Gun rights are advancing

Princelaw BlogToday, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued a 53 page majority opinion, a 2 page concurring decision by Justice Baer and a 16 page concurring opinion by Justice Dougherty which Justice Mundy joined, in the case of Commonwealth v. Hicks, which addressed whether the mere open or concealed carrying of a firearm constitutes reasonable suspicion of a crime.

Before this Court, the Commonwealth again advanced its “radical position,” Hawkins, 692 A.2d at 1071, in the present iteration contending that police officers are not only entitled, but “duty bound” to seize and investigate the licensing status of every individual who carries a concealed firearm in Pennsylvania. Brief for Commonwealth at 11. We have little difficulty in again rejecting this proposition, because we conclude that the Robinson rule contravenes the Terry doctrine and, indeed, the fundamental guarantees of the Fourth Amendment.

If the police can stop you, search you, seize your firearm, and interrogate you simply for going about your business peacefully while bearing a firearm, you don't actually have a right to bear arms. It's heartening to see courts slowly beginning to recognize that.

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Roll Call: Who voted for Rand Paul's plan to reduce the debt?

Rand Paul's proposal called for a 2% cut for the next 5 years. Sounds easy, right? Votes here.

I can't even yell at anyone; both my Senators voted the right way. Although Cornyn is in leadership, so he could have done more to push this.

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Current CIA Director likely complicit in SpyGate

This explains a lot of the stonewalling. Gina Haskell, current CIA Director, is a Brennan loyalist and was Chief of Station for London in 2016.

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Steele agrees to be questioned by US officials ... right after Trump meets with Queen

If he is honest this could be a major break in the case. But what are the odds he will be honest?

UPDATE: The scope will be limited to his contacts with US intelligence. That means he won't be able to talk about anything he did purely for Fusion GPS or Hillary. It may still provide valuable information, as current US intelligence agencies are run by people who were likely involved. In fact, if Steele talks about operations in London, he might well implicate current CIA Director Gina Haskell.

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About that whole toxic masculinity thing...

In an extended cut of a scene on the blu-ray release, so-called "hero" Captain Marvel is rude to a man offering to help, then commits assault, battery, robbery, and grand theft of a motorcycle. The provocation for this display of villainy was a offer of directions, a compliment, and a request for a smile.

I don't find that at all heroic.

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Strzok was the person in charge of briefing the Trump campaign on security threats

Funny that Strzok didn't mention the investigation he'd personally opened just a few weeks before into alleged (and now known false) Russian attempts to contact the campaign. You would think that would be part of the job -- to let the candidate known two of his minor staffers were being investigated so they could be kicked off the campaign. But despite claims to the contrary, Strzok was really investigating Trump, so of course he couldn't tell Trump.

It also seems like Strzok's virulent anti-Trump bias might have been a conflict of interest for him in conducting this briefing.

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Welfare fraud

Fake black woman Rachel Dolezal has been charged with felony theft for receiving about $9000 in welfare and child care assistance from the government. No, it didn't have anything to do with her skin color, as far as we know. Allegedly, she claimed to have almost no income, but received $84,000 in proceeds from a book and sale of homemade goods.

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Who says ordinary citizens don't need rocket launchers?

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