DOJ Civil Rights division investigating Cuomo's nursing home orders

I think it would be hard to prove criminal intent here, even though I honestly think criminal intent should be on the table as a possibility. Why else would you send contagious patients with an untreatable disease into homes housing vulnerable populations?

But it could have just been rank stupidity instead.

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The Democrats plan for 2020

Based on their own statements, they will refuse to concede even if they lose and call for a military coup. All this while their armed militants are trying to claim territory.

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Legal defense fund for Kyle Rittenhouse

Having watched all the videos I can find about this, it appears to me that Kyle Rittenhouse acted in legitimate self defense against an armed and violent mob. While his decision to be present in the area may not have been wise, when are 17-year-olds ever wise? His heart appears to have been in the right place, and I'm sure this experience will be very difficult for him. He has a legal defense fund, after gofundme shut down the first one.

Colion Noir has a good breakdown of events with the best video available.

Trump should consider a pardon.. and maybe a commission to the armed forces. Joe has a petition to prosecute the prosecutors for civil rights violations.

Hat tip to Bill Quick for the new fund.

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FDA fires Emily Miller after two weeks

The Food and Drug Administration has fired Emily Miller, a noted media figure and gun rights advocate, after only two weeks on the job as agency spokesperson. I'm familiar with her work from her gun rights advocacy and frankly I can't imagine this decision was made on anything other than political disagreements. Miller is competent, photogenic, has extensive media experience, and is perfectly capable of being polite and reasonable with people who disagree with her.

There is some hope; apparently the firing needs political approval from the White House.

Sorry you got sucker-punched by the swamp, Emily.

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China threatens to restrict drug exports as retaliation for US chip restrictions

Please don't throw us into that briar patch... after all, we can make them here, given incentive!

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NJ governor announces universal vote by mail

Gov Murphy says there is "a higher probability of being hit by lightning than uncovering voter fraud". He had better start carrying a lightning rod shoved up his ass, because in the last New Jersey election (a primary election earlier this year), 20% of all mail in ballots were rejected as invalid and 4 people were charged with vote fraud.

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Durham focused on senior levels of DOJ, FBI

While I don't think the CIA or other intel agencies should get a free pass, if Durham can collect Comey's scalp it will be at least some justice.

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Another study demonstrating hydroxychloroquin works

This study shows that the COVID-19 death rate is cut in half when treated with hydroxychloroquin. So, why are medical authorities playing games with COVID treatments?

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Senate SpyGate probe expands to State, CIA

Better late than never, but it won't matter if they can't produce anything before the election.

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Vote Fraud: Bribing the homeless to vote (and forge signatures)

Hundreds of forged signatures in 2016 and 2018 elections.

There's no need to delay the election over this. Just hold the election normally, in person, with normal voter ID and early voting procedures.

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COVID was built in a Chinese bioweapons lab

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Brennan claims he is not a Durham target

Take with a grain of salt because it is coming from Brennan. If Durham isn't targeting Brennan, that leaves the crowd at the FBI at most risk (because they undeniably knew what was going on and continued to investigate and abuse the FISA process). Clapper and other CIA figures may also still be at risk. Still, Brennan was involved in briefing Congress about the Steele information and possibly in other activities before the FBI took up the baton.

Brennan does not deserve to escape scrutiny here, but if he has, it's an indication that Barr will not be pursuing this matter any higher, I think.

Mind you, it's pretty easy to become a target if you make a mistake and tell a provable lie during the interview, which reportedly took place over 8 hours in... Virginia, rather than DC, which would alter jury selection significantly if Brennan is charged for lying.

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Riots and looting in Chicago

I think the Dems are going to keep this up until the election, and that's assuming they stop there... which they might very well not.

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FBI subpoena'd for spygate docs

I think this may be the first actual subpoena in SpyGate.

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62% of Americans self-censor; only "strong liberals" have free speech

When only "strong liberals" have free speech, no one actually has free speech. You have a totalitarian society, whether the restrictions are imposed by government edict, pseudo-governmental organizations, media shaming, Google blocklists, Twitter cancel culture, or university administrators.

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Dems want to spend billions on education... without opening schools

This should be a very basic requirement: No school, no funding. But reality and the Democratic party appear disconnected at this point.

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Former NSA technical director: There was no Russian hack

I've long believedf that the evidence shows the DNC emails were leaked to Wikileaks in 2016 rather than being obtained via a Russian hack. A former NSA technical director agrees, and I was linked to the story by an individual associated with Wikileaks who may have been the one to receive the leaked information.

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Pientka briefing memo declassified

News article. Analysis. Full memo. This is the briefing given to then-candidate Trump during the election, which Strzok and Pientka sought to abuse for the purposes of their improper investigation into nonexistent Russian collusion.

Worth noting that one of the FBI officials involved in the briefly is the same one accused by IG Horowitz of altering an email to falsify the Carter Page FISA (ie, to hide that Page had been identified by the CIA as an asset).

In the comments from the analysis link is an interesting suggestion: The precise nature of the notes combined with the fact that they were written by the person giving the briefing suggests that the briefer or someone else at the meeting weas wearing a recording device and working from that recording to generate their notes, which were then filed into the investigative casefiles rather than as Presidential (candidate) briefing material.

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State Dept guts Trump's EO on foreign workers

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Remember that guy who faced off a mob outside his house?

The prosecutor in that city is trying to charge him with brandishing. And to support that, the prosecutor is pressuring police to testify falsely.

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Kung Flu drives tyranny in Australia

Police are smashing car windows and dragging people into the street. Why? So they can be identified and interrogated about where they are going. Why do the police want to know that? Because of a virus... supposedly.

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Did Susan Rice lie under oath about SpyGate?

It sure looks like she did. Which would provide Durham some leverage, if he has the stones to use it.

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Why the pandemic unemployment payments need to go down

For an unemployed couple, annualized, they paid $103,792 for doing nothing. Of course people turned down returning to their normal work when unemployment pays so well.

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Three teens caught on Mar-a-Lago grounds with AK-47

Somehow, I don't believe these three armed intruders were intending anything good. You don't bring an AK-47 to a peaceful protest, especially not a loaded and concealed one. (I'm not a fan of rifles at open carry protests, though I understand and support the right to do so; those have nothing to do with this case).

And the Secret Service had to interrupt a press conference from the President because they shot an intruder.

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Clinesmith pleads guilty

Despite some feverish speculation about intent, Clinesmith pled guilty to altering an email. Frankly, it's a de-minimis charge, though still likely the end of his career in addition to a jail sentence. I'm not a lawyer, but I think that intent here refers to the act (modifying a document and presenting it as evidence) rather than the frankly stupid and pathetic excuse that he was trying to clarify it.

The question now is.. who did Clinesmith roll over on? There are hints in Durhams "criminal information" (like an indictment, but without the grand jury) that suggests Clinesmith was central to the Russiagate hoax investigation AND the Mueller special counsel investigation. if Clinesmith is actually cooperating, lots of his colleagues should be sweating, especially as the original, correct version of the email he modified went to Comey, McCabe, and others who had a duty to inform the FISC.

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