Fake news and Big Tech attacks competitor for comment section

NBC News has a unit dedicated to attacking competitors, and that unit published an article attacking a competing (and right-leaning) news website for content appearing in the comments section rather than the article itself. And got Google to either demonetize the whole website, or issue some sort of warning. It's not clear which.

What IS clear:
1) Section 230 prevents websites from being held accountable for what their users post when they are acting as a platform rather than a publisher. (The user is still accountable).

2) Google and NBC rely on that to avoid liability themselves...

3) But their terms of service for advertising apparently do not allow clients to rely on that protection, but instead require comments to be moderated...

4) Which would violate Section 230 by acting as a publisher rather than a platform and voiding those protections.

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Et Tu, Gorsuch?

Roberts has been suspect for a while, but Gorsuch just wrote an opinion saying that "sex" means "sexual orientation" and "gender identity". It was a 6-3 decision: Gorsuch, Roberts, and the usual liberals.

So I guess Obama's blackmail squad found something on Gorsuch too.

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Intel Community Assessment "Annex A" released

And yes, its the Steele dossier. Which means all of the Russian Hoax was based on that information. That was all they had.

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Starting to get very suspicious

These suspiciously commercial riots are happening so regularly in election years lately that I am seriously starting to wonder who is agitating them. Does the DNC just send people out into certain communities and start a whisper campaign that if you riot, and claim it's all about the latest questionable death, no one will stop you or make you give back anything you looted. Like a free pass to take the stuff you wanted and maybe burn a building or two.

That said, the facts in this resisting-arrest death do not seem favorable to the police. You can't just kneel on someone's throat until they die. It seems unlikely that death was actually intended, but it was certainly a foreseeable consequence. Some sort of negligent homicide is definitely on the table, depending on autopsy results. Please do investigate.

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About Seth Rich and Wikileaks

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Big Tech Bias...

The person in charge of fact-checks on Twitter (and thus at least in an organizational sense is responsible for falsely fact-checking Trump's truthful tweet about mail in voting fraud) apparently has a history of anti-Trump tweets, to include claiming there are actual Nazis in the White House. And the decision to fact-check the President in an election year (and no one else) has led to Twitter becoming a target of legislation to remove their section 230 protections.

Of course, Twitter doesn't bother to fact-check anyone else's false claims, so it's clearly a case of bias.

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St Louis releases all rioters without charges

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Trump to suspend environmental regulations to speed up infrastructure

Construction is certainly his area of expertise, so suspending certain regulations to speed things up seems reasonable. I don't like the idea of borrowing huge amounts of money to spend on nebulous "infrastructure" projects, but getting needless regulations out of the way is good.

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The three sides of "I can't breathe"

We have now seen at least two incidents where people died while being arrested, and their last words were "I can't breathe". (Probably there are more than just two, but two became national news). I have some thoughts.

First, there's some unconventional wisdom. Like choking, if you can say "I'm choking", you're not choking. If you can say "I can't breathe", you can breathe. This is because you need to breathe to speak aloud. I wouldn't be at all surprised if some police officers use this as an informal test -- if someone is saying it, it means they aren't using too much force with their restraint. Especially when combined with...

Second, people are saying "I can't breathe" as a political protest, or a way to force police to back off their restraints or risk creating a political incident. That is, there are a lot of people who say "I can't breathe" when they really CAN breathe, just to create problems for police. This isn't a recipe for being taken seriously when there is a real issue. And finally...

Third, in certain medical conditions you can feel like you aren't able to breathe because you aren't getting oxygen to your body even if you actually can breathe and have some other problem mostly unrelated to a police restraint -- like a heart attack or seizure.

There's an argument that Floyd was facing exactly this, with fentanyl and meth in his system, compounded by police restraint. That is, he had a real medical problem, quite likely made worse by being arrested, which police may well have been trying to deal with according to their training (whether the training is right or not is another matter).

Those three factors make for a deadly combination. Two reasons for the police to ignore a potentially deadly medical condition.

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BLM developing "highly trained military arm" to "challenge law enforcement"

Yes, that sounds like armed insurrection to me, too. Full interview. And before you say that's just talk... it's not just talk. More information on Seattle.

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Putting Obama into the SpyGate narrative

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Fake News

CBS engages in deceptive editing of Barr interview to cover up rioting. They would rather get caught lying to you than allowing their false narrative to be challenged.

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The Supreme Court almost took an NFA case

Clayton CramerA prosecution for unlawful machine gun possession was granted cert by the Supreme Court--and the Justice Dept. filed a motion applying to vacate the judgment and drop the indictment. (It appears that the defendant challenged the constitutionality of the indictment before this went to trial.) Huh?

The argument that scared DOJ into dropping felony charges is that:

1. Federal authority to regulate machine guns is derived from their authority to tax them.
2. Since 1986, it is has been unlawful to make them for private ownership.
3. If they will not collect that tax, do they have authority to regulate their possession?

I've known this argument was a winner for a while, the question is whether there are five honest votes on the Supreme Court for it. The recent cases regarding the ACA on a similar matter have suggested that maybe there are (and it would be especially embarassing to ignore recent and relevant precedent if some are wobbly).

I'd feel safer replacing one more liberal judge, but DOJ seems to think there's a significant risk of losing if they press the matter. That says good things about our chances.

Another interesting question is whether the Supreme Court will allow DOJ to drop the case since they have already granted cert. We'll find out, I think.

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Over a dozen ObamaGate / SpyGate criminal referrals coming?

Promises. They are reportedly coming from Congress, some of them target the Flynn case and the Mueller probe.

So far, DOJ's record for acting on criminal referrals from Congress on this matter is a big fat zero.

Wake me when there are indictments.

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Senate votes to approve subpoenas on Spygate

Lindsey Graham failed to deliver as usual, but maybe this will help us get some answers.

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Florida Supreme Court blocks assault weapon ban from ballot

The measure was deemed too misleading because the language implied the existing firearms would be grandfathered in without specifying they would never be transferable.

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MSNBC hires Lisa Page

Yes, that Lisa Page, the one who participated in the SpyGate coup attempt.

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Linking Soros and Obama to the riots

Follow the money.

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Epstein claims

One person is claiming to have seen Bill Clinton on Epstein's orgy island. Someone else is claiming, separately, that Clinton was seen on Epstein's plane a lot more often than he admits to being there, and that the purpose of the plane trips was to have sex with Ghislaine Maxwell. Of course, these claims are just claims for now, and the Clintons being tawdry and having sex scandals is nothing new. But... Ghislaine doesn't exactly seem like the kind of person who has an affair out of a loving sense of emotional involvement with someone who happens to be married to a harridan. No, if Ghislaine is sleeping with you, there's likely to be a camera filming the room and someone waiting with a blackmail offer later.

So here's what I think: I think "Clinton slept with Ghislaine" is a cover story to hide all the other young ladies naked in the same bed at the same time. An "affair" with Ghislaine is tawdry but forgivable. Sleeping with anyone else on the plane is likely not.

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Brennan buried evidence Putin favored Hillary in 2016 election

Daily Caller“More gravely, they said that [then-] CIA Director John Brennan suppressed facts or analysis that showed why it was not in Russia’s interests to support Trump and why Putin stood to benefit from Hillary Clinton’s election. They also told me that Brennan suppressed that intelligence over the objections of CIA analysts.”

The former NSC chief of staff further stated that “Brennan suppressed high-quality intelligence suggesting that Putin actually wanted the more predictable and malleable Clinton to win the 2016 election.”

Fleitz suggested that Brennan relied upon “low-quality intelligence that failed to meet intelligence community standards to support the political claim that Russian officials wanted Trump to win...”

It's not really a big deal which candidate Putin favored; it's a big deal that Brennan suppressed evidence to support his Russia Hoax narrative in the Intelligence Community Assessment.

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West Palm Beach bans guns sales amid riots

The temporary ban probably will not hold up in court, but by the time any cases get to court, the crisis will be over.

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Court strikes down California's ammunition check law

California has a law requiring a background check before purchasing ammunition (and banning importation of ammunition across state lines). Or, I should say, had such a law. A court just struck it down on 2nd Amendment grounds.

Given that this is California, an appeal seems likely, but it's possible they don't want to risk setting broader precedent.

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"Independent" autopsy finds Floyd died from asphyxiation

ABC NewsAn independent autopsy ordered by George Floyd's family found his death was a "homicide caused by asphyxia due to neck and back compression that led to a lack of blood flow to the brain," according to early findings from the examination released Monday.

Floyd was apprehended by police officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota, last Monday, and one of the officers pinned his knee to Floyd's neck as Floyd called out that he couldn't breathe.

The autopsy was ordered by the Floyd family. That's not "independent"; it has a bias exactly in the opposite direction of the government autopsy, which found the presence of fentanyl and metamphetamines.

That doesn't mean you get to kneel on someone's neck for 8 minutes while they complain they can't breathe. That's still callous and potentially homicide, and the officer who did it should be charged (as he has in fact been) and potentially convicted.

But if you are doing honest journalism, you can't call either autopsy independent.

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Organized Domestic Terrorism

They really are organized, assuming the linked photo is real. They have organized communications, identification signs (including law enforcement), rules for violence and use of weapons, even a named DA (District Attorney?) as a point of contact.

UPDATE: Soros-funded DA's refusing to charge rioters.

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