Facebooks shadowbans PragerU

PJMediaFacebook has shadow banned PragerU into complete silence to its more than 3 million followers, internal analytics revealed.

"Our last 9 posts have been completely censored reaching 0 of our 3 million followers," PragerU media personality Will Witt posted on Facebook Friday. "At least two of our videos were deleted last night for 'hate speech' including a post of our most recent video with The Conservative Millennial, Make Men Masculine Again."

"Internal Facebook analytics reveal that as of Thursday, Aug. 16, at 10:00 PM PDT, posts by PragerU on the social media platform have been completely invisible to its more than 3 million followers," PragerU reported in a news release Friday. "Currently, visitors to PragerU's Facebook page are unable to see any of its most recent posts."

We need to do SOMETHING about this. The question is what can we do that will be effective?

Building unbiased or right-leaning alternatives would be great, but takes time, network effects, and capital. Meanwhile, similar attacks on financial services firms -- the National Rifle Association is currently suing New York State for pressuring insurance companies to deny it business insurance, and MasterCard is pressuring companies like Patreon to drop conservative users -- make building alternatives more and more difficult.

UPDATE: Facebook has unbanned them, without explanation.

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Justified or not?

Power Line writes about a police shooting; they think it's justified. I am not so sure. Here's why.

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Kavanaugh's papers

Power Line writes about the Democrat party's requests to see Kavanaugh's historical papers before voting to confirm him on the Supreme Court. He thinks they are hoping to find something in his papers that can be used, probably out of context, to damage his chances of confirmation. He's not wrong, they would love to find something they can represent as disqualifying, even if they have to misrepresent it. But I think he's missing the larger strategy here.

The larger strategy is delay, delay, delay past the midterms. If Kavanaugh is not confirmed before the midterm elections, they will hope for a blue wave to sweep the Senate. If they get their blue wave, it will be used as a reason to delay confirmation until after the new Senate takes office. And then -- well, they'll claim precedent from Scalia's passing to delay until after the next Presidential election and hope they win that.

So this is not a lawsuit about public records, or even a lawsuit about delay. It's all about creating political cover for the weak-kneed Republicans to force a delay past the midterms, and then hoping for a miracle.

From that perspective, I'm sure the Democrats would rather lose their lawsuit for Kavanaugh's papers so they can make a big stink about being denied information.

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Gun control candidates

This year's crop of gun control candidates seems even stupider than usual. One candidate was arrested and charged with shooting her partner, and another one misplaced her government-issued firearm.

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Judge disqualifies gun control petition

Second Amendment FoundationA Thurston County Superior Court judge this morning disqualified a Washington State gun control initiative because it was improperly presented to voters by not following guidelines set down in state election law.

They were distributing petitions for signatures with the text of the law they wanted to pass printed in illegible tiny print. Many pictures posted online showed volunteers misrepresenting what they were asking voters to sign as other initiatives on entirely different topics.

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About that bump stock ban...

The BATFE has admitted they were not allowed to examine the internals of the weapons recovered from the scene of the Vegas shooting. They made up a rule banning bump stocks and passed it anyway, despite not being able to examine the weapons. Pure hysteria. And then they hid that admission until the comment period on the rule closed.

Who was it that didn't "allow" the evidence to be examined properly? And what are they hiding?

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Media desperate to dox jurors in Manafort trial?

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Courts beginning to insist the FBI answer questions

Law and CrimeU.S. District Judge Amit P. Mehta has ruled that the FBI cannot issue a Glomar response when it comes to whatever verification attempts they may have used for the contents of the infamous Christopher Steele dossier. In other words, the FBI can no longer hide behind the “we can neither confirm nor deny” response in order to stonewall records requests regarding how they may have tried to determine the validity of the synopsis of the dossier that raised concerns President Donald Trump might be compromised by Russia, pee tapes and all.

It's good to see judges starting to get a clue that their usual deference to national security and law enforcement is unwarranted (literally!) in this case.

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9th Circus Judge orders EPA to ban something he doesn't like

Daily CallerThe Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has fewer than 60 days to ban a commonly-used pesticide after a federal court ruled in favor of environmental activists in early August.

The Natural Resources Defense council (NRDC) celebrated the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling, arguing that EPA’s decision not to ban chlorpyrifos ignored “solid science” from its “own scientists” that the pesticide “harms the developing brain” of children. The court reversed the Trump administration’s decision not to ban chlorpyrifos, a widely-used pesticide in agriculture.

It amazes me that a judge thinks he has the power to order a federal agency to take an affirmative action. A court can legitimately strike down a ban (nullifying an agencies' action, if it lacks legal authority for example) but the courts can't point to something and say the EPA must ban it. It doesn't matter what the science says or whether the science is secret; those are policy arguments. It is up to the EPA to take action first.

The EPA has been playing sue and settle for so long this has gotten a bit distorted. It needs to be corrected. Americans are free by default.

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The deep state will try to defend Ohr

They didn't put up much of a fight over firing Strzok, Page, and so on. But there's a very odd op-ed over at the Washington Examiner...

Washington Examiner
National security attorney Mark Zaid once represented a client who was at risk of losing his security clearance "because he stole pens from an embassy when he was 14 years old," or so the agency he was at odds with claimed. The "ludicrous" example, as Zaid described it, was used to block his client from accessing sensitive information, thus precluding him from performing the duties of his job after he fell "out of favor" with his boss.

It's that sort of thing — the stealing of pens as an adolescent or the failure to report meetings with foreign officials as set forth by guidelines — that President Trump could rely on to strip Justice Department official Bruce Ohr of his security clearance.

Yes, he's seriously going to compare what Bruce Ohr did to stealing pens from am embassy at 14.

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Synonyms or antonyms?

SpectatorIt also reminds us of the curious linguistic fact that the English words ‘shameless’ and ‘shameful’ are synonyms.

I do not think those words mean what you say they mean. Specifically, they are not synonyms. They have different, and distinct, meanings.

Shameless refers to a person without shame. They may be doing things that would normally cause shame, but the person lacks any shame for what they are doing. They are lacking shame; shameless. They don't feel any shame for their actions, even if they should.

Shameful can refer to a person, in which it means someone who is ashamed of something. They are full of shame. They feel shame. This is the distinct opposite of shameless. They are antonyms, not synonyms.

The author's confusion stems from the common situation where a shameless person commits a shameful act. The words are still antonyms. The person is shameless; the act is shameful.

Why do they pay these people to write for an audience of millions when they can't speak english?

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Banks denied hundreds of millions for gun control stance

InstapunditSTANDING UP FOR CIVIL RIGHTS: Louisiana Attorney General Denies $600 Million to Citibank, Bank of America Over Gun Control. “Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and the state’s Bond Commission denied $600 million to Citibank and Bank of America over the gun control stance adopted by both companies. Citibank and Bank of America were both to be part of a road financing plan in the state, but were omitted from the financial plan after arbitrarily placing new gun controls on banking customers. Louisiana Executive Division press secretary Ruth Wisher told Breitbart News that Landry and State Treasurer John Schroder have been working on the state’s response to corporate gun control ‘for some time.’ Omitting them from the $600 million is part of that response.”

They aren't liking the new rules already. And really, why were they getting a government handout anyway? If we can stop corporate welfare AND punish those who punish us, it's like a two for one sale where we get to keep our money.

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Government bulldozing jihadi compound?

So, the police go looking for a missing kid, and they find a jihadi compound in the middle of the desert where people with links to the World Trade Center bombing in '93 are training starving children to become school shooters. They find the missing kid... or rather, his body. They arrest the terrorists, then let them out on a signature only bond. And then they bulldoze the compound, which presumably would have been evidence at the trial, assuming they show up for it (which they won't).

The last time I remember the government bulldozing a compound like this, it was the site of the Waco massacre and the government was desperate to destroy the evidence of their own murderous actions.

What are they hiding here?

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Who assigned Ohr to work on Spygate?

Rosenstein said it wasn't him. The Federalist makes a good case it was Sally Yates, who resigned rather than defend Trump's travel ban in court. That decision may have made headlines at the time, but it may also have removed her from a position where she could influence ongoing events in the Spygate matter. Oops.

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Abortion's broken window fallacy

CNSNewsAbortion has been an important economic stimulus ever since it was legalized by the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, Chelsea Clinton claimed at a "Rise Up for Roe" event on Saturday.

At the event promoting opposition to President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, the former First Daughter of President Bill Clinton credited legalized abortion for helping add trillions of dollars to the U.S economy because women who had abortions were more inclined to enter the labor force:

How much of a positive economic impact would millions more Americans have had?

I can give you one thing just off the top of my head: the "social security" pyramid scheme would have a much bigger base to draw from and might not be about to blow up.

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About that Net Neutrality issue

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Well, isn't this interesting?

The Obama admin stripped a Trump-supporting Pentagon analyst of his security clearance after the analyst complained about contracts with one Stefan Halper.

Washington Times“Nobody in the office seemed to know what Halper was doing for his money,” Mr. Bigley said. “Adam said Jim Baker, the director, kept Halper’s contracts very close to the vest. And nobody seemed to have any idea what he was doing at the time. He subcontracted out a good chunk of it to other academics. He would compile them all and then collect the balance as his fee as a middleman. That was very unusual.”

We are now pretty sure what Halper was doing for the money. He was trying to rig the election. And the White House stripped his clearances to shut him up -- both in general, and to prevent him accessing anything Halper was doing with his clearances.

Never mind that the other person he complained about was Chelsea Clinton.

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ISIS killer caught posing as refugee in California

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White House revokes ex-CIA director Brennan's security clearance

PJMediaThis just in: The White House has revoked the security clearance of John Brennan, former director of the CIA, who has been a vocal critic of President Trump:

I hope they ran a few canary traps across his desk before they cut off access.

UPDATE: This part reads like the velvet glove over the iron fist.

Politico "More broadly, the issue of Mr. Brennan's security clearance raises larger questions about the practice of former officials maintaining access to our nation's most sensitive secrets long after their time in government has ended," Sanders said.

If that isn't a veiled threat to Obama and Clinton, who are both "former officials" who presumably maintain their prior security clearances, I'll eat a MAGA hat.

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Defense rests in Manafort case

They didn't bother presenting their own evidence or calling their own witnesses, which generally means they believe the prosecution obviously failed to meet the burden of proof.

We'll see what the jury thinks, but the news reports of the mess the prosecution made of their case suggests Manafort has reason for confidence in this decision.

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Terrorism roundup

Someone drove a car into a crowd in front of Parliament. Only three people injured, thankfully. UPDATE: Another one very close to the first one. This one got 15 people.

Meanwhile, the jihadi encampment where an imam linked to the World Trade Center bombing in '93 was training children to commit mass murders at their schools has been shut down, but the people running it were released on bail. Why would they bother showing up in court?

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Kasich is really a Democrat

New York PostOhio Gov. John Kasich said Balderson’s weak showing was a referendum on the president. “Voters here sent a message to the Republicans to knock it off,” Kasich told CBS News last week. “Stop the chaos, the division, no more of this family separation that we see at the border or taking people’s health care away. I think [people] have basically had enough and they’re sending a message to the Republicans, including the Republican in the White House .. This district is so Republican, there should never even have been an election here. And it was so close and — in one of the counties that’s so solidly Republican — where a Republican would normally win by 70 percent, it broke basically 50-50.”

He just checked the wrong box when he registered. Someone should point that out to him.

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Making a mountain from a molehill

Daily CallerThe Washington Post published an article on Monday complaining that President Trump posed next to a biker wearing a “sexist” patch on his vest.

Trump met with supporters in the “Bikers For Trump” group over the weekend and posed for photos with some of the group’s members at the Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey.

One of the patches seemed to ruffle the feathers of one reporter, who called it “sexist.” The patch in question features an image of a topless woman with guns covering her breasts and the caption, “I [heart] guns and t***ies.”

Seems to me like the man prefers his women liberated and capable of defending themselves.

The real objection here is that there are ordinary people in the White House rather than media-approved "elites". And it's quite telling that the media spends it time at press conferences zooming in on patches worn by bikers to try to find something offensive to complain about. They are just out to get Trump, and they literally don't see anything else.

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How do criminals get guns?

According to the Washington Post (hat tip Gun Free Zone), 79% of crimes committed with guns are committed with stolen or straw purchased guns. In other words, all the gun control you want to put on law abiding citizens won't do a damn thing.

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Why I don't donate to government charities

Daily WireTen shipping containers filled with food, baby products, and over-the-counter medications like Tylenol — all supplies desperately needed in the days and weeks following Hurricane Maria — were found rotting in a Puerto Rico parking lot last week, never distributed.

The New York Times reports that a local Puerto Rican radio station found the goods, melted, spoiled, and covered in rat droppings, in a parking lot outside one of Puerto Rico's state elections offices. The goods were clearly meant to help Puerto Ricans in need, many of whom went weeks without electricity and running water last summer in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

... and also why I don't rely on the government to deliver basic supplies to me in an emergency.

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