Interior Secretary refuses to testify on EPA spill

Daily CallerSecretary of the Interior Sally Jewell is refusing to testify before Congress about her department’s ongoing investigation of the massive toxic mine spill caused by EPA workers last month.

It seems the Obama administration has learned from the IRS debacle that they can get away with anything if they just refuse to testify to Congress, because Congress can't -- or more accurately, won't -- do anything about it.

This is how dictatorships start. The executive simply ignores the other government bodies, and no one challenges that assumption of power.

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The only racism in the US is fake racism

Buffalo NewsCampus police at the University at Buffalo removed signs saying “White Only” and “Black Only” Wednesday afternoon from Clemens Hall on the North Campus in Amherst. A university spokesperson said a police investigation found that the signs “were part of a student art project.”

The campus newspaper, The Spectrum, reported on its website that Ashley Powell, a graduate fine arts student who is black, told a meeting of the Black Student Union Wednesday evening that she posted the signs. The Spectrum noted that many students at the meeting were outraged and walked out. Other students, the newspaper said, denounced the signs on social media as “racist” and “an act of terrorism.”

The vast majority of incidents of violence motivated by racism that I have seen reported over the last, say, 5 years have been either black-on-white racism, hispanic-on-white racism, or simply fake racism like the incident above. It's easy to understand why some people think that racism is alive and well in America; they get the reporting about about the faked incidents and not the part where they are later discovered to be fake.

I can think of one single incident of actual white-on-black racist violence, and that incident was noted by the perpetrator's utter failure to find anyone else to enlist in his racism.

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Wisconsin John Doe investigation targeted top conservative judges

Wall Street JournalThe GAB and prosecutors tried to rig [Wisconsin] Supreme Court review of a constitutional challenge to their probe. They used information they had collected through kitchen-sink subpoenas to search for information well outside their already voluminous writ. Then they targeted conservative justices while giving liberals a pass. The good news is that in July Wisconsin’s Supreme Court shut down their investigation as unconstitutional.

They tried to force State Supreme Court justices hearing cases challenging their illegal and abusive investigations to recuse themselves. That's basically rigging the court system.

Elizabeth Price FoleyDrip, drip, drip. There’s much more partisan nastiness going on in Wisconsin than has thus far been revealed. Mr. Kennedy, his accomplices on the GAB staff, and the prosecutors involved in this cabal should lose their jobs for their blatant, partisan abuse of government power.

They should go to jail for civil rights violations.

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Suppressing the political opposition at the IRS is alive and well

Gateway PunditVeterans for a Strong America raised money after selling tickets for up to $1,000 a piece to see Trump speak aboard a retired US battleship. The Obama IRS acted in less then 2 days after the speech. Amazing how fast the IRS can move when they want to.Meanwhile, numerous conservative groups are still waiting for their tax exempt status.

Obama figures he can get away with it, so he'll keep doing it. And he certainly seems to be correct in that no one is willing to actually stop him.

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Sometimes I hate being right

SlashdotAccording to private security firm CrowdStrike's founder, Dmitri Alperovitch, the Chinese are compiling a massive 'Facebook' like database on American federal government employees for use in espionage and blackmail. The data was stolen from high profile attacks against the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, as well as intrusions into the Anthem and CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield health insurance networks. "That can now be used to embarrass you publicly and force you to work for the Chinese government," Alperovitch says. "It's, in effect, a private version of Facebook with much more detail about your life than even Facebook has that the Chinese now have access to."

Sometimes I hate being right.

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Missing the obvious

Irons in the Fire (quoting someone else)“I don’t know anyone who is a Donald Trump supporter. I don’t know anyone who knows anyone who is a Donald Trump supporter. They are like this huge mystery group,” the CEO said.

Aside from the obvious thing with a very similar quote about Nixon's election, there's something else going on here. And that is simply this: do you expect people who support trump to be open about it? We've had the IRS targeting people in opposition groups (ie, the Tea Party) for 6 years now. Other government agencies have been involved in other cases. Individuals have been audited and had their private financial affairs exposed publicly for simply asking questions of a candidate at a meeting the candidate set up. The Republican Party leadership has openly stated things like "We will destroy the Tea Party." That is evidence of a bipartisan conspiracy by those in power against those they should be representing.

And in that political environment, you wonder why people are reluctant to come out in support Trump without the protection of some sort of anonymity, whether an online pseudonym or a pollster who will presumably anonymize their published results?

Of course anyone who moves in Left circles won't dare announce that they like him.

If he wins, some of them might admit voting for Trump, but not until then.

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Socialist Bernie proposes doubling the national debt

InstapunditSen. Bernie Sanders, whose liberal call to action has propelled his long-shot presidential campaign, is proposing an array of new programs that would amount to the largest peacetime expansion of government in modern American history.

In all, he backs at least $18 trillion in new spending over a decade, according to a tally by The Wall Street Journal, a sum that alarms conservatives and gives even many Democrats pause. Mr. Sanders sees the money as going to essential government services at a time of increasing strain on the middle class.

We have $18 trillion in debt now, and Bernie wants to spend as much again. Is he nuts? Where does he think the money will come from?

In his defense, though, Obama has already doubled the national debt, and it's worked out pretty well for him. Unfortunately, accumulating debt is one of those things that seems relatively simple and painless, until you wake up one morning and apply for more debt to pay off your old debts, and the bank says "No, you may not have any more money." And then everything goes to hell.

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Ben Carson disqualifies himself on immigration

Hot AirBut let’s say we get [the borders] sealed, because certainly in a Carson administration that would be done within the first year. You also turn off the spigot that dispenses the goodies, so that people don’t have any incentive to come here. Then those who are here, we have to recognize that we can’t just round them up, but we can give them an opportunity to register. I would give them a six-month period. If they register, and if they have a pristine record, they haven’t been causing problems, I would give them an opportunity to become guest workers — not citizens, not voting people, not people who get goodies. I think that would be a fair way to do it. In terms of them becoming citizens later on down the road if they’ve done things the right way, we the American people will decide what the criteria for that ought to be.

This won't fly, Ben. Americans aren't fond of having second-class citizens, which that broad a "guest worker" program without voting rights or welfare entitlements but paying taxes would be. Further, many people would prefer to remain illegal rather than become legitimate workers that have to pay taxes, because much of the illegal labor is based on wages that come under the table to avoid the tax man and without that tax-free status, the job would not exist at all. It simply is not worth the taxes and the paperwork to hire someone legitimately to do a job that pages less than minimum wage even before you take out the taxes.

For those illegals who managed to land a better level of professional job, allowing them to stay as "guest workers" does nothing to reduce the damage to the job market. The tech industry is already suffering after a decade of wage stagnation due to abuse of the H1-B system of legal guest workers.

The fact is, "you can stay and become legal" is amnesty, whether the people can vote or not. And while that deal might have sounded good when the Democrats presented it to Reagen, we've learned since then that promises to secure the border will never be carried out.

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Another reason to run Linux

Ars TechnicaYou might be in the process of acquiring Windows 10—whether you want the free upgrade or not. Microsoft has confirmed that it is “helping upgradable devices get ready for Windows 10 by downloading the files they need” in the event that owners decide to migrate to the new OS, even if they have heretofore passed up on "reserving" their free upgrade from Windows 7 or 8.

I want nothing to do with Windows 10, but I have a lot of games that like Windows 7 just fine. If you run windows you pretty much need to have automatic updates turned on to avoid getting eaten alive by viruses. But I do not feel the need to "upgrade" to an operating system that is basically a giant piece of spyware itself.

But Microsoft cannot respect my choice to avoid Windows 10. Instead they are intent on eating up several gigabytes of disk space without my consent on my own damn computer.

I run Linux because I want to be in control of my computer's actions.

There is a procedure for removing the unwanted Windows 10 install crap.

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House challenge to Obamacare spending succeeds

Elizabeth Price Foley at InstapunditBREAKING: Judge Rosemary Collyer of the Federal District Court for the District of Columbia has just ruled that the House of Representatives has standing to sue President Obama, challenging the constitutionality of the executive branch’s decision to spend billions of unappropriated dollars to support Obamacare. Judge Collyer denied legislative standing to pursue the House’s claim that President Obama has disregarded the 2014 effective date of Obamacare’s employer mandate. More updates will follow once I’ve had a chance to digest Judge Collyer’s opinion.

I really want to get excited about this, but I know the Roberts court will kowtow to Obama again, so why bother? Even if the House wins the case, all that will be blocked are repayments for insurance policy risk corridors that have already been made. Will the courts claw the money back from insurers? Will they go out of business? Unlikely. They might raise prices, which would just feed the demand for single-payer from people who don't want to pay for their own health care.

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