Money grab? Or am I missing something?

Just The NewsTwo Ohio counties will receive a combined $650 million in damages from three national pharmacy chains over claims that the medical retailers harmed local communities by cavalierly distributing opioids to patients.

Walgreens, CVS and Walmart will have to shell out the massive payout to the Cleveland-area counties of Lake and Trumbull. The two municipalities had sued the companies as part of what Lake County Commissioner John Hamercheck said was the "fight to end the opioid epidemic.”

U.S. District Judge Dan Polster told the three pharmacies “squandered the opportunity to present a meaningful plan to abate the nuisance” following an earlier trial to determine the scope of the damages owed to the counties.

How are pharmacies responsible for patients getting addicted to opioids? Shouldn't that start with the patients and perhaps extend to the doctors at most?

I can only conclude that this is just a money grab, similar to the tobacco lawsuits, only without the hook of concealing data on harmful health impact of the products being manufactured. Here the pharmacies aren't prescribing, and probably not manufacturing, anything. They are just giving patients what their doctors prescribed.

Unless there is something missing, like allegations of fake prescriptions or something. Is there?

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FBI admits taking Trump's passports and taking privileged documents

PJMediaNow, according to Just the News, we’ve learned that the FBI will give back President Trump’s passports and documents containing privileged information between the former president and his attorneys. No doubt the Justice Department will be reading and copying the documents as they prepare to return them. It may be why the DOJ estimates it will take two weeks to get Trump back his property.

The FBI'S National Security Division has been spying on Trump since at least 2015. Why would they stop now? Trump will have to find a way to make them stop.

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Election Shenanigans in full force in CA

Bayou Renaissance ManLos Angeles County reported Monday that over 27% of the signatures submitted on petitions to recall District Attorney George Gascón were invalid — after reporting that less than 1% of mail-in ballots were invalid in the 2020 election.
The county reported that it rejected 195,783 of the 715,833 signatures submitted, roughly 27.3%. The reasons given included that some voters were found to be unregistered; incorrect addresses were given; or signatures did not match those on file.
Recall proponents complained that they were not allowed to watch the signature verification process, after county officials said they were not required to allow observers since the petition drive did not qualify as an “election” under state law.

The Democrats aren't worried because they know the fix is in.

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FBI ordered the capitol doors opened

Gateway PunditYesterday, a confidential human source used by the Feds in the setup testified in the case. This individual shared that it was the FBI who made the decision to open the doors to the [Michigan] Capitol and allow the protesters to enter back in April of 2020....
The fact that the FBI was the entity that made the call to open the doors is important. For one, this leads individuals to question whether it was the FBI who made the call to enter the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. The doors there were opened from the inside as was first reported by TGP.

The entirety of events at the capitol on Jan 6th looks like a setup by the FBI for political purposes.

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Looks like Agent Thibault went a little too far

Just The NewsFormer Washington Field Office Special Agent in Charge Tim Thibault was reportedly escorted out of the Bureau's headquarters on Friday, amid whistleblower allegations that he showed political bias in his handling of politically sensitive investigations.

Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley confirmed to Just the News prior to the raid that Thibault had been removed from his post and reassigned to an unspecified position.

As far as consequences go, being reassigned is trivial, but anything more serious will take time and investigation due to all the civil service bullshit. What Biden's White House needs right now is an obvious scapegoat, and this is the guy, never mind that his superiors approved the raid too. This is clearly the minimal possible consequence to suggest Biden is taking this seriously. No doubt, he will be described as a rogue agent despite the approvals and the involvement of Biden's White House in waiving executive privilege claims.

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"Fact-checkers" protect the narrative, not the facts

Emerald RobinsonTelling the absolute truth is a dangerous business these days — which explains why so few journalists do it anymore. And, as we should all know by now, lies don’t get you banned on Twitter — only the truth gets you “permanently suspended.”

Exhibit A: My tweet about the CEO of Pfizer not being fully vaccinated and having to cancel a trip to Israel over it.

Spoiler: she was right.

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Of course it was a fishing expedition

PJMediaSources familiar with the investigation told Fox News that in addition to their seizure of potentially privileged records, the Department of Justice denied a request from Trump’s lawyers for an independent special master to review the records.

Sources told Fox News that Trump’s team was informed that boxes labeled A-14, A-26, A-43, A-13, and A-33 as well as a set of documents, all of which were itemized on the FBI’s property receipt, contained information covered by attorney-client privilege and that some records could be covered by executive privilege.

And we’re supposed to believe this wasn’t a fishing expedition?

Why does this matter? Because Trump has repeatedly asserted executive privilege in the Democrats’ January 6th witchhunt investigation. Now, as a result of the FBI’s raid, the FBI has documents covered by attorney-client privilege and possibly executive privilege in their possession. That’s rather convenient, isn’t it?

