AZ AG will enforce election subpoenas

UncoverDCArizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich today laid down the law in the case of the missing routers, admin passwords, and hardware keys to complete the forensic audit for the 2020 election. To date, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (MCBOS) has been flat-out non-compliant with their response to the AZ Senate subpoenas. In early August, UncoverDC reported that Republican Senator Sonny Borelli requested that Brnovich investigate the MCBOS failure to comply with the subpoenas. A failure to respond by September 27 will result in the loss of state funding.

I predict that they don't care about state funding, because it doesn't come out of their pocket. All they want to do is delay things as long as possible, and when they can't delay any more, DOJ will swoop in.

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Democrats are still voting for Jim Crow laws

Only Guns And MoneyEvery Democrat in the North Carolina Senate save two voted against the repeal of the pistol purchase permit. As I and others have noted many times, the history and purpose of this bill passed in 1919 was to disarm black North Carolinians.

The only two Democrats who didn’t vote against repeal of this Jim Crow law were Sen. Don Davis (D-Greene, Pitt) who didn’t vote and Sen. Ernestine Bazemore (D-Beaufort) who had an excused absence. By contrast, every Republican supported the repeal with the exception of Sen. Bob Steinburg (R-Camden) who had an excused absence.

Gun control is and always has been racist.

Democrats are, and always have been racist.

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About that voter fraud that doesn't exist...

We Love TrumpA report has surfaced from the Torrance(California) Police Department that they arrested a man that was in possession of Xanax, a loaded fire arm, methamphetamines’, and thousands of ballots.

According to reports a Torrance police officer was called to check up on a man that was passed out in his SUV at a 7/11 parking lot.

After the officer didn’t get a response from the man in the vehicle, the officer further investigated the situation and was able to find a loaded firearm arm, Xanax, meth, and “mail”.

The ballots are more than likely from California’s ongoing recall election which is an attempt to remove Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom and in return replace him with Republican Larry Elder.

Thousands of ballots, in the hands of one criminal.

How much of purported Dem dominance in CA is due to rampant voter fraud?

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Barr told investigator to stop looking into election fraud allegations

Gateway PunditThis past week, Lt. Col. and President of the London Center for Policy Research, claimed that former Attorney General Bill Barr told him to stop looking into the transfer of ballots from New York to Pennsylvania he uncovered after the 2020 Election.

Barr's betrayal of both the President and the People was quite thorough.

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CA recall election has ballot tricks to sabotage the recall

Gateway PunditIn this first example, Republican candidate Larry Elder is noticeably impacted by the way the ballot was created and folds added to the ballot. This is a low-tech hack of a ballot.

When folds run through candidate vote space it either does not scan and forces adjudication OR outright misaligns and auto-cancels the vote.

The Democrats seem determined to cheat until they are forced to stop.

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There are no real hate crimes

Legal InsurrectionTennessee’s now-former vaccine chief Michelle Fiscus claims she ran afoul of Republican state officials by urging teens as young as 14 to get vaccinated without parental consent.

In the brouhaha leading up to her eventual firing for “poor interpersonal communication skills, ineffective management and attempting to steer state money to a nonprofit she founded,” Fiscus claimed to have received a dog muzzle from Amazon.

She claims to have taken it as a message that she shut up about vaccinations. It has now been revealed by the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security who investigated the incident that Fiscus sent the muzzle to herself via a secondary Amazon account using her personal American Express card.

All alleged hate crimes are to be assumed fake until proven otherwise. Unless terrorism... wait, no, not unless terrorism anymore.

"Unless the attacker is named Mohammed" is probably still a valid rule.

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Understanding vaccine hesitancy

Tablet MagazineThe same people who told you Brexit would never happen, that Trump would never win, that when he did win it was because of Russian collusion but also because of racism, that you must follow lockdowns while they don’t, that masks don’t work, that masks do work, that social justice protests during pandemic lockdowns are a form of “health intervention,” that ransacking African American communities in the name of fighting racism is a “mostly peaceful” form of protest, that poor and underserved children locked out of shuttered schools are “still learning,” that Jussie Smollett was a victim of a hate crime, that men are toxic, that there is an infinite number of genders, that COVID couldn’t have come from a lab until maybe it did, that closing borders is racist until maybe it isn’t, that you shouldn’t take Trump’s vaccine, that you must take the vaccine developed during the Trump administration, that Andrew Cuomo is a great leader, that Andrew Cuomo is a granny killer, that the number of COVID deaths is one thing and then another … are the same people telling you now that the vaccine is safe, that you must take it, and that if you don’t, you will be a second-class citizen.

Understand vaccine hesitancy now?

