden or any of his team were involved; and remember when Biden announced he had the best voter fraud team ever?

Mon Dec 14 09:24:04 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]


Conservative TreehouseAppearing with Maria Bartiromo, former national security advisor, Lt General Michael Flynn, states: “we have conclusive evidence of foreign interference in our election.” Mr. Flynn goes on to say his attorney, Sidney Powell, has four cases en route to the United States Supreme Court to highlight the “overwhelming evidence” of election fraud.

Additionally, General Flynn states it would serve the best interests of the United States if President Trump would trigger his 2018 executive order on foreign election interference to appoint a federal special counsel – to look into all of the background claims of fraud on behalf of the executive branch of government. A very interesting interview.

"Conclusive evidence" is a strong statement. He says it's available on the Wood and Powell websites, which ... doesn't seem like it's anything new yet?

We need more than hypothetical evidence, and that's something we'll only get from a forensic audit.

Mon Dec 14 09:15:54 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Massive cyber fraud found in Antrim voting machine audit?

CDMediaCDMedia has been informed by sources close to the investigation that cyber teams which examined Dominion Voting Systems machines in Antrim County, Michigan last weekend have found concrete proof of massive cyber election fraud.

Dominion voting machines were connected to the internet.
Illegal Votes are thought to have been shipped to Europe for ‘adjudication’.

There is more coming on this story but essentially fake ballots in massive amounts were counted and ‘approved’ in Europe, in either Spain or Germany.

Take with grains of salt because as far as I know this information is still under court ordered seal. Even if true, Dominion machines being connected to the internet isn't evidence of vote fraud even if it is evidence the public has been lied to. (That point, in my opinion, is already established; Dominion machines are absolutely connected to the internet). The "remote adjudication" feature is also established, but does not necessarily demonstrate fraud. The question is who does the adjudication, is it in accordance with the law, and is it done honestly.

Sending ballots to Europe for adjudication is definitely suspicious; shouldn't they be adjudicated by local workers? That part has been suggested by traffic analysis but not yet proven.

If it can be proven that the error rate on dominion machines was set to an excessively high number, thus sending massive numbers of ballots into the adjudication process where administrators can essentially assign them to anyone without an audit trail, that would be about the first half of a smoking gun that we need. The other half would be who was adjudicating those ballots and were they doing so honestly or falsely.

This is worth keeping an eye on, but nothing solid yet.

Mon Dec 14 09:15:41 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Forensic audit of Dominion voting machines still under seal

Washington Examiner"I filed an emergency motion this afternoon with the Antrim County Circuit Court asking them to lift a protective order so that we can release the results of the forensic examination to the American people, to the Michigan House of Representatives, to the Michigan Senate, and to anyone else who wants to see the results so they can judge for themselves how the system operates," DePerno added.
The emergency motion says the "initial preliminary results" are "an issue of national security" and "important for the public, the U.S. government and the Michigan Legislature to review and understand."

We need to see those results, one way or the other.

Mon Dec 14 08:58:23 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Video of ways Dominion voting machines can be used to cheat

Behind the BlackThe point here is not whether anyone tampered with the results. The point is that the Dominion software used is utterly unreliable and can be used easily to tamper with the results. Any election that depended on this software is thus highly suspect, and should be thrown out.

It also means that if this software is used we cannot trust the results from the runoff of two Senate races in Georgia in January.

Basically, administrators can adjudicate ballots in any way they want to, with no audit trail, even scanning blank ballots. So can anyone who remotely compromises the system.

Sun Dec 13 08:24:05 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Summarizing the Texas case

American ThinkerTexas claims that the presidential elections as held (and as directed by government officials outside the legislature) in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Michigan all flagrantly violated their own election laws by materially weakening or doing away with security measures. Further, according to the U.S. Constitution, the legislature (representing the citizens) of each state has absolute authority and responsibility for how presidential electors are chosen; the will of legislature being expressed through state law.

Texas claims that the violations of election law in these states created an environment where ballot fraud was enabled and likely to occur. The lawsuit lists the violations of law in each of the defendant states and provides evidence of fraud (the number of ballots handled unconstitutionally) in each of the states sufficient to change the outcome of the ballot counts.

This summarizes the Texas claims by state.

Sat Dec 12 11:05:22 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

GA SecState backs out of testifying

Lin WoodBrad Raffensperger @GaSecofState
was scheduled to appear & testify tomorrow before GA House Committee about 11/3 election fraud.

He just backed out & cannot be subpoenaed unless special session is called. @BrianKempGA refuses to do so.

How convenient.


What does he have to hide?

Sat Dec 12 09:05:22 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Amistad Project press conference

The National PulseThe establishment keeps claiming there’s “no evidence of widespread fraud” in the 2020 presidential election. That was never entirely accurate, but now it’s a whopper of Clintonian proportions.

Over the course of an extensive press conference, the Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society introduced three whistleblowers who together painted a comprehensive and interlocking picture of illegality and malfeasance involving hundreds of thousands of ballots being prepared, curated, and moved across state lines.


Fri Dec 11 21:25:04 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Missing chain of custody documents in GA for ballot drop boxes

Just The NewsOfficials in Georgia have yet to produce documents to establish the chain of custody for roughly 83 percent of the estimated 600,000 absentee ballots placed in drop boxes during the Nov. 3 elections – with voting for the two Senate runoff elections less than a month away.

The ballots placed in the drop boxes by voters are then delivered to county election officials by county poll workers. But state and county officials still have not produced the documents to show the clear chain of custody, according to the Georgia State News.

Why is it so hard to produce the chain of custody documents -- if they exist?

And if they don't exist, and they are required to exist, their absence creates a negative inference.

Fri Dec 11 19:25:05 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Supreme Court declines to hear Texas case

Fox News“The State of Texas’s motion for leave to file a bill of complaint is denied for lack of standing under Article III of the Constitution,” the Supreme Court’s order reads. “Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections. All other pending motions are dismissed as moot.”

The order does not foreclose any other pending or future election appeals at the Supreme Court, but time is running out. The states meet next week on Dec. 14 for the Electoral College exercise. And on Jan. 6 there will be a joint session of the House and Senate to count the electoral votes and certify President-elect Joe Biden as the winner.

Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas said they would have heard the case -- without granting other relief, like issuing an injunction on electoral proceedings. They added that they expressed "no view on any other issue."

There are other cases still alive. But the denial here of a clean, coherent case to address everything at once by a 7-2 vote is extremely disappointing. In reply I can only quote another judge:

Borepatch quoting KozinskiThe Second Amendment is a doomsday provision, one designed for those exceptionally rare circumstances where all other rights have failed - where the government refuses to stand for reelection and silences those who protest; where courts have lost the courage to oppose, or can find no one to enforce their decrees. However improbable these contingencies may seem today, facing them unprepared is a mistake a free people get to make only once.

The Supreme Court has just declared that it has no courage to oppose a blatant electoral theft. Where, now, do honest citizens go for relief from a government that has refused to provide for an honest election? When you remove all legal, peaceable remedies, when you silence the opposition so their voices go unheard, when you corrupt the elections such that the party of government always wins, what then is left to an honest man who will not bend the knee to a tyrant?

Fri Dec 11 18:48:20 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Another Trump lawsuit in GA

Gateway PunditA massive lawsuit from President Donald Trump lays out tens of thousands of illegal votes for Joe Biden — well beyond the 11,779 vote margin.

The lawsuit was filed on Friday, but had to be refiled after the Fulton County Superior Court rejected it on Monday due to incorrect paperwork and missing filing fees. Both issues have now been corrected.

Some of the highlights of the 1,585 page suit include 2,560 felons who voted, 66,247 underage voters, and 2,423 votes from people who were not registered.

The lawsuit additionally lists 1,043 individuals registered at PO boxes, 4,926 individuals who voted in Georgia after registering in another state, 395 individuals who voted in two states, 15,700 votes from people who moved out of state before the election, 40,279 votes of people who moved without re-registering in their new county and 30,000 – 40,000 absentee ballots lacking proper signature matching and verification.

This one looks pretty strong.

Fri Dec 11 17:21:09 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Another witness who saw fraud

Gateway PunditMichigan Witness: I was there at approximately 3:00 to 3:30 AM. And I saw the huge dump of ballots that were delivered to the counting hall. I noticed that the city of Detroit Clerk’s Office it was their emblem on the white van that showed up with the ballots. Janice Winfrey‘s name was on there and a number presumably for Janet Winfrey’s office. I estimated that it was over 50 boxes that I counted. And I estimated that over a thousand ballots could have fitted in each of the large boxes. There was no chain of custody. There was no accountability. There was no transparency. Nobody knew where these ballots had been. They said they had to be turned in at 8 PM. They showed up approximately at 3:30 AM. So, 7 to 7.5 hours is a long time for these ballots to be kind of in limbo not with anyone knowing where they are.

This is evidence.

Fri Dec 11 16:21:09 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

GA sheriffs offer help with fraud investigations

Fox 5 AtlantaTwo Georgia sheriffs are offering their office's investigators to the secretary of state to help him look into cases of voter fraud in the recent election.

On Facebook, Oconee County Sheriff Scott R. Berry said he and other sheriffs "stand ready to vigorously investigate voter fraud across this State and to ensure everyone's vote counts."

According to Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, his office has over 250 open cases related to the election. These elections included possible double voting, absentee ballot fraud, and other allegations. The secretary of state's office only has 23 investigators, but Raffensperger requested assistance from the Georgia Bureau of Investigations to help get the caseload done quickly.

" I am offering, at no cost, the services of our crime scene specialists and investigators to augment your own office's own capability to investigate said suspected offenses and report their findings to you, the local district attorney, and our state Attorney General," Berry said.

Why do I suspect these offers will not be accepted?

Fri Dec 11 14:21:09 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

A free and fair election this was not

Real Clear PoliticsThere are common international standards about what makes an election “free and fair.” These criteria, summarized by the Inter-Parliamentary Union, include: the “absolute” right to a secret ballot; the right to “express political opinions without interference; [t]o seek, receive and impart information and to make an informed choice”; the right of candidates to “equal opportunity of access to the media”; the “right of candidates to security”; freedom of association, and others.

Many of these were violated in 2020.

“Fraud” was not as important as what Democrats were able to accomplish legally, for example, by pushing the country to adopt vote-by-mail on a massive scale.

Proof of fraud is hard, especially under a time limit. But proof that the election was not a free and fair one is easy. All you have to do is look at the censorship, the last minute rule changes, the ejection of poll watchers, the reluctance to allow audits.

Fri Dec 11 12:21:09 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Statistical analysis of election results

Gateway PunditDan Ball at OAN was on with former Army Intelligence Officer and Sidney Powell – Lin Wood Legal Team Advisor, Seth Keshel.

Keshel is a statistician and a member of the Powell – Lin team. The results of his data analysis show more instances of results so far out of line that the only reasonable explanation is fraud.

This one is short and doesn't offer much new information.

Fri Dec 11 11:21:09 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Shenanigans with military ballots in Detroit

Gateway Pundit“It was all suspicious.”

Elizabeth Forlini was a Republican Poll Challenger in Detroit the day after election day. She helped process the military ballots. She was present when the City of Detroit decided to cover the windows of the TCF Center in order to prevent the Republicans from seeing inside. When she was finally let inside, five hours after arriving, she saw that there was a huge partisan imbalance.

Read the whole thing.

Fri Dec 11 10:21:09 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Why the rush to delete election data?

The Post MillennialA Michigan sheriff in Barry County has alleged voter fraud in the Nov. 3 general election in a federal lawsuit he filed.

Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf filed an "application for a restraining order" to bar county clerks from deleting the election data pertaining to the election. After data is deleted, it would not be possible to conduct a forensic investigation.

I see no honest reason why these various jurisdictions are so intent on deleting their election data. There must be something they are trying to hide.

It's been 48 hours since the Antrim voting machines were imaged and handed off to investigators. If they found something on those machines, we should know soon.

Fri Dec 11 08:21:10 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Arizona hearing on election integrity

Gateway PunditArizona Senate Judiciary Committee to hold a hearing tomorrow at 9:00 am to take testimony (and issue subpoenas as deemed appropriate) regarding election integrity. Voters can watch on live streaming. — Mark Finchem (@MarkFinchem) December 10, 2020

There's been one of these hearings every day this week, or close to it. They are worth watching to understand what the claims are, if you have the time.

Fri Dec 11 08:13:50 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

GA officials can't replicate numbers during recount

Gateway PunditCoffee County Georgia officials sent out a letter last week to Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. County officials told Raffensperger they were not able to duplicate the election night results on their voting machines. Since they couldn’t duplicate their numbers with the fancy voting machines they went with their original numbers.

There's not really enough information here to know for sure how significant it is. The very lack of information suggests it has some significance, though. If they "couldn't replicate their numbers" and the discrepancy was minor, just a few votes one way or the other, no one would care. If it was a lot more for Biden on the recount, people wouldn't care because the outcome wouldn't change. So they must have gotten a lot more for Trump when they recounted, and they don't want to admit that because they are partisans, or they would be implicated in fraud, or both.

Fri Dec 11 08:09:45 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Stuffing the ballot boxes

Gateway PunditA witness who works for the Detroit government came forward exclusively to the Gateway Pundit and said that when she was driving by the Zuckerberg boxes at 9:15pm on election day, she saw several people still stuffing the boxes with potentially hundreds of ballots. The boxes were required to be locked and sealed at 8:00pm. The witness is in fear of retaliation by her politically connected employer but is completely sure of what she saw.

Another Detroit government whistleblower came forward last week. Jessy Jacob testified before the Michigan House a week ago, she is a worker for the City of Detroit and witnessed that the policy was toward ignoring Michigan election law and facilitating voter fraud. Jacob had previously submitted a sworn affidavit in filed litigation that went before Wayne County Judge Tim Kenny.

The video of these Zuckerberg boxes, or the unlawful destruction of the video evidence around them, will be a telling flashpoint in what is shaping up to be the most contentious election in American history.

Where are the tapes for those lock boxes?

Thu Dec 10 20:09:45 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Even now the Left cannot understand what it has done

Gates of ViennaThe anger of Trump’s supporters is white hot, it is incendiary, it is real and it is entirely, eminently justifiable, and it is not the anger of the loser, it is the anger of the wronged and is about so much more than Trump, this is about the democratic future of the United States of America. When a country reaches the point of such legal corruption and such moral degeneracy that democracy can be overturned in full view of a complicit and unquestioning media and liberal establishment there is very little guarantee that democracy will ever recover. This is why the anger is at boiling point, and even now, the left cannot understand what they have done.

Bayou Renaissance ManIf the left had won this election by legal and above-board means, we'd have accepted that as the will of the people. I certainly would have. However, the attempted theft of this election by the progressive left, so abundantly demonstrated in recent weeks, will not be allowed to stand. That's our bottom line. One way or another, it must and will be stopped - and that's why Mr. Weston's warnings may become grim reality.

The Democrats are playing with fire here. Their theft was too obvious and too blatent.

Thu Dec 10 15:09:45 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Youtube to begin banning accounts that contest the election results

PJMediaThe Trump legal team still has active challenges to the election results in several states. Mike Kelly et al. v. Pennsylvania, et al. and Texas v. Pennsylvania, et al. are two pending cases before the Supreme Court. There are many, many witnesses who have signed affidavits alleging voter fraud in various states.

But, according to YouTube, you don’t have a right to see that evidence or be told that fraud even occurred. Your ability to view content and make your own decision about the evidence is superseded by their desire to keep you in the dark about not just mere allegations, but evidence as well. Will YouTube not allow live streaming of hearings alleging ballot fraud too? Should the Supreme Court take up any of the current challenges, will any coverage related to those challenges be allowed on their platform?

There is an increasing air of desperation to their demands that we shut up.

Wed Dec 09 23:27:28 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

North Carolina's voter rolls filled with illegal aliens, non-citizens

Washington ExaminerNoncitizens are embedded in North Carolina jury and voting pools, raising new questions about the integrity of elections, according to an immigration reform group.

The Immigration Reform Law Institute on Monday said it had uncovered examples of noncitizens, and likely also illegal immigrants, in the pools in Charlotte, North Carolina, and other key areas dating back to 2012.

Working with the Voter Integrity Project, IRLI conceded that the numbers were not enough to overturn election results but point to the lack of “political will” by government officials to clean up their rolls.

This issue is one that probably had a much larger impact on the election than people realize, but no one wants to talk about it.

Wed Dec 09 20:27:28 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

House Republicans call for special counsel on election fraud

Just The NewsDozens of House Republicans have joined in an effort to urge President Trump to get Attorney General William Barr to appoint a special counsel to investigate election irregularities.

The 27 GOP congressmen made the request for the appointment of a special counsel in a letter Wednesday to Trump. Texas Rep. Lance Gooden sent the letter with just his signature to the president last week and later gathered more signatures from GOP lawmakers in support of the effort.

Gooden sent the letter after Barr said the Justice Department has yet to find voter fraud in the Nov. 3 presidential election significant enough to change the outcome of the results.

I think this is actually a bad idea at the present time. The moment a special counsel is appointed he will start to shut things down to preserve the secrecy of his investigation. That's exactly what we don't need. The right time for a special counsel is January 19th, after all the public information and affidavits have been reviewed and verified to the extent possible, the machines have been audited and the results released, and so on. Give the special counsel the best starting point we can give him without hiding information from the public or reducing the pressure on Congress.

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Trump promises election system overhaul "after we win"

OANNPresident Trump has called for an overhaul of U.S. election systems. During his Valdosta, Georgia rally on Saturday, the President said he has plans to push forward “critical election reform” to ensure the safety of future elections.
President Trump expressed concern for voting systems in the U.S. and voiced a desire to push forward legislation requiring voter identification as well as other security reforms.

“And after we win, we need to pass landmark election reform, including voter I.D.,” he stated. “Is that so bad? Residency verification…like we live in the country, we live in this state.”