Everyone knows this was a fishing expedition, even the left. The only question is what the FBI was looking to find, and whether they found it.

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The petrodollar is dead

Meaning In HistoryWhile we in America obsess over the Deep State assault on what remains of our republic, the world continues to turn. Events wait for no man, and there are some important events ongoing—including some that ultimately play into the crisis of the American Empire. For example, we learn today that Saudi Arabia will be selling oil to China for yuan—no longer for dollars

... and with it, the dollar's status as world reserve currency, and our government's ability to spend infinite dollars while inflating away debt. Like it or not, the United States -- and Congress -- will now be forced to spend within its means or suffer hyperinflation. (Most would argue we are already suffering it).

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Lawsuit filed over certification of 2020 election in NM

Gateway PunditThe courageous and just Otero County Commission voted on Thursday night to sue New Mexico’s corrupt Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver for certifying a corrupted 2020 Election. In addition, the County voted to remove drop boxes, remove voting machines, and to perform hand counts of ballots going forward.

This audit was the role model for performing audits of the 2020 Election because it identified and presented on numerous uncertifiable activities and results from the 2020 Election that proved that the election never should have been certified in the county or the state.

This is noteworthy, but unlikely to succeed in accomplishing anything, I think. However, if it can establish precedents and publicize vulnerabilities, it will be useful.

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An opportunity to test the hypothesis

Gateway PunditLast night election expert Jeff Lenberg alleged that he identified that the Michigan Supreme Court election in 2020 was flipped through programming in the voting systems in that election.

He identified this and asked people in Michigan to demand a recount of the results of this election. All ballots must be recounted in the state to prove whether Lenberg is correct and the 2020 election was indeed stolen.

The exact mechanism was not clearly described. The presentation indicated the candidates were coded differently in some fashion. However, a hand recount of the specific race would reveal the true winner, and -- more importantly, in the long run -- indicator whether the auditor's contention of cheating is fact or fiction. To my mind that opportunity is far more valuable than any one race. Being able to demonstrably prove malicious corruption of the election machinery would kick the door wide open to examine other suspicious races.

The people who voted in this race should absolutely demand a hand recount to validate the results. And everyone else should watch with interest. After all, what does a hand recount harm if the voting machines worked as intended?

And, if we see instead strong resistance to that idea from election officials, well, I consider that an admission of guilt.

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Vos fires vote fraud special counsel

Just The NewsWisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, fresh off his primary victory against a Trump-backed challenger, on Friday fired the election investigator he hired to pursue fraud allegations related to the 2020 presidential election.

Vos on Tuesday defeated Trump-backed challenger Adam Steen, according to the Associated Press. Three days later, he announced that he had fired former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman, per The Hill.

I think this is an admission by Vos. Of course, Vos waited until after he had won his primary using illegal mobile voting sites to do it. Republicans should strongly consider voting Vos out even if it means he is replaced by a Democrat for a cycle.

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The Parallel Election

Emerald RobinsonNote: In this exclusive excerpt from the new book The Parallel Election, the co-author Gregory Stenstrom provides a riveting first-hand account of how the 2020 election was stolen in Delaware County, Pennsylvania by a cabal of Democrat activists and establishment GOP politicians. Stenstrom was a certified poll watcher for 36 precincts in Pennsylvania during the 2020 election — and so he personally witnessed the cheating take place.

I expect this will make interesting reading.

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Democrats double the size of the IRS

Gateway PunditThe Senate on Sunday passed the Democrats
’ sweeping economic package that would allocate billions of taxpayer dollars to facilitate the expansion of the Internal Revenue Service’s workforce.

The IRS would receive $80 billion if H.R. 5376, the $750 billion “Inflation Reduction Act” passes the House and lands on Biden’s desk. The funding would mark a 600 percent increase from 2021 when the bureau received $12.6 billion.

The reconciliation package would also double the current IRS workforce by hiring an additional 87,000 employees to the bureau’s staff of 78,661 employees, a move that would make the IRS larger than the Pentagon, State Department, FBI and Border Patrol.

This is insane.

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Inflation Reduction Act spends nearly $750 billion dollars

Just The NewsSenate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and other Democratic leaders in the upper chamber have released a draft of the full text of the $739 billion Inflation Reduction Act.

A finalized version is expected to be released Saturday.

The spending package includes a 15% minimum corporate tax, expanded Obamacare subsidies, a program aimed at lowering prescription drug costs and hundreds of billions in federal funding for climate change-related initiatives.

Only Democrats could claim to reduce inflation by spending almost a trillion dollars that we don't have and will thus have to print. Worse, most of it will be spent on solar panels and batteries from China. And to cap it all off, there are tax increases for literally everyone (yes, including you, all individual tax brackets get an increase) but especially corporations. And what do corporations do with tax increases? They pass them along to their customers as price increases, which will... guess what? ... also increase inflation.

