Project Veritas exposes CNN as biased fake news

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Fri Feb 14 02:07:17 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

NYTimes claiming Russians hacked Burisma

This is going to be their excuse for any embarrassing data about the Biden corruption. They will just claim it was faked by the Russians to interfere with the 2020 election. Never mind that Biden's on video bragging about shutting down investigations, it's all going to be called fake news.

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ABC News had Epstein story three years ago... and didn't run it

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About that media bias that doesn't exist...

ABC News tries to pass off Knob Creek machine gun shoot video as real combat footage from Syria.

UPDATE: The talking head twice uses the uncomfortable terminology "appears to show" when describing the Knob Creek video as depicting the Turkish assault. That sounds to me like he knows it doesn't even as he airs the video.

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Caravan filled with men who are not seeking asylum

Ace of Spades"From what we've seen, the majority are actually men and some of these men have not articulated that need for asylum. Instead, they have talked about going to the United States for a better life and to find work," Schwartz added.

It's hard to fake the news when you're reporting live from the scene and there's video. It's also hard to fake the news when people have internet access to your archives.

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Fake News

PJMediaSen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) asked if the companies were addressing "micro targeting to discourage voting," what he called "one of the most powerful tools in the propaganda arsenal" that has "certainly been used in the past with the Russians to discourage minority Americans from voting."

"So what are you doing to prohibit this micro targeting?" Wyden said. "I mean, what about ads that share false information about the date of the election or the location of a polling place or ads that tell people they can vote with a text message from their phone."

We've read about what "the Russians" did with their Facebook ads. It wasn't this. This is just Dem Senator Ron Wyden saying something to rile up his minority constituencies.

To be sure, there are jokes about that sort of thing all the time. They are obviously jokes and are not microtargeted to anyone, unless "anyone in earshot" counts as microtargeting.

But that is not what the Russians did, and what the Russians did did not change the outcome of the election, because it was absurdly ineffectual.

PJMedia (quoting Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey)"We didn't have enough communication going out in terms of what was seen and what was tweeted, and what people are falling in to," the Twitter boss elaborated. "...We need to meet people where they are, and if we determine that people are subject to any falsehoods or any manipulation of any sort, we do need to provide them the full context of that. And this is an area of improvement for us and something that we're going to be diligent to fix."

Well, I fixed the falsehoods in this Congressional hearing for you. Will you please direct everyone to my website so they can get the full context?

More seriously, it seems Twitter (along with the other social media giants) has decided to take a more... editorial stance on the content from its users. That stance invalidates the legal protections associated with being a common carrier type platform.

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