To ensure mass fraud will never take place in a U.S. election again, the Trump administration promised to implement citizen confirmation, so illegal aliens will not interfere in future elections. On numerous occasions, the President warned Americans of the high risk of corruption if citizen confirmation or voter ID is not implemented.

It would have been nice to have these rules in place before this election.

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The dead rise from their graves...

Gateway PunditApproximately 566,958 people voted absentee in Wayne County, where Detroit is located, in the 2020 general election. 2060 appear to have been dead.

The Secretary of State published the data of who those specific people were, their home address, and their birthdate.

... clutching Democratic ballots.

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Trump campaign appeals another PA case to the state Supreme Court

NewsmaxPresident Donald Trump's campaign continues to press lawsuits over Pennsylvania's election, appealing another case it lost to the state Supreme Court, this time over fewer than 2,000 ballots in a suburban Philadelphia county.

Meanwhile, nine state Republican lawmakers filed another lawsuit in state courts Monday, citing perceived irregularities or complaints over mail-in voting procedures, and asking the court to prevent Pennsylvania from casting its electoral votes for President-elect Joe Biden. The Electoral College meets Dec. 14.

The result at the state SC is inevitable, but there will also be an inevitable appeal.

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Powell will appeal GA case after dismissal, says it was "prejudged"

NewsmaxA federal judge listened to oral arguments Monday, but he had already prejudged the case in granting leftist "interveners'" motions of dismiss, including the Democrat National Committee, according to former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell on Newsmax TV.

It certainly wasn't rejected on the merits, just a laundry list of procedural claims.

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A better lawsuit filed in GA

National Review Still, we should take note that the lawsuit the president and his campaign filed in Georgia state court on Friday is, on its face, the best legal challenge mustered so far.

In the Peach State, the campaign is represented by different counsel than it has been elsewhere. The 64-page complaint is a linear, cogently presented description of numerous election-law violations, apparently based on hard data. If true, the allegations would potentially disqualify nearly 150,000 illegal votes in a state that Biden won by only 12,000.

Read the whole thing.

It ain't over till Hillary sings.

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Courts dismiss Powell's Krakensuits

NewsmaxFederal judges in Michigan and Georgia on Monday rejected ex-Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell’s long-shot attempt to decertify the states’ election results, ruling her claims of a vast election-fraud conspiracy were made too late and lack hard evidence.

Notice that neither of those responses address the merits of the case. Powell's suits were filed as fast as reasonably possible, and to claim they were nonetheless filed too late is to basically deny all possible relief from the courts to election fraud. Hard evidence too takes time to gather, and is controlled by partisan actors. It may take discovery and court orders to obtain. Further, "You took too long" and "You don't have enough evidence" are very close to inherently contradictory. I suspect these cases will get appealed rapidly.

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Trump campaign appeals to Nevada Supreme Court

NewsmaxAttorneys for the Donald Trump campaign are appealing to the state Supreme Court to overrule a lower court judge and nullify Democratic President-elect Joe Biden’s electoral win in Nevada.

Documents filed Monday ask the high court to reverse Judge James Todd Russell’s finding on Friday that the legal team for six Republican electors failed to prove the Nov. 3 election was swayed by fraudulent or illegal votes.

A hearing was not immediately scheduled, but the appeal is expected to get fast-track handling. The Electoral College is scheduled Dec. 14 to finalize nationwide presidential election results.

If the courts do not act, they are effectively declaring that the rules don't matter so long as you win in the end.

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Arizona Supreme Court to hear election case

NewsmaxThe Arizona Supreme Court has agreed to hear an election lawsuit filed by state Republican Party Chairwoman Kelli Ward over alleged irregularities with mail-in ballots.

A lower court judge had dismissed Ward’s case last week. But, according to the Washington Examiner, she took an appeal up to the state’s highest court.

The Examiner said that court will now decide the matter without oral argument.

With the legislature temporarily closed due to COVID, the court may be our best chance in Arizona.

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More testimony about election fraud in Detroit

Gateway PunditChris Schnorak saw votes being tabulated at the TCF Center in Detroit, the day after election day last month that did not match the poll book of legal voters.

“I saw a ballot for Taniqua Haynes, it comes up in the computer as the wrong ballot number. They mailed her ballot number 5748, but that’s not what she sent back.”

Challenges by Schnorak were ignored. “They refused to put challenges in the electronic log.”

Schnorak says he was only able to get the Detroit officials to log two ballot challenges, “and I had to fight for those.”

What's the point of having a challenge log if they won't log challenges?

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Petition for special session in GA

GA State Senator William Ligon(December 5, 2020) | Saturday, Sen. William Ligon (R – Brunswick), Sen. Greg Dolezal (R – Cumming), Sen. Brandon Beach (R – Alpharetta) and Sen. Burt Jones (R – Jackson) drafted a Petition calling for and convening a Special Session. The petition serves as notification to Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger that an emergency exists such that a session of the General Assembly is being called for and convened on Tuesday, December 8, 2020, at 10:00 A.M. in order to attend to such emergency and for all purposes provided for pursuant to Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution of the United States.

This Petition comes after the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee was inundated with affidavits, signed under penalty of perjury, from citizens all over the state who testified to blatant election fraud and many violations of the law that have taken place during the 2020 General Election as well as during the follow-up recounts.

Give the sheer number and variety of claims, along with the evidence backing them up, I think it would be dereliction of duty to refuse to examine all possibilities. That said, the time for legislative action is very short.

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You Must Be Alive to Vote Act

The BlazeA Republican congressman made a stand against dead people voting in elections and introduced a bill that requires Americans to be alive in order to cast ballots. Rep. Brian Babin (R-Texas) proposed the You Must Be Alive to Vote Act last week.

"The right to vote is one of the most vital pillars of our democracy, the foundations of which are election integrity and confidence in our democratic processes," Babin said. "The ease with which someone is able to steal the ballot of a deceased person and cast an illegitimate vote should disturb, alarm, and outrage every American citizen, no matter what side of the aisle they sit on. To protect our democratic process and Americans' faith in our elections, we must ensure that deceased individuals are not allowed to remain on state voter rolls."

"My bill will prevent any funds from the U.S. Departments of Transportation or Education, with the exception of those going toward law enforcement agency grants, from going to counties of any state that do not annually check their voter lists against the Social Security Administration's most recent death records in order to purge them of any individuals found to be deceased," Babin declared. "All elected officials, from your local city council member to your U.S. President, have an obligation to obey the law and prevent fraud in our elections, and Congress should not be awarding taxpayer dollars to any counties or states that refuse to do the job they swore to do."

It will never pass... the dead are a core Democratic constituency.

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More information about the Antrim County lawsuit

Gateway Pundit“I do have evidence that you don’t know about that you haven’t seen. I can’t go beyond that. It will be introduced into my case. My attorney’s working on it now. Everybody wants the same thing I want; it doesn’t matter…Democrat, Libertarian, Republican…we’ve got to know we can trust our electoral process. It’s really that simple. I can tell you I have evidence that points to a pretty serious issue.”

Secret evidence isn't very convincing, but I suppose we'll see it in his lawsuit soon enough.

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Nevada voter information sent to Pakistan?

National FileIf worrying about Chinese, Russian, and Iranian interference in the 2020 General Election here in the United States wasn’t enough, now a US voter rights group has discovered that a Pakistani tech company has connections to the Nevada Secretary of State’s Office.
Catherine Engelbrecht, the president of True the Vote, said her organization requested the Nevada voter file from the Secretary of State after the November 3, 2020, election. The Secretary of State’s office responded with a voter file in an email, but the message was copied to, which is the email for Waqas Butt, the CEO of Kavtech Solutions Ltd.

“The fact that this company was cc’d on an email containing access to the Nevada voter registration database appears to be evidence of a breach within the Nevada Secretary of State’s email system,” Engelbrecht wrote.

“Obviously, the problems that such a breach may evidence include access to at least the voter registration information of Nevada residents. At worst it could reveal a breach that gives a foreign power access to not only the State of Nevada’s systems, but also to the email systems of anyone whom the State communicates with via email.”

There may well be an innocent explanation for this, but it seems worth investigating further.

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Reading the tea leaves

Meaning In HistoryI think what we're seeing is that there is at least a majority of five justices on the SCOTUS who are very concerned about the implications of allowing a fraudulent election to be certified. That is especially so given that the party that would "win" this fraudulent election is one that has been outspoken in its willingness to utterly transform our constitutional order--by whatever means work for them. Recall, that Pelosi has more than once asserted a primacy of the House over the rest of government. So, with all that in mind, the five justices may be resolved to act to the extent that they're able to do so. That's an important proviso because the deadlines are very short. But they will hopefully speak.

Read the whole thing for analysis of Alito's movement of the deadline for arguments in PA's case to December 8th.

The interesting point here is that PA is not enough. Even if the court takes some action in the PA case to block certification, it won't matter unless the court thinks it is likely to take up other cases regarding the election in other states (at least two others besides PA).

We may be able to see the Supreme Court act in a big way. If they are going to act before the certification deadline, we'll find out December 8th... today.

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Mathematician flags up to 100K illegal absentee ballots in PA

The Epoch TimesA professor of mathematics at Williams College, in a sworn affidavit, flagged nearly 100,000 ballots in Pennsylvania after analyzing election data and phone interviews.

Steven Miller, who specializes in analytic number theory and sabermetrics, said that one instance of possible fraud involved potential votes that weren’t counted and another instance involved ballots that may have been requested by a person other than the GOP-registered voter.

Even more evidence.

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Judge denies Powell's request to inspect Michigan voting machines

NewsmaxCalling Powell’s claims of voting irregularities “an amalgamation of theories, conjecture, and speculation,” U.S. District Judge Linda V. Parker said in a ruling on Monday that the suit didn’t put forth the kind of evidence that would justify placing the election results in doubt to allow inspections of voting machines, software and security footage of polling places.

Not allowing those inspections creates even more doubt.

What does Michigan have to hide?

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Debunking the debunkers

The FederalistA Big Tech-backed “fact” “checking” outfit claimed to debunk explosive evidence in support of Republicans’ claims of significant election problems at a Thursday Georgia Senate hearing. It didn’t. Not even close.

Newly discovered security footage from Georgia’s State Farm Arena showed dozens of ballot counters, media, and Republican observers leaving en masse at the same time from the ballot-counting area for Fulton County. After they left, a small remnant of about four workers began pulling trunks containing thousands of ballots from underneath a table with a long tablecloth and running them through machines.

Read the whole thing.

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GA woman at center of election video controversy lawyers up

Following our report Carolyn Ryan from Carolyn Ryan TV reached out to Ruby for an interview.

At first Ruby accepted the invitation. But then she declined the interview. She said she needed a lawyer.
Good idea.

Yes, getting a lawyer is probably a good idea. But it's also a bit of an admission against interest, isn't it?

We'll see if she gets a high-powered DNC-connected lawyer for free, and that will also be interesting.

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Police have the power to investigate suspicious behavior

American ThinkerScott Adams has evolved a simple measurement to determine whether the Democrats used fraud to push Biden ahead in the election: Were Democrat vote counters acting as if they were committing election fraud? The answer to that question is “yes.” When you combine that with the law’s acceptance that people’s suspicious conduct is useful evidence to prove that they committed a crime, you’ve got one more legal cudgel against the Democrats.

American criminal law has long recognized suspicious conduct as one link in the chain bringing a criminal to justice. Thus, law officers have the right to act if they reasonably believe someone is behaving suspiciously.

We're long past "behaving suspiciously" at this point.

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Wisconsin to hold election hearing

Just The NewsThe Wisconsin State Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections is slated to hold a hearing about the 2020 presidential election this week on Friday, Dec. 11.

"With numerous concerns brought forward, we will proceed with the election investigation," said Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, a Republican. "We must ensure that every legal vote was counted and begin working to eliminate questionable practices that undermine the integrity of the vote."

The Dec. 3 announcement about the hearing notes that the committee has gotten thousands of complaints pertaining to the election and in the past month has been reviewing them. The committee chairman, State Rep. Ron Tusler, a Republican, "will provide a report of his findings to the committee members and invite speakers to testify before the committee."

December 11th is an awkward date; after the Dec 8th safe-harbor date for electors, but before the actual Dec 14th meeting. How important those dates are in this case is somewhat of an open question,since they are set by statute rather than the Constitution.

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Election worker in suspect GA vote counting video is Dem campaign spokesman

Gateway PunditWe’ve identified Ralph Jones, Sr. as the supervisor running the late night ballot counts in Atlanta in secret after sending all Republicans home from the arena.

And that’s actually Ralph in the red shirt right there and he’s the one who told me to stay back and continue to work.”

Ralph Jones Jr, a spokesman for Democratic US Senate candidate Raphael Warnock’s campaign, praised Abrams’ contribution to Democratic gains in Georgia, saying she “helped register hundreds of thousands of new voters, many of whom are young people of colour, and the turnout in this election has already blown past expectations”.

If he's been a spokesman for a campaign, he shouldn't be allowed to participate in the counting process (except as a poll watcher), much less be in an evident position of authority over it.

To be a suspect, you need to have means, motive, and opportunity.

We have established the means: access to the ballot counting machinery and a supply of votes.

We have established the motive: partisan Democrat who has been an official campaign spokesman.

We have established the opportunity: 2 hours of unobserved counting of ballots. And in addition, we have established that the opportunity was created through deception.

The more we look at this the sketchier it gets.

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FBI raided Maricopa County, AZ home over voter data theft

ForbesOn the morning of November 5, as the 2020 election hung in the balance, Arizona federal agents raided a two-story house in Fountain Hills, Maricopa County, a county that had become a key battleground in the presidential race. The agents were looking for evidence of a cyberattack on an unnamed organization and stolen voter data. They left with eight hard drives, three computers and a bag of USB sticks. The resident of the property, a 56-year-old IT expert named Elliot Kerwin, was served the warrant. He is not yet facing charges and was unreachable for comment at the time of publication. There is no indication that anything other than voters’ information, which can be acquired for a few hundred dollars in Arizona counties, was taken from the affected office.

It's possible this guy is just a lone crank. But what use would anyone have for stealing voter data that you could easily buy?

The only explanation that comes to mind is to use that data to somehow mess with the election, and have it not be linked back to you as one of the people who bought the data. Even then I don't really see how this data would help; to commit election fraud you would want to be able to add records. Of course we don't know that, once having broken in, he couldn't add or change records.

I can come up with possible explanations, but we're really waiting to see what the investigators tell us.

Let's not forget that the Dominion voting machines are programmed with USB sticks. And he had a bag of them, which I presume means a lot. And the FBI sure jumped on this guy right quick after the election, despite Barr's later "I ain't seen nothin'" interview. So we're left wondering what the hell is going on in Maricopa County.

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Imaging of Dominion machines in Antrim country reportedly progressing

CDMediaUPDATE – Antrim County Administrator Attempts To Dox Flynn Forensics Team As They Copy Hard Drive…Images Deleted

Sources are not really cited for any of the updates beyond that it was expected to happen this morning, but it's interesting rumors.

This audit is probably a make or break thing for the Trump challenge, barring the server seizure from Germany being real. If they can prove these machines were compromised, they can start making much stronger arguments to look at others. If they can't, their credibility takes a hit.

Official explanations for this put the cause of the problems (in this one country) as human error. It might even be accurate in this case. But the importance comes from being able to apply what's on the Dominion machines to the rest of the places using it.

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Dominion Voting Systems audit has begun

Just The News"Our team is going to be able to go in this morning at about 8:30 and will be there for about eight hours to conduct that forensic examination and we’ll have the results in about 48 hours, and that’ll tell us a lot about these machines," Trump 2020 Senior Legal Advisor Jenna Ellis said Sunday morning on Fox & Friends, according to Fox News.

The Detroit Free Press reported: "In a news release, Antrim County spokesman Jeremy Scott said a group called ASOG will begin taking the forensic images Sunday morning, with Clerk Sheryl Guy, county administrator Pete Garwood, and Bailey in attendance. The imaging is expected to take hours, but there is no timeline for the forensic team’s investigation and results, he said."

This is Antrim County, where we had a very large vote flip. Within about 2 days, that audit should tell us... something.

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Giuliani points to three states that could flip the race

NewsmaxPresident Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani said Sunday that legislatures in three states that Trump lost could wind up deciding who votes in the Electoral College — likely sending the election issue to the U.S. Supreme Court.

In an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Giuliani says he believes the legislative bodies in Georgia, Michigan and Arizona are poised to take votes on electors.

I'm not sure "poised" is quite the right word. But those three states constitute 43 electoral votes. If they follow through before the deadline, things will get dicey.

The way I see it, everyone is taking small steps towards a line in the sand, while looking at everyone else and waiting for the first entity to actually cross it. Maybe it will be a court ruling, maybe it will be a state legislator, maybe it will be no one at all. But the first entity to cross that line is the hardest. Once the first one flips, a domino effect is likely.

But time remains tight.

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Black box voting

Black Box VotingThis report summarizes the results of our review of the GEMS election management system, which counts approximately 25 percent of all votes in the United States. The results of this study demonstrate that a fractional vote feature is embedded in each GEMS application which can be used to invisibly, yet radically, alter election outcomes by pre-setting desired vote percentages to redistribute votes. This tampering is not visible to election observers, even if they are standing in the room and watching the computer. Use of the decimalized vote feature is unlikely to be detected by auditing or canvass procedures, and can be applied across large jurisdictions in less than 60 seconds.

An interesting series of articles from 2016 describing how the weighted race feature in Dominion voting systems (and others) can be used to adjust results.

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Michigan SecState issues order to destroy election data

National FileIt what can only be seen as an effort to keep the facts from coming to light in the face of problematic issues with Michigan’s 2020 General Election process, a memo has been issued from Michigan’s Secretary of State to destroy data.

