Michigan counties to erase election data?

Gateway PunditFive Michigan counties are allegedly moving ahead with guidance from the state that is likely to erase all activities on the voting machines in the county. A Cease and Desist order was mailed to the counties but these few counties may move forward anyways.

At least five counties in Michigan are reportedly moving ahead with the destruction of data from the 2020 Election on the voting equipment they used in the election. The problem with this is that the procedure that the vendor is performing reportedly removes all data from the machines but federal law states that information related to the 2020 Election is to be maintained in safekeeping for 22 months after the election. Also, all the counties in the state have been provided a ‘cease and desist’ order preventing them from removing the data from the machines.

The timing is this request is extremely suspicious. I hope someone manages to block the deletion.

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Rand Paul sends criminal referral on Fauci for lying about gain of function

Just The NewsKentucky Sen. Rand Paul says he's sending a criminal referral to the Justice Department on Dr. Anthony Fauci for what the GOP senator says are the public health expert's lies while being questioned by Congress.

"I will be sending a letter to the Department of Justice asking for a criminal referral because he has lied to Congress," Paul told Fox News' Sean Hannity on Tuesday night.

The DOJ will do nothing about it, of course.

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Problems with Wisconsin audit

Gateway PunditWisconsin’s Republican Speaker of the House continues to refuse a real forensic audit in the state. Now 2 of 3 policemen Vos selected for an audit of the state have reportedly resigned.

The resignations of the two policemen are likely an indication of deeper problems in Wisconsin that the audit is covering up.

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AZ SecState hiding double voting cases?

Gateway PunditAttorney General Mark Brnovich has requested evidence of illegal voting from Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.

The (attorney general) has not received any information from your office regarding potential double voting in the 2018 or 2020 election,

Notably, this is the first time in over a decade the AGO has received no referrals from the Secretary of State regarding double voting.

Additionally, please provide any and all records your office possesses related to potential violations of Arizona’s election laws.

Hobbs is known to be on the wrong side of the election integrity issue, so this shouldn't come as a surprise.

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A forensic audit in Texas?

Legislation has been introduced to audit the election results from the 13 most populous counties in Texas. Apparently there is some statistical analysis suggesting that around a half-million Biden votes there are "imaginary" (ie, fraudulent).

I don't know, and I didn't hear of any of the usual problems like in the 6 swing states.

But I'd like to know. Let's audit them and see what comes up. Texans, call your representatives.

The same person's analysis suggests Trump won Michigan by 7.5% and Pennsylvania by 6-8%. Real? I dunno. Let's find out.

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Sharpiegate confirmed

I confess, on election night and immediately after, I thought Sharpiegate was kind of silly. Even if using markers to mark ballots instead of normal pens was going to lead to some spoiled ballots, surely it was accidental, easily corrected, and unbiased. After all, if all voters get the bad markers, it won't be likely to bias the election, right?

Well, turns out all of those assumptions were wrong. Sharpiegate is real. First, the AZ audit confirmed that some ballots were printed on incorrect paper stock. Most of these were emergency ballots on election day, printed when normal ballots ran out or were not available for a particular voter. Guess what? Sharpies on that normal paper stock, not the correct ballot paper, can bleed through the ballot -- exactly as described in a newsletter from election officials -- and invalid the ballot. Election officials knew about this. Proven, documented, in writing.

How many ballots like this? About 168K. Less than 10% of those would swing the election in AZ to Trump.

OK, but how do we know the results were biased and not just a random sample?

Well, Trump voters are much more inclined to wait until election day to vote. This is due to conflicting messaging from the parties and candidates; it's well established and well know even ahead of the election. And guess what? Maricopa County election official Kelly Dixon (Asst Director of Recruitment and Training) was caught telling her people to hand out ballpoint pens during early voting and markers only on election day. "We NEED to use Markers on Election Day, but for now and through 11/2, hand voters a Ballpoint Pen." Given that markers have known bleed through problems, there can be no purpose for the conflicting directives than to sabotage the Trump vote on election day.

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About that audit in GA...

Gateway PunditThe Georgia audit held in November 2020 after the election that providedthe corrupt Secretary of State support that the election in his state was fine was not fine itself. Some damaging information provided through a FOIA request confirms this.

Some of the auditors were not certified when they performed the audit, which isn't a surprise (Maricopa County AZ had the same issue with the same firms), but it looks like some of the documents concerning the scope of work were created months after the audit was supposedly complete and returned with forged dates in response to a FOIA request.

While I don't see forged dates as criminal, exactly, it seems a very odd thing to try to cover up. Unless you are trying to cover up for the idea that no work was actually done when you claimed it had been done.

