Ted Cruz addresses CPAC

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Florida Republicans killed pro-gun legislation

The Silicon GreybeardSo here we are. Three big, important bills that would expand rights, in the case of De La Portilla's bills, and another that would reduce onerous requirements on those who are involved in self defense, in the case of McBurney's bill, have been crushed for political expedience. Clearly, they are not acting as representatives of the people. Just as clearly, there is nothing that we as individual citizens can do. I've contacted these clowns every time, so that doesn't work. I don't know how many people respond to those calls to contact them but they seem to do what they want anyway. What can we do?

When this sort of thing goes on long enough, it creates Trump.

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Yale university closes climate change department

WattsUpWithThatWith sweet serendipity, the heartbreaking announcement on the university’s website coincides with the news that the institute’s founding head Rajendra Pachauri has been formally charged with sexual harrassment.

Yale has obviously come to the conclusion that they should get out of the global warming business while the getting is still good.

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Gun manufacturer to request dismissal of lawsuit

The HillThe firearms company that made the AR-15 rifle used in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre is seeking to dismiss a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the victims’ families.

As any sane and honest person knows, you don't sue a product manufacturer when their product is misused by someone with criminal intent. You don't sue car manufacturers when your car is stolen, you don't see axe dealers because of axe murderers. Only the firearms industry is targeted to the point where special laws are needed to protect them from the liability that the media and the law don't try to apply to anyone else.

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Looks like gun rights won in Oregon

Gateway PunditThe Oregon state legislature has adjourned for the even-year short session. Despite having clear anti gun majorities in both legislative chambers, and an anti gun governor, Bloomberg and his Moms Demand Action bunch couldn’t get a single gun control bill passed.

The problem is, we have to win everywhere, everytime. They only have to win big once per state to start the cycle of oppression that drives out gun owners.

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Columbian survivor introduces legislation ALLOWING guns in schools

The HillA Columbine survivor is pushing legislation that would allow guns in Colorado schools.

Colorado State Rep. Patrick Neville (R) says schools should fight gunfire with gunfire. He reintroduced legislation Tuesday that would allow teachers with concealed weapons permits to defend their students at gun point.

“The only thing that is going to stop murderers intent on doing harm is to give good people the legal authority to carry a gun to protect themselves and our children,” Neville said in a statement.

Neville, who graduated from Columbine High School, was in school on the day of the horrific shooting in 1999. “More of my friends would still be alive today,” if teachers were carrying guns, he said.

Call it the "defend your students" bill.

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When even CNN is reporting this...

CNNBlair is a self-professed "data-driven guy," and there are a couple of statistics regarding active shootings that struck him: The first is that in one out of five incidents, it's the potential victims who stop the shooters; the second is that more than half of active shooter events are over before police arrive, which, on average, takes three minutes.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Over half of active shooter incidents are stopped before police arrive.

That dramatically limits the public policy responses that can take place. It means that changes in police actions will make little difference. Armored vehicles, fully-automatic rifles, better armor... no difference in half of the cases.

Improving police response times might help. (We already know that altering police response to go into the situation as soon as they arrive rather than waiting for backup is an improvement).

But the most significant improvements are those that can be implemented by the people on the scene before police arrive. That is, having a legally-carried firearm and responding. Or, if not, taking some sort of decisive action rather than being paralyzed with terror.

Waiting for the police is not the only option.

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Loyalty has to run more than just one way

InstapunditANDREW KLAVAN: Get On Board the Trump Train? No Way! “If Trump is the Republican nominee, principled conservatives may have to leave the party.”

Related: “Former RNC Chairman Mel Martinez says he wishes Joe Biden was running so he could vote for him vs Trump in general.”

After demanding literally decades of loyalty to "moderate" "electable" candidates that somehow failed to get elected, the Republican Establishment is threatening to leave the party on the brink of victory because they can't win a primary against an angry populist that they created by insisting on shutting down every lesser reform candidate they could.

If Trump wins the primary outright with a majority of delegates (which currently looks likely, but not certain), and the Republican establishment doesn't want to support him, they can resign their offices and become Democrats. We will run real Republicans for those seats.

I'm personally ambivalent about Trump, mostly because I don't trust him to do what I want him to do in office. But I'll take Trump in a heartbeat over an entitled establishment asshole who thinks I have some sort of obligation to elect him. And, frankly, I'll take a Trump who fights for America even if I don't agree with him, because not fighting at all is certain to lose.

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CDC report on causes of death released

Gateway PunditThe Center For Disease Control has released a detailed report regarding causes of death, using data from 2013. The report was released on February 16th, and nearly a week later, no mention of it by Bloomberg’s Everytown For Gun Safety, which is the research and PAC wing of his gun control efforts.

They haven't made a big deal out of this because guns are not on the list, at least not in the top ten or fifteen slots that get publicity. The fact is, firearms are very safe for the person using them when the appropriate rules are followed.

The thing is, if Everytown really cared about gun safety, they would be celebrating this as a success. But they don't, because their ultimate agenda is gun confiscation rather than gun safety, and guns being safe to use is not helpful to them.

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The Most Shameful Injustice

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FBI's probe of Clintons expands to public corruption

Fox NewsThe FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of private email as secretary of state has expanded to look at whether the possible "intersection" of Clinton Foundation work and State Department business may have violated public corruption laws, three intelligence sources not authorized to speak on the record told Fox News.

Three "intelligence" sources? I have to wonder about that.

Such questions aside, if Clinton is going to be held accountable for being the corrupt sleaze we all know she really is, it has to happen before Clinton has the Democrat primary wrapped up. I can't believe Obama would let his party lose a presidential race to an FBI indictment, so that's not going to happen. And if she wins, the pardon pen is ready. So, what likely will happen is that Clinton will make a deal -- no charges in return for dropping out of the race and swapping in someone else. Probably Bloomberg.

And she'll keep all the ill-gotten gains from selling her future presidency, too.

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Obama rejects using leftover money from Ebola to fight Zika

The HillThe White House on Friday brushed aside a House Republican proposal to use leftover Ebola funding to fight the Zika virus.

“The important work that the United States has done to fight Ebola and to protect the American people from Ebola is not done,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters on Friday.

So, what do you think the President already spent the leftover money on? Probably something Obamacare-related, trying to delay the massive failure till sometime after the election. And remember, the money being requested -- $1.8 billion, not chump change -- is in "emergency" funds, not from existing budget items or anything like that.

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Police using social media to calculate threat score

Washington PostWhile officers raced to a recent 911 call about a man threatening his ex-girlfriend, a police operator in headquarters consulted software that scored the suspect’s potential for violence the way a bank might run a credit report.

The program scoured billions of data points, including arrest reports, property records, commercial databases, deep Web searches and the man’s social- media postings. It calculated his threat level as the highest of three color-coded scores: a bright red warning.

This concerns me. Arrest records are fair game. Property records are debateable (what does owning property have to do with the chances of being violent?). But commercial databases and social media postings are clearly protected by the First Amendment, as are "gang associations" (freedom of association, remember?) and using them to adjust the likelihood of being shot by police seems like a due process violation on top of that. No idea what the reporter means by "deep web searches" in this context, but there's a lot more data integrated into the system, including real time automatic access to privately owned security cameras in local businesses. Not sending an officer over to see if they have video, but real time access to all the footage without any warrant requirements.

It seems to me this is the sort of technology that looks really cool and shows up in Hollywood movies and doesn't actually do much good even if you set aside the privacy and surveillance issues.

And it will inevitably have the effect of treating critics of police and government as increased threats. That goes beyond a mere chilling effect into a real threat to life and limb.

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March 15th 2016 Republican Primary Results

Florida: Trump (by about 18% over Rubio, Cruz at 17%)
Illinois: Trump (by 9% over Cruz)
Missouri: Cruz and Trump both at 40% and change. Trump is leading by fractional percentages. Not sure if this has been called yet.
North Carolina: Trump by about 3% over Cruz.
Ohio: Kasich by about 10% over Trump. Cruz at 13%. Rubio at 2%.
Some Island Somewhere: Trump by 72%, Cruz at 24%.

Rubio announced that after losing Florida, he was dropping out. Finally.

Kasich, on the other hand, is determined to stay in and hope he gets a VP slot at the convention in trade for whatever delegates he manages to scrape up.

I think, at this point, the only thing we're learning is that the Establishment hates Cruz too much to unite behind him even if it means they get Trump. They can deal with Trump. He'll be disruptive and insane and likely doesn't give a damn about fidelity to the Constitution -- but neither do they, so from their perspective that will work out just fine. And he might lose to Hillary, in which case he goes away and the Republican Establishment remains in power for the next 4-8 years. They'll have almost as much fun pretending to resist Hillary as they had pretending to resist Barack.

With Rubio out and Kasich's impact being minimal so far outside of Ohio, the remaining races are close to head-to-head. Cruz is behind in delegate counts, but he usually beats Trump in head-to-head matchups.

Rumor is that Mitch McConnel, Senate Majority Leader, is demanding that Cruz come to kiss his ring apologize for calling Mitch a liar after Mitch lied to get his vote on the TPP (Trade-something-something treaty vote).

Sorry, Mitch. You lied. Cruz has integrity. I could see Cruz trying to mend some bridges with you, because that's what statesmen do. But Mitch, you did lie to him and to your fellow Senators and to the American people to pass that legislation. You don't deserve an apology from a man with integrity. You owe Cruz and everyone else you lied to an apology instead. Not that we'll get one.

The road to the nomination for Cruz got longer today, but with Rubio left on the side it will also get a bit easier.

And Trump appears to be threatening riots if he doesn't get the nomination despite a plurality of delegates. Note that the rules say he needs a majority, and if he only gets a plurality, the smoke-filled rooms start. I think how big a deal this is is going to depend a lot on how close the race is when it gets to the convention. If it's close, without a majority candidate, that's one thing. If Trump is dominating the delegate count by then, that's different.

We're looking at one of the longest and most bizarre Republican primaries in my experience.

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A disastrous incentive structure

PawPawBreitbart tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos made an appearance at Rutgers University, and his ideas and rhetoric so traumatized the delicate flowers who heard him that many of them attended a "group therapy" session afterward.

One student at the event told the Targum that they “broke down crying” after the event, while another reported that he felt “scared to walk around campus the next day.” According to the report, “many others” said they felt
“unsafe” at the event and on campus afterwards.

On the one hand, there's fertile ground for mockery here.

On the other hand, I doubt these people are nearly as fragile as they seek to appear. They give off the appearance of fragility as a kind of social weapon to shut down their enemies. They more they can pretend to be offended, insulted, emotionally damaged by exposure to their enemies, the more power they are granted by administrators to make those enemies shut up.

This is a disastrous incentive structure.

We've already seen where it leads: the jihadist's veto.

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Assault weapons ban introduced in Washington State

The MinutemanRep. Jim Moeller (D-49, Vancouver) took steps to ban modern pistols, rifles and shotguns in Washington when he pre-filed HB 2354 for the 2016 Legislative Session on Tuesday.

This one includes bans on possession and transfer for any firearm, pistols included, capable of holding more than 10 rounds. That is, this is a confiscation bill. There's a rally friday if you're in the area.

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Trust us with more data...

TechDirtWe live in a world where a 16-year-old who goes by the handle of "penis" on Twitter can dive into the servers of two of America's most secure federal agencies and fish out their internal files.

This 16-year-old is allegedly part of the same crew that socially engineered their way into the inboxes of CIA director John Brennan, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and the administration's senior advisor on science and technology, John Holdren.

We also -- somehow -- live in a world where these same agencies are arguing they should be entrusted with massive amounts of data -- not just on their own employees, but on thousands of US citizens.

We should be asking ourselves what benefit we, the people, derive from our government maintaining massive databases containing every detail of our lives. Sure, the government itself benefits; their rule is both magnified in intrusiveness and rendered more effective. But for the ordinary citizen, what possible benefit is there?

None, of course.

And yet, somehow, these men in Washington DC who claim to be public servants do not stop when we tell them to stop. Neither do they adhere to the rules we set down for them when writing the charter that granted them the powers they claim justify their actions.

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Nyheter Idag“She was very interested and listened until I told her that all the boys and men that were apprehended were young asylants (unaccompanied is the terminology used by Swedish authorities) from Afghanistan and Syria. I sensed that she changed the tone (of her voice). But she also said that she would contact the police”, he tells Nyheter Idag.

The above is from a Swedish magazine covering the New Year's sex crime wave. Anyone who has been paying attention to the immigration issue in the US has heard the term "unaccompanied minors" frequently; that's how illegal aliens sneaking across the southern border of the US are described, in an attempt to garner sympathy by portraying them as "children" who need to be reunited with their parents. In reality, "minor" can mean up to 17 years and 364 days old in the US, can be stretched to 20 years and 364 days if you really want to, and without official documentation illegal aliens are willing and able to lie about their age in order to be treated more leniently as minors. Judging by the pictures coming out of Europe, their "unaccompanieds" are similarly too old and fit to be considered helpless children.

But the term is the same, once you allow for translation.

I want to ask my readers to ponder this one: Why is the same term used?

There are other similarities. In Europe, these people are said to be "refugees" from war in Syria. But the "refugees" skew dramatically male and able-bodied. Where are the women? Where are the actual children?

In the US, they are also said to be "refugees" from poverty and crime. I guess there are no convenient wars to blame it on. But the adjectives are almost the same, and certainly serve the same purpose: building a public sense of sympathy for helpless unthreatening people.

And yet they are threats. And in both countries, police scramble to cover up their crimes.

Who is running the public relations campaign for the invasion?

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Why is it so hard to say Islamic Terrorism?

Yahoo NewsThe gunman who claimed allegiance to Islamic State after shooting a Philadelphia police officer was described by people who knew him as a devout, quiet Muslim who became more "combative" after trips to Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Two people who knew him described a pious man who began expressing interest in Islam in his teenage years and devoted his life to religion. Archer later confessed to the attack and said he pledged allegiance to Islamic State, police said. FBI Special Agent Eric Ruona said Archer had traveled to Saudi Arabia in 2011 and Egypt in 2012 - a trip that a family friend said changed him.

"He became more drastic. More combative," said Jannah Abdulsalaam, who asked only to be identified by her Muslim name. "He was kind but I noticed that change."

I've been pondering why government officials are so invested in whether a particular person confessed their desire to engage in violent jihadi to some overseas operation before putting it into action, and I think I've figured it out. Aside from the people like Obama who just don't want to admit it or deal with it at all, the people who do have to deal with it are limited in what they can actually take action on. If a would-be terrorist sends an email to someone in Syria or Iraq and says he's going kill a police officer in the US as an act of jihad, well, there's a decent chance (for good or ill) that that email will be intercepted. The police then have at least the possibility of identifying the person who sent it and arresting them to prevent the attack, and charging them with some sort of connections-to-terrorism crime that will keep them in jail for years.

But what if it's like the above, but without the foreign travel and the pledge of allegiance? What if Jannah Abdulsalaam called the police and asked them to look into her friend because he might be on the path to terrorism?

Well, the police could show up and talk to him, but if he maintains his cool and has no contacts with foreign terror groups, no illegal weapons or drugs, and legal status in the US... then what can they do?

Pretty much absolutely nothing.

The crime doesn't happen until the attack itself in the case of the "lone wolf" terrorist.