The Michigan State Republican Party Friday sounded an alarm about an ethically questionable memo authorized by Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson that “is pushing for the mass deletion of election data.”

Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox in a statement Friday, said that Benson’s office issued orders to clerks in Michigan counties to “delete Electronic Poll Book software and associated files” even as calls to audit the election persist.

Why the rush? This data should be preserved. There's no reason to destroy it.

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GA has 250 vote fraud investigations

Just The NewsGeorgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has more than 250 open investigations into voting irregularities in the 2020 election and has gotten approval to use the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to speed the resolution of those probes.

Gov. Brian Kemp approved the request for help on Friday, providing extra resources as Raffensperger's office also deals with two runoff elections slated for Jan. 5 that will determine which party controls the U.S. Senate.

What was that again about no "widespread" voter fraud?

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PA Legislature says it will not act on election fraud

The Epoch TimesPennsylvania’s House of Representatives announced they would not be taking any steps to appoint their own electors to the Electoral College after Pennsylvania’s legislature heard testimonies of election fraud and introduced a resolution to contest the state’s election results.

The letter was signed by Pennsylvania Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman, House Speaker Bryan Cutler, Senate Majority Leader Kim Ward, and House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff.

We need the courts to act. Until they do, no elected official will have the courage to do squat.

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House Republicans demand action from AG Barr on election fraud

Daily WireA group of House Republicans sent a letter to Attorney General William Barr on Friday demanding the AG investigate alleged fraud in Georgia and work to ensure fair runoff elections slated for January in the Peach State.

“As Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger revealed Monday, his office is investigating multiple organizations attempting to register illegal and invalid voters in Georgia,” says the letter, signed by 21 current members and four members-elect. “As the Georgia Secretary of State’s office lacks prosecutorial power, we ask that the Department of Justice simultaneously investigate and prosecute this illegal behavior under federal law.”

If we want for Barr to investigate, we'll get an answer after Biden wins his first election.

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Lawsuit filed to impound ballots in NM

PinonPostOn Friday, the Republican Party of New Mexico announced they have financed and filed a lawsuit requesting for Bernalillo County ballots in the First Congressional District to be impounded to search for irregularities.

“There are questions that still persist in this election that involve election integrity, and we must look closely at what happened here in New Mexico,” said Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce.

According to the news release, the New Mexico Republican Party asked congressional candidate Michelle Garcia Holmes, who ran for the seat, to submit the petition. “New Mexico law grants candidates the right to have authorities impound tally sheets, registration certificates, paper ballots, absentee ballots, statements of canvass, absentee ballot applications and absentee ballot registers,” says the release.

New Mexico would be a new front in the election war.

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Affidavits sworn to go home order in GA vote counting controversy

NewsmaxUnder the penalty of perjury, Georgia poll observers said they were told to go home around 10 p.m. Election Day, which coincides with State Farm Arena video showing the vote counting continuing for hours.

GOP poll monitors Mitchell Harrison and Michelle Branton signed affidavits that a woman told everyone Nov. 3 to stop counting ballots and to return 8:30 a.m. ET on Nov. 4, per the report, according to The Epoch Times.

"This lady had appeared through the night, and Mitchell and I believed her to be the supervisor," Branton's affidavit read, per the Times.

Harrison said he sought answers about the shutdown from Fulton County Public Affairs Manager Regina Waller, but she refused to answer questions, his affidavit read.

The two Republican poll observers and the Fox News crews left, leaving just Waller and three others at the State Farm Arena's absentee ballot counting location.

The person who told everyone to go home is now refusing to answer questions? That's not suspicious at all.

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Dominion leadership offered to help Hillary beat Trump

Gateway PunditAn email previously released by WikiLeaks reveals that a Dominion Voting advisor met with John Podesta during Hillary Clinton’s campaign to discuss ways that they could help to defeat Donald Trump.

During Clinton’s campaign, according to an email chain released by WikiLeaks, Kirkland & Ellis LLP partner Kamran S. Bajwa met with John Podesta while offering “anything” to help defeat Donald Trump.

Podesta, at the time, was chair of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 U.S. presidential campaign.

Partisan activism is a very bad look for a voting machine company.

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Arizona House speaker won't call for special session

Behind the BlackRusty Bowers, Arizona Republican House Speaker, has now categorically declared that he “cannot and will not” recall the legislature to review the election results and choose electors based on that, despite the Constitution’s clear language that gives the state legislature that full power.

An audit isn't helpful if you can't do anything with the results. However, if the audit finds evidence, minds may be changed...

If you live in Arizona, there are phone numbers to call at the link. Demand that your legislature assign electors to Trump because of the obvious fraud.

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MI SecState trying to delete election data

The Epoch TimesThe Michigan GOP on Friday raised concerns about a memo sent by Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson that “is pushing for the mass deletion of election data,” although a spokesperson for the secretary’s office later said the process is routine.

The GOP said Benson’s office told clerks in Michigan counties to “delete Electronic Poll Book software and associated files” amid calls to audit the election while flagging it was concerning.

Gosh you're in a real hurry to destroy the evidence, aren't you?

Sun Dec 06 14:25:21 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Judge orders forensic review of 22 Dominion voting machines in Michigan?

The Epoch TimesA judge in Antrim County, Michigan, has authorized a forensic audit of 22 Dominion Voting Systems machines, according to Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

“BIG WIN FOR HONEST ELECTIONS,” the former New York City Mayor wrote on Twitter on Dec. 4. “This is where the untrustworthy Dominion machine flipped 6,000 votes from Trump to Biden. Spiking of votes by Dominion happened all over the state.”

It will be very interesting to see what they find.

Sun Dec 06 13:25:21 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Interview with Matt Braynard of the Voter Integrity Project

Just The NewsA veteran data expert and onetime Trump campaign staffer revealed to Just the News on Thursday the expansive, expensive and in-depth voter fraud investigations in which he and a team of workers have been immersed round-the-clock since the disputed Nov. 3 election.

Braynard has been doing good work. I hope it will actually matter.

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NV election machines had their totals changed overnight

Zerohedge“What they would do is they would log these disks in and out. Good practice. And the disks had a serial number on them. And numerous times that disk would be logged out with one vote total on it and logged back in the next morning during the early vote period with a different number on it. Sometimes more, sometimes less,” Binnall said.

“What that means is that literally in the dead of night, votes were appearing, and books are disappearing on these machines.”

The whole point of recording the counts is to prevent this from happening. What was done to investigate this and prevent those clearly tampered totals from being used?

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How to fix the electronic vote fraud problem

American GreatnessStarting in the first quarter of 2021, regardless of what the corrupt incompetents at the RNC do—or more likely, don’t do—we should begin lawfare to dismantle the electoral systems the Left has put in place. We should write model legislation for the various states with Republican majorities to enact, among other things, outlawing EVMs, outlawing universal mail-in ballots, and forcing the cleaning of voter rolls.

We only have ourselves to blame for not putting into practice these methods that neighboring developed countries have used for years. Let’s not look back in four years and realize we compounded our mistakes by doing nothing.

Paper ballots would be a good start.

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GA officials threaten grave consequences if they cannot wipe election machines

The Epoch TimesGeorgia officials on Thursday asked a judge to lift an order that is blocking officials from altering information in voting machines in three counties, arguing the machines are needed to prepare for the upcoming Senate runoff elections.

Janine Eveler, director of the Cobb County Elections Department, said the agency is already executing its plan for the upcoming runoffs. Preparation of voting machines, including clearing memory cards, started before order, she said.

The order is holding up testing of machines that will be required for in-person voting on Election Day, according to Eveler. The first step in the testing process is to clear memory cards of data from the Nov. 3 election and create cards with new data, which takes at least two-and-a-half days in total.

Memory cards are cheap. There is absolutely no reason not to preserve those used in an election for at least several years so that the data can be examined. the hurry here is entirely unseemly and unnecessary. Just buy new memory cards, allow the machines to be examined and released. There's no need to wipe anything. Further, I believe there is a federal law that requires election data to be preserved even aside from this order.

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AG Barr must release report on election investigations

Sara CarterArizona Republican Rep. Andy Biggs demanded Friday that Justice Department Attorney General William Barr release the current findings of “his election fraud investigation.”

Biggs, who spoke at a press conference outside on Capitol Hill, said on Twitter that it “is imperative that the American people receive clarity as to the allegations and claims that have been raised about the 2020 election.”

I do believe there is already an executive order in place that demands a report on that topic. 45 days after the election would be Friday, December 18th.

But if Barr is playing deaf, dumb, and blind, it won't contain anything interesting.

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Biden's numbers in PA are simply unbelievable

The BlazeHere are the facts. We know that 2.6 million mail-in ballots have been counted in the Pennsylvania election returns, in addition to nearly 4.2 million Election Day votes. We also know from the secretary of state that Trump won Election Day votes, 2.7 million to 1.4 million. But we are to believe that Biden won 76% of mail-in ballots.

Yes, mail-ins overwhelmingly skewed Democrat, like Election Day votes skewed Republican, but they were not all from Democrats. We know that 64.7% of those votes were from registered Democrats, 23.7% from Republicans, and 11.6% from nonpartisan or other party voters.

What does this mean in simple arithmetic? My friend (who goes by screen name Gummi Bear on Twitter) crunched the numbers and showed that had Biden won 95% of returned Democrat mail-in votes, 21% of returned Republican votes, and 80% of returned independent votes, he would still have come up short of his margin of victory reported in the unofficial tally.

Read the whole thing. It compares Biden/Trump mail in numbers to in-person numbers, primary numbers, down-ballot numbers. None of them make any sense. Biden did not win.

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GA SecState investigating early departure of poll monitors

Just The News"We have launched an investigation into why the monitors from the political parties left before scanning ended," Jones said. "While it was their right to leave early, we want to make certain they were not misled into thinking scanning had stopped for the night when it had not."

An interesting question would be whether poll watchers from both parties are optional or required. If optional, this could be written off as an oops (in theory; other evidence also suggests fraud). But if poll watchers are required, the counters should have stopped on their own initiative until watchers could return.

Having a single state employee monitoring should not be sufficient.

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Biden vote spike corresponds to unusual ballot counting video

PJMedia“This spike is mathematically impossible without cheating, and it coincidently falls within the same timeline that the new ballots were captured,” claims Bernard Kerik, the former NYPD commissioner who is helping the Trump campaign collect evidence of voter fraud.

So what's going on in this viral Georgia vote counting video?

What seems clear: poll observers and some workers were told to go home; after they left, counting resumed with ballots pulled from underneath a table in what has been described as "suitcases". Some officials claim this was all normal and that the poll watchers being told to go home because counting had stopped was a miscommunication. Others, including the Trump legal team, point to a spike in Biden ballots that registered at the same time.

So what's really going on?

(Read More...)

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Audit of GA voting machines has ties to Dominion, SecState did not disclose

Epoch TimesThe firm hired by Georgia’s secretary of state to conduct an “audit” of Dominion Voting Systems technology used during the 2020 elections is the same one that previously certified the Dominion systems and also approved a last-minute system-wide software change just weeks before the election.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger failed to disclose that the company, Pro V&V, had a preexisting relationship with Dominion that dated back years, in his Nov. 17 statement announcing the results of the audit.

Raffensperger also failed to disclose that Dominion had used technical conclusions from Pro V&V in a pre-election Georgia lawsuit that questioned the reliability of Dominion’s systems during a last-minute software fix before the Nov. 3 election. The testing from Pro V&V had been characterized as “superficial” and “cursory testing” by an expert cited in court documents.

It sure does seem like Raffensperger has something to hide here.

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Majority of PA Republican legislatures asks Congress to reject electors

Gateway PunditOn Friday, 76 of 141 Republican representatives in Pennsylvania sent a letter asking Congress asking them to reject the state’s 20 electors, appointed by Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf, who would be voting for Joe Biden.

The representatives also asked for an independent prosecutor and a review of the agency that oversees elections.

Unfortunately it's not a majority of the legislature itself.

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What did Fulton County do with the server that crashed during the recount?

Daily WireGeorgia Republican Party Chair David Shafer said Wednesday night that Fulton County is rescanning a batch of 12,000 ballots over “unexplained technical problems.”

“Fulton County Commissioner [Liz Hausmann] just alerted me that Fulton County is re-scanning a batch of 12,000 ballots due to unexplained technical problems,” said Shafer. “We have dispatched Republican monitors back to the tabulation center. This is maddening.”

It's been a couple days now. Where is the explanation? Why did the server crash? Was it replaced or wiped? Where is the original server?

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New GA lawsuit over presidential election results

NewsmaxPresident Donald Trump has filed suit in Georgia claiming the election process was filled with “significant systemic misconduct, fraud and other irregularities” resulting in “many thousands of illegal votes” being cast and counted.

The suit was filed in Georgia on Friday on behalf of Trump and David Shafer, a presidential elector pledged to the president. The suit named Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and a slew of local elections officials.

It is asking the court to prevent certification of the results and order a new presidential election.

The main focus of this suit is on absentee ballots. While it was filed shortly after the video of suspicious activity at the counting center was shown, it does not appear linked to the activity in the video.

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GA SecState: "Ballots were counted unlawfully and in secret"

National FileAfter Thursday’s bombshell security footage that showed vote counting observers being sent home, only for vote counters to pull black suitcases full of votes from underneath a table and begin processing them in the early hours in the morning, the Georgia Secretary of State’s office conceded that “ballots were counted unlawfully and in secret.”

We're beginning to see movement.

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2400 Californians voted in Nevada?

California GlobeAccording to the Election Integrity Project, Nevada, more than 2,400 persons who are registered to vote in Nevada, subsequently registered in California, but voted in Nevada’s November 3 election.

EIPNv had previously reported 1,411 such voters. An expanded analysis, matching mailing addresses and phone numbers, found approximately 1,000 more suspect voters. To lawfully vote in Nevada, one must continuously reside in the state and one’s county for 30 days and one’s precinct 10 days preceding Election Day [NRS 293.485].

Federal law allows persons to vote in their old state if they have moved within 30 days of the election. These findings will be submitted to the Secretaries of State in both Nevada and California.

Evidence of fraud.

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Evidence of illegal votes in Georgia

Gateway PunditOne of many volunteer groups, a Georgia-based voter data analytics firm says it has found that about 40,000 illegal votes were cast in Georgia in the November 3 general election. Mark Davis, President of Data Productions, Inc. and considered an expert in five court cases concerning election disputes found 40,239 people who moved from one county to another more than 30 days before the election and voted in their old county, which is illegal according to Georgia law. Those 40,239 people who voted failed to register their new address in time to vote in their new county, and according to the law they cannot vote in either county until they do.

40,239 illegal votes are more than triple the size of the current margins in the Presidential race as Joe Biden is listed as being approximately 12,000 votes ahead of President Donald Trump.

The analysis also found that 267,255 people notified the USPS that they moved outside the state of Georgia, which means they are no longer eligible to vote in the state, yet, 14,980 of those people allegedly voted in the 2020 election in Georgia, 100 percent of them illegally.

One problem with this is that it doesn't necessarily show who those votes were for, so we can't know the effect of removing them unless we can identify and remove those specific ballots.

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More backdated ballots

Gateway PunditNew election fraud whistleblowers came forward on Tuesday, including a postal subcontractor who was told that over 100,000 ballots in Wisconsin were gathered the day after election day and backdated so that they would still be counted.

The new information was made public at a press conference with multiple whistleblowers by the Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society, a national constitutional litigation organization.

Postal subcontractor Nathan Pease says that he was told by two separate postal workers on two separate occasions that the USPS in Wisconsin was gathering over 100,000 ballots on the morning of November 4 to backdate the ballots so that the ballots would be counted even if they arrived after the statutory deadline.

“Mr. Pease’s sworn statement coincides in time with a dramatic ballot dump on the morning of November 5 which heavily favored Mr. Biden and which has caused significant controversy within the expert community regarding the statistical probability of the late insertion of tens of thousands of ballots in favor of a single candidate on the morning after the election,” Amistad Project said in a statement.

Two independent accounts corroborating each other.

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Weighted percentage voting

American GreatnessA scientist in the fields of pattern recognition in mathematical analysis, testified Monday that Biden may have received a weighted 130 percent of Democrat votes in Maricopa County, Arizona, to help him win the state.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai is an Indian-American scientist, engineer, politician, and entrepreneur who holds four degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, including a Ph.D. in biological engineering.

Weighted percentage voting is a documented feature of the Dominion system. Supposedly it's there for shareholder votes or something. But it's very convenient.

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A short course in rules of evidence

SpectatorOver the past weeks we have been treated to a veritable cavalcade of misinformation from the pack of braying hyenas in the press — who risibly misname themselves journalists — to the effect that: (a) there has been “no evidence” yet offered by Team Trump; (b) that there has been “no proof” offered by TT; (c) that all TT’s accusations are baseless.

The three speakers at Nov. 19’s press conference — Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and Jenna Ellis, all former prosecutors with ample trial experience — tried to explain that affidavits — memorialized statements made by eyewitnesses and experts who swear to their contents under penalty of perjury — are evidence; that documents are evidence; that audit trails can show how software flipped hundreds of thousands of votes; that avalanches of unsigned mail-in ballots with machine-perfect identical markings, without a single vote for Trump, and not a single vote for down-ballot federal or state candidates, is essentially a zero-probability event. Yet the press jackals unleashed withering scorn disguised as questions — a tactic even Gov. Cuomo now publicly deplores — that ignored those apt legal lessons.

Useful, if you think sworn affidavits and expert witnesses is not evidence.

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A massive dump for Biden in PA

SpectatorThere are landslides and then there are landslides. There are lopsided votes and then there are lopsided votes. There are egregious examples of vote manipulation and then there are really egregious examples of vote manipulation. What surfaced during hearings in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on November 25, 2020 may set the standard for electoral outrageousness. An expert testifying to the Pennsylvania Senate flagged a batch of ballots that recorded some 570,000 votes for Joe Biden and only 3,200 for Donald Trump.