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A good summary of the preliminary audit results

Uncover DCThe Senate audit was not about merely counting ballots. Over 1500 people were involved from all over the country and about 1100 of them were volunteers, according to Fann’s opening remarks. The independent auditors painstakingly combed through upwards of 2.1 million ballots.

To date, issues were found with the storage and labeling of ballots, record keeping, failure to do security updates, failure to provide system logs to the auditors, and a breach of public server with unauthorized access. It is now undeniably true that county officials failed to follow a myriad of rules regarding the proper conduct of free and fair elections. Unfortunately, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (MCBOS) has yet to deliver routers, passwords, and hardware keys previously subpoenaed by the Arizona State Senate.

If you just want one story for most of what came out in the recent hearing, this is a good one.

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Louisiana may get constitutional carry after all

The Truth About GunsGovernor John Bel Edwards effectively dared the Louisiana legislature to override his veto of a constitutional carry bill last month. He probably thought it would hold up, since the legislature had never before come back into session to override a governor’s veto of a bill in the Crawfish and Gumbo State. But the legislature has called his bluff this time.

It would be quite a treat for Constitutional Carry to be the first veto override in the state.

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Multiple threads on election fraud in Georgia

UncoverDCThe state of Georgia has election integrity on its mind as multiple parties push for hearings and investigations of alleged fraud in the 2020 General Election. Several of the cases involve Henry County Superior Court Judge Brian Amero. On Monday, Mike Daugherty’s lawsuit on the January Senate run-off election will be heard by Judge Amero.

We haven't heard much about fraud in the runoff -- yet. But logic suggests the Democrats would want to fraud it almost as much as they would want Trump out. So it would be wise to look.

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FBI ignored child abuse allegations in gymnast cases

Conservative TreehouseAn absolutely damning Inspector General investigation of FBI conduct in the rape and sexual assault of U.S. Gymnasts reveals how FBI agents facilitated Nassar’s sex crimes by taking no action despite numerous witness statements to them.

Worse yet, the FBI never reported the sexual assaults to local law enforcement… and to top it off the FBI agents lied during the investigation of their conduct, and the DOJ under AG Bill Barr refused to prosecute the FBI liars.

This is your modern FBI. Disgusting.

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Dem reconciliation bill to contain immigration changes

Just The NewsExpected to be included in the Congressional Democrats' $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill is language that will advance the party's goals for immigration reform. Working with the White House, a group of top Capitol Hill Democrats are workshopping placing a handful of immigration measures into the spending bill that will likely be passed via budget reconciliation, that is with no Republican support.

For years, efforts to reform the American immigration system have stalled as Democrats and Republicans fail to make any sort of meaningful bipartisan progress on the issue. Now, Democrats are opting to strategically move forward potentially without the need for bipartisan agreement.

They know they will lose power in 2022 unless they can basically ram through election fraud from DC. And for Democrats, amnesty is election fraud.

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An election fraud coverup in Michigan?

Uncover DCLike a dog on a bone, Attorney Matt Deperno has been persistently pushing a forensic audit of the 2020 election in Michigan—despite efforts by almost every state official to prevent one. Between the evidence he has shown, recent calls for a forensic audit by legislators, and a July 8 memo calling for “preventative maintenance” on ICX equipment by the “Testing Department” at ElectionSource in Oceana and Osceola counties, DePerno may indeed be wise to persist.

On his website, Patrick Colbeck reported, “It is unclear what condition they are seeking to ‘prevent’. They state that they intend to remove batteries to avoid shutting off the machines. In most electronic equipment, the removal of batteries would actually lead to the shutting down of machines.” This could also lead to a significant loss of data.

The Election Source letter below states that clerks do not need to be present during the maintenance—a concern for anyone worried about tampering with election equipment.

Why the election machine vendors all of a sudden want to remove batteries from their election machines is suspect. Personally, I suspect that removing batteries could cause configuration information on those machines to be removed, making it difficult to audit the election. And I can see little other reason to request such a thing.

DePerno recently announced he is running for Attorney General in Michigan. If he wins, he will be in a position to criminally investigate the evidence he has already uncovered.

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At least one PA county refuses audit access

Just The NewsOne of the three Pennsylvania counties targeted for a forensic audit of the 2020 presidential election has said it won't participate, and will not allow auditors access to its voting machines.

Tioga County Commissioners said they would not provide access to the county’s machines after they received a directive from the Pennsylvania Department of State that ordered them not to provide access to third-party auditors on July 9, according to The Epoch Times.

It is likely the Senate will have to take legal action to compel compliance, resulting in a power struggle with the PA SecState. Ultimately, power over elections belongs to the state legislature. However, enforcing that requires political will, which may be difficult to muster. The PA SecState, however, is a singular position and highly motivated to cover up any fraud that occurred on her watch and potentially her complicity.

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Assassins in Haiti had US training?

Just The NewsThe Pentagon says several of the suspects in the July 7 assassination of Haiti President Jovenel Moïse had received U.S. military training. The men who had the training were Colombian.

“A review of our training databases indicates that a small number of the Colombian individuals detained as part of this investigation had participated in past U.S. military training and education programs, while serving as active members of the Colombian Military Forces,” Lt. Col. Ken Hoffman, a Pentagon spokesman, told The Washington Post.

How many were trained by the U.S. and what the training entailed has not been released, amid a Pentagon probe into the matter.

Lovely. That's going to complicate things tremendously.

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Austin TX DA playing catch and release games

PJMediaOn March 15, 2021, about two months into his tenure, Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza (D) issued a secret standing order regarding the handling of felony cases in the county. It went into effect immediately.

I spoke with Charley Wilkison, executive director of the Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas (CLEAT), about this Tuesday morning. The easy-going Wilkison was livid about the order and told me that law enforcement officers have already seen its effects. They are seeing suspects they take in on felony charges released so quickly, per Garza’s order, that they are back on the streets before officers even return to their precincts. This indicates the DA office’s review may not be very thorough. He noted that homicides are up more than 50%. Northwest Austin suffered yet another fatal shooting Monday night, pushing homicides up near 50 for the year.

Crime in Austin has gotten steadily worse over the past five years or so, with homeless encampments and car theft rings operating unmolested by police. Now we're going to see felonies being treated as worth nothing more than a 5 minute timeout?

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Provable election fraud in Fulton County GA

Battleswarm Blog A group seeking to ensure that elections are run fairly said this week that an in-depth analysis of mail-in ballot images it obtained through a court order shows that the hand-count audit in Fulton County, Georgia, last year “was riddled with massive errors and provable fraud.”

The analysis turned up at least 36 batches of mail-in ballots, containing 4,255 votes, that were added redundantly to the audit results, Voters Organized for Trusted Election Results in Georgia (VoterGA), charged. Nearly 3,400 were for Democrat Joe Biden.

The team examining the ballots also found seven audit tally sheets (pdf) they believe were falsified to contain fabricated vote totals. In one example, the group said, a batch containing 59 ballot images for Biden and 42 for former President Donald Trump was reported as 100 for Biden and 0 for Trump.

The analysis revealed that 923 (60 percent) of the 1,539 mail-in ballot batch files contained votes that were incorrectly reported in the county’s official 2020 election result compared to the audit totals, according to VoterGA.

“We believe that there is massive audit errors,” Garland Favorito, founder of the group, told a press conference in Georgia on July 13.

The group received the images as part of a court case after it petitioned in late 2020 to get clearance to inspect all mail-in ballots cast in the county in the 2020 election, alleging that fraud took place. The petition cited witnesses to the alleged fraud, including Favorito and other poll watchers and workers.

At a minimum, the person who signed the fake tally sheets needs to go to jail, and the official certificated results need to be updated for the improper 3600 Biden votes.

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Polling on voter ID: 75% want it

Just The NewsLarge majorities of voters are in favor of tighter voting rules and restrictions in the wake of months of controversy following the 2020 election, new polling shows.

The polling, drawn from national surveys by veteran pollster Scott Rasmussen, indicates that up to three-quarters of U.S. voters are opposed to the looser voting regulations that were put in place for much of last year's presidential election.

A full 70% of voters, for instance, would like a hard Election Day deadline for mail-in ballots, indicating broad opposition to the post-election deadlines that many jurisdictions put in place for the Nov. 3 election.

A whopping 76% favor requiring photo ID to vote. White House and Democratic Party messaging has sought to paint ID requirements as Republican "voter suppression" tactics.

Rasmussen found that 65% of voters "believe government agencies should be required to report the vote totals from all ballots either on Election Night or the next day." In many cases in 2020, reporting totals in cities and states around the U.S. dragged out for several days after the election. Just 18% of voters were opposed to such a requirement.

Nearly 60% of voters, meanwhile, want a ban on the practice of "ballot harvesting," in which workers collect absentee ballots from voters and drop them off at a central location.

Strange how the Democrats are so off track from even their own voters on this. Until you realize that they rely on cheating to win, and their rank and file voters probably are not aware of this.

Mon Aug 09 22:41:56 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Biden using military resources to ferry illegal aliens around the country

Conservative TreehouseFox News has confirmed that Laughlin Air Force Base in Del Rio, Texas, is being used as a distribution hub for Central American migrants who cross the border illegally. The commander of that base, Lt. Col. Matthew Burrows, has instructed people in his command to keep the activity secret. Tucker Carlson obtained emails from a whistleblower showing instructions from Burrows not to divulge the Air Force activity.

