Cheryl Mills told to destroy her Hillary email

ObserverIn a letter sent to the U.S. State Department and just filed today with U.S. federal Judge Emmet G. Sullivan, the counsel for Cheryl Mills wrote: “Ms. Mills does not believe that she has paper copies of potential records in her possession. Following our production on August 10, 2015 [of the defense counsel’s version of the electronic records], we have instructed her to delete any and all electronic records in her possession.”

Cheryl Mills is one of the people who had an email account on Hillary's server and whose emails would be very relevant to any investigation of Hillary's conduct, particularly in the absence of an impartial record of Hillary's own emails.

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Another tool in the privacy wars

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Lerner wanted to audit group based on payment to Bristol Palin

Lois Lerner via Daily CallerThoughts on the Bristol Palin issue? I’m curious that a [private foundation] can pay any amount to someone who is not a [disqualified person]? It is a [private foundation] right? Even if it were a [public charity] – would that be private benefit – what are the consequences? I’m asking because I don’t know whether to send to Exam as a referral.

So, in other words, Lerner -- who once claimed IRS targeting was something that only happened in Cincinatti -- was reading the news at her desk one day and ran across an article about a non-profit group trying to reduce teen pregnancy paying Bristol Palin to work as a celebrity spokeswoman for their issue. As you may have noticed, celebrities do this sort of thing all the time, and regardless of whether you think it's a good way to spend their money, it seems far too commonplace for an IRS official to single the group out for audit based on that. At least, it does until you consider the official in question has a clear animus against Republicans in general, and anyone who was paying attention during Sarah Palin's VP run knows exactly how much animus the Democrats were directing her way at the time.

About the only way this could be more politically motivated would be for Lerner to add in the email "Lets get those nasty Republicans and win the election for Obama!"

And it lends dramatic weight to the various anecdotal accounts of prominent individuals who spoke out against Obama or Obamacare and then found themselves facing IRS audits. Who knows how many other IRS officials and employees were surfing political news sites during 2010-2013 and writing emails to suggest audits based on what names showed up in the news cycle?

We know already that similar things happened to Joe the Plumber, Christine O'Donnell, and many others. This is just the first behind-the-scenes glimpse we've gotten into how the process happens within the IRS.

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The Left refuses to debate

Gateway PunditTo the frustration of some people in progressive politics and the immigrant rights movement, I go on Fox News to preach beyond the choir. (After the interview, I received an email from the president of the Harvard Republican Club asking me to talk to young GOPers in Boston this fall about Define American.) But I refuse to debate or appear in the same segment as Coulter. She is not interested in an actual debate or constructive conversation. So she either speaks first, or I speak first. She spoke first tonight. And when we were “teased” on a split screen, I refused to smile. This is no laughing matter for undocumented Americans. This is not funny.

They do this to John Lott too. Rather than discuss the issues in a back and forth dialog, they demand to speak unchallenged so they can lie openly.

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DOJ investigates and clears itself of targeting in Operation Choke Point

The BlazeThe OPR determined that Justice Department attorneys did not engage in professional misconduct or target industries in an improper way during the operation.

“Neither the design nor the initial implementation of Operation Choke Point specifically focused on Internet payday lenders or their lending practices,” the OPR report says.

The OPR is charged with conducting unbiased investigations of misconduct allegations against Department attorneys.

The report found that while Justice Department attorneys viewed payday lenders “in a negative light,” there wasn’t evidence to suggest that the department issued subpoenas unfairly.

Note that they are issuing a lot of denials related to payday lenders and subpoenas. They aren't denying much related to gun stores, pawn shops with FFLs, or applying unofficial pressure to financial institutions.

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Rolf lays out the options for dealing with our debt

That's Joe from Boomershoot Rolf from Joe's blog, not Joe Biden.

To summarize:
1) Balance the budget, then cut spending so there is a surplus. and pay down debt.
2) Raise taxes and hope this produces more tax revenue.
3) Keep borrowing and ignore the problem; hope it blows up later.
4) Devalue the currency.

The government is already doing 3 and 4. Even Republicans are starting to talk about 2. No one at all inside government is talking about 1.

The problem is that option 1 is absolutely necessary for any of the other options to work. Before anything can solve the problem, we have to stop making it worse.

And no one in government is prepared to do that, which makes the end of American civilization inevitable.

We'll have to hope for better luck next time, assuming there is a next time.

And that neatly explains why post-apocalyptic movies and videos games are so popular nowadays. The American collective unconscious knows tough times are coming, and we want to be prepared.

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No, Jeb is not serious

Ace of SpacesIf Jeb! is serious about this he needs to make it clear that the only plan he will support consists of security and enforcement measures that are proven to be in place and working for some number of years (3-5 seems reasonable) not just written down on some piece of paper somewhere and filed away never to be seen again. Only after that can we even begin to talk about legalization.

