Democrats in Senate planning to make gun control a priority

Free BeaconSen. Dick Durbin (D., Ill.) plans to make gun control a "top priority" for the Senate Judiciary Committee under his leadership.

After winning control of the committee chairmanship on Wednesday, Durbin said he had met with a group of activists and promised to prioritize action on guns.

We'll see what they actually try to get through, and whether they are willing to dump the filibuster to do it.

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Clinesmith gets probation and community service for falsifying evidence in SpyGate

Just The NewsFormer FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith was sentenced Friday to 12 months probation and 400 hours of community service for falsely altering a document that led to the FISA warrant of former 2016 Trump campaign associate Carter Page.

Clinesmith pleaded guilty last summer to altering an email to falsely claim that Page had not previously been a CIA asset, despite CIA confirmation that he had been. Clinesmith is the only FBI employee charged so far in the investigation by Special Counsel John Durham into the Justice Department's now-discredited Russia collusion investigation.

Federal prosecutors were seeking jail time for Clinesmith, arguing that a harsh sentence would deter others from behaving in a similar manner during a government agency investigation.

This tells us two things:
1) Clinesmith is not cooperating. (If he was cooperating, Durham would have delayed sentencing until after the cooperation, as in the Flynn case).
2) Judge Boasberg is corrupt or otherwise compromised, because he is claiming Clinesmith did not act from political bias, despite written evidence of that bias.

Clinesmith won't even be disbarred.

I think the near complete lack of reaction to Clinesmith's plea from bar associations and other institutions tells us a third: no one is afraid of Durham.

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DHS now branding election protests as domestic terrorism

The Last RefugeThroughout 2020, Domestic Violent Extremists (DVEs) targeted individuals with opposing views engaged in First Amendment-protected, non-violent protest activity. DVEs motivated by a range of issues, including anger over COVID-19 restrictions, the 2020 election results, and police use of force have plotted and on occasion carried out attacks against government facilities.

It's interesting how this paragraph manages to conflate peaceful protests about a stolen election with BLM/Antifa riots and riots led by an FBI informant.

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Proud Boys leader was government informant?

Yahoo NewsEnrique Tarrio, the leader of the Proud Boys extremist group, has a past as an informer for federal and local law enforcement, repeatedly working undercover for investigators after he was arrested in 2012, according to a former prosecutor and a transcript of a 2014 federal court proceeding obtained by Reuters.

In the Miami hearing, a federal prosecutor, a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent and Tarrio’s own lawyer described his undercover work and said he had helped authorities prosecute more than a dozen people in various cases involving drugs, gambling and human smuggling.

Well, that certainly explains a lot.

When will he be arrested for incitement?

And will he testify the FBI told him to do it?

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WHO advisor says Kung Flu likely came from Chinese lab

Toronto Sun“There’s no irrefutable evidence,” said Metzl, who was appointed to the WHO’s expert advisory committee on human genome editing in 2019 and is also the author of Hacking Darwin.

“There’s just more evidence and as more evidence arrives, the case for accidental lab leak, in my view, increases.”

That this came from a lab leak was obvious from the beginning. The hard part was proving it. Now that Trump is out of office and Biden can prevent any actual consequences, this sort of thing is allowed to become part of the public discourse.

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Cancel culture comes for the Founding Fathers

Washington ExaminerTHE REVOLUTION DEVOURS ALL BEFORE IT. The latest enactment of that old truth happened Tuesday night in, of all places, a Zoom meeting of the San Francisco School Board. In that meeting, members voted to strip the names of American historical figures -- George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and even California Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein -- from schools in San Francisco.

Honestly, I'd rather have a nameplate with the Founding Fathers on an empty building than a school building that isn't allowed to have the Founding Father's name on it.

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Democrats advance plans to make DC a state

Gateway PunditSenator Tom Carper on Wednesday introduced the Washington DC Admission Act. The legislation will make the nation’s capital its 51st State.

This will ensure two more radical far left senators and at least one US House representative for Democrats.

Washington DC reportedly voted 92% for Joe Biden in 2020. The city is as liberal as the mainstream media.

I'd be more worried about this if I didn't think they would need an Amendment to actually do it. But, if they do manage to do it, that's two permanent Democrat Senators and at least one permanent Representative. And make no mistake -- that political advantage is WHY they want to do it.

Other possible new states have fewer Constitutional blockages.

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DC Statehood to come before Congress, White House

BreitbartWashington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser told “Just the News” on Friday that the Democratic-led Senate and House will vote in favor of statehood for the District of Columbia and send the bill to President Joe Biden’s desk, who has expressed support for D.C. statehood in the past.

I do not think this will past Constitutional muster, because DC is specifically defined in the Constitution. However, it's also illustrative of how the left is desperate to grab onto permanent political power. They'll try with Puerto Rico and other territories next, which have fewer Constitutional barriers. Each one they successfully transform into a state is an extra 2 Democrat votes in the Senate. And with that, they will have crossed the Rubicon.

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Top FBI officials stopped "enhanced validation" of Steele's credibility

Just The NewsConcerned by Christopher Steele's behavior, a frontline FBI counterintelligence agent in the Russia probe initiated an "enhanced validation" review of the informant's credibility in the fall of 2016 but was stopped by superiors, according to explosive Senate testimony made public on Friday.

The enhanced validation process would have subjected Steele's dossier and his intelligence work to experts outside the FBI counterintelligence division that was managing the former MI6 agent as he manufactured his case — later debunked — against Donald Trump for colluding with Russia.

Don't you think it might be wise to validate information before spying on a presidential candidate? Apparently not.

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Comey calls for "burning down" the Republican party

Just the NewsFormer FBI Director James Comey says the Republican Party needs to be "burned down or changed."

Comey, who was fired by President Trump, made the comment in an interview with The Guardian after Trump supporters and others seized the U.S. Capitol building on Jan. 6, as Congress was certifying Democrat Joe Biden as the next U.S. president.

And yet they keep claiming it was Trump who incited violence.

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Durham closes Flynn leak case

Meaning in History quoting New York TimesIn one inquiry, code-named Operation Echo, investigators opened a leak case into a Washington Post column about phone calls in late 2016 between Sergey I. Kislyak, the former Russian ambassador to the United States, and Michael T. Flynn, then Mr. Trump’s incoming national security adviser. The leak was one of several matters under scrutiny by John H. Durham, the special counsel investigating the officials who opened the Russia investigation.

Prosecutors in the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington investigated whether the disclosures came from former Obama administration officials who had access to sensitive information about the phone calls, according to two people familiar with the investigation. The investigators ultimately found no wrongdoing, one of the people said.

With the closure of this investigation, Durham has also closed the book on his credibility.

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Stealing elections from now into perpetuity

HR1 has been introduced, which (if passed and signed) will institute national vote-by-mail, ban voter ID, ban cleaning of voter registration rolls, and much, much more. Having seen how close this election was even with their fully operational voter fraud system, they have decided to triple down on their success and take over the country with permanent voter fraud.

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Biden admin undoes Trump order on pricing for epipen, insulin

Daily WirePresident Joe Biden’s United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on Thursday stopped executive orders from his predecessor designed to significantly lower prescription drug prices for Americans, including insulin and epinephrine.

Normally I'd call this situation something that shows the demand for market forces and competition in the market for those goods. But -- government regulation forms a tremendous barrier to entry in medical fields, and often patent laws do too. The result is an effective medical monopoly on goods people need for their health care (an artificial source of demand), combined with provably artificially inflated prices. This is why we have antitrust laws.

The price for an epipen was increased by a factor of over 100x prior to the Trump order. Just because the manufacturer decided to take some profits, not for any reasons relating to cost. That's exactly the sort of thing that should invite antitrust scrutiny.

And now the Biden admin is canceling those orders. But aren't the Democrats supposed to care about the cost of medical care to ordinary people?

I guess not anymore.

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Biden admits he can't fix the virus

Fox News"If we fail to act, there will be a wave of evictions and foreclosures in the coming months as this pandemic rages on because there’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months," Biden said.

Biden had pledged efforts to jumpstart the US economy and provide aid to struggling Americans would be his top priority upon entering the Oval Office. The two executive orders Friday followed 10 other actions related to the pandemic he signed the previous day, including a mandate requiring masks to be worn on federal land.

The president faced some pushback over his remarks on the pandemic’s trajectory. Critics, including former Michigan Rep. Justin Amash, pointed out that coronavirus-related restrictions imposed in several states were meant to "flatten the curve."

"Haven’t we been told for months that restrictions and mandates were necessary to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months?" Amash wrote on Twitter.

Biden ran on having a better plan to fix the coronavirus right away, but practically his first day in office he admits there is nothing he can do to change its course. Lockdowns don't work. Masks don't work. It's a respiratory virus; the relevant particles are just too small for a mask to filter and infections will spread no matter what. Hand-washing and sanitizing surfaces are helpful but not preventative. Even vaccines are useless -- the immunity will be temporary as the virus mutates.

But the panic put Biden in office and that's all he cared about.

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Domestic Terrorism the new fear factor for tyranny

Tom KnightonAt first, I suspect they were going to focus on using the pandemic as their catalyst for fear, but that wouldn’t really have worked. By now, people aren’t afraid of COVID-19, they’re annoyed by it.

So, they needed something else and this is even better.

With the fear of insurrection around every corner, the Biden administration can justify his gun control agenda by saying he’s trying to disarm insurrectionists. He can restrain the media from sharing certain stories the government deems to be lies. He can abuse the First Amendment almost as badly as he’s abused the Second throughout the years.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

But so far, fear has been a pretty effective tool for the Democrat political class.

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NRA's bankruptcy ploy fails to derail New York lawsuit

Free BeaconThe National Rifle Association suffered a setback on Thursday as a state supreme court justice ruled against the organization's motions to dismiss, delay, or transfer a lawsuit seeking the group's dissolution.

The lawsuit, brought by New York attorney general Letitia James, aims to dissolve the group—a nonprofit organization incorporated under New York law—because it allegedly defrauded donors.

The ruling comes six days after the Second Amendment organization filed for bankruptcy and announced its plan to reincorporate in Texas. New York state supreme court justice Joel M. Cohen ruled that while the NRA filed for bankruptcy, it wasn't "the exclusive province of the bankruptcy court" to decide the case. The bankruptcy court could still weigh in on the case. In many instances, bankruptcy proceedings put lawsuits on hold.

I was a bit skeptical of this move from the beginning. If you could evade state regulatory enforcement just by declaring bankruptcy and relocating to a different state, it would happen all the time. It doesn't; therefore, it's not as likely to work as the lawyers claimed...

Our best case outcome here is for a new, revitalized gun rights organization to emerge from a friendlier jurisdiction. It might be the NRA (hopefully with new management whose focus will be on gun rights rather than selling their mailing list to advertisers); it might be some other organization moving to fill the void. But the current, entrenched leadership at the organization has demonstrated an inability to meet the challenges and responsibilities of their position.

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Military intelligence buying commercial location data

Conservative Treehouse A military arm of the intelligence community buys commercially available databases containing location data from smartphone apps and searches it for Americans’ past movements without a warrant, according to an unclassified memo obtained by The New York Times.

Defense Intelligence Agency analysts have searched for the movements of Americans within a commercial database in five investigations over the past two and a half years, agency officials disclosed in a memo they wrote for Senator Ron Wyden, Democrat of Oregon.

Of course this is improper and unconstitutional, but it happens anyway.

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About that voter fraud that doesn't exist...

KTBSLouisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin Thursday morning announced their offices have arrested an Amite City Councilman on eight counts of election fraud.

Emanuel Zanders, III is accused of submitting voter registration applications that are known by the person to be materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent.

He's a Democrat, of course.

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PA: 300,000 mail-in ballots that were never mailed

Gateway PunditGround Truth host Sam Faddis talks with Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, pattern recognition specialist and inventor, about allegations of election fraud and how Jovan’s technology has the capability to resolve the controversy surrounding mail-in ballots in the recent Presidential election.
Among the many explosive revelations Jovan makes are that there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 300,000 mail-in ballots that were counted in Pennsylvania and yet do not show up anywhere in the Postal Service tracking system as having been processed. On the face of it, that is 300,000 ballots that seem to have appeared out of thin-air. Joe Biden’s margin of victory in Pennsylvania, as currently tabulated, is slightly over 80,000 votes.

The contest may be over, but the investigations can and should continue. We need to pressure the states to firm up their election laws, along with their enforcement of them.

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Sue and settle on deportation policy

ReasonToday, January 22, Texas has sought the first nationwide injunction against the Biden administration. Texas has challenged the 100-day moratorium on deportations. You can download the Complaint and Motion for a Temporary Restraining Order. This case differs from past suits in one significant regard: on January 8, DHS and Texas reached an agreement that limited changes to immigration policy. In effect, the Trump Administration tried to place handcuffs on the Biden Administration.

"Sue and settle" works for both sides, when both sides are playing the same game. It remains to be seen whether judges will rule the same way.

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Arizona county agrees to audit -- but only after inauguration

Gateway PunditOn Inauguration Day Maricopa County Arizona officials finally agreed to an audit on the presidential votes.

This is how you know they cheated.
They don’t even hide it. Then the tech giants shut you down when you say something!

They wouldn't need to insist on delaying the audit until after the election if they were confident their "results" would pass muster. But they are insisting on auditors from a particular body -- whose membership Biden controls -- rather than independent auditors who might actually find something.

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Government "can neither confirm nor deny" they fabricated Russian fingerprints

LawFlogThe Central Intelligence Agency will neither confirm nor deny that it fabricated the Russian “fingerprints” in Democratic National Committee emails published in 2016 by “Guccifer 2.0,” and the FBI implicitly acknowledged today that it never reviewed the contents of DNC employee Seth Rich’s laptop despite gaining custody of the laptop after his murder.

The revelations came in two separate Freedom of Information Act lawsuits filed by my clients in the Eastern District of Texas. For those of you who live under a rock, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange strongly implied in a 2016 interview that the leaked DNC emails came from Mr. Rich, while the political / bureaucratic / media establishment has steadfastly maintained that the emails were hacked by agents of Russia.

The latest admissions blow a hole in the government / media narrative, suggesting that federal officials not only ignored Seth Rich’s role in the leaks, but fraudulently shifted the blame to Russia.

As far as I am concerned, this proves the counter-narrative: Seth Rich leaked the DNC emails to Wikileaks and was killed for it, after which the US government (FBI, CIA and possibly other agencies) covered it up. The details are foggy, but the coverup is proven.

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Senate Judiciary releases 11 transcripts about Crossfire Hurricane

Conservative TreehouseSenate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham released 11 transcripts of interviews conducted during the Senate Judiciary Committee’s inquiry into the origins and aftermath of the Crossfire Hurricane Investigation.

I'm with Bill Quick on this. It's sort of nice to have it released and public, although it likely doesn't cover absolutely everything, but the time when this could have a significant impact or lead to serious reforms is long past. Biden will protect the people who are protecting him.

Durham may still turn up something, but it does seem unlikely at this point.

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Senate releases foreign trade report on Biden

Conservative TreehouseThe Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee finalizes a report [pdf available here] with evidence of Joe and Hunter Biden conducting financial deals with foreign governments. The report outlines how the Biden family sold access to government policy for personal financial benefit.

Unfortunately, no one will read it. I certainly won't.

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A good point

Gateway PunditThis is what our intersections look like now. If you need all this to protect your inauguration from the people, maybe the f***ing people didn’t f***ing elect you!”

Short, but accurate.

Of course, there is some reason to hope the troops are there to keep the Democrats in so they can be arrested for colluding with China to steal the election. This seems unlikely, but there are a very few indicators that appear to point in that direction. We're so far outside of normal that trying to predict is useless.

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