Yes, you read that correctly. That would equate to Joe Biden bagging 99.4% of that enormous chunk of votes. That one batch alone would have flipped the state to Biden.

That dump stinks.

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Michigan is still in play

PJMediaIn the wee hours of Thanksgiving Day, the Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society filed an explosive election lawsuit asking Michigan’s Supreme Court to prevent Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson from certifying the election results until the Michigan legislature can fully investigate fraud claims and to force election officials to hand over all election materials to the legislature for this purpose. The lawsuit claims that officials illegally counted or threw out no fewer than 508,016 ballots, far more than Joe Biden’s 154,000-vote margin over Donald Trump.

“State and local officials brazenly violated election laws in order to advance a partisan political agenda,” Phil Kline, director of The Amistad Project, said in a statement. “The pattern of lawlessness was so pervasive and widespread that it deprived the people of Michigan of a free and fair election, throwing the integrity of the entire process into question.”

There are a lot of suits out there.

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More evidence of fraud in Georgia

Derek Somerville I’ve personally spent the last several days painstakingly analyzing 580,226 registered Georgia voters from current state-provided voter rolls who submitted a US Postal Service Mail Forwarding Change of Address request at least 30 days PRIOR TO the November 3rd election.

FACT: at least 57,793 Georgia voters cast their vote in a county that is DIFFERENT than where they previously instructed the USPS to forward their mail.

FACT: 43,507 (75%) of these individuals DID NOT vote in person on election day.

FACT: 17,514 of these voters asked the USPS to forward their mail OUT OF STATE to non-APO/DPO/FPO military addresses. 89% are over the age of 25 and likely not college students.

It’s been a few years, but most of you know I’m a former FBI Special Agent. Prior to that I worked in the US intelligence community. I’m a trained federal investigator who was assigned to Public Corruption cases. There are others more experienced than me, but this if far from my first rodeo.

Again, more and more evidence.

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Trump campaign plans to show more evidence at Nevada court hearing

Washington ExaminerThe Trump campaign on Wednesday unveiled a tranche of information it plans to present to a Nevada state court Thursday that suggests there were thousands of fraudulent votes cast — possibly enough to overturn Joe Biden’s win there by 33,569 votes.

Officials said that among the evidence and expert testimony to be presented in Carson City are indications that over 1,500 ballots were cast by dead voters, that 42,248 people voted “multiple times,” data on a huge spike in incomplete voter registrations, and home addresses in temporary RV camps and casinos.

They also plan to present polling that 1% of Nevada voters shown to have voted never did and 2% of those shown to have voted by mail never got a ballot.

Nevada remains in play.

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Video proof of election fraud in GA

After poll watchers and media were told counting had stopped due to a "water main break" in the counting location, several workers remained behind and, waiting until the watchers had left, resumed counting ballots from boxes they had hidden under a table.

I see absolutely no valid reason for this.

Those ballots must be discarded.

The people at the hearing are calling this a "miscommunication". I don't buy it.

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USPS blocking workers from testifying?

The National PulseOne such development is that the United States Postal Service (USPS) is “preventing witnesses and whistleblowers from testifying,” concerning wide-scale orders for workers to deliver ballots to nearly 8,000 “undeliverable” addresses. The ballots were later “collected, turned in, and presumably counted.”

“There are multiple key witnesses who are whistleblowers with matching, independent stories supporting these issues, who USPS is trying to obstruct from testifying,” the Nevada GOP notes.

I wonder how USPS is trying to obstruct exactly. Might it be obstruction of justice? Probably not formally. But everyone involved in this is acting like they have something to hide.

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Audits in Arizona, Nevada could swing both states

Just The NewsAn audit of more than 1,400 mail-in ballots in Nevada indicates that 2% of them were cast on behalf of voters who never received a ballot in the mail, and 1% were cast on behalf of voters who say they did not vote in the election at all.

The audit, which was conducted by Baselice and Associates for the Trump campaign's legal team in Nevada, suggests that the above mentioned 3% of voters whose identities matched the names on the ballots they inspected were not actually the ones who cast the ballots.

2-3% of absentee votes doesn't sound like much, but that's enough to swing the race when you combine it with out of state voters (9,000) and just a few more.

Meanwhile, in Arizona, a similar audit of 100 ballots found 2 errors, resulting in a 3% change from Trump to Biden. Again, extrapolated, that's enough to change the result. The state granted an audit of 2,500 votes to see if the problem remained in a larger sample.

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Court grants Powell expedited appeal on injunction order

Just The NewsA federal appeals court said Wednesday it will expedite a case brought by high profile attorney Sidney Powell in her suit against Georgia election officials.

The pessimist in me says they have already wiped the machines, shredded the envelopes, and otherwise destroyed everything. But we won't know if we don't look.

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Postal worker drove completed ballots from NY to PA

The National PulseA Pennsylvania postal truck driver is set to allege that there were an estimated 144,000 to 288,000 completed ballots shipped across three state lines in October, according to new revelations from the Amistad Project.

Later Tuesday the national constitutional litigation organization, the Amistad Project will host a press conference featuring three whistleblowers who are set to provide eyewitness testimony demonstrating “significant potential election fraud, some of which affects hundreds of thousands of ballots.”

His trailer with the ballots went missing when he arrived.

Why were completed ballots for PA in NY?

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Detroit vote counter was asked to backdate ballots

NewsmaxA Detroit ballot processor testified before a Michigan legislative hearing on Thursday that she was intimidated and harassed by supervisors after she refused to backdate absentee ballots and accept others that violated state law on Election Night.

Jessy Jacob, a 34-year Detroit city worker, told a hearing of the state’s Senate Oversight Committee that she was instructed by election officials on the morning of Nov. 4 to enter ballots as received by Nov. 2 knowing they had been received after the 9 p.m. deadline on Nov. 3, Election Day. Her refusal drew reprisals, she said.

''They treated me like a criminal, humiliated me, harassed me,'' Jacob said in her witness statement sitting beside Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, campaign lawyers for President Donald Trump. ''It was so bad.''

How many people didn't refuse?

There are so many of these incidents that you know there were a lot of people trying.

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Video evidence of election fraud in Georgia

Team TrumpWATCH: Video footage from Georgia shows suitcases filled with ballots pulled from under a table AFTER supervisors told poll workers to leave room and 4 people stayed behind to keep counting votes.

Some have said, in an effort to "debunk" this, that it just normal counting of ballots. But if so, why was it hidden from observers after lying about a water leak to clear the building?

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Former Acting AG Whitaker criticizes Barr as missing in action on election fraud

NewsmaxFormer Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker declared current Attorney General William Barr, the Department of Justice and the FBI as ''nowhere to be found'' on election fraud claims.

''Bill Barr, the DOJ, the public integrity section — the people that do voting cases, and the FBI have been nowhere to be found,'' Whitaker said Wednesday on Newsmax TV’s ''Stinchfield.''

''On the one hand, I would agree that they don’t announce when they’re doing investigations, or tell us about the progress of those investigations, but at the same time, I found the [attorney] general's comments concerning. And I was pleased when they walked back a lot of those, suggesting that there are ongoing investigations and while there is no evidence of truly systemic overturning election changes, that actually it sounds like they’re still doing the investigation.''

Barr probably has a lot of sophisticated reasons and excuses for not seeing evidence. Some of them may even be valid. But coming out and commenting on the ongoing investigation may be a mistake, and trusting AP not to twist your words in a hit piece definitely is.

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State AG office visiting witnesses to vote fraud

Gateway PunditLeah Hoopes said the DOJ [later corrected to special agents from the state AG's office] made a visit to her home to question her after she testified last week in Gettysburg.

She does not sound comforted by the visit. In fact, she sounds intimidated.

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Michigan votes for Kanye given to Biden

Gateway PunditDemocrat Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson quietly issued rules this past summer that any “unapproved write-in” should have their votes CANCELLED.

Witnesses describe THOUSANDS of Kanye votes that were GIVEN TO BIDEN due to this “Benson rule.”

If someone voted straight-ticket Democrat and wrote in Kanye, since he was an “unapproved write-in candidate” according to the Secretary of State, they were instructed to remove Kanye’s vote and instead give that vote to Joe Biden, a 77 year old white man.

Sounds very fishy to me. The very nature of a write-in candidate is that they should not need to be "approved". And if the vote for Kanye is invalid for that reason, it should not go to Biden, but count as no ballot in that race.

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4 suspicious data dumps in key states

PJMediaOn Sunday afternoon, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) shared an unsettling analysis of the 2020 election results that raises serious questions about statistical anomalies and four particularly suspicious “data dumps” in the key swing states of Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

“Interesting . . . Trump margin of ‘defeat’ in 4 states occurred in 4 data dumps between 1:34-6:31 AM. Statistical anomaly? Fraud? Look at the evidence and decide for yourself,” Paul tweeted.

Those dumps deserve a very close look.

Thu Dec 03 08:44:36 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Whistleblower email claims votes added

Epoch TimesAn alleged anonymous whistleblower’s email that was provided to a cybersecurity expert in testimony during an Arizona GOP state Senate meeting claimed that 35,000 fraudulent votes were given to each of the Democratic candidates in Pima County, Arizona.

A copy of the purported email was displayed during the event on Monday, as cited by retired Army Col. Phil Waldron. Waldron, a cybersecurity expert, claimed that the information was from a Pima County tech support provider, although he did not say in what capacity. The event was held by some Republican members of the Arizona State Legislature, which also included statements from President Donald Trump’s lawyers.

“There were approximately 35,000 fraud votes added to each Democratic candidate’s vote totals,” he said, adding that the number was “embedded in the vote totals.” The same purported whistleblower then asserted that he went to a meeting with Democratic Party officials in Pima County on Sept. 10 that included a presentation about the embedded votes, adding that no phones or video recording devices were allowed, said Waldron.

Credibility of the email is questionable, since it was sent anonymously. But it's possible DOJ knows more, and the election data appears to confirm the basic claim.

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Pallot full of computers sent to hard drive shredder

CodeMonkeyZComputer hardware was loaded into a truck earlier today at Gwinnett County Elections and Voting center.
Truck rumored to belong to a digital data shredding company.
Source: @SgtMal

It's implied these are election-related machines. Concerning.

Categories Vote Fraud

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Vote fraud in California

NoqreportThe consolation prize for President Trump in the Golden State was that he won 5.5 million votes in 2020, a million plus more than four years ago. But did Joe Biden really top 11 million ballots as officially reported? One experienced programmer and information security expert thinks the answer is likely not. In fact, the Democratic candidate may not have even topped 10 million.

Doing a deep dive analysis of the election live-feed used by the New York Times, the researcher, with two decades of experience looking for data anomalies, estimated that at least 1.7 million votes for Joe Biden were statistically suspicious and likely the result of electronic fraud, he told in an exclusive interview.

I wonder why they needed fraud in CA, it seems pretty solidly leftist. But maybe fraud is how they keep it that way?

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Training for fraud

Gateway PunditAt both trainings, the instructors were proudly telling official Detroit poll workers how to prevent Republican poll challengers from seeing ballots so they could not inspect them, and could not perform their legal duties to prevent voter fraud.
This training also included instruction to accept any printout to verify identity so that someone could vote, a process that he said lacked any security.
Detroit election security was such a joke, according to de Angeli, the tabulator passwords were taped on the machines and were simply the election date: 11032020. “I assume that was the password on all machines citywide.” In the trainings, he noted that it was obvious that these had been the password used for YEARS. The machines also required a ‘dongle’, an insertable device, along with the password to operate the machines but de Angeli said he felt the level of election security was a JOKE.
He was instructed to let people vote twice with duplicate entries in the voter.

This is called evidence.

Wed Dec 02 13:59:30 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

About that voter fraud that doesn't exist...

JSOnlineIn an election decided in Wisconsin by about 20,000 votes, President Donald Trump wants to throw out more than 200,000 ballots.

The Trump campaign is seeking to disqualify 238,420 ballots cast during the Nov. 3 election between Dane and Milwaukee counties, according to a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel analysis — an effort that has been unsuccessful so far as part of recounts in both counties but could end up in court.

Milwaukee County's recount concluded Friday, with Democrat Joe Biden increasing his net margin of victory over Trump by 132 votes out of nearly 460,000 cast. The Dane County recount is expected to conclude Sunday.

The ballots Trump is seeking to disqualify affect voters who cast absentee ballots in person, known as early voting, and residents who identify themselves as "indefinitely confined," allowing them to vote absentee without meeting the state photo ID requirements.

Do we have elections that follow the laws? Or do the officials have license to change them however they want to, regardless of what the law says?

Do we have a republic? And can we keep it?

Wed Dec 02 13:58:02 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Finding more ballots

Washington ExaminerA New York congressional race came down to a judge personally reviewing individual spoiled ballots, resulting in the Democratic incumbent erasing his nearly 30,000-vote deficit to take a 13-vote lead and declaring victory.

“In NY-22, the Democrat incumbent was trailing by almost 30K on election night,” said Hot Air editor Jazz Shaw on Twitter. “The mail-in ballots got him close. Then a Democrat judge from Syracuse ruled he would personally ‘review’ all of the spoiled ballots that had been rejected. Guess what happened next.”

“The judge miraculously ‘found’ enough ballots that he felt were okay and the incumbent now ‘leads’ by 13 votes,” Shaw continued.

This sort of thing is open fraud.

Wed Dec 02 13:54:20 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Dominion IT contractor testifies

Gateway PunditBallots are supposed to drop into a sealed box after being scanned through the tabulating machine, however Melissa Carone said the ballots were accessible to the election worker after being scanned through the machine. She said the boxes that were supposed to receive the scanned ballots were moved to another part of the room and used to block poll observers.

Melissa Carone also said one of the Dominion workers disappeared to a “warehouse” for several hours right before a big data dump for Joe Biden.

Melissa Carone gave a very compelling testimony and stunned the lawmakers sitting on the panel.

I've actually reported on her account before, but this is before legislators and may have new information.

Wed Dec 02 09:49:39 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

GA will use the same fraud-enabling rules for runoffs

Paul SperryBREAKING: Capitulating to Stacey Abrams pressure groups, Georgia election officials have extended the use of fraud-prone absentee ballot "drop boxes" for Jan 5 Senate runoffs + early processing,prompting one county GOP official to warn: "We will lose both Senate seats in January"

Without Trump running, the fraud will be a lot less obvious, but it will be there. Will it be decisive? Probably, because the Democrats desperately want it and they just proved they can do it.

Wed Dec 02 08:45:22 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Trump votes switched to Biden votes in PA

Justin HartYou know what's even MORE suspicious than BIG vote dumps giving Biden the lead in WI and MI? Taking AWAY votes from @realDonaldTrump
in Pennsylvania!

This chart: the 25 data dumps where Trump LOST votes from the Dominion feeds.

97,676 votes LOST! And Biden GAINED 160K+ votes!

Click through for the graph.

Wed Dec 02 08:45:22 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Sidney Powell also looking into Virginia

Sidney PowellYes, #Virginia, You experienced serious #ElectionFraud against multiple conservative candidates.
The #KrakenOnSteroids and team will see you soon


Not sure if this is an admission that things aren't looking good enough in the conventional swing states... but there were definitely some strange things in Virginia.

But in all honesty, Sidney, you seem kind of busy. Do you really have time for another state?

Wed Dec 02 08:45:22 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Fulton County recount delayed due to server crash

Gateway PunditThe recount in Georgia’s Fulton County has been delayed due to the Dominion Voting Systems mobile server crashing on Sunday evening.

Officials in the county, which includes Atlanta, said that the server was newly purchased.

“Technicians from Dominion have been dispatched to resolve the issue,” Fulton County officials said in a statement obtained by local station WXIA-TV. “The Georgia Secretary of State’s office has also been alerted to the issue and is aware of efforts to resolve the problem.”

One possible reason for servers to crash is if you are running untested, unauthorized code on them. Like you would have to do if you were a hacker trying to use them to steal an election.

Wed Dec 02 08:45:22 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Occupy Georgia state capital and protest outside GA SecState's house

Michael CoudreyAfter the Secretary of State ordered the voting machines to be wiped in a blatant destruction of evidence, coalition groups plan to OCCUPY THE STATE CAPITOL in Georgia on Monday November 30 at 12pm.

They also plan to protest outside the Sec. of States house at 6pm.

There is absolutely no reason to wipe the machines now. Image them and preserve the images, and either seek other options for the runoff, or use simple paper ballots counted by hand.

Why is Raffenberger in such a hurry to destroy the evidence?

I'd recommend against protesting at someone's house. But when the police and the courts will not intervene to stop the destruction of evidence, options are limited. And people are really, really angry about this.

Wed Dec 02 08:00:43 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

FBI interested in election issues, finally?

Matt Braynard- The @FBI has proactively and directly requested from me the VIP findings that indicates illegal ballots.

- By Tuesday, we will have delivered to the agency all of our data, including names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Doesn't mean they'll do anything with the data, but it's a start.

Wed Dec 02 07:40:16 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Bryne claims he has funded a team of hackers to investigate the election

Daily BeastFormer CEO Patrick Byrne left behind a cloud of confusion when he resigned in 2019 from the internet retailer he’d founded after panicking investors with his bizarre claims that he had romanced a Russian agent at the behest of “Men in Black” working for the United States government.

Now he’s back, with what he has described as his own personal “army,” touting what he claims is proof that Democrats stole the election from Donald Trump.

“I’ve funded a team of hackers and cybersleuths, other people with odd skills,” Byrne said in a Tuesday interview at One America News, where OAN personality Chanel Rion praised Byrne as the head of an “elite shadow cyber security team.”

Crazy like a fox. He's also said in the past that he has funded Sidney Powell.

Wed Dec 02 07:39:48 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Raffensperger to investigate out of state groups in GA

Sara CarterGeorgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced he is opening an investigation into whether outside groups are registering people from other states to illegally vote in the Jan. 5 Senate runoff election.