This is not how I arrived at vaccine hesitancy (or to be more honest, outright refusal) but it is part of it. I simply don't trust anything being pushed so hard, and when I evaluate the actual risks of the disease, it's just not scary (to me, at my age and general state of health). A vaccine is simply not necessary for the vast majority of the population at low risk even if they get the disease; and there are available treatment options if you do get it. And that's before you consider the risks of the vaccine itself (particularly antibody-dependent enhancement).

So my answer is and will be no, and that's not based on the way that health officials, media, and government collectively have squandered every bit of trust they ever had.

Of course, that doesn't help their case either.

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The adjudications of Fulton County

Just The NewsRecords obtained by Just the News provide unprecedented glimpse into human adjudication of thousands of ballots, where marks for candidates like Trump were sometimes removed so ballots could count for Biden.

That summary is a little misleading. It happens the other way, too. The real question is how often in each direction, and why?

I looked at some of the ballot images, and it was basically impossible to fairly judge many of them as for one candidate or the other. Many, probably most, had strong marks near both candidates, such that judging who the voter preferred is an exercise in human bias. Did they fill in the oval first, and then change their mind and put a check mark against the other guy? Did they check and then fill? Was the check deliberate or accidental?

The bottom line is that the rules both forbid and encourage adjudicators to try to read the minds of voters when marks are unclear. This is stupid. If a ballot is marked ambiguously for a race, it simply should not count for that race. That's better than allowing bias to be the deciding factor.

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Vaccine studies lose control groups

NPRTens of thousands of people who volunteered to be in studies of the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines are still participating in follow-up research. But some key questions won't be easily answered, because many people who had been in the placebo group have now opted to take the vaccine.

I understand the logical reasoning that lead to this decision. The argument is that it would be inhumane to deny the vaccine just to continue the study.

The counterargument is that COVID is an extremely mild and easily treatment disease in the vast majority of cases. The vast majority of the harm is in the social panic, not the disease.

And now, if the vaccine itself causes harm, it will be that much more difficult to find out.

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Election discrepancies in Nevada

Silver State TimesAn analysis of Nevada state voter data shows a 9,000-vote difference between those marked as having participated in the 2020 General Election and the number of ballots actually cast.

The non-partisan Voter Reference Foundation (VRF), which officially announced its launch this week, compared the states' official certified vote totals to the state official voter files, which indicate how many individual Nevada voters were recorded as actually having cast ballots last November.

It found that 15 of Nevada's 17 counties certified more ballots cast than there were individual voters recorded as voting. Clark (5,869 more) and Washoe (2,191) had the largest discrepancies, according to the analysis.

This wouldn't swing the election by itself, but it's pretty close to it, and we're talking thousands of votes. It should be investigated, and whatever went wrong either prosecuted or fixed.

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"Infrastructure" bill includes mandate for breathalyzers

Free BeaconThe bipartisan infrastructure bill includes a provision that would require auto manufacturers to equip "advanced alcohol monitoring systems" in all new cars.

Buried in the massive proposal—which is already longer than 2,700 pages—is a section titled, "ADVANCED IMPAIRED DRIVING TECHNOLOGY," which mandates new vehicles include "a system that … passively and accurately detect[s] whether the blood alcohol concentration of a driver of a motor vehicle is equal to or greater than the blood alcohol concentration" of .08, in which case the system would "prevent or limit motor vehicle operation." Automobile manufacturers would have a three-year grace period to comply with the regulation.

This will impose probably thousands of dollars in additional costs on all the drivers who do not drive drunk.

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AZ audit report likely released to the public this week

Gateway PunditAudit spokesman Randy Pullen said that the machine recount numbers were finally delivered last Thursday to the audit team in Arizona.

Pullen expects that the final audit report will be made available to the public by the end of the month.

This report will show the audit team’s ballot count versus the county’s count, batch discrepancies, and other ballot discrepancies found in the three-layered forensic analysis of the ballots.

The auditors have finally received images of the mail-in ballot envelopes and they will shortly begin the envelope analysis phase of the audit shortly.

For those who were expecting it Friday, they presumably delivered a preliminary report to the Senate, which has said it will check it over and then release it.

The ballot envelope images should allow for signature verification of the ballot envelopes, which will tell us how many of those ballots would have been rejected if the normal rules had been followed.

Some other interesting information has come out. Jovan Pulitzer revealed his forensic process is looking for printer identification codes. Unlike ballot watermarks, which may or may not exist, the printer identification codes do; they aren't well known but occasionally show up in the news. I don't know enough of the details to say if they will allow invalid ballots to be detected, but if the codes can be read, the vast majority should be identified as being from a single major printer, I would expect.

It will be interesting to see what can be learned.

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Email may imply wrongdoing from election official

Gateway Pundit"Damn, Claire, you have a flair for drama, delivering just the margin needed at 3:00 am. I bet you had those votes counted at midnight, and just wanted to keep the world waiting.”

