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Wed Mar 18 02:15:54 CDT 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Was Stefan Halper working with the Clinton campaign directly?

There is information to suggest he was, although it could also have been part of the Obama administration's efforts to target Flynn. Either would be improper.

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Bernie Vs Trump

American ThinkerEven worse, this sense of alienation that affects many of Sanders supporters actually makes them more open to Trump than most other Democrats. Ten percent of Sanders supporters actually ended up voting for Trump in 2016, a reflection of the fact that personality rather than policy drives a lot of people, especially younger folks.

This is not a personality over policy thing. Yes, both Trump and Bernie have chrisma, which is lacking among many of their opponents. But it is not the only thing their opponents lack. They are also both proposing radical solutions to real modern problems. Yes, their proposals are very different policies -- but they are also very different from the establishment preferred policies.

There is clearly a large demographic group that feels alienated by the common policies of the "established" Republican and Democrat parties. Trump won the primary on the basis of proposing radical solutions his party previously gave lip service to without actually accomplishing. In that year, the Democrats nominated Hillary and "establishment" politics were supposed to prevail with her coronation. That did not happen.

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Is someone in the US intelligence community spying on Durham?

Conservative Treehouse quoting NBC then commentingA Western intelligence official familiar with what Durham has been asking of foreign officials says his inquiries track closely with the questions raised about the Russia investigation in right-wing media.
So some entity in the intelligence community, likely outside the U.S. , is in contact with the small group and keeping them apprised of what Durham is doing? Interesting. Pay attention to what NBC is admitting here… Corrupt officials, co-conspirators, within the intelligence apparatus are monitoring John Durham; relaying information back to their allies; who then talk among themselves and coordinate media leaks based on the information they are able to extract from the tracking. That’s a big admission.

If they can catch the person doing that and leaking about it, it smells like obstruction of justice to me.

And sundance thinks he knows the source.

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Tue Mar 17 01:06:08 CDT 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Twitter announces plan to deplatform Trump

American GreatnessThe social media giant Twitter has announced that it will issue new restrictions on world leaders who violate its terms of service, including limiting how ordinary users interact with them, according to TechCrunch.

Twitter announced that any such tweets by world leaders will no longer be able to be liked, replied to, shared, or retweeted by regular users; instead, the only option available will be to “quote-tweet” the offending tweet, wherein regular users can “express their opinions” about the tweet itself.

There's nothing I can say about this that isn't obvious.

Obviously it's aimed at Trump.

Obviously it's politically motivated.

Obviously it will be applied unevenly to benefit the Left.

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Another victim of overly aggressive swat teams...

Mon Mar 16 01:47:22 CDT 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Biden wants Beto to lead the way on gun control

This means Biden is coming for your guns. Along with pretty much all the rest of his party.

Sun Mar 15 02:15:13 CDT 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Colorado goes for intrusive firearm storage felony law

It should be up to you how you want to store your guns. After all, only you know your own circumstances best. Only you know whether you have kids, and whether you can trust your kids with firearms or whether you need to restrict access to them. It should be up to you whether you want a safe, a locked case, or a drawer by your bed. It should be up to you whether you store your gun loaded and ready for use in self defense, or empty and with the ammunition stored in a separate and locked compartment were you cannot get to it when you need it to save your life.

But the Colorado legislature doesn't think it should be up to you.

Sun Mar 15 01:15:13 CDT 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

No checks and balances

When there is no punishment for wrongdoing, there are no checks and balances.

Sat Mar 14 02:02:19 CDT 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]


If true, this makes a compelling case for Big Tech and Big Government having an unholy alliance.

Sat Mar 14 01:02:19 CDT 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

The privacy implications of facial recognition

The judiciary appears to believe that massive surveilance is ok when conducted by a computer and a camera. I think we're going to have to put some legal limits on how technologies like this are used at some point.

Fri Mar 13 02:29:54 CDT 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Election laws and voter fraud in Minnesota

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House passes FISC renewal, claims it has reforms

Fox NewsThe bill includes enhanced congressional oversight of the FISA process, penalties for those who abuse the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) process for political purposes, and the requirement to have transcripts of court proceedings... The bill seeks to rein in a controversial portion of the surveillance powers, known as Section 215, which gives the government broad powers to demand “business records” from companies in the name of national security investigations. In an effort to better protect privacy, the legislation would prohibit using Section 215 to acquire information that would otherwise require a warrant and would ban obtaining GPS and cell site locations, Nadler said.

The National Security Agency (NSA) previously used Section 215 to collect bulk phone data records, which was highly controversial. In recent years, the bulk metadata collection was outlawed and a narrowly tailored program was allowed, but now that program would be officially ended under the legislation....

The new legislation also requires the attorney general to personally sign off on surveilling government officials.

I don't see how requiring the AG to sign off before surveiling government officials will prevent the CIA, NSA, DOJ, and FBI from spying on candidates in order to prevent them from becoming officials. Or protect the privacy rights of ordinary people at all. This may be better than a clean renewal, but not by much. Hopefully the Senate can make it stronger.

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Thu Mar 12 13:32:39 CDT 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

FISA renewal legislation introduced in the House

Not sure what changes are being proposed yet. But since it is being moved quietly, I suspect it is just a clean renewal, no reforms. Contact your representatives in the House and tell them no renewal without real reforms.