This sounds to me like protective coloration. He wants to look like he's doing something. But he's been part of the problem.

Wed Dec 02 07:39:16 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Fake ballots?

Gateway Pundit"On October 21, he arrived at Bethpage where he saw 24 gaylords (large cardboard containers used by USPS) and was told they contained mail-in ballots. He saw 24 gaylords containing bulk mail bins filled with identically-sized ballot envelopes stacked crosswise, which likely contained 144,000-288,000 ballots or more,” Amistad said. “He could see it contained handwritten return addresses and one was even marked Certified Mail, prompting the expediter to remark that the person must have really wanted the ballot to get to its destination. Both of these observations revealed the ballots had already been completed and were being returned to be counted.”

Amistad continued on to explain that “Mr. Morgan got to Harrisburg at 9:15 a.m., ballots in tow, but was forced to sit in the USPS yard until 3:00 p.m. When he went inside to speak with someone because his hours were about to expire, a self- identified ‘transportation supervisor’ made himself known and instructed Jesse to drive the whole load to Lancaster without unloading the portion intended for Harrisburg. The ‘transportation supervisor’ would not provide him with a written slip, saying he would need to unload in Harrisburg in order to receive a slip. Morgan drove to Lancaster under orders from the Harrisburg postal supervisor, unhooked the trailer in the normal place, parked his tractor in the normal place, and went home.”

The next day, his trailer, the only trailer he ever used on his Bethpage route, was gone.

That's a lot of suspicious activity.

Wed Dec 02 04:24:49 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

More illegal votes than the margin of victory in AZ

ZerohedgePro-Trump statistician Matt Braynard - whom the FBI just asked to share his findings concerning his data-driven investigation into illegal and fraudulent voting in the November election - says he's confident that there were more illegally-cast ballots in Arizona than Joe Biden's current margin of victory.

"I have a high degree of confidence that the number of ballots that were cast that should not have been cast, illegal ballots, surpasses the margin of victory as it stands right now," said Braynard said at a public hearing on election issues in Arizona.

The evidence continues to pile on.

Wed Dec 02 03:28:19 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Barr says no evidence of large-scale fraud "to date"

Associated PressAttorney General William Barr said Tuesday the Justice Department has not uncovered evidence of widespread voter fraud that would change the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Barr said U.S. attorneys and FBI agents have been working to follow up specific complaints and information they’ve received, but they’ve uncovered no evidence that would change the outcome of the election.

To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election,” Barr told the AP.

Barr didn’t name Powell specifically but said: “There’s been one assertion that would be systemic fraud and that would be the claim that machines were programmed essentially to skew the election results. And the DHS and DOJ have looked into that, and so far, we haven’t seen anything to substantiate that,” Barr said.

I've bolded Barr's interesting weasel words that undermine the AP headline.

Trump legal team responds.

Tue Dec 01 15:19:04 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Lt General Michael Flynn speaks out on the election

World View WeekendWVW-TV Exclusive: Lt. General Michael Flynn's First Interview Since President Trump's Pardon Includes His Talking About the Ongoing Coup w/ Guest Lt. General McInerney and Mary Fanning.

It is interesting that Flynn is willing to appear on the show with, and even be introduced by, McInerney. It seems as if that decision may lend credit to the Hammer and Scorecard theory.

Flynn says that he sees a clear path to victory and is confident Trump won with 350-400 electoral votes (after removing fraudulent ones, of course).

Flynn is lending his credibility to the Dominion voting system issue. He says "We have evidence of previous elections where this happened as well." Who's we?

McInerney identifies the Kraken as a nickname for the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion. He claims the server seizure in Frankfurt and says he has heard there were actually people killed in that operation. Significant news, if true. I trust Flynn more than McInerney alone.

Tue Dec 01 10:44:33 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Smartmatic issues with vote fraud

Gateway Pundit“Michelle, the term pre-loaded is exactly the right term I would use right here in Manila. Pre-loaded votes. Pre-loaded ballots. Again, I would point this out to our audience look at these pieces of documents. They are signed. We have 70,000 voters. Exactly 4,140 ballots were already scanned by 140 voting machines days before the election. That’s over six and seven percent.”

It doesn't take a significant security flaw to preload ballots, just a corrupt admin.

Smartmatic and Dominion appear to be linked, though they deny it. Watch the whole video at the link.

Tue Dec 01 10:44:24 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Burden of proof and doctrine of spoilation

Meaning in HistoryThis is where a significant twist enters into play. What would be compelling counter evidence? Evidence that would show Trump's allegations are incorrect? Well, in election cases paper trails and electronic trails are supposed to be generated and retained--precisely as evidence for use in settling disputes. All the Dems need is to present that evidence.

The twist is that so far the Dems, who control the elections in the disputed locales, are refusing to produce that evidence. Worse, there are allegations that they are destroying that evidence. The law has a way of dealing with destruction of evidence. In a criminal case, destruction of evidence can lead to obstruction charges. In a civil case, that's handled by what's called the "doctrine" of spoliation. This doctrine could lead to a presumption that the evidence destroyed by the defendant would have been favorable to the plaintiff. In that case the burden of proof for the Dems would be essentially insurmountable--thus Trump's tweet. Powell and others are, in fact, alleging exactly this--that evidence has been and is being destroyed.

This is generally worth reading the whole thing, but the part I found most interesting is above. If the Democrats destroy the evidence of their fraud by doing things such as discarding ballot envelopes, losing USB devices with votes, and so on... the evidence they contained can be presumed to go against their case.

So destroying or losing things could well backfire, even if it makes it hard to prove fraud.

Does the same basic presumption apply to trying to block observers from watching the counting? It certainly seems like it should, but it's a slightly different question.

Elizabeth VaugnThe most frightening part of Stenstrom’s testimony came at the end. He had “just learned two days ago that virtually all chain of custody logs, records, yellow sheets, everything, was gone. All forensic evidence, all custody sheets in [inaudible] County are gone. They had a signing party where they sat down and poll workers were invited back to recreate those logs and our understanding is as of today, was that they were unsuccessful in getting them all. So we have a situation in where we have 100,000 to 120,000 ballots, both mail in and USB, that are in question. Now there’s no cure for this, there’s no remedy for this. As a home charter we could have a re-election in Delaware County for our own representatives within our own town. But there is no cure for that for the president of the United States. And I don’t believe, as a citizen and an observer to this, that anybody could certify that vote in any good conscience.”

If the audit logs and documentary evidence to support an election is missing, and it appears to be missing, then courts can presume it to be unfavorable.

Tue Dec 01 08:33:59 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

PowerLine discusses Powell's Georgia lawsuit

PowerLineIn any event, as already noted, it seems highly implausible, given the production of a paper ballot checkable by voters and given the hand count of the paper ballots, that many votes for Trump were counted as votes for Biden.

The problem with this assertion is that the ballots print and read QR codes. They also print a readable version of the ballot. But if the two do not match, how can the voter tell, assuming they even bother to check?

Now, this would probably be fixable by hand counting the ballots. But I seem to recall not all Georgia counties actually did a hand recount. And many voters probably do not think to check their ballots. That's also far from the only way to cheat with a voting machine.

Also, Powell's suit doesn't rely solely on voting machine issues. It also alleges a number of other issues, each of which has the potential by itself to change the outcome.

Powell should have the chance to present her full case.

The rest of his post makes the good point that Republicans in Georgia were not necessarily confident of a Trump victory. That may be so. But it may also be so that the 2018 elections were tainted by similar issues and the polls were very demoralizing.

Tue Dec 01 08:16:27 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Trump campaign lawsuit in PA dismissed

ZerohedgeA federal appeals court has tossed an attempt by the Trump campaign to revive a lawsuit seeking to undo Pennsylvania's certification of Joe Biden's irregularity-plagued victory in the state.
The Friday decision potentially sets the stage for a US Supreme Court showdown, in which the 6-3 (arguably) conservative majority could overturn the results of the election.

I'm a bit less sanguine about this case. The appeal was on narrow procedural grounds and was only necessary due to chaos within the Trump legal team about what exactly their case consisted of. The basic issue is whether the Trump team could amend their complaint a third time to add back in claims they had allegedly removed in their second complaint. (Comments from the Trump team seem to suggest they don't think they removed those claims, so it may have happened accidentally). I am of the opinion the court should allow obvious mistakes to be corrected given the urgency of the matter, but that's quite literally a judgement call.

The Trump team appears to think that their lawsuit getting dismissed will go quickly to the Supreme Court and win there, but if their lawyering was sloppy the SC is not going to be forgiving. That appears to be false bravado; sure you expect lower courts to be cautious about a case like this, but you still have to make a good evidentiary record and going to the SC asking for the right to undo your mistake (which is all the remedy I think they can really ask for at this stage) isn't helpful. Even if the SC agrees and tells the trial court to let them amend, this was all wasted time.

There is another PA case which has blocked certification of the PA elections and may get to the Supreme Court faster and do better. That one could throw out all mail-in ballots because the procedural change did not follow proper procedures for amending the constitution. That would be a drastic remedy, but maybe a necessary one.

Tue Dec 01 08:16:27 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

An interesting note about Georgia election technology

UncoverDCA key takeaway from the briefing was the logistical and technical issues that plagued the county before the polls opened. When asked by Corbitt how they solved the technical glitches, Barron replied that using large amounts of technology lends itself to problems, but the new equipment enabled them to log in to the poll pads and fix problems remotely.

That's capability will also enable the admins (and hackers) to alter vote counts in any number of ways.

National FileAs the nation is focused on the lack of system security in the 2020 General Election, now comes news that not only did Dominion Voting Systems have access to the entirety of the Chicago voting system and database, they had that access for over half a year.

In a March 2020 video of an emergency meeting of the Chicago Election Board (CEB), that body approved a motion to provide Dominion Voting Systems the right and capability to remotely access their machines in an administrative role during the 2020 election.

Eric Coomer, the Director of Product Strategy & Security for Dominion Voting Systems, was a full participant on the call suggesting that, from the start, Dominion was the one running the elections in Chicago, the thirds-largest city in the United States and one that glows cobalt blue in its politics.

It looks like giving Dominion's biased employees remote access from home was standard practice.

Tue Dec 01 08:16:27 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Braynard has names of people who voted in multiple states

Citizen Free PressMatt Braynard — “I can show you the names of the people on the record having voted in multiple states in the raw data the states make available, so this isn’t speculative, this is just what the data shows.”

Significant evidence of vote fraud was revealed through data analysis and investigations by Matt Braynard, executive director of Look Ahead America. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Matt Braynard to look over his data and discuss his findings.

Whether this is deliberate fraud by the person named, or if someone voted for them after they moved without their knowledge, it's an identifiable set of votes that need to be discarded.

Tue Dec 01 08:16:27 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Eric Coomer explains how to switch votes

Coomer is affiliated with Dominion Voting Systems and the person who allegedly said "Don't worry about the election, Trump's not gonna win. I made fucking sure of that." Here he gives a presentation on how to switch votes. Now, to be fair, he's talking about election adjudicators who are judging ballots the system couldn't read -- but it's easy to manipulate the system to generate a lot of those ballots. And he explains it can be done "remotely", which is a recipe for hackers to get in and abuse the functions. (It also matches up with Dominion having complete remote access to the voting system in Georgia, among other places).

Tue Dec 01 08:16:27 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

This is why Democrats resist cleaning up the voter rolls

Just The NewsInstead of heeding the process contoured by the Michigan Legislature, Benson sent "unsolicited absentee ballot applications to every household in the state without verifying whether the intended recipients were still residing at the same location, whether they were eligible to vote in 2020, or even whether they were still alive."

Sending unsolicited absentee ballot applications is a recipe for disaster, and disaster is what we got. That Benson sent them without following the legal procedures and didn't bother to verify anything is just icing on the cake.

Tue Dec 01 08:16:27 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Nevada voters listed their homes as RV parks... or casinos

The Epoch Times“This investigation found over 13,000 voters whose voter registration information revealed no sex or date of birth. Not only does this mean we cannot verify whether these voters are old enough to vote, it is also historically strange: While one does not expect voter registration information to be perfect, it is very strange that there were very, very few of these kinds of imperfect records with missing or invalid information until this year—when there are 13,372 of them,” the data scientist said.
“I have also identified dozens of voters who listed as their home or mailing addresses a temporary RV park and casino,” she wrote.

An RV park may actually be someone's home, but it's also a good indicator that someone's residence in the state may be rather temporary. Casinos often have hotel rooms... but again, that doesn't seem likely to be the permanent address of a resident.

Tue Dec 01 08:16:27 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

AZ hearing on election fraud has bombshells

Zerohedge has the video.

Holy Shit. Military intel guy testifying at Arizona hearing is confirming manipulations in past elections (he named Cruz v Beto and Bevin's race in Ky). He says he observed election day traffic, confirming the systems were on the internet.

Votes can be moved in large batches, whether by administrators or hackers.

Qnatch malware discovered on the servers, which records credentials, enabling remote access with those stolen credentials.

He SAW changes.

He observed traffic going to Frankfurt, one of the sites that has been coming up- in the hammer/scorecard/kraken stuff. The CIA has a known facility in Frankfurt.

It is starting to look like this stuff is real, although details are still lacking.

35,000 fraudulent ballots added to all Democrats in Arizona, as reported by a whistleblower email, and confirmed by observation of an artificial vote spike at the beginning of counting. "Tested and shown to work in judicial retention elections since 2014."

The hearing is about 5 hours long.

Mon Nov 30 16:33:57 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Evidence of election day irregularities

Sara CarterA Pennsylvania poll watcher testified to a Senate GOP Policy Committee hearing in Gettysburg Wednesday that he witnessed numerous Election Day irregularities.

Gregory Stenstrom, a former commanding officer in the Navy and a forensic computer scientist with expertise on security and fraud issues, alleged that 47 USB cards used during the Nov. 3 election have gone missing and estimated that as many as 120,000 votes cast in the election should be questioned.

“In all cases the chain of custody was broken,” Strenstrom said. “It was broken for the mail-in ballots, the drop-box ballots, the Election Day USB card flash drives. In all cases they didn’t follow any of the procedures defined by the Board of Delaware County of Elections.”

Bruce PorterExpert witness to the election fraud, Greg Stenstrom gives testimony of witnessing 24-30 USB cards being used to insert 50,000 votes in Pennsylvania! This is not normal, they denied they did it, but as of today, 47 USB cards from PA election are missing.

This is evidence.

Mon Nov 30 08:07:28 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

An interesting summary of election issues

Patrick Bryne has been an interesting political figure lately. He has linked to FBI for counterintelligence, and whistleblew on their use of him and his connections with a Russian maybe-spy to get introductions to high level Republican politicians and figures in the NRA. Regardless of the individual's guilt or innocence, it's likely she was under FISA surveillance with at least some legitimacy (more than the rest of the Russiagate hoax). That allegation has, oddly, disappeared. Likely because it has at least some grains of truth, and Bryne's public outing of his FBI handler's instructions makes it embarrassing for both sides.

But now Bryne is writing about the election fraud. And he has the redacted affidavit from Sidney Powell's military intelligence witness. He has evidence of access to Dominion Voting Systems from China and Iran.

AffidavitIn my professional opinion, this affidavit presents unambiguous evidence that DominionVoter Systems and Edison Research have been accessible and were certainly compromisedby rogue actors, such as Iran and China. By using servers and employees connected withrogue actors and hostile foreign influences combined with numerous easily discoverableleaked credentials, these organizations neglectfully allowed foreign adversaries to access data 17and intentionally provided access to their infrastructure in order to monitor and manipulate elections, including the most recent one in 2020. This represents a complete failure of their duty to provide basic cyber security. This is not a technological issue, but rather a governance and basic security issue: if it is not corrected, future elections in the United States and beyond will not be secure and citizens will not have confidence in the results.

The details of this affidavit will require some technical and security domain knowledge to fully understand. As a developer, but without particular experience in the security field, it puts some meat on the bones of the allegations but remains incomplete, with some allegations relying on the personal knowledge of the witness.

Mon Nov 30 08:03:51 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

An interesting tidbit from Bryne

Joanne Nova“Past election fraud? I don’t want to get ahead of the data, but it may have happened in 2012. It (fraud) was supposed to happen in 2016 for Hillary but it was shut down. I know exactly who shut it down. It’s one of the reasons why Hillary didn’t feel the need to campaign too much.

An interview with Patrick Bryne, who as far as I can tell is crazy like a fox. I recognize almost everything he says in the interview, and I don't think it's coming from him... except for the part I emphasized above. If it was supposed to happen for Hillary in 2016 (and yes, Hillary is easily corrupt enough to try that), but someone shut it down, and Bryne knows who that was... And he also mentions that he has a conduit to talk to people in government and give them information (which is probably true, based in his past history)...

Who shut it down in 2016? Why didn't they shut it down in 2020? (And what about 2018 -- yes or no?)

If he is telling the truth ... and has told others... things are going to get a lot more exciting soon, I think.

Mon Nov 30 08:03:51 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

There and back and back again

I've written recently about the drama in GA where SecState Raffenberger ordered the election machines to be reset, preventing their examination to investigation election fraud. A judge ordered him not to, then withdrew the order. The order is now back on and directed at the people who actually control the machines.

It appears Atlanta already wiped their machines. I guess they had something to hide.

Mon Nov 30 07:58:33 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Signature matching, Obama, and primary elections

Robert BarnesHow did Democrats kick @kanyewest off the ballot in his home state? By demanding a strict signature match. Guess what rate of signatures were rejected by the election officials? Over half. Yet the signatures magically match for the general election?

They do if you turn off electronic signature verification and close your eyes.