Ms. Claire is the Executive Director of the Election Commission of the city of Milwaukee.

We reported that Claire Woodall-Vogg was working alone late at night with the voting machines in Milwaukee. Her actions then were suspect, now they are borderline criminal.

The email isn't directly incriminating, but sure implies some wrongdoing. Getting caught sharing election data with activist groups might actually be illegal.

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Australia goes full totalitarian

Gateway PunditAustralia is sending troops to help local police enforce the new Covid lockdown in Sydney.

Australia’s largest city went into a hard lockdown – again – last Saturday amid rising Covid cases.

Beginning Monday, 300 troops will patrol Sydney and knock on doors to make sure people are following orders to stay at home.

So, these troops who will be going door to door making sure people are at home?

They're inevitably going to be spreading the disease across all of those homes. They get it from someone on their route, incubate for a day or two, and then start spreading it to everyone whose doors they knock on later.

This is a colossal failure of policy for containing a disease.

For spreading it? Less so.

And it's perfect to take another big step towards totalitarianism by using the military to enforce a total lockdown of society.

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Opening the door to a full audit in Michigan?

Gateway Pundit quoting Jovan Pulitzer#MICHIGAN MICHIGAN LEGISLATORS I have been able to secure the verbal commitment from a private donor to fully fund my PKAD initial Forensic Audit of every ballot in Michigan voted in the 2020 General Election. #ScanTheBallots #KinematicArtifactDetection #JovanHuttonPulitzer

It’s time for the lawmakers in Michigan to stand up for freedom and free elections that are fraud-free. Since Michigan politicians claim the election was absent of fraud, they shouldn’t have any complaints in having the ballots from the election audited.

If the election in Michigan was honest, an audit of the ballots and machines will only confirm the results.

Was it honest?

Let's find out.

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Fauci email redactions prove collaboration with Wuhan Lab

The following passage is directly from one of Fauci's emails. The passage was improperly redacted before being released by the government agency. Two Senators obtained the redacted portion and released it today in a letter.

Gateway Pundit (Emphasis mine)It's been a very hard few months as these conspiracy theorists have gradually become politicized and hardened in their stance. Especially because the work we've been doing in collaboration with Chinese virologists has given us incredible insight into the risks these viruses represent, so that we can directly help protect our nation from bat-origin coronaviruses. We're fighting to keep the communications open with our Chinese colleagues, so that we can better address future pandemics like COVID-19.

Fauci has been desperately trying to cover up the fact that he was funding the research that produced this virus.

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Biden Admin released COVID-positive illegal aliens in Texas

Fox NewsAuthorities in South Texas said Tuesday they've learned that illegal immigrants who have possibly tested positive for COVID-19 were being released from federal custody to a Catholic charity, which booked hotel rooms for them without notifying local officials.

The La Joya Police Department said a patrol officer was waved down Monday by someone concerned about a group that appeared to be sick at a Whataburger fast food restaurant. The officer found a family inside who were coughing and sneezing and not adhering to health guidelines, including the wearing of masks, authorities said during a news conference.

A manager told the officer they wanted the people to leave the establishment because they were making everyone inside "uneasy." When the officer approached the migrants, they said they had tested positive for the coronavirus and had been apprehended by Border Patrol agents several days prior before being released.

Given the official Biden administration panic level about COVID, this can only be viewed as a deliberate attempt to spread COVID in Texas (and likely other red states).

I'm not personally worried about COVID much, but if we know these people are sick, and we know they are here illegally, why are we turning them loose to infect other people? Why not send them back?

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Election issues in Maryland, too?

Gateway PunditThe Maryland Voter Integrity Group announces today that a recent analysis into voter registration records and voting trends over the past decade shows remarkable anomalies in the most recent Presidential Election.

I'd be surprised if Democrats had to fraud to win Maryland. But in a Trump landslide scenario, it's possible. And worth checking, just in case.

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There's a lot waiting on the Maricopa County audit

Deep CaptureThe Maricopa Audit will be delivered. I truly have been kept in the dark about as much of it as they could, but I have heard enough to suspect it is not the proverbial “clean bill of health”.
If the Maricopa Audit comes out “clean bill of health” then I will walk away. Since November 10 or so I have been saying that the only way to resolve things was to open the ballot boxes in six counties. Since then, there is one place that happened: Maricopa. If it is a dry hole, it is a dry hole.
However, if the Maricopa Audit comes out documenting fraud on a scale that could only have occurred thanks to a scheme worthy of a heist movie, then it will trigger forensic audits in somewhere between 13-20 states...

This is pretty much where I am at. (Well, I think 13-20 states is a pipe dream, but we may get the important 6 plus a few others). The path to a peaceful resolution is an audit, which either proves or disproves systemic fraud. If there's no fraud we go home. If there is, we address it in 2022 and 2024 with state legislatures passing election security legislation.

If fraud is demonstrated and then not properly addressed (and the 2022, 2024 votes ALSO audited to verify much reduced fraud)... that becomes a problem for which I do not currently have a solution.

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Weaponizing immigration and naturalization against the citizenry

Daniel GreenfieldThe new strategy begins with using DHS to assemble all the available data on the "potential naturalization-eligible populations" and breaking it down by age, sex, and zip code, as well as other demographic details, to target "outreach".

By "outreach", the working group of agencies headed by Biden appointees means converting aliens into citizens.

That data will allow the government and a spectrum of “partners”, most of them Democrat allies, to target resident aliens the way a corporation targets potential customers of its products.

Except that the data is coming from the government and the product is voting for Democrats.

Meanwhile the Biden administration’s voter turnout machine proposes to promote the benefits of American citizenship through Mexican consulates, provide targeted information about the aliens that need to be turned into citizens to labor unions, and open the door to private funding of its governmental voter turnout operations. HHS, the USDA, and the military are meant to function as components of a partisan effort to find and convert as many Democrat voters as possible.

The Democrats are facing a challenging electoral map in 2022 and 2024, and they’re plotting to use the entire structure of the government to overcome those challenges by creating new voters. Even as Biden opens the borders as wide as he can, the new government voter turnout machine will try to turn illegal aliens into residents and then into citizens, while turning the people who were once Americans into displaced and powerless refugees in their own land.

Read the whole thing.

It's not a new idea, but it is a new push to rush through the process in time for the next election.

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OK Rep calls for election audit

OkcFoxOklahoma State Representative Sean Roberts, R-Hominy, announced on Tuesday that he is requesting the State Election Board Secretary call for a "forensic and independent audit" of the 2020 general elections in Oklahoma County and two other random counties in the state.

"Every citizen deserves to have faith in the integrity of the election process and its outcome," Roberts said in a letter sent to the Election Board secretary. "It is my responsibility, as an elected public servant, to assure my constituents that Oklahoma's elections are safe and secure."

Let's find out just how honest our elections actually are.

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Mexico sues gun manufacturers

Just The NewsThe Mexican government announced Wednesday that it plans to file a lawsuit against several U.S.-based gun manufacturers to stop the illegal flow of weapons across the border, according to documents obtained by The Washington Post.

The documents also the suit says Mexican authorities think the United States' loose gun-control laws contribute to Mexico's high rates of violence.

This claim is thoroughly debunked. In fact, you may recognize it from Obama's first term, when it was called Operation Fast and Furious. In that "operation", Obama's DoJ under Eric Holder deliberately allowed drug cartels to make straw purchases in the US (even going to far as forcing dealers to approve sales they wanted to refuse), hoping that the guns would be used to commit murders in Mexico and be traced back to the US.

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Debunking the Mexican gun control myth

AmmolandThe New York Times has seized upon a lawsuit filed by the Mexican government against six American firearms manufacturers – which even the newspaper’s own experts admit is frivolous – as if it’s a holy writ, in order to add their political support to the Biden-Harris Administration’s calls for increased gun control.

Using cherry-picked data taken out of context from a report from the Government Accountability Office, the Times reporters boldly state that “70 percent of the firearms submitted for tracing in Mexico between 2014 and 2018 originated in the United States.” However, that is not what the data says. That’s not the whole picture. It’s the submitted for tracing part that’s misleading – misleading in a big way.

I'm amazed that they think they will get farther with the same old crap the second time. But then, it's not like Biden is going to be coming with any new ideas.

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DOJ targets another Trump associate

Just The NewsThomas Barrack, a friend and ally to former President Donald Trump, was arrested and charged Tuesday for violating foreign lobbying laws, obstructing justice, and making false statements.

Barrack, who chaired Trump's inaugural committee, was arrested and charged with illegal foreign lobbying on behalf of the United Arab Emirates, which prosecutors described as an effort to influence the foreign policy positions of the 2016 Trump campaign and administration, according to CNN.

Note the charges. "Violating foreign lobbying laws" is the catch-all charge that the FBI uses to spy on people they want to spy on. And after that the charges are obstructing justice -- meaning he made the FBI's illegal spying harder somehow -- and making false statements -- meaning he didn't say what the FBI wanted him to say.

These charges are, in other words, completely bullshit, fabricated out of thin air because Barrack (and what a coincidence that name is) wouldn't cooperate in the FBI's witch hunt against Trump.

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An expanded audit in GA?

Election WizardPress release from @VoterGA says the group has obtained new evidence that the election discrepancies in other Georgia counties may be worse than those it uncovered in Fulton County.

Auditing as much as possible seems like the thing to do.

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