ATF ran illegal cigarette smuggling operation to collect tens of millions of dollars

They do this sort of thing so they have sources of funding not accountable to Congress. But it's basically a criminal enterprise, including $1 million payouts to various corrupt ATF agents. I'd like to see criminal charges for this, but the ATF is in charge of enforcing the laws that were violated here, so that's not likely to fly.

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Another terrorist attack thwarted...

FoxNewsAn Army veteran has been charged with plotting what he believed would be a terrorist attack in Kansas City, federal authorities said Tuesday.

Robert Lorenzo Hester Jr., 25, was arrested Friday and is charged with attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization. The criminal complaint was released after Hester made his initial court appearance.

"Providing material support" sounds like more of a supporting role than directly participating, but he also cited his skills with weapons (based on a very short stint in the army, which is unlikely to have taught him much).

And another.

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Mike Brzezinski: Controlling what people think is our job

Grabien NewsControlling "exactly what people think" is the job of the media, MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski boldly declared Wednesday morning.

While discussing President Trump's entreaties to the American people to remain skeptical of the press, Bzezinski worried that if the economy turns south, Americans may end up trusting him over the media.

"And it could be that while unemployment and the economy worsens, he could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think," Brzezinski said. "And that, that is our job."

From the mouths of news anchors...

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Trump's Immigration guidance

ReutersU.S. President Donald Trump's administration will leave [Obama's illegal executive amnesty] protections in place for immigrants who entered the country illegally as children, known as "dreamers," but will consider all other illegal immigrants subject to deportation, according to guidance released on Tuesday.

If true, this is a disaster of epic proportions for Trump. It doesn't matter how many illegal aliens he deports; if he caves and begins to grant official status to any of them, it undermines him with his base. And rightly so.


Obama's amnesty was an actual, "we will give you papers" amnesty. This article is talking about "guidance" and "priorities":

ReutersThe Department of Homeland Security guidance is the implementation plan for executive orders on border security and immigration enforcement that Trump signed on Jan. 25, days after taking office.

My take is that this is a deliberate attempt at sabotage by deception. It's one thing to give actual amnesty paperwork to an illegal, quite another to say you're going to focus on capturing and deporting the people actually committing additional crimes on top of being here illegally. You have to start somewhere and those people are often in contact with law enforcement anyway.

There's a big difference between choosing priorities and giving people legal amnesty paperwork. Let's keep that in mind.

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Fake News about mass shootings

Daily CallerA database regularly cited by liberal media outlets overstates the number of “mass shootings” by a factor of 10, according to analysis by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The website “Mass Shooting Tracker” (MST) has been regularly used by news outlets, like The Washington Post and PBS, to claim “mass shootings” occur much more frequently than they actually do. MST uses an alternative definition of “mass shooting” that greatly overstates their frequency relative to the commonly-accepted definition used by law enforcement and academics.

MST openly acknowledges it uses the alternate definition to “punch a hole in the NRA argument.” NRA refers to the National Rifle Association, the country’s largest gun lobby.

The left has been lying with statistics in the gun control debate ever since they realized they couldn't win honestly.

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An old-fashioned term for an old-fashioned crime

Dana at Patterico'sSince then, top members of the Obama administration’s national security team have launched a communications infrastructure after they left the White House, and have told reporters they are using that infrastructure to undermine Trump’s foreign policy.

“It’s actually Ben Rhodes, NIAC, and the Iranian mullahs who are celebrating today,” said one veteran foreign policy insider who is close to Flynn and the White House. “They know that the number one target is Iran … [and] they all knew their little sacred agreement with Iran was going to go off the books. So they got rid of Flynn before any of the [secret] agreements even surfaced.”

They used to call this treason, back in the days when they wrote the Constitution. I think the people behind it should be identified, tried, convicted, and executed according to the law.

I don't really have strong opinions either way about Flynn himself, but this kind of conspiracy to interfere with a duly elected president is not acceptable, and that's before considering the potential abuse of wiretaps.

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So it seems there's a new startup called Zore..

... with the idea to sell an internet enabled gun lock. They've got a slick website but the product doesn't appear to be available for sale.

Seems pointless except in a house with small children. It won't stop a thief. No models for rifles (except ARs in 223, looks like). For handguns there are safes with similar functionality built in. They won't stop a determined thief either. If the battery dies your gun is locked until it is replaced. I'd have to try their unlock mechanism to see if it is as friendly as they say, but it seems pretty easy to forget how it works under stress and fairly time consuming to unlock and remove. They say the device can't be hacked, but it talks to your phone -- of course it can be hacked.

The alert notification feature is sort of nice, especially the model where that doesn't also try to lock the gun.

Bottom line, this is a $150 solution to a $5 problem. It might still have some utility.

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Restoring the Second Amendment in DC

Rubio introduces legislation. Similar legislation has been introduced before, but never with all three branches in Republican hands. This might actually pass.

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Senate legislation would return NASA to focus to space exploration

WattsUpWithThatIt’s still unclear exactly how lawmakers plan to transform NASA’s mission, but Republicans and Trump administration officials have said they want the agency to focus on deep-space missions and away from climate change research, which is a part of its Earth Sciences Division. That has created uncertainty about the fate of the Earth Sciences Division, which accounts for about $2 billion of NASA’s $20 billion budget.

How many people can we put in a moon base for $2 billion a year? Maybe we could have our own lift capability rather than hitching rides on Russian rockets?

Maybe we can afford to make NASA great again.

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Rand Paul walks out of Obamacare meeting with Paul Ryan

It seems Paul Ryan wants to keep bits and pieces like the Medicaid expansion, some of them rather large. I trust Rand Paul to deliver repeal much more than I do Paul Ryan.

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Obama Administration handed NSA broad new powers before leaving office

Specifically, the authority to share the NSA's signals intelligence with a much broader list of other agencies without redacting private information about innocent people. And lo and behold, just shortly after Trump takes office, we see his advisors being attacked with targeted leaks obtained from surveillance information.

The word for this is treason.

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Benghazi attack was not associated with a protest at all...

... and the Obama Administration knew it within 24 hours, and lied to the American people until after the election. Judicial Watch has the proof.

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Looks like Congress is finally going to do the right thing on email privacy

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Fake News on gun regulation

National ReviewAnd when you saw these headlines you probably thought, “Wow, that seems extreme.” Has the House of Representatives really got rid of background checks? Are Republicans really intent upon putting firearms in the hands of the “severely mentally ill”? What fresh insanity is this!

And, given the way the headlines are written, you could be forgiven for drawing any one of those conclusions. But here’s the thing: None of them is true. Not at all. This was yet another sordid episode of The Press Is Having a Breakdown, coupled with a special installment of Celebrities Tweet Falsehoods Without Knowing It. Contrary to the AP’s suggestion, the background check system remains in place. Contrary to The Hill’s implication, the rule change in question did not repeal the limitations on the “severely mentally ill.” None of that happened.

Trying to coin the term "Fake News" to describe their political opposition was an amazingly awful mistep by the media.

Sat Feb 18 10:57:38 CST 2017 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Our schools have become ideological indoctrination centers

WirepointsThank the administration of New Trier High School in north suburban Chicago. This story is about the madness on college campuses now being crammed down into a public high school. More importantly, it’s about an angry brawl now growing rapidly.

Oblivious to how identity politics have divided the country, the school is holding an attendance-mandatory All-School Seminar Day with the stated goal of “understanding today’s struggle for racial civil rights.”

That sounds fine, but the problem is that it serves no such goal. The agenda is brazenly and unquestionably one-sided, divisive, political and radically left. Understanding civil rights, as New Trier sees it, doesn’t mean challenging students to sort through competing ideas. It means force-fed dogma.

This is what teachers do when they know they will get your money no matter what.

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Michael Flynn's security clearance suspended

The HillMichael Flynn, President Trump’s former national security adviser, has had his security clearance suspended, according to CNN.

A Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) spokesman told CNN the suspension is a normal administrative move for clearances under “pending review.”

So when Hillary Clinton is under investigation for her private server that revealed national security secrets to everyone who hacked into it during her time in office, they suspended her clearance, right? Right? Right?

Of course not.

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What is the X37 doing in space?

InstapunditI’M NOT SAYING THAT IT’S ALIENS. BUT IT’S ALIENS. The X-37 spaceplane has spent more than six hundred days in orbit. What it’s doing up there is still a mystery.

I'm going to lay down a marker here.

It's testing the EM drive. Successfully.

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Gun control on the march

Thu Feb 16 11:49:44 CST 2017 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Gun Control's Racist History

Thu Feb 16 10:49:44 CST 2017 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

NSA withholding intelligence from the President

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A cultural challenge to tolerant ideals

Gunslinger's JournalThe handshake has been upheld and, what's more, a stiff fine now will be imposed on those who continue to refuse to shake hands with a female teacher. This is a heartening sign of non-surrender by the Swiss. But the challenges of the Muslims within Europe to the laws and customs of the indigenes have no logical end and will not stop.

And the greater the number of Muslims allowed to settle in Europe, the stronger and more frequent their challenges will be. They are attempting not to integrate, but rather to create, for now, a second, parallel society, and eventually, through sheer force of numbers from both migration and by outbreeding the Infidels, to fashion not a parallel society but one society — now dominated by Muslim sharia.

This is challenging for a tolerant and open society to deal with, because the open and tolerant response is to allow the individual exceptions on a small scale because they don't matter as much as the right to practice your own religion without needless interference from others and especially from government. But the Islamic view of this response is that it represents a submission to their challenge, and encourages them to view themselves as a people separate and apart from the rest of their adopted nation. It becomes more than a small quirk on the part of someone who otherwise fully participates in civil society; it becomes a badge of resistance and eventually conquest.

I can't agree that it's right to force students to shake their teacher's hands against their religion's gender contact restrictions. But I can't say that allowing that exception (and the hundreds of additional demands that will inevitably follow) will lead to anything but making things worse.

I think the only sane response to this is to only allow in those who are willing to put assimilation into the receiving culture over their religious dictates. As an immigrant, if you are not willing to do that, you shouldn't be asking to join a new nation. That's a different situation than imposing those rules by force on those already citizens.

Once they are here, it is too late for that. That's why being careful who is allowed in is vital.

Wed Feb 15 11:47:57 CST 2017 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Why we need vetting of immigrants

72 convicted terrorists live in US and came from countries covered by Trump's vetting order. That's a lot, and it only includes the ones that were actually convicted of something. After seeing what sort of behavior the FBI is willing to overlook following the Orlando terrorist attack, not to mention the Boston Marathon bombing, I expect there are a lot more terrorists who simply haven't been convicted.

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It's not spontaneous... By any means necessary

It's amazing that a person like this can attack Milo for being "fascist" and "white supremacist" (with no evidence for those accusations) while explicitly calling for even more violence and somehow not notice the contradiction.

She even calls it "self defense" when it is her side smashing windows, setting fires, and even attacking people. "It's not spontaneous." "By any means necessary."

Arrest her for conspiracy to violate civil rights. Not for what she said, for what she did. Planned, premeditated acts of organized violence to shut down a speaker.

Hat tip to Peter

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Senate to vote on Social Security NICS ban Today

I've blogged about this at length before, but here's a refresher on the details. The time has come to put a stop to this Obama Administration rule.

UPDATE: Victory!

Tue Feb 14 11:49:47 CST 2017 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

About that voter fraud by illegal aliens that doesn't exist...

Tue Feb 14 11:05:44 CST 2017 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

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