This is entirely inappropriate. Not only is it clearly off-mission for the military, Biden appears to be engaging in efforts to subvert the law rather than enforce it. The legalities of what a President can order the military to do are tricky, but the secrecy around this police makes it clear that the administration feels vulnerable around it. This is not what the people want.

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NSA agrees to release records on FBI illegal spying

LawflogBuckle up, kids. The National Security Agency has agreed to produce records about the FBI’s illegal snooping on 16,000 Americans, according to a letter that I received from the NSA this afternoon, and that suggests a political fight between the two agencies.

I eagerly await the results of this, if we ever see any. I expect the Biden Admin to shut it down as soon as they find out about it, though.

Categories Police Abuse

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Police reform in Illinois

Just The NewsIllinois has become the first state to ban law enforcement officers from lying to juveniles during interrogations.

The law was part of a package of criminal justice reform measures put forth by the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus signed by Gov. J.B. Pritzker Thursday.

Senate Bill 2122, which prohibits the use of deceptive tactics by all law enforcement when interrogating a minor, takes effect on Jan. 1, 2022.

Honestly I see this as a good reform in general, including for adults. Police should be examples of good behavior, not lying and cheating to close cases. I get that that makes it harder for them to get confessions, but it can also lead to "confessions" that aren't real. And it certainly leads people to lose trust in police and see them as adversaries who are out to get anyone they can, rather than honest investigators who are trying to get the truth.

I'd like to see more behavioral reforms like this one rather than reducing the funding for police departments in order to redirect that funding to liberal political agencies.

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Signature match on Biden's laptop confirmed

Just The News​A retired FBI counterintelligence agent with longtime expertise in signature analysis tells Just the News that Hunter Biden signed an April 2019 Delaware computer repair shop receipt, adding fresh evidence that a controversial laptop turned over to the bureau with eye-popping emails about Ukrainian and Chinese business deals belonged to the president's son.

Retired Special Agent Wayne A. Barnes, a 29-year FBI veteran who mastered signature analysis while unmasking Soviet spies during the Cold War, says the "R.H. Biden" signature — short for Robert Hunter Biden — on the receipt issued in spring 2019 from John Paul Mac Issac's repair shop in Delaware matches those on documents known to have been signed by the president's son, such as Social Security cards, driver's licenses and other public documents.

"The signature on the computer repair store from April 2019 was signed by RHB," Barnes wrote in a 24-page report commissioned by Just the News.

Pity on one thought to check this before the election.

Categories BidenGate

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Biden nominee says presumption of innocence not required

Just The NewsThe Biden administration's nominee to lead the Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights told a Senate committee Tuesday that a year-old Title IX regulation does not require the presumption of innocence for students accused of sexual misconduct.

I take no position on what the regulation requires, except to note that it was issued under Trump to correct problems with due process created under Obama, by that I assume likely does require the presumption of innocence as a part of due process...

I will state that basic standards of justice and decency in America require the presumption of innocence, and that people seeking Senate confirmation for high positions in the federal government are willing to say that they do not is shocking and should be grounds for refusing to confirm her for anything.

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Two standards of justice

Apparently, when Democrats storm the capitol, it's not a big deal.

Fri Aug 06 22:10:47 CDT 2021 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Biden Admin directing Big Tech censorship efforts on COVID

It's one thing for Big Tech to decide, on their own, to "fact check" and suppress free speech on a topic. I believe that to be improper, but legally difficult to challenge. Most legal protections for free speech are based around government being the bad actor, with the infamous section 230 of the Communications Decency Act being an outlier. That section extends immunity from lawsuit to companies that decide to be "platforms" for user speech, as distinct from companies that are making editorial decisions about what to publish.

I believe that Big Tech has definitely stepped over the line into making editorial decisions, thus removing those legal protections. Cases are moving through the courts that will likely decide that.

But, it appears another front has just been opened. In separate situations, Big Tech appears to have colluded with Big Government (both the Biden Administration after the election and state government officials before the election) in censoring topics and specific posts that government officials requested be censored.

They are even asking for cross-platform censorship based on those government requests.

Legal InsurrectionPSAKI: “You shouldn’t be banned from one platform and not others if you — for providing misinformation out there, taking faster action against harmful post. As you all know, information travels quite quickly. If it’s up there for days and days and days, when people see it, you know there’s — it’s hard to put that back in a box. And of course promoting algorithms. I don’t know how they work but they all do know how they work. So, those are some of the steps that we think could be constructive for public health, for public information, for public — you know, the right of the public to know.”

They are putting action behind their words by seeking to get cell phone providers to read and censor your text messaging.

This will likely prove to be a dramatic mistake, as now the full force of the 1st Amendment protections against government censorship can be brought to bear.

In a nation that once considered freedom of speech a founding principle, the demands for censorship from the current regime are breathtaking.

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