So for a lot of good people in law enforcement, the focus on foreign connections to terrorism is derived from the need to focus on what they can do something about.

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Hillary promises to destroy jobs

InstapunditBut voters have no excuse this time — Hillary is openly stating, early in the election cycle, that she plans to destroy industries and put people on the unemployment line. (Which is an updated and targeted version of her promise in 2004 that “We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.”) If you vote for her and your electrical bill increases, or you’re in an industry’s she’s targeting for destruction and out of work, well — she warned you herself what was coming.

I'd say this would be the kiss of death to her campaign, but Obama said something very similar and he's at the end of his second term. I suppose the Democrats mostly don't have jobs these days, or perhaps just don't need to have them.

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There is only one rational explanation for this...

Gateway Pundit The administration has decided to let immigrants with three sexually transmitted diseases known for causing sores or lesions on genitalia to enter the United States, an expansion of a previous decision to let in those with HIV.

The Department of Health and Human Services this month opened the borders to those with the STDs, deeming the communicable diseases not a big threat to the United States.

A report from the Centers for Immigration Studies said that HHS does not believe that the costs to taxpayers to handle the immigrants with STDs will be significant.

Now, said the Center, the list of inadmissible communicable diseases only includes syphilis, gonorrhea, tuberculosis, and leprosy.

... and it's name is The Cloward-Piven Strategy. Obama is deliberately trying to crash the system. And the tech industry in Silicon Valley is advocating for the next step.

If people do not have to work in order to provide for their basic needs, they won't. What they will do is vote to increase their "basic income" to cover not only their needs, but also their wants; effectively enslaving everyone with a technical skill that cannot be replaced by a robot.

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Reminder: Kasich supported the assault weapons ban

Michael BaneThanking Kasich for his support of the Clinton Assault Weapons Ban. Bubba thanks John Kaisich for his "courageous vote" in favor of the AWB.

If you you're a supporter of the Second Amendment and you were thinking about voting for Kasich on Tuesday, stay home! He's already sold us out once…what do you suppose the odds are he'll sell us out again?

The same applies to Rubio on immigration. The only candidate actually in office who hasn't betrayed up is Cruz. And Trump is far from clean on any of these issues.

Cruz is the only one still in the race you can trust.

UPDATE: Boehner endorses Kasich, which seems to me to be an excellent reason to vote for Cruz instead. Boehner is playing the establishment game, trying to make sure the primary ends up in a contested convention so they can wheel, deal, and steal the nomination.

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Social Justice Warrior

Channel New AsiaOne of the Khmer Rouge's top surviving leaders on Wednesday (Feb 18) challenged his life sentence for crimes against humanity and said he had only fought for "social justice" in Cambodia, in rare comments made to a UN-backed court.

The brutal regime's former head of state Khieu Samphan, 84, raised his voice to a chamber in Phnom Penh that will decide whether to accept an appeal on the guilty verdict handed down to him and another senior leader, 89-year-old Nuon Chea.

The men were convicted of committing crimes against humanity in 2014 for their pivotal role in the communist government that oversaw the deaths of up to two million Cambodians from 1975-1979 - nearly one-quarter of the population.

The things your teachers didn't tell you about becoming a social justice warrior.

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Obama vetoes Obamacare repeal

The HillPresident Obama on Friday vetoed legislation that would repeal much of ObamaCare, the first such measure to reach his desk since it became law in 2010... In a lengthy message to Congress, Obama said repealing the law would reverse improvements made in the nation’s healthcare system.

He has a strange definition of "improvements", but this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. The real sign of progress is that both the House and Senate were able to pass the repeal at all (using reconciliation to avoid the filibuster, exactly as Obamacare was passed originally). We'll have to see if they are still willing to pass it when there's a president who might sign the repeal, but that they did so at all shows they are feeling the pressure.

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Has Hubble imaged an exoplanet directly?

Sure looks like it.

This is a huge development in astronomy.

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