In case anyone is unclear about this, Jeb is not serious about immigration enforcement.

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Obama pushing focus-grouped BS on climate change

DiscoveryLaying out how climate change was a threat to the health, well being and security of millions of Americans, and adding that time was of the essence, Obama said in a video released early Sunday: “Climate change is not a problem for another generation. Not anymore.”

Given that there has been no measurable global warming for almost 20 years, climate change does in fact remain a problem for another generation -- that is, the last generation, whose obsession with it came as much from manipulated data and chicken little hysteria as real science.

But Obama is right about one thing.

With his new restrictions on generating the energy required to run a modern economy, we will all be suffering the problems caused by climate change hysteria.

Discovery“Power plants are the single biggest source of harmful carbon pollution that contributes to climate change,” added Obama, who made the battle against climate change a core promise of his 2008 election campaign.

When Obama says "carbon pollution", he means carbon dioxide, which is not harmful, is a natural component of our atmosphere, is needed by plants as they grow and produce oxygen, and has many natural sources (and drains, for that matter) entirely outside of human control.

He's calling it "pollution" because that's a term that sells well to low-information voters who don't understand chemistry or science.

You don't want to be a low-information voter ignorant of science, do you?

Discovery“For the sake of our kids, for the health and safety of all Americans, that’s about to change.”

Saving the children is mandatory for politicians, even when those children are at no risk whatsoever. Saving the children convinces low-information mommy voters to vote Democrat. You don't want to be a low-information mommy voter who destroys her children's economic future by voting for a Democrat, do you?

Oh, and according to the Associated Press, Obama is going to impose these rules on the nation via executive order. So I guess it doesn't really matter how you vote after all, does it?

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Judicial Watch panel on Clinton Email scandal

This is pretty old, from back when the email server issue was breaking news. I never got around to posting it, and it still has a lot of valid points since the issue has stayed in the news.

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Hillary email investigation is definitely criminal

Gateway PunditThe FBI announced Tuesday they were investigating Hillary Clinton’s email system. The Democratic Party’s presumed nominee for 2016 is now under federal investigation.

And if I am reading the situation correctly, Hillary will remain under criminal investigation as long as she remains the presumed nominee, but she will be able to make the investigations go away by dropping out of the race.

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Another fake hate crime

A gay bar owner allegedly defaced and then torched his own bar, claiming it was a hate crime and collecting insurance on the damage.

I post these things because my America is a tolerant place where people are pretty much left alone to practice their sexuality without interference, whatever it may be. I wish the same were true for people practicing everything else.

Like it or not, the agenda of the modern left -- the millenials, the social justice warriors -- is based on hate even as they march in lockstep under the banner of tolerance. They hate "us" -- conservatives, gamers, gun owners, people who have fun wrong -- because they have been told that disagreement is hatred, and we disagree.

Apparently, disagreeing with them but letting them live their lives unmolested is not enough of an ego boost. They need us to hate them, and if we won't oblige, well by God they will do it themselves and collect on the insurance too.

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Fourth Circuit rules warrant required for cell-site data

Ars TechnicaA federal appeals court ruled Wednesday that a probable-cause warrant under the Fourth Amendment is required for the police to obtain a suspect's cell-site data.

The ruling is obviously correct, despite the other circuit rulings. The circuit split may prod the Supreme Court to take the case, which could be good or bad. As with the Heller case, though, at some point it's necessary to fish or cut bait; the Supreme Court can't duck ruling on these espionage tactics forever.

Unlike the Heller case, the plaintiffs aren't very sympathetic, having been arrested for one burglary and convicted of several others based on the cell data. On the plus side, there's no way for the government to claim national security.

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Cornyn introduces legislation to stop fiduciary firearms ban

Shall Not Be QuestionedThe National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) today announced its support for legislation that would protect the constitutional rights of millions of veterans and social security recipients. The Mental Health and Safe Communities Act, sponsored by U.S. Senator John Cornyn, contains provisions that would stop the Obama administration’s efforts to deny millions of veterans and social security recipients their Second Amendment rights without due process.

It will be interesting to see what path this legislation takes. Will Obama sign it or veto it? Obviously, veto, unless it's attached to something he desperately wants. But what will that end up being?

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Microsoft makes a big mistake

Ars TechnicaMicrosoft announced today a handful of benefits improvements for its American employees, with the biggest change coming for new parents: new mothers will get 12 weeks of maternity leave at 100 percent pay, on top of eight weeks of maternity disability leave, also at 100 percent pay. The previous policy offered just four weeks of paid maternity leave and a further eight of unpaid maternity leave, in addition to the disability maternity period.

Someone should sue them for the disparity in paid leave time; it is obviously gender discrimination. Equality means equality.