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What the J6 cmt is really up to

Conservative TreehouseThe J6 committee demands testimony and asserts the testimony must be offered without conflict because the J6 committee itself has no criminal authority. As the issue is argued, the witness cannot be criminally charged by the committee, therefore no criminal liabilities exist for the witness, therefore the testimony can be compelled by the committee (the legislative branch). However, what we are seeing is the committee being used as a legal shield and enforcement tool by/for the DOJ who could never -on their own- force the same testimony.

The result is President Trump legal counsel Pat Cipollone being compelled to testify before a criminal grand jury, and within that questioning he will be asked about about his prior testimony before the J6 committee. Essentially, this is one big Lawfare workaround; and likely a legal and constitutional issue that will end up at an appellate court level or higher.

Political elements within the legislative branch (J6) are colluding with political elements within the executive branch (DOJ), to fracture the constitutional protections that exist not only for presidents’ (exec privilege), but also for all Americans (attorney/client privilege).

In ordinary times, this approach would be a jaw-dropping controversy that would come under rebuke from everyone involved in the media and justice system.

I assume they are looking for something specific, which they probably planted, and which Trump didn't do anything with; and of course, opportunistically willing to use anything they can find to get Trump in front of a DC jury before 2024.

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Admission: Fulton County recount not proper and legal

Emerald RobinsonThe attorney for Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has been forced to admit in writing that Fulton County did not conduct a proper and legal recount of their 2020 election results.

In an email dated July 29th, 2022, the attorney for Georgia’s Secretary of State (named C. Ryan Germany) admits to a number of bad practices among the public officials that handle elections in Georgia to concerned citizen Joe Rossi.

The most important point is that the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office cannot support the results of Fulton County’s hand recount of their 2020 election results.

The admissions are being forced out, slowly.

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We now know who deleted Maricopa's election data before the audit

Gateway PunditThis data was deleted before the subpoenaed voting machines were delivered to Senate auditors in compliance with a subpoena.

Federal law requires these files to be kept for 22 months.

Maricopa County officials previously admitted that these files were “deleted” in a Congressional hearing but later walked it back and said that the files were “archived.”

This was one of the many law violations discovered by the Arizona audit and other Maricopa County’s 2020 Election investigations.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported on footage of the individuals deleting the files, but their identities were redacted from the public to maintain confidentiality.

On Saturday, it was revealed by Vanbiber that Maricopa County election Database Administrator Brian Ramirez was granted unauthorized entry to the server room on multiple occasions, and he deleted the files.

Ramirez does not have the required credentials to access the server room. However, Vanbiber discovered that he falsely used the identities of individuals who were authorized access.

Vanbiber matched the server room entry logs to the video footage and found Brian Ramirez using others’ cards to access the room.

Assuming this is as alleged, it sure looks like evidence of at least one crime -- deleting election files -- with proof of ill intent in that the person who did it used identity cards from other people to hide his own identity.

Based on the comments when this was originally reported and the identities of the people involved kept confidential, the footage and the identities of the people involved are being released publicly now because law enforcement has declined to do anything about it.
I'm not making these allegations myself, I'm passing on the reporting of others.

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Double voters in Wisconsin being referred for fraud

Just The NewsTen criminal voter fraud referrals related to the 2020 election have been made over the past year by local clerks, according to a Wisconsin Elections Commission report.

This brings the total number of voter fraud referrals for the 2020 election up to 22. In the most recent report, however, several referrals were for "multiple elections," meaning that the total number may be higher.

Some cases referred to district attorneys involved a person voting in person and absentee by mail in the 2020 election. Others involved voting in two different states or voter impersonation.

Voting twice is against Wisconsin law, regardless of intent, the Epoch Times reported.

The report also showed that 73 criminal voter fraud referrals were made in 2021 and 2022 for multiple elections.

I'm actually a little worried about this approach. By targeting only voters who vote twice -- or more accurately voters who show up on the rolls as voting twice -- the prosecutors appear to be ignoring the far more dangerous large scale fraud methods. Sure, some people may have used their real identities to vote absentee and then vote in person, deliberately or not, and that's a problem. But it's a small scale problem. The large scale problem is when the person who votes in person is told at the pools that they can't vote because they already voted absentee; or rather, someone else already voted absentee fraudulently using their name and likely the names of many other voters.

The person who shows up twice is not likely the problem. The person who doesn't show up but participated in a large scale fraud that delivered thousands of fake ballots is.

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Another way Maricopa County counted illegal votes

Gateway PunditA Maricopa County 2020 election report from Verity Vote used public records requests to discover that more than 20,000 ballots were illegally counted.

Arizona’s 2020 Presidential Election was decided by less than 10,500 votes.

Yet another way that illegal ballots decided the election. If they come in after the deadline, they are not legal ballots.

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Observers not allowed to monitor recall vote

Gateway PunditObservers will not be allowed to monitor the vote counting in the effort to recall Marxist Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón.

The Gascón recall petition was approved in January after the residents of Los Angeles had enough of the Soros DA’s soft-on-crime policies.

But there’s a catch…

The Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters said observers are only allowed in standard elections and the recall does not qualify.

Because it's a recall, not a vote, apparently, despite voting being involved.

Strange how Dems always want to lock out the people observing how they count the votes.

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Dominion voting machines failed their logic testing...

Gateway PunditDominion Voting machines in El Paso County, Co. have reportedly FAILED their Logic and Accuracy test for the upcoming hand recount of the 2022 Primary election. The recount was ordered (and paid for) by some of the candidates, including Mesa Clerk Tina Peters and El Paso senate candidate Linda Zamora Wilson, who had her election inexplicably overturned AFTER it had been called by local news without any explanation.

According to Jim Wiley of

The L&A consisted of 4,000 ballots. 2,200, around 60%, were reportedly kicked out for adjudication. Two Dominion employees were present and it still can’t be run correctly. Teams of judges are reviewing the ballots as part of the adjudication process.

There appears to be some really weird shit going on with the voting machines in an effort to stop Tina Peters from becoming the person responsible for running elections in Colorado.

Do note that Tina Peters is the one county clerk who had a forensic copy of the voting machines she was responsible for made before a software update. We still don't know exactly what that showed, but reports are the update deleted a lot of things it wasn't supposed to touch related to the 2020 eection. This whole situation stinks of someone -- maybe Dominion, maybe others -- trying to make sure we don't get a real look at the voting machines.

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Biden Admin figures referred to Durham for perjury

Gateway PunditSeveral individuals connected to a 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign plot to cast Donald Trump as a covert Kremlin collaborator are working in high-level jobs within the Biden administration – including at least two senior Biden appointees cited by Special Counsel John Durham in his “active (and) ongoing” criminal investigation of the scheme, according to recently filed court documents.
RealClearInvestigations has learned that Congress has referred to the Special Counsel’s Office at least a dozen cases of potential perjury involving former Clinton campaign officials and Obama administration officials who have testified behind closed doors about their involvement in Russiagate. Hill lawyers and investigators have met with Durham’s staff about the criminal referrals stemming from the sworn depositions.

What are the chances Durham actually does anything? So far, he's 1 for 2 in court, and his "win" was a wrist slap and probation where admitted falsification of a court document used as evidence didn't even result in the criminal being disbarred.

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Government buying cell phone data without warrants

TechCrunchThe Department of Homeland Security (DHS) used mobile location data to track people’s movements on a much larger scale than previously known, according to new documents unearthed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

It’s no secret that U.S. government agencies have been obtaining and using location data collected by Americans’ smartphones. In early 2020, a Wall Street Journal report revealed that both Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) bought access to millions of smartphone users’ location data to track undocumented immigrants and suspected tax dodgers.

However, new documents obtained by the ACLU through an ongoing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit now reveal the extent of this warrantless data collection. The 6,000-plus records reviewed by the civil rights organization contained approximately 336,000 location points across North America obtained from people’s phones. They also reveal that in just three days in 2018, CBP obtained records containing around 113,654 location points in the southwestern United States — more than 26 location points per minute.

Just because advertisers and telecommunications companies have tricked people into "voluntarily" giving up their privacy shouldn't be a workaround for the 4th Amendment.

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Fake News won't admit their Pulitizer-winning mistakes

Real Clear Politics “In the last three years, the Pulitzer Board has received inquiries, including from former President Donald Trump, about submissions from The New York Times and The Washington Post on Russian interference in the U.S. election and its connections to the Trump campaign – submissions that jointly won the 2018 National Reporting prize.”

The board said it had commissioned two “independent reviews” of the contested coverage, which “converged in their conclusions: that no passages or headlines, contentions or assertions in any of the winning submissions were discredited by facts that emerged subsequent to the conferral of the prizes. The 2018 Pulitzer Prizes in National Reporting stand.”

As an editor and columnist for news organizations that have challenged that coverage – RealClearInvestigations and RealClearPolitics – I was eager to read those reports to see where their analysis diverged from our own. They were not attached to the statement. When I called the board, I was told that they would not be made public.

Not only will they not revoke the awards when the reporting they were based on is exposed as a gigantic political hoax, they won't even bother defending their reasonable. Probably because it's indefensible.

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Georgia election fraud report

RumbleThis is a portion of what our team found in Georgia, primarily Fulton County. There is much more across the state. Very little of the data that counties input to election management systems was or is verified. The State verified nothing because the said they "depended on the counties to report accurately". Georgia should never have been certified.

This is damning.

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