Hat tip

Mon Nov 30 07:10:16 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

At least one race in Nevada is still in play

Just The NewsA recent analysis of the votes in Nevada cast in the 2020 presidential election is showing an inexplicable jump in problematic voter registrations. The analysis will likely give the Trump campaign another legal path to challenge Joe Biden's victory in the battleground state.

In an affidavit filed by Republicans challenging the results of the election, a data scientist testifies that she found a surge of incomplete voter registrations, in addition to voter registrations listing casinos and RV parks as the "home or mailing addresses" of the individuals registering. The faulty voter registrations come from the congressional district that covers most of Clark County, Nevada, of which Las Vegas is the county seat.

"This investigation found over 13K voters whose voter registration information revealed no sex or date of birth. Not only does this mean we cannot verify whether these voters are old enough to vote, it is also historically strange: While one does not expect voter registration information to be perfect, it is very strange that there were very, very few of these kinds of imperfect records with missing or invalid information until this year – when there are 13,372 of them."

Do the Democrats just have a fleet of RVs they give to their antifa types to use as mobile riot staging grounds and voting addresses? They can go to where they are most needed that year. Or, with mail in balloting, register in multiple locations and just drive between them picking up their mail?

Mon Nov 30 07:09:12 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

PA legislature to name it's own electors?

PA State Senator says a joint resolution to take back the power to name electors will happen. Mind you, this is "news" mainly, I think, in that he wants to do it and plans to try. He didn't say anything to really talk about how much support the move would have, but Republicans control the legislature in PA. If they can hold their majority on the vote, they don't need anyone else.

It's not over yet.

Mon Nov 30 07:01:17 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Elected official furious about Smartmatic's lack of audit trail

YoutubeApparently frustrated at Smartmatic's Heider Garcia's failure to explain the internal clock glitches of some Precinct Count Optical Scan machines, automation defender Makati City Rep. Teodoro Locsin Jr. cursed at the Smartmatic official during his committee's hearing on alleged fraud committed during the May 10 elections.

This is a government official very, very, very angry at Smartmatic's lack of proper auditing capability. It's a little bit of a technical issue; he's basically complaining that the internal clock on the voting machines can be set incorrectly which renders their audit trail useless. I don't immediately see a good fix for this technically (to sync the clock would require network access, and some admin has to be able to set the clock at some point). I suspect the answer is that local election staff should not have admin access to reset the internal clock. This is far from the only security issue with voting systems.

Allegedly, Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems are linked, so the same design flaws likely apply.

Mon Nov 30 06:53:57 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Powell has the check stubs

Sidney Powell"We've got pictures of the check stubs paid to people to ballot harvest."

Pictures of check stubs is pretty damning, if in fact the payments were for "ballot harvesting" (which itself is a tricky question, as different states have different rules about what is allowed). But even if the idea that they were for ballot harvesting can be proven, you still have to have enough of those votes to change the outcome.

Mon Nov 30 06:49:36 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Brennan center recommended huge numbers of extra ballots

Gateway PunditBackup ballots are necessary, not only in response to machine failures, but also for provisional voting — when voters find themselves in the wrong polling place, or when they’ve requested an absentee ballot but wish to vote in person and a poll manager isn’t available to help. To cover all these scenarios, Georgia election officials should supply Election Day polling places with enough pre-printed ballots — and provisional ballot envelopes — for 40 percent of registered voters. And they should provide at least some backup supplies at early voting sites too.

Did Georgia follow that recommendation? 40% of registered voters is a huge number of blank ballots that could be used for anything.

Mon Nov 30 06:46:12 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Twitter blocking links to Powell's funding site?

BreitbartTwitter is blocking users from sharing links to lawyer Sidney Powell’s lawsuit relating to widespread voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential election.

A number of users across Twitter have reported being unable to share links to lawyer Sidney Powell’s lawsuit relating to voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential election. When attempting to share the link to the document, users receive a notification stating that the link has been identified as “potentially harmful.”

Twitter’s policy on blocking links states: “At times, Twitter will take action to limit or prevent the spread of URL links to content outside Twitter. This is done by displaying a warning notice when the link is clicked, or by blocking the link so that it can’t be Tweeted at all.”

It's interesting that Twitter has been so fast to block her, while as far as I can tell not actually blocking other lawsuits. They just slap "fact-checking" labels on most of them. The only other political thing I'm aware that they actually blocked was the Hunter Biden laptop. Which makes me wonder what Twitter is hiding about Powell's work.

Note that Breitbart suggests Twitter is blocking the lawsuits, Twitter appears to be blocking the whole domain they are hosted on, which is also Powell's fundraising platform. They may just be trying to make it hard for her to fundraise.

Mon Nov 30 06:31:40 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Arizona legislature to hold hearing on election fraud Nov 30th

EventBriteUrgent Public Hearing with President Donald J. Trump’s Legal Team and Select Members of the Arizona Legislature on the recent elections.

The President’s legal team will be present from DC to assist in a fact finding hearing with select members of the Arizona House and Senate and a panel of experts. The goal will be to gather the evidence that justifies calling a special session to contemplate what happened and take immediate action accordingly.

The fact is, political pressure on state legislators will be necessary to resolve this. Let's get the facts out.

Mon Nov 30 06:20:22 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

We've seen what happened in this election before... just not here

Michelle MalkinAfter Venezuelan Smartmatic official Marlon Garcia "tweaked" central server during 2016 vote tabulation, Philippine VP candidate's 900k+ lead "was wiped out." Several Smartmatic employees were criminally charged w/tampering. Garcia fled the country.

"Shortly after unauthorized alteration of the script of the transparency server," VP candidate's lead "started to taper at a uniform rate, something he quoted experts as saying was statistically impossible."

It's on video at the link, and we saw exactly that "taper at a uniform rate" after the pause in our own key battleground states.

Mon Nov 30 06:17:36 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Eyewitness testimony of workers staying behind after GA "leak"

American ThinkerTo optimize the fraud, late at night on November 3, Georgia’s election workers stated a lie about a massive leak at the State Farm Arena that required them to shut down the count. In fact, after the arena was closed, there’s eyewitness testimony several election workers spent approximately three unsupervised hours working at the computers.

Why did they stay behind when everyone else left because of the "water leak"? What were they doing without any observers?

Sun Nov 29 17:32:29 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Judge blocks wiping of voting machines in GA

TwitterEmergency Order just entered by Judge Timothy C. Batten, Sr.:

“Defendants are ordered to maintain the statue quo & are temporarily enjoined from wiping or resetting any voting machines in the State of Georgia until further order of the Court.”

To my mind this comes several weeks too late, but it's a sign that at least one judge is taking things seriously.

Probably should be said that this does NOT mean anyone was actually wiping or resetting machines. It's a preventative. But if the machines turn up wiped after this and they weren't supposed to be...

UPDATE: The judge reversed himself because defendants are not in possession of the machines. Can't you injunct a third party to preserve evidence? Especially in a case like this where the third party is the GA state gov?

UPDATE: A new order adds the appropriate officials to the injunction.

Sun Nov 29 15:27:01 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Another Georgia lawsuit that could flip the state

Gateway PunditThe Armistad Project, a part of the Thomas More Society, filed lawsuit contesting GA results, citing expert opinion “that well over 100,000 illegal votes were improperly counted, while tens of thousands of legal votes were not counted.”

And another one another one just got granted expedited review.

Sun Nov 29 14:32:29 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

47 USB cards "missing" and were "found" to have 50K Biden votes

Gateway PunditThe Pennsylvania state legislature on Wednesday held a hearing on the 2020 election issues and irregularities.

One very credible witness described how he personally observed dozens of USB cards being uploaded to voting machines which resulted in 50,000 votes for Joe Biden in a short period of time.

The witness introduced himself: “My name is Gregory Strenstrom, I am from Delaware county, former Commanding Officer in the Navy, veteran of foreign wars, CEO of my own private company, a data scientist and forensic computer scientist and an expert in security and fraud.”

“I was told that every election they leave a couple of USBs in the voting machines…after talking to law enforcement I found out that was not the case, that more than two [USBs] is unusual — so, they denied they did it but as of today, 47 USB cards are missing and they’re no where to be found…so I was told personally that these cards that were uploaded…they didn’t update the vote live in real time,” Strenstrom said.

He continued, “They only uploaded about once every 2 or 3 hours. I demanded they updated the vote so I could see what the result was and it was 50,000 votes — and as a computer scientist, an American and a patriot it doesn’t matter who those 50,000 votes were — I’ll tell you they were for Biden but what was shocking to me as an American and someone who has gone to sea, gone to war that could even happen.”

It's not the raw number of those votes necessarily, it's that the 47 "missing" USB sticks have no chain of custody. They could come from anyone. (Remember Philly had a USB key to their voting system and an admin laptop stolen in late October, so someone had the ability to use admin access to create fake Biden ballots). Knowing that it's 50K (at least) for Biden just tells you the magnitude of the problem when considering whether it would change the result of the election.

Sun Nov 29 14:12:16 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Over a thousand postboxes found on Georgia voter rolls

Just The NewsHundreds of Georgia voters registered and voted using addresses from postal facilities or businesses that appeared to be residential addresses, according to a former Trump campaign official and his team who analyzed the voting data.

The addresses listed on the rolls included information that didn’t make sense for the locations, but appeared on paper to look like residential ones, the newspaper also reported.

Some of the location also purportedly were UPS and FedEx locations.

Nearly all those “who disguised a postal facility as their residential address” used an absentee ballot to vote, Braynard said.

So in other words... you could vote in Georgia by renting a post office box and having your absentee ballot sent there.

That doesn't fly because the law says you have to live there.

Sun Nov 29 14:11:56 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Legitimate questions about Dominion Voting Systems

American ThinkerThere is an explosive investigation in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) regarding the Dominion Voting Machines (DVM) and Brad Raffensperger’s role in easing the security surrounding those machines. According to the AJC, in October the Secretary of State’s office was responsible for weakening the system’s defenses, disabling password protections on a key component that controls who is allowed to vote.

Just days before the early voting started, on October 12th, according to the AJC, Raffensperger’s office “pushed out new software to each of the state’s 30,000 voting machines through hundreds of thumb-drives that experts say are prone to infection with malware.”

According to the article, the features that make this new software vulnerable to hacking would “not be detected without an audit after the election.” The software has a feature where voters verify their selections as a paper ballot and then the ballot is fed into an optical scanner by an election official. For reasons that are difficult to understand, the scanner doesn’t record the text of the ballot. Instead, it reads “an unencrypted quick response” or QR barcode that is indecipherable to the human eye.

That feature, according to the AJC, makes it possible either to tamper with individual voting machines or to infiltrate the state’s central election theory. In theory, hackers could alter the barcodes to change votes and there would be no way to detect the changes.

It's funny how these concerns from the left suddenly disappeared after the election, isn't it?

Sun Nov 29 10:25:06 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

The Trump plan to win Wisconsin

Red StateThe effort by the Trump Campaign to reverse the outcome of the election in Wisconsin is beginning to gain some attention — it now has my attention...

But, because “strict compliance” with the rules and requirements of absentee voting is required by Wisconsin law as noted at the outset above, persons who “self-designated” as being “indefinitely confined” — and evaded the photo ID requirement as a result — cast unlawful ballots that cannot be included in the certified result of any election.

The recount now underway in Dane and Milwaukee Counties is likely for the limited purpose of just trying to reduce the margin from 20,000 votes to some lesser number. That lower number then becomes the “target” in the search for absentee ballots where the application for the absentee ballot — especially for newly registered voters — included a “self-certification” that the elector was “indefinitely confined”.

Basically, mail-in ballots combined with COVID-19 provisions allowed Wisconsin voters to improperly evade voter ID requirements. Those ballots will have to be tossed out. There is a lawsuit seeking that remedy from the Amistad Project.

Sun Nov 29 09:25:06 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Thousands of fake ballots found?

Gateway PunditThe Wisconsin recount of 2020 election ballots is currently underway in Wisconsin.

According to our source on the ground: More than 2,000 of fake votes were found at Wisconsin Recount in Dane County on Friday!

Take Gateway Pundit with TWO large grains of salt on this one.

I don't know the full details, or why they think the ballots are fake. But based on the text and images, the issue seems to be that there are thousands of ballots that all have the same signature.

The problem is that the ballots pictured are all signed under the line reading "Absentee ballot issued by". That is, the signature is from the person who issued the absentee ballot, not the person who received it. The same official signing a lot of ballots as he sends them out is not a problem by itself.

The other issue is that they are allegedly absentee under "indefinite confined" rules, which are not supposed to apply to COVID (but many used COVID to claim that status and vote absentee). Those absentee votes would be illegal, if they could be separated out. Harder to prove, though.

So until we know more about why they are supposedly fake ballots, I suspect this is a nothingburger.

Sat Nov 28 12:39:51 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Trump still on the Dominion case?

Sat Nov 28 08:18:26 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

The Shadow of the Kraken

Front Page Magazine makes the connection between Powell's references to Hammer, Scorecard, and the Kraken.

Front Page Mag In 2017, WikiLeaks released numerous CIA documents detailing "Kraken." They included orders to spy on all major candidates in France's 2012 presidential election, including the incumbent at the time, Nicholas Sarkozy. "Kraken" would provide information on each party's election strategy and each candidate's private conferences and ability to influence political decisions.

The CIA uses another program in conjunction with "Kraken," called "Hammer" (or "Hamr" in the files WikiLeaks released), which Powell referenced. "Hamr" spies on protected networks without being detected.

The connection to Wikileaks documents that probably predate the election controversy is enough to take Powell's allegations even more seriously.

Sat Nov 28 08:18:21 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Cloud vulnerabilities in election software

This presentation claims to be from expert Russell Ramsland, who has been cited by Sidney Powell in her "Kraken" lawsuits. It's alleging massive security holes in the election systems, primarily the cloud network infrastructure, starting at usernames and passwords in publicly accessible documents and getting worse from there.

If true, no election conducted with this setup is safe.

Fri Nov 27 12:08:33 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

A common sense take on the Kraken

Meaning In HistoryWhat I came away with from Sidney Powell's Kraken was the conviction that the simple approach is probably the right one--in the short term. I believe there's ample reason to do a painstakingly thorough audit of the entire 2020 election, but the immediate goal has to be to right the specific wrong--undo The Steal. For that proximate, short term, goal a focus on traditional voter fraud will suffice, even though it may miss the bigger picture of election fraud. This takes nothing away from Sidney Powell's Kraken of a complaint--in actual fact, Powell presents a compelling account of just that sort of fraud. The big picture can be addressed--indeed, must be addressed--as we go forward.

I agree with most of this analysis. Powell's lawsuits touch on both general election problems and, broadly, the vulnerabilities of the Dominion systems used. The Dominion-related issues are complex and likely to take longer than we have, but do need to be investigated. Insofar as the presidential election, it will likely be necessary (not to mention, easier) to pursue more limited claims that invalidate enough illegal votes to break Biden's lead.

So far, almost everything Sidney has about Dominion is based on the idea that they are easily used for election fraud. So far as I can tell, she has one or two expert witnesses who appear to claim (based on quotes from her lawsuit, without seeing their full affidavits) actual evidence of fraud in the 2020 election. One of them is Russell Ramsland and the other appears to still be anonymous (publicly). If there's actually evidence these flaws were used to change the results, that could be explosive. But it will take time to sort out.

With a December 14th deadline and relatively small numbers of votes needed, pick off the easy states first and fast.

Fri Nov 27 12:08:27 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Braynard's Voter Integrity Project conclusions

Fri Nov 27 12:07:26 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Powell's claims in MI lawsuit

Just The News“Fraudulently adding ‘tens of thousands’ of new ballots and/or new voters to QVF in two separate batches on November 4, 2020, all or nearly all of which were votes for Joe Biden;
“Forging voter information and fraudulently adding new voters to the QVF Voters, in particular, e.g., when a voter’s name could not be found, the election worker assigned the ballot to a random name already in the QVF to a person who had not voted;”
“Changing dates on absentee ballots received after 8:00 PM Election Day deadline to indicate that such ballots were received before the deadline;
“Changing Votes for Trump and other Republican candidates.

If you don't have time to read the whole thing, this is the short version.

Fri Nov 27 12:07:22 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

The 700K vote gap in PA

Meaning In History quoting Rudy You have two major gaps — you have the 672,770 votes that were not inspected by anyone secretly put into the ballot box and then you have this gap that I don’t understand between the mail-in ballots. You’ve sent out: 1.8 million and the number you counted: 2.5 million!

That’s totally impossible to explain other than what some of the other witnesses were suggesting that they were basically stuffing the ballot box. I believe what happened was that they never expected to be behind by 700,000 or 800,000 votes on election night. They expected to be behind by a couple hundred thousand — in Philadelphia to steal a couple hundred thousand votes, they do it every year, that’s not going to be tough. Now you have a real big problem so you had to create mail-in ballots, you had to stretch it out for a while.

If you sent out 1.8M absentee ballots, how do you count 2.5M when they come back? Obvious answer: some were fraudulent.

The gap here is the sourcing of those two numbers is weak; it comes from a website (granted, I assume it's an official government website with vote counts), and has since been updated. But was the update to cover up the fraud? Where else would the initial error come from BUT fraud?

The fact that it coincides with so many unexplained midnight mystery ballots that DO show up in the official reporting as Biden spikes suggests fraud is the simpler explanation.

Below the fold is Rudy's appearance on Lou Dobbs where he makes the same claim (it was originally made in the PA legislature's hearing).

The claim of a discrepancy in the requested/returned numbers has been challenged. See the update at the end. We don't know Rudy's exact sourcing on the claim, but he did suggest that the PA website changed the numbers. So we need more information from Rudy on that.

(Read More...)

Fri Nov 27 02:15:16 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

PA Legislature holds hearing on election irregularities

Just The NewsTrump lawyer and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani on Wednesday alleged major voting irregularities in Pennsylvania during a hearing in that state, claiming that Republican vote watchers were denied access to oversee the vote-counting process during the state's presidential election.

Giuliani was speaking at a Pennsylvania State Senate Majority Policy Committee hearing convened by state Republicans to examine allegations of voter irregularities there. Republican state Sen. Doug Mastriano said the meeting was convened after sustained complaints from residents "regarding issues experienced at the polls, irregularities with the mail-in voting system and concerns whether their vote was counted."

Giuliani in his opening remarks alleged that multiple GOP ballot watchers were barred meaningful oversight of the electoral process in Pennsylvania earlier this month.

Video of the whole thing here.

Fri Nov 27 02:11:15 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

PA State Legislature hearing on election fraud

Fri Nov 27 02:11:02 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

How did Dominion get its technology and market share?

National FileThe Science Defies Politics blog reported: “It is not clear what products or services the company has developed. It found almost no buyers, until Obama was elected in 2008. In 2009, New York ordered a few dozens of systems from it. In 2010, Obama’s DOJ (Holder – Mueller) took the EVS unit, purchased from Diebold, away from the market leader ES&S, and gave it to Dominion. This gift included the installed base of about 30% of the US electronic voting systems (EVS) market. Within two weeks, Dominion also acquired Sequoia, which was formally spun from Smartmatic, but ties between these two companies remained. Smartmatic is a UK based EVS vendor, whose software was used by Chavez to “win” the Venezuelan referendum in 2004. Smartmatic’s unit Sequoia faced troubles in the US. Those troubles quickly ended when its assets were purchased by Dominion.”


Thu Nov 26 18:07:46 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Another last minute uncertified update to Dominion voting machines

NoqreportA software update made 12-days before voting began in Georgia was not adequately tested for security issues nor was it recertified by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission. Why? Because infamous Dominion Voting Systems executive Eric Coomer claimed the change was “minor” and did not require recertification.

Nothing to see here, right?

It all began when issues were noticed regarding Senate candidates not appearing on the touchscreen ballots. But attorneys for the plaintiffs called for paper ballots to be used in lieu of replaced technology because it was so close to the beginning of early voting in Georgia. Their request was denied outright by Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

A last-minute, uncertified change by an antifa supporter who claimed "we made damn sure" that Trump would lose in a state that subsequently became a very surprising loss for Trump? That's not suspicious at all.

Thu Nov 26 17:07:46 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

NV court allows evidentiary hearing

Mark MeadowsBIG news in Nevada: a Judge has allowed NV Republicans to present findings of widespread voter fraud in a Dec. 3rd hearing. Americans will now hear evidence from those who saw firsthand what happened—a critical step for transparency and remedying illegal ballots. Stay tuned.

My only concern is that timing is so tight that waiting till Dec 3rd may be a delaying action.

Thu Nov 26 16:07:46 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Arizona Dems got 35K votes free?

Gateway PunditOn Tuesday Attorney Sidney Powell told Lou Dobbs “We’ve got one witness that says in Arizona at least there were 35,000 votes added to every Democratic candidate just to start their voting off.”

That's not an allegation based on speculation about Dominion trickery. It's a witness who saw it happen.

Thu Nov 26 15:07:46 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Another "glitch" in AZ benefited Biden

Gateway PunditJoe Biden’s lead in Arizona dropped from 10,377 votes to 4,202 after a machine error was discovered on Tuesday.

The error was from a faulty upload from Greenlee County, which showed 22,110 votes — but should have been 3,723. State officials say that it was temporary and has now been corrected.

This "glitch" happened during the recount. So whoever or whatever is screwing things up in AZ may still be there.

Thu Nov 26 14:07:46 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Trump to join legal team in Gettysburg

Daily MailDonald Trump is expected to join Rudy Giuliani in Gettysburg Wednesday for a hearing on allegations of fraud in the 2020 election.

The president is said to have insisted on making the trip to join his personal attorney at the event set to be held in a local hotel, sources told CNN.

It will be the first time he has left the Washington DC area since Election Day. Since then he has continued to insist he is not giving up his fight to overturn the results.

The association of Gettysburg with the civil war is ... worrisome.

UPDATE: He phoned in instead of attending in person.

Categories Vote Fraud

Thu Nov 26 13:07:46 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Election fraud hearings in 3 battleground states

Life NewsThree state legislatures will hold hearings on election fraud after all three states came under fire for potential election fraud and illegal voting that President Donald Trump’s campaign says was problematic in the 2020 presidential election.

The Donald J. Trump for President Campaign Legal Team today announced that the State Legislatures in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Michigan will hold public hearings on the election beginning tomorrow and next week in an effort to provide confidence that all of the legal votes have been counted and the illegal votes have not been counted in the November 3rd election.

The first hearing, held by the Pennsylvania State Senate, will be conducted tomorrow, Wednesday, November 25th, in Gettysburg, PA, where each participating Senator will give a five-minute opening statement followed by testimony from witnesses who have filed affidavits attesting to 2020 election fraud. Tomorrow’s hearing will also feature a presentation from former New York City Mayor and Personal Attorney to President Trump, Rudy Giuliani.

On Monday, November 30th, the Arizona legislature will hold their own hearing, followed by the Michigan legislature holding their own hearing on Tuesday, December 1st. Details for both hearings to follow.

Hopefully, we'll get some new evidence here, and the legislatures will be persuaded to investigate further.

Thu Nov 26 11:07:46 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

FBI and DOJ are asleep at the wheel

Just The News"I wish the federal law enforcement were involved, the way it certainly was deeply engaged in trying to concoct the case against President Trump," he told host Carrie Sheffield. "I believe the DOJ in general – the Department of Justice – is asleep at the wheel here while there may be really systemic fraud taking place that is truly undermining our republic."

Cortes says he has no idea why the FBI is not involved when there may be such significant fraud occurring, some of which they can prove.

"We do have significant amounts of fraud that we can right now prove in court through affidavits and through eyewitnesses, and then we also have perhaps even more importantly, the constitutional issues, and these are critical constitutional issues," Cortes also said.

The FBI isn't involved because they don't want to be. Wray is quite content to see Trump go. Barr has some fight in him, but he can't do everything personally.

Thu Nov 26 09:07:46 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

The Kraken went down to Georgia

Just The NewsProminent defense attorney Sidney Powell sued Georgia's top officials late Wednesday, alleging in federal court that the GOP-run state government permitted a massive voter fraud scheme that rigged the Nov. 3 election in favor of Democrat Joe Biden.

The suit was filed in U.S. District Court in Atlanta on behalf of several Georgia residents, electors and Republican Party officials and named Gov. Brian Kemp, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and state election board members as defendants.

"The fraud was executed by many means, but the most fundamentally troubling, insidious, and egregious is the systemic adaptation of old-fashioned 'ballot-stuffing,'" Powell's suit alleged. "It has now been amplified and rendered virtually invisible by computer software created and run by domestic and foreign actors for that very purpose. Mathematical and statistical anomalies rising to the level of impossibilities, as shown by affidavits of multiple witnesses, documentation, and expert testimony evince this scheme across the state of Georgia.

"This scheme and artifice to defraud affected tens of thousands of votes in Georgia alone and 'rigged' the election in Georgia for Joe Biden," the suit added.

Here's the lawsuit in PDF form. I've read it. It's clearly written as far as legal proceedings go. The exhibits "will follow", which is disappointing, but they are quoted throughout the document and it's possible to glean some idea of what they will contain.

Notable things: Powell touches on most of the issues we have heard of already for the election in GA. The fake water main break is there. The changes to election procedures by Raffenberger are there. She alleges a number of different sources of fraudulent or illegal ballots and puts numbers to them. Any one win would be enough to overturn the results by itself (with maybe one smaller exception). And, yes, the claims about Dominion are there, though somewhat toned down.

We should expect affidavits from many of the GA poll watchers we have already seen or heard from. In addition, Powell's "secret affiant" from Venezuela is mentioned but not named. She does have a separate named affidavit to the Venezuelan connection, so it's not just one anonymous (to us) person. She also has a "military intel" affiant who claims to have examined the Dominion systems and alleges that they both could be and have been improperly accessed by foreign sources.

This may be the head of the Kraken, but we still haven't seen the tentacles.

Thu Nov 26 08:18:14 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

5 ways Joe Biden's election was magically suspicious

The FederalistCandidate Joe Biden was so effective at animating voters in 2020 that he received a record number of votes, more than 15 million more than Barack Obama received in his re-election of 2012. Amazingly, he managed to secure victory while also losing in almost every bellwether county across the country. No presidential candidate has been capable of such electoral jujitsu until now.

While Biden underperformed Hillary Clinton’s 2016 totals in every urban county in the United States, he outperformed her in the metropolitan areas of Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Even more surprising, the former VP put up a record haul of votes, despite Democrats’ general failures in local House and state legislative seats across the nation.

He accomplished all this after receiving a record low share of the primary vote compared to his Republican opponent heading into the general election. Clearly, these are tremendous and unexpected achievements that would normally receive sophisticated analysis from the journalist class but have somehow gone mostly unmentioned during the celebrations at news studios in New York City and Washington, D.C.

Too many red flags.

Wed Nov 25 16:25:04 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

The Venezuelan whistleblower affidavit

Center for Security PolicyAn affidavit from a former confidant of the late Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez provides evidence that Smartmatic election tabulation software was created by the regime and exported internationally to manipulate voting results.

If you've been wondering exactly what is in that affidavit, follow the link above for a summary and a copy of the whole thing. The thing that is missing, at least for me, is clear evidence this technique was actually used in the US. There's enough here to start an investigation, but not enough to prove that this is how fraud was done. (There is plenty of statistical proof of fraud, but that is relatively independent of methodology).

Wed Nov 25 15:25:03 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

FEC Chairman says affidavits prove fraud took place

Neon Nettle“The massive amounts of affidavits that we see in these cases show that there was in fact fraud that took place,” Trainor said Friday.
Trainor specifically highlighted a sworn affidavit by Steven Miller, a professor of mathematics at Williams College.
Miller—who specializes in analytic number theory and sabermetrics—flagged nearly 100,000 ballots in Pennsylvania for potential voter fraud after analyzing election data and phone interviews, according to The Epoch Times.

Between 89,397 to 98,801 ballots were either requested by someone other than the registered Republican or requested and returned but not counted, he said.

Trainor said that Miller is clearly qualified as an expert witness in almost any court in the United States and that the court would have to look at the information he has provided.

There are so many different ways they cheated.

Wed Nov 25 14:25:03 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

More and more proof of fraud.

Gateway PunditBomer describes:

Hearing an announcement of 50 boxes at 4am: the Biden Ballot Dump!
Hearing that the Biden Ballot Dump was counted and processed in an impossibly short amount of time
Witnessing officials TAMPERING with tabulators at the TCF Center!
Ballot harvesting operations being done by a local Church
Poll workers overriding the actual votes, and changing Trump votes to BIDEN!
Poll workers REFUSING TO COUNT Trump votes!
Poll workers bringing in luggage and boxes that could have contained illegal ballots
Poll Workers using deceitful tactics and colluding with Democrats to try and EXPEL GOP Poll Challengers
GOP Poll Challengers being EJECTED from observing the vote count
GOP Poll Challengers were observing ILLEGAL BALLOTS and their objections were IGNORED
Poll workers being obvious Democrat PARTISANS
Suspicious meetings of the poll workers

Bomer describes a Detroit poll worker who used correction tape to rig the machines to generate errors that could be overridden by staff.

So very very much fraud.

Wed Nov 25 13:25:04 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

How Zuckerberg's money flowed into the four key cities

CNSNewsUnder the pretext of assisting election officials conduct “safe and secure” elections in the age of COVID, Zuckerberg donated $400 million — as much money as Congress appropriated for the same general purpose — to nonprofit organizations founded and run by left-wing activists. The primary recipient was the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL), which received the staggering sum of $350 million. Prior to Zuckerberg’s donations, the CTCL’s annual operating expenses averaged less than $1 million per year. How was Zuckerberg even aware of such a small-potatoes operation, and why did he entrust it with ⅞ of the money he was pouring into this election cycle, despite the fact that it had no prior experience handling such a massive amount of money?

Part of that money went to boosting ballot box numbers in Democrat areas, the subject of a recent lawsuit.

Wed Nov 25 12:25:03 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Judge blocks PA from certifying election results

ZerohedgeA Pennsylvania judge on Wednesday ordered state officials to not certify the results of the 2020 election until her court holds a hearing on an election contest on Friday.

Commonwealth Judge Patricia McCullough ordered the state to not take any further steps to complete the certification of the presidential race, which the state announced on Tuesday. She also blocked the certification of all the other election results.

“Act 77 is the most expansive and fundamental change to the Pennsylvania voting code, implemented illegally, to date,” the lawsuit, filed in the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, states.

“As with prior historical attempts to illegally expand mail-in voting by statute, which have been struck down going as far back as the Military Absentee Ballot Act of 1839, Act 77 is another illegal attempt to override the limitations on absentee voting prescribed in the Pennsylvania Constitution, without first following the necessary procedure to amend the constitution to allow for the expansion.

There's some question of exactly what it blocks, but granting the injunction is usually a positive sign for the chances of the case on the merits. The case alleges that mail in voting changes violate the PA state constitution.

Those assuming Trump has no chance may need to start reevaluating things.

Wed Nov 25 11:55:12 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Tampering with Republican ballots

American ThinkerIn retrospect, I should have realized something was up from the absence of Democrats at my polling place, aggressively waving campaign flyers urging voters to vote for their candidates. There weren't any. We Republican poll-watchers had the usual candidate visits and their volunteers stationed all day at the election districts. Now we understand their absence. They weren't needed.

Two days after the election, the mail-in-ballots we never requested, as reported in my article "Stealing Pennsylvania," arrived — without postmarks! They arrived too late for us to withdraw the provisional ballots we were forced to cast.

After another few days, my provisional ballot appeared to have been accepted, but my husband's was not. Nor was the ballot of my very Republican second cousin, also forced to vote provisionally in a different township but same Democrat-controlled county, due to a mail-in ballot request that she also had never submitted. Infuriatingly, the Democrats filed to contest over 4,000 votes in our county — my husband's and cousin's among them. What are the odds that people, who have voted in the same location for over 20 years, would suddenly be suspect?

Mail in ballots have been a complete disaster.

Wed Nov 25 11:25:04 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

The single batch of Georgia votes that flipped the race to Biden

General DispatchBiden’s lead in Georgia is only 12,781 votes. – This analysis is based on official timestamped election night data from Edison Research which was obtained from the NYT website. – This batch of 23,487 votes went, at an exact absolute minimum, 97.9779% for Biden. – This batch was uploaded at 12:18AM EST on Nov 4. – This is not a case of updating one candidate at a time; we can see from looking at the surrounding batches that Trump did not receive any corresponding entries. – According to official data released by the state of Georgia, the county in which Biden received the highest percentage of total absentee by mail votes was Dekalb County at 86.39% (a whole other can of worms). – That makes this batch of votes extremely suspect, even if every single allowance is made with the minimum number of votes gained and assuming it’s 100% mail in from the most heavily D county. – There are likely thousands of questionable votes in this batch. The ballots that comprised this batch should and must be obtained and independently audited (i.e. not by city officials) as soon as possible.

They had to cheat so very hard that it should be easy for an honest judge to overturn the results with a clear look at the evidence.

It'll be a lot harder to find an honest judge.

Wed Nov 25 10:25:04 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Dominion printed ballots deliberately indistinguishable from hand-marked ballots

American ThinkerSomething important, uh, on these marks that are created on the ballot is we have a huge library of handmade marks so it’s not a perfect oval that you are going to be able to identify that that was a mark by a machine. But it’s, it’s ah, it’s a library of different random hand marks that looks like somebody else used a Sharpie to vote the ballot. So you are never going to be able to say this is ah, a ballot voted by the accessible uh voter, this is a ballot voted by a person with a Sharpie for example, for, with the mark.
Yeah, again it’s all about preserving voter anonymity, um you know if, if you only have one or two disabled voters in a given precinct an if you’re using standard marking techniques where they’re, uh uh an exact perfect fill of that oval um you would be able to uh distinguish that ballot from somebody that just hand marked it. So this is one of those further steps that we do um to preserve that anonymity.

That's from Eric Coomer, an official with Dominion Voting Systems who allegedly has strong political views favoring Antifa. He said the above during a sales pitch. So let me translate that for you.

His ballot-marking-device is deliberately indistinguishable from a hand-marked ballot. There's no way to tell a printed ballot from a hand-marked one, and this is a deliberate design decision. The claim is it preserves "anonymity" for disabled voters. The reality, in my opinion, is that it makes it difficult to separate printed ballots from hand-filled ones.

This also offers a possible motive for insisting election-day voters in Arizona use Sharpies. The printed ballot marks are designed to resemble Sharpie marks. This would make it that much harder to distinguish printed ballots from hand-filled ones.

Wed Nov 25 09:25:04 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Sidney Powell says first lawsuit will be filed Wednesday in Georgia

Just The NewsAttorney Sidney Powell said Tuesday on Lou Dobbs Tonight that she expects to file a lawsuit "no later than tomorrow" pertaining to the state of Georgia.

Powell, who alleges that massive election fraud tainted the 2020 election, described the suit as "a massive document" and said it will have "a lot of exhibits."

"The defendants are going to be folks in Georgia who are responsible for supposedly making sure the elections in Georgia are done properly," she said. "And there are just countless incidents of voter fraud and election fraud writ large in Georgia."

Hopefully, we'll finally see what she's got, or at least more of it. The fact that she is planning to file first in Georgia against what sounds like election official defendants suggests we might learn about the bribes she has alleged were paid to family members in return for the Dominion voting system contract.

Wed Nov 25 08:43:04 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Does the Trump campaign still have a path to victory?