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CSpan Candidate Primary event

Not comprehensive, just my thoughts listening in progress.

Rubio is lying to us about immigration against. He's got a three-point reform plan that doesn't include amnesty, and does include securing the border as well as reduced legal immigration, but he's just not trustworthy on this issue so the only thing to do is assume he's lying through his teeth. And he's lying about misuse of NSA surveillance information; he says there have been no examples of misuse, but we have seen many documented examples of abuse, none of which were prosecuted as he suggests.

Nobody else really said anything notable or stood out. That's not a bad thing necessarily.

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Mainstream media only now catching up to folks in pajamas

Wall Street Journal via PowerlineAt a federal court hearing on Wednesday, a State Department official dropped a new bomb regarding the email scandal, suggesting that Mrs. Clinton’s closest aides also might have been using private email accounts.

I reported that Hillary's top staffers, including Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, and Phillip Reines, were using private email accounts. Reines claimed vigorously at the time that he had a private account but not on Hillary's private server. Huma and Cheryl do not appear to have denied it. Many other Obama administration officials with private accounts (presumably not on Hillary's server either) are also listed.

I reported that (and compiled the list from diverse news accounts) in March. So glad the professional reporters are catching up, or perhaps simply revealing how little attention they are paying.

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We know who's serious about wanting the gun vote

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The Root of the Problem

Instapundit“Today there are 136 people receiving some sort of government benefit for every 100 people employed in the private sector.”

Democracies last until 51% of the voters realize they can vote themselves the wealth of the other 49%. That's why the United States was designed as a constitutional republic, with protections for individual rights from mob rule, not a democracy.

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Boehner couldn't find votes to retain Speaker role

Breitbart (beware autoplay ad video)“I know members personally who were called by Steve Scalise. So they had the entire leadership whip team frantically making phone calls to members to whip the vote because they wanted to attempt to embarrass Meadows and call the vote [on Wednesday last week] so it’s not hanging over Boehner’s head.

“What they found out was the exact opposite. They found out bad things would happen, that literally they would be calling the vote without knowing what would happen. Therefore, they did not call the vote and now they have this issue hanging over John Boehner’s head for the next five weeks.”

On the one hand, "official" and "establishment" sources are claiming this was a fundraising trick with no chance of passing. On the other, if that was true, why not call the vote and embarass Meadows? Frankly, I don't care if Meadows fundraises off this: since Boehner has likely cut him off from "establishment" fundraising sources what other alternative does Meadows have?

Breitbart (beware autoplay ad video)Boehner’s team was getting ready to move the resolution to the floor—and their move actually backfired, because all of his leadership team now knows he’s too weak to get re-elected unless somehow the political dynamic changes between now and a vote. Of course, with politically hungry people everywhere on Capitol Hill, that means that one of them could turn on Boehner or that conservatives could muscle up the strength to get rid of him.

That sounds like the optimistic take to me. But wouldn't it be nice if it turns out to be right?

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$1.5 million to help Africans cook food efficiently

Ace of SpadesBut I think it's pretty clear the major goal of this study is not to help desperately poor Africans; it's to lower the carbon footprint of people whose carbon footprints are already one one-hundredth of the smug Western progressives looking to save the world. This may be the high-water mark for the wealthy urban progressives' favorite hobby, the collection and display of Luxurious Concerns.

You can read the whole thing for Ace's take, but it amounts to sending researches to Africa to "measure cooking events" with and without a fancy new Anti-Global-Warming Carbon-Efficient stove.

Ace is right that the whole idea is pretty much stupid. But he's wrong about the intended purpose. It's not just about Conspicuous Concern. It's about keeping the global warming propaganda machine funded.

Those stoves will cost a tiny fraction of the $1.5 million grant. The rest of the grant will be spent on employing a "climate" scientist and a small collection of students for a year, flying them two and from Africa for a year, writing a paper and submitting to major journals, and probably produce enough work for one of the students to complete their PhD in something climate-sciency.

Remember, we on the right mostly want government to get out of our way so we can make a living. For those on the left, government is their living.

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Fast and Furious gun used by cartoon jihadi

Patterico's PontificationsIt is being reported that the gun used by a terrorist killed at Pamela Geller’s American Freedom Defense Initiative’s (AFDI) “Mohammed Art Exhibit and Contest” in Garland, Texas, was purchased under the Obama administration’s infamous Fast and Furious gun program


The Chicago Tribune has more.

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There is a report that the Obama Administration will charge a Navy officer for illegally discharging a firearm on federal property... when he shot back at an attacking terrorist in Chattanooga.

In a civilian court, surely this would get tossed out on self-defense grounds. I'm not quite so certain about a military court, but hopefully sanity will prevail.

UPDATE: In a weaselly-worded statement, the Navy is denying that charges have been filed.

ChattