DC Appeals court to rehear Flynn mandamus case en banc

The decision to rehear en banc is all about delay at this point. The election is three months away. By keeping these charges active, Flynn can be kept quiet, out of the election, and reduce the value of his testimony in Durham's grand jury proceedings. Even when there is zero legal ground to stand on, it only takes a majority vote by the (Dem-controlled) DC Appeals Court to hear the case and from there it will be easy for them to stretch it out past the election, after which, they hope, it will no longer matter.

This whole case is disgusting.

The new date for oral arguments is August 11th.

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Judicial Watch forces DOJ to disclose McCabe text messages

This decision comes after the FBI tried to stonewall for four years. It was prompted by a FOIA request that sought McCabe's emails and text messages related to allegations that his wife's congressional campaign received large donations from Clinton figure Terry McAuliffe.

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Trump wins victory on medical price transparency

Thanks to a court victory on this new health regulation, hospitals will be forced to post their prices for various procedures publicly instead of basically hitting you with a massive bill after the fact and then negotiating it with your insurance company. This will force hospitals to compete on price, which will reduce the cost of medical services.

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Just one of many issues with H1-B labor

Borepatch points to an article disclosing an IT firm that hires only H1-B temporary visa holders using kickbacks and fraudulent resumes. Even just advertising for only H1-B workers is itself illegal; the kickbacks and fraud are just icing on the cake.

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Trump signs order lowering cost of prescription drugs

Details here. I'm mildly skeptical about where Trump's authority to issue these orders comes from, but I'm willing to let the courts sort it out. Certainly the medical industry is heavily regulated already and importing drugs for other nations is substantially a foreign policy matter.

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How not to push back against wokeness

Spiked-OnlineI think we need to learn how to argue back and to be confident in doing so. Too many people are staying quiet. Maybe they are conflict-averse or have genuine fears. But because we have been a liberal society for so long now, we have not had to argue for the values that support that kind of society. A lot of people simply don’t know how. They are arguing that social-justice activists are hypocritical, because they are racist against white people but also say that racism is wrong. But it is not hypocritical, because they have never claimed to have consistent ideas about racism. We really need people to understand how the system works, and to confidently say they don’t believe what these activists believe – to say they have ethics and principles which work on the basis of the individual and of our shared humanity, not on identity groups.

The problem with this proposed solution is simple: if you tell HR you disagree with the political indoctrination exercise they just required you to participate in, they will ensure you are fired.

That is why people don't speak up, and write blogs under pseudonyms.

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Teacher's unions demanding socialism before reopening schools

Their list of demands includes Medicare for all, income support (including for illegal aliens), moratoriums on housing costs of all kinds, more taxes, defunding the police, ban on competing schools, and of course, more money.

What does any of that have to do with a virus that doesn't even pose a significant risk to kids?

Nothing, of course. They are nakedly holding the education of our children hostage to their political demands.

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When you pay people not to work, they don't work

Expanded pandemic unemployment benefits are equal to a $50K job, except you don't have to get up off your ass. Why would anyone get up and go to work for a job that pays less than that? Basic human nature says you sit on your ass and collect that check unless you can do significantly better than that by working.

(Some people don't care about the doing significantly better part and are quite happy to stay home and enjoy the leisure time even if they could make significantly more, for that matter; and that ignores that a lot of people can't do better than $50K at their best).

So of course unemployment suddenly shot into the stratosphere and stayed there. And then politicians cite high unemployment as a reason to continue the expanded benefits. That's just circular reasoning.

People won't go back to work unless you stop paying them to stay home.

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Nick Sandmann wins $250M defamation lawsuit against WashPost

This result should go a long way towards creating a new respect for layers of editors and fact checkers among a media that seems to have forgotten all about that part of their job ... but probably not until after the election.

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Everything you wanted to know about Steele's primary source

We know who he was now: a Russian living in DC by the name of Danchenko. He was a regular public drunk in Washington DC who was charged, convicted, and served time for same. He has friends who have been involved in the later impeachment efforts (Fiona Hill, who also knows Eric Ciaramella). He was once prosecuted by Rod Rosenstein. His sources for the rumors about Trump were his bar friends (mostly old friends from Russia, not people currently living in Russia or likely to have access to high level information).