RedStatePennsylvania is a bit of a mess at this point, but there are meaningful challenges to the vote totals still pending, the adverse decision in federal district court is being appealed (interestingly, only the denial of leave to amend is being appealed), and a new complaint relating to Philadelphia and the surrounding counties is being suggested as a possibility. I’ll summarize these in a day or two as more comes into focus this week.

The campaign has asked for recounts in two Wisconsin counties — Dane and Milwaukee. Both produced a large number of Biden votes — Dane County particularly. I’m not sure exactly what the goal is in recounting those counties, but it seems as if Wisconsin law allows challenges to ballots to be made during the recount process. The margin is only 20,000 votes out of 3.2 million cast, so it is not out of the question that if there was some nefarious practice engaged in, a recount might uncover a decent number of votes. Wisconsin has same-day registration, so the emphasis might be to target suspicious registrations as potentially invalid votes in those two counties.

But in Georgia, the approach seems to be a normal election contest that will take place in Georgia state court, and the evidence may be coming into focus that gives the Campaign a legitimate chance to reverse the outcome. The margin of Biden’s win in Georgia is only 12,500 votes, and the Trump campaign has requested a machine recount which they are entitled to under Georgia law given the narrow margin. After that, I am expecting that the Campaign will file a Petition to Challenge the election as explained in more detail below.

A good summary of the current legal state of play in three states.

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More evidence emerging of Venezuelan influence on Smartmatic / Dominion

The National PulseIn a 2006 CNN segment entitled “Democracy for Sale,” the network reported a “company owned by Venezuela could be allowed to take over one of our top voting machine firms.” Less than two decades later, that premonition has come to pass, though CNN today contradicts their own reporting from 2006.

So, in 2006 CNN was linking Smartmatic to Venezuela. Classified US cables released by Wikileaks also tie Smartmatic to Venezuela. More details on the history. One of the Smartmatic officials admitted to election tampering in 2017 in Venezuela to the tune of 1 million phantom votes. He says this could not have occurred if auditors from all parties had been present at every stage of the election (and of course we saw Republican auditors in all battleground states locked out).

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Illegals voting

Just The NewsA new study finds that Democrat Joe Biden received thousands of illegal votes from non-citizens in battleground states.

It might not be enough to change the election by itself, but a few thousand votes here and there add up. And it is probably enough to swing Arizona by itself.

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Was there fraud in Virginia?

American ThinkerRemember, earlier in the evening of November 3 Trump had a huge lead of 500,000-plus votes which the crooks had to eliminate; thus between 11:14 and 11:43 they created an enormous, out-of-thin-air surge of almost a half-million votes for Biden which, at 11:33 PM on November 3, suddenly flipped the lead in the race from Trump to Biden.

But this fraudulent maneuver had two problems. First, it was hard to believe, a sudden vote swing of 4.5% in just 8 minutes; and second, those half-million fake Biden votes might show more "votes" cast than there were registered voters to cast them, making the fraud immediately obvious. So the crooks had to lower the overall vote total to bring it more into line with the 2016 and prior presidential elections.

The data sure looks suspicious.

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Rudy explains distancing from Sidney Powell

Daily Wire“I think it’s because we’re pursuing two different theories,” Giuliani answered. “Our theory of the case to get to the Supreme Court … is, basically, misconduct of the election by state officials in at least five or six different states, in which the misconduct of the election involved deprivation of Constitutional rights for the president.”

Two different theories is accurate enough, but it doesn't reduce the sting much compared to explanations based around campaign financing.

I think Rudy wants to stick to theories he has solid evidence for. He recognizes Powell has what sounds like a wild and crazy conspiracy theory. Maybe she has evidence for it, maybe not -- but if not, best his own more grounded cases not be considered guilty by association.

I consider this quite reasonable. Powell has had excellent sources in the intel community in the past and remains closely associated with Flynn, who also does. She may be on to something. But without solid evidence to present, which may be complicated by law enforcement activity and classification issues, it may be difficult to prove on the very compressed timeline we're on now.

Of course, there's another possible explanation:

American Thinker
Everything was fine between Sidney and the Trump legal team until, a few days after the joint press conference, she gave an interview on Newsmax where she claimed that the governor of Georgia and the secretary of state (both Republicans, by the way) had conspired and received bribes to install the Dominion voting system in their state. I can assume there were a few phone calls to the White House from individuals angry at the allegation.

I don't imagine that helped.

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Did some PA counties improperly open ballots before the election?

American GreatnessAn October 29 story in the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that election officials in several Pennsylvania counties were debating how to alert voters that their mail-in ballot might not meet state requirements. “Officials across Pennsylvania are trying to help voters fix mail ballots that would otherwise be disqualified because of technical mistakes in completing them, creating a patchwork of policies around how—or even whether—people are notified and given a chance to make their votes count,” reporter Jonathan Lai explained. Some jurisdictions were contacting voters directly; one county, according to the paper, sent the “flawed” ballots back to the voters.

But there was a much bigger story behind Lai’s article: Election officials clearly violated the law by inspecting mail-in ballots before November 3. According to Pennsylvania’s election rules, county election boards were required to “safely keep the ballots in sealed or locked containers” until pre-canvassing legally began at 7 a.m. on Election Day.

Not only were an unknown number of mail-in ballots mishandled by election workers days before the official start date, election observers were not present at the premature inspections.

It's not known how many ballots were illegally cured, but 2.5 million PA residents voted absentee. Read the whole thing -- there are more common-sense indicators of fraud.

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What's going on between the Trump Campaign and Sidney Powell?

American ThinkerYou probably already know that Trump’s legal team announced that Sidney Powell is not a team member. The brief statement leaves unanswered the most important question: “Why?” Absent solid information, speculation leads us either to “This is the beginning of the end” or “This is all part of the plan” – and I’m leaning to the latter.

This covers most of the obvious possibilities. The idea that Powell's funding needs to be separate from the campaign's funding for legal reasons makes the most sense.

It's also possible that there's a credibility issue with Powell's claims that wasn't readily apparent. I speculated that perhaps there was in fact a raid on a server facility in Germany connected to her allegations about CIA manipulating elections from there, and the raid turned up nothing, so the Trump campaign cut her loose.

As with so much else, there's no way to know what is true. We'll have to wait and see.

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Dershowitz lays out the paths to victory

Zerohedge“For example, in Pennsylvania, they have two very strong legal arguments. One, that the courts changed what the legislature did about counting ballots after the end of Election Day. That’s a winning issue in the Supreme Court. I don’t necessarily support it, but it’s a winning issue in the Supreme Court,” Dershowitz told Fox Business on Sunday. The team, meanwhile, has “a winning issue in the Supreme Court on equal protection, that some counties flawed ballots to be cured while others didn’t. Bush v. Gore suggests that an Equal Protection argument can prevail.”

Dershowitz, who helped defend Trump during the Senate impeachment trial earlier this year, said that due to Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s lead over the president, Trump’s team may not be able to contest enough ballots in Pennsylvania.

“The other legal theory they have, which is a potentially strong one, is that the computers, either fraudulently or by glitches, changed hundreds of thousands of votes. There, there are enough votes to make a difference, but I haven’t seen the evidence to support that,” he elaborated. “So, in one case, they don’t have the numbers. In another case, they don’t seem yet to have the evidence, maybe they do. I haven’t seen it. But the legal theory is there to support them if they have the numbers and they have the evidence.”

There appears to be good statistical evidence for the computer problems. Less currently known direct evidence for it, but the statistics alone make a good case if looked at closely rather than dismissed.

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GOP calls for audit before certification in Michigan; law may not allow?

Just The NewsRepublican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel and Michigan Republican Party Chair Laura Cox in a Saturday letter urged the Michigan Board of State Canvassers to order an audit into Wayne County's results prior to the election results being certified.

"This board faces a stark choice: it can either ignore numerical anomalies and credible reports of procedural irregularities, leaving the distrust and sense of procedural disenfranchisement felt by many Michigan voters to fester for years; or it can adjourn for fourteen days to allow for a full audit and investigation into those anomalies and irregularities before certifying the results of the 2020 General Election, allowing all Michiganders to have confidence in the results," they wrote in the letter.

According to Michigan Radio, Michigan Department of State spokesperson Jake Rollow in a statement said that an audit could only come after certification of results.

The problem with recounts is that they recount the same fraudulent ballots. To be meaningful, there has to be a way to throw out illegal ballots. It seems likely that will take lawsuits.

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Trump team to appeal PA lawsuit

Just The NewsPresident Trump's legal team on Sunday lodged an appeal of a judge's recent decision to dismiss an election-related lawsuit in which the Trump campaign was a plaintiff.

The suit pertained to the state of Pennsylvania and President Trump on Saturday following the dismissal of the suit had tweeted that the decision would be appealed.

"It’s all a continuation of the never ending Witch Hunt," the president tweeted. "Judge Brann, who would not even allow us to present our case or evidence, is a product of Senator Pat 'No Tariffs' Toomey of Pennsylvania, no friend of mine, & Obama - No wonder. 900,000 Fraudulent Votes!"

Not surprised to see lower courts and Obama judges dismissing cases. I would like to see a better look from the Trump legal team, though. I understand things are rushed, but I see a lot of unforced errors.

It's possible to lose a good legal case through incompetent lawyering.

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Affidavit from Dominion contractor alleges widespread double counting

This is a sworn affidavit from Melissa Carone, who witnessed a variety of fraudulent practices while working IT support. Her affidavit alleges batches of ballots being counted multiple times and a suspicious delivery from vans during the night shift that coincided with the 100,000 Biden ballot surge.

I've posted this person's video interview previously, making the same allegations.

It's worth noting this person doesn't allege anything improper specific to the Dominion system or any hacks of that system, unless you count manually double-counting ballot stacks as a hack.

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Trump wants an honest recount in Georgia

Georgia“Today, the Trump campaign filed a petition for recount in Georgia,” the campaign announced Saturday. “We are focused on ensuring that every aspect of Georgia State Law and the U.S. Constitution are followed so that every legal vote is counted.

Trump’s campaign said it wanted the recount to include signature matching to police for possible fraud.

“President Trump and his campaign continue to insist on an honest recount in Georgia, which has to include signature matching and other vital safeguards. Without signature matching, this recount would be a sham and again allow for illegal votes to be counted.”

We got one recount already, but it just counted all the ballots a second time, without enforcing new safeguards that the original count lacked. To get a second one, with proper safeguards, Trump will likely need a court order.

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Red flags in the Georgia recount

RedStateGeorgia has conducted an election, and a risk-limiting audit of the electronic vote tally by doing a complete hand recount of all paper ballots cast.
The hand recount contained anomalies in several counties — paper ballot totals that did not match the electronic tally. In some instances, the discrepancy was minor, likely attributed to human error in the hand recount process.

Three counties reported finding electronic storage media that contained votes not entered into the electronic tabulation following the close of voting on November 3, and one county reported finding 2600 ballots that were not scanned and included in the vote totals following the election. Those four combined to add approximately 6000 votes to the outcome.

In looking at some of the recount totals, there are clear questions that need to be explored and the Trump Campaign should ask for the machine recount it is entitled to under Georgia law. The first reason to do so is the anecdotal evidence supplied in some of the affidavits filed in the Lin Wood litigation which questioned the integrity and accuracy of the hand recount process.

Long story short, many batches of "found" votes in the hand recount had a much higher percentage of votes for Trump than the official batches. Why the difference? Were the batches in the "normal" process manipulated in some way?

Obviously we don't know yet -- but this is yet another oddity that suggests some form of manipulation.

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How exactly did the Democrats plan on turning Texas blue?

Gateway PunditThis year Tarrant County turned blue for the first time since the 1960s.

Heider Garcia is the Tarrant County Elections Administrator. He was hired in 2018. He previously worked for Smartmatic for 12 years. He received his engineering degree in Venezuela in 2003. In 2010, He testified during a fraud investigation into the Smartmatic software in the Philippines election.

Between this and the Biden campaign director for Texas getting arrested for voter fraud, maybe that was their whole plan.

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More statistics about PA vote fraud

RevolverWe find considerable evidence consistent with the possibility of electoral fraud in vote counts in Montgomery County, PA.

In particular, we examine a highly anomalous update to mail vote totals in the NYT/Edison data which enormously benefited Biden, and which looks suspicious on a number of dimensions.

At a high level, our results are suggestive of a new and highly suspicious batch of mail ballots being added to the count sometime between Wednesday early morning and Thursday morning. These ballots are drawn from an implausible distribution that enormously favored Biden and simultaneously harmed Trump (the latter being done in addition by allocating more votes to Jorgensen). Said mail ballots end up being extremely different both from the mail ballots that came before (as measured in NYT data), and the mail ballots that came afterwards (as measured in the county’s own data).

Everywhere you look, there are red flags of fraud. Some of it -- lots of it -- was certainly done with physical ballots. Some of it may have been done electronically. But we just need to prove enough fraud to swing the election, however we get there.

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How Trump Wins

Washington ExaminerIn his first contest, back in 1982, 11 out of 45 voting machines used in his state House district were rigged to block a vote for the Republican. Fortunately, enough poll workers realized the problem and let his supporters mark their vote on a sheet of paper hung on a wall.

He won with 57% of the vote, and he has gone on to win more state general elections than any other current Alabama politician.

It helped make Brooks a student of election fraud, and he believes the 2020 presidential race was rigged and that President Trump was robbed of victory. “We know the results are wrong. What we don't know is how bad wrong,” he told Secrets.

Take the fight to the House. Easier said than done, though.

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How Dominion transferred votes?

I'm a bit skeptical of this one. These ratios could be coincidence. It's very odd seeing the same ratios appear to switch from district to district, though.

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Dominion had a non-compete agreement with Smartmatic?

The National PulseDespite the insistence between Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic – two of the tech firms embroiled in election glitch allegations – that the pair are “fierce competitors,” court documents analyzed by The National Pulse actually reveal the pair actually have a “noncompetition” agreement.

It would be unusual for two companies that have no relationship to each other to have a non-compete agreement, wouldn't it?

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GA governor comes out in support of signature audit

Just The NewsAfter certifying his state's election results, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp is now urging his state to conduct an audit comparing the signatures of voter applications and mail-in ballot envelops to those on the approved voter file to determine if fraud occurred.

Kemp, a Republican, made the appeal to Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger during a news conference on Friday.

“It’s important to note that this audit only looked at ballots, not the signatures on the absentee applications or the signatures on the ballot envelopes," the governor said. "The Georgians I have heard from are extremely concerned about this, so I encourage Secretary Raffensperger to consider addressing these concerns. It seems simple enough to conduct a sample audit of signatures on the absentee ballot envelopes and compare those to the signatures on applications and on file at the Secretary of State’s Office."

Public pressure works.

Mind you, I'm not sure if an audit is useful after the results have been certified. Maybe the legislature can still change the elector slate if the audit finds problems.

Also important: there are allegations in some places that the signature envelopes on ballots have been discarded and destroyed (presumably improperly as they are supposed to be retained). I think some of those reports came from Georgia. That may make it impossible to verify signatures. Do those ballots get discarded or discounted?

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Biden's margin in PA AND GA came from counties that took Zuckerberg money

BreitbartSeventy-three percent of Joe Biden’s 126,649 vote margin gain in Pennsylvania, compared to Hillary Clinton’s performance in 2016, came from the seven counties and one city in Pennsylvania that received more than $18 million from the Mark Zuckerberg-funded Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL) “safe elections” project.

The CTCL provided more than $18 million in “safe elections” grants between September 1 and October 31 to at least seven counties and one city in Pennsylvania: $10 million to the City of Philadelphia, $2.5 million to Chester County (suburban Philadelphia), $2.2 million to Delaware County (suburban Philadelphia), $2.05 million to Allegheny County (Pittsburgh), $863,000 to Centre County, $474,232 to Lancaster County, $471,000 to Berks County, and $148,000 to Erie County.

Ninety-three thousand two hundred and ninety-three votes (93,293), or 73.6 percent of Biden’s 126,649 vote margin gain in 2020 Pennsylvania, compared to Hillary Clinton in 2016, came from these seven counties and one city.

Here's the similar claim about Georgia. It makes you wonder what exactly Zuckerberg was buying.

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FEC Chairman says Trump campaign accusations are legitimate

Just The NewsThe Trump campaign is bringing "legitimate accusations" to court through affidavits of credible witnesses and other evidence used in its challenges to electoral outcomes in various states, Federal Election Commission Chairman Trey Trainor said.

Trainor said his review of evidence, including numerous affidavits claiming voter fraud and a sworn statement by a prominent mathematician flagging up to 100,000 Pennsylvania ballots, met the first level of legal scrutiny under what's known as motion to dismiss or "Rule 12(b)(6)" of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, which would dismiss less credible claims.

It's funny how the media are so desperate to ignore the evidence that's been filed, while serious people who look at it are troubled and find it credible.

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Sidney Powell interview with Larry O'Conner

Larry O'ConnerThe Trump Campaign's legal team's lead attorney joins Larry O'Connor in an exclusive interview.

She tells Larry she is willing to stake her personal and professional reputation on the allegations she has made. She says the legal team has pictures of votes being manipulated in real time. She answers pointed questions about her allegations regarding the computerized voting systems on election night. She says Republicans have benefitted from these systems as well. She also says she would LOVE Dominion to sue her over her allegations so she can conduct civil discovery. She also responds to the charges made by Tucker Carlson on Fox News Thursday evening.

She says a whole lot more! It's one of the most comprehensive interviews with Sidney Powell to date.

Rather than further summarize it myself, I will point you to Meaning In History if you would rather read than watch.

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Sekulow discusses major filing in Georgia

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Michigan AG threatens GOP election officials

Jonathan TurleyMichigan AG Nessel and others are suggesting that Republicans who oppose certification or even meet with President Trump on the issue could be criminally investigated or charged. Once again, the media is silent on this abusive use of the criminal code.

Read the whole thing. Threatening election officials for trying to ensure an honest electoral result is itself corrupt.

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