An inside view of the Flynn leak

The HillRegardless of how the government collected on Flynn, the leak was a felony and a violation of his civil rights. But it was also a severe breach of the public trust. When I worked as an NSC staffer in the White House, 2005-2007, I read dozens of NSA surveillance reports every day. On the basis of my familiarity with this system, I strongly suspect that someone in the Obama White House blew a hole in the thin wall that prevents the government from using information collected from surveillance to destroy the lives of the citizens whose privacy it is pledged to protect.

Today's news is that Flynn, the subject of this unmasking, is willing to testify before Congress in return for immunity. I don't know if he needs immunity, but if the FBI is investigating him as has been reported, it would certainly be in his interests to secure it.

Notably, though, it doesn't matter if Flynn is guilty of a crime for the larger public policy debate on whether Trump's communications with his campaign and his transition team were being monitored by the Obama administration and improperly unmasked and leaked to reporters. Even if Flynn is guilty as sin (forgive me the wordplay) it was still a felony to leak his name to reporters, along with any of the rest of the transition team's identities and communications.

Remember that when you hear calls from the left that whatever Flynn supposedly did wrong vindicates any spying or leaking. It doesn't.

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