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Thu Mar 12 02:27:53 CDT 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Virginia gives illegals driver's licences, passes gun control

Following in the footsteps of California and New York, the Democratic government in Virginia is pulling out all of the steps to secure their grasp on power by allowing illegal immigrants to get drivers' licenses. And under current federal law, you know what happens when you get a driver's license? They ask you if you want to register to vote... without checking your citizenship status.

In a marathon session where under 7 minutes was spent on each bill, they also banned private gun sales, passed special privileges for sexual deviancy, and made it easier to kill babies. All before bothering to pass a budget.

Thu Mar 12 01:27:53 CDT 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Replacing Americans with H1-B workers may get you sued

Wed Mar 11 02:34:56 CDT 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

McCarthy: strange to prioritize individual liberty?

National ReviewLibertarians such as Senators Lee and Rand Paul prioritize individual liberty and appear to doubt that Americans should be subjected to national-security surveillance at all — even though we have seen our share of jihadists and clandestine foreign agents who are American citizens. They seem to believe the government has not established that foreign intelligence surveillance authorities meaningfully improve our security — that all we can say for sure is that these authorities hold great potential for abuse, and have, in fact, occasioned abuse. That is a debate worth having. But the senators should not be forcing us to have it under the gun, at the risk of a windfall for alien enemies.

It's strange that prioritizing civil liberties of individuals is NOT Andrew McCarthy's first thought after Obama demonstrated repeatedly (starting with IRS abuse of the Tea Party in 2010-2012 and continuing to 2019 with SpyGate) that national security agencies cannot be trusted to resist politicization by at least one side of the debate. Well, perhaps strange is not the best word. McCarthy was only reluctantly brought around to the view that the FBI, CIA, et all, abused their power for political purposes. It's not really surprising that he would prefer to go back to his default position of trusting even agencies proven untrustworthy.

But the rest of us should refuse.

Elements of the FISA law have been abused. Trump has declared he will not sign a renewal of the law that does not contain reforms. We should stand with Trump and demand reforms to protect our rights. Yes, even if that costs some degree of security -- and the track record of the programs at issue here is pathetically bad. You can't find a needle in a haystack, but you can sure find a lot of straw that looks like a needle, especially if it associates with a political campaign you don't like.

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Wed Mar 11 01:34:56 CDT 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Another 35,000 unskilled immigrants...

Tue Mar 10 02:11:05 CDT 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

FISA reform gaining steam

It appears that the votes for a "clean" (without reform) FISA renewal aren't there. That's a win for our side, if so, but there is still time left so you can still contact your congressman on this issue.

Tue Mar 10 01:11:05 CDT 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Loaded handgun found in Epstein's jail

Wow, that prison facility sounds like a really secure place. Exactly where you would want to stash someone who likely had blackmail material on a who's-who of the rich and famous.

Mon Mar 09 02:18:03 CDT 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Obama-era IG indicted for fraud

Mon Mar 09 01:18:03 CDT 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Pentagon tries to blame its' own failures on lack of gun control

The Pentagon failed to vet a Saudi military student who turned out to be a terrorist, but they are blaming that failure on so-called loopholes in gun control laws. Let's get serious here. He's a military student. He's here in the US to get trained on military matters. Some of the people in that category are going to need training with firearms, and they certainly should be trusted individuals rather than terrorists.

The Pentagon is just trying to pass the buck here.

Sun Mar 08 01:03:01 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]


PJMedia“It was a spirited discussion. The president made it exceedingly clear he will not accept a clean re-authorization … without real reform,” said libertarian Senator Rand Paul, a Kentucky Republican. “He was told by the attorney general, we can massage around the edges and we can fix this through regulation, the president didn’t accept that, pushed back very vigorously and said ‘we’re not doing this.'”

Suddenly I have a lot less confidence in AG Barr.

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Sat Mar 07 02:36:07 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Translator at Trump Tower meeting said nothing happened

FBI 302s associated with the Mueller team are starting to come out. One of the latest and most important releases is the interview with the translator at the infamous Trump Tower meeting which was used to paint Trump (via his son who attended) as being in cahoots with the Russians. The meeting was actually almost certainly a setup by Fusion GPS (who met with the Russian representative shortly before and after the meeting).

What's news is that Mueller's team interviewed the translator less than four days after the news of that meeting leaked -- and found out that nothing untoward happened at the meeting, the only topic of discussion was sanctions under the Magnitsky act, and all of that from a man who didn't like Trump and had ties to Hillary and the State Department.

And the Mueller team continued to investigate and allow the Russian Collusion myth to persist for 2 years (and, not coincidentally, a midterm election) before finally releasing a report.

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Sat Mar 07 01:36:07 CST 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

DOJ still not declassifying Carter Page FISA

A judge ruled that Trump's public statements were not a declassification order. This in itself isn't a big deal, since the statements were walked back later. What's noteworthy is the effort DOJ is still willing to go to to hide the remaining redactions. Just declassify it already!

Because we evidently can't trust DOJ and FBI even under a friendly administration and AG, we need to repeal the Patriot ACT to stop abuse of national security and intelligence tactics for political abuse. Legislative reform is absolutely necessary here.

The renewal date is March 15th. Write your Congressmen and tell them not to renew. It's a small step, but a necessary one.

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