Several of these figures are linked to the Brookings Institute, a tax-exempt nonprofit that is supposed to not be involved in politics. But of course for the left, the rules don't matter.

Danchenko himself confessed that he was "clueless" when Steele hired him.

We also have a new name: Brian Auten wrote the FBI interview memo.

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Dem prosecutors now threatening federal officers with state charges

Marilyn Mosby, who you may remember from the Freddie Grey affair, is claiming that arresting people for rioting is "illegal vigilante activities".

The last time a state tried to charge a federal officer for engaging in law enforcement activity (that I can recall offhand anyway) was Ruby Ridge, and this situation is a lot less questionable than that. At least absent a dead mom holding her baby.

The chances of state authorities stopping federal law enforcement from operating is about zero.

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Snopes covers for convicted terrorist on BLM-linked fundraising org

Both Snopes and BLM just lost all credibility. Not that either had any credibility in my book to start with.

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Doctor investigated for questioning CDC reporting guidelines

If you question the panic, you will be made to shut up.

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New York Times planning to print home address of Fox News commentator

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Sally Yates to testify to Senate on SpyGate

Graham is finally producing some results. I am assuming testimony was previously blocked due to Durham's investigation, and witnesses will be allowed to speak publicly like this only once Durham is done with them.

But we still need to see indictments.

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Fake Hate

Daily WireThe letter Lopez claimed he received read, in part: “Don’t waste your time trying to become anything in this county we will make sure you never win and your family suffers along with all the other f****** Mexicans in the area!” The letter ends by stating, “Sincerely, America!”

Lopez previously ran for a commissioner seat in Umatilla County but lost in the primary. He reported the letter to Hermiston Police, who investigated Lopez’s claims and determined that, yet again, someone who publicly claimed to be the victim of a hate crime was not, in fact, a victim.

KEPR-TV News reported Tuesday that police determined Lopez sent the letter to himself and that Lopez verbally and in a written statement admitted to fabricating the letter.

At this point I'm just keeping track of these so I can explain why my default position is to disbelieve claims of racism until proven otherwise.

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Analysis of FBI interview with Steele's source, and implications

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Illiterates in the news

They have just one job -- report the news in English -- and they can't even manage that. Witness the following quote from a highly paid, prestigious CNN journalist which passed through their layers of fact-checkers and editors: "They installed a floating tank to, in Adams' words, deal with the affluence."

affluence: the state of having a great deal of money; wealth.

effluence: something that flows out or forth; outflow; effluence. a stream flowing out of a lake, reservoir, etc. sewage that has been treated in a septic tank or sewage treatment plant. sewage or other liquid waste that is discharged into a body of water, etc.

Since the "reporter" is quoting the person who actually built the sewage system, I suspect the term is misused through accident and ignorance rather than maliciously attempting to link wealth to sewage. But both possibilities are rather disgusting from people who are paid to write literate English.

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Lying with numbers

The panic over COVID-19 is manufactured for political purposes. It's a real disease, mind you, and you don't want to catch it if you can avoid it and especially not if you are in a vulnerable population; but there's no need to panic over it.

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Hacked images of Twitter admin page show shadowbanning tools

Twitter has denied having this capability, and in general hacking accounts is a bad thing, but these images seem to prove Twitter's denials about their shadowbanning capabilities are false.

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30% false positive rate on coronavirus test kits

The data we have to evaluate this disease sucks.

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Indictments by Labor Day?

John Solomon's sources seem to think so. I won't celebrate till we actually see them.

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Durham to produce a "report" by end of summer

A report would be better than nothing, if it comes before the election, but justice demands indictments.

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Kung Flu cases in Florida inflated?

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Couple who defended home with guns may face charges

They have been served with a search warrant and one of the guns involved in the incident seized. It seems Dem prosecutors want to make self-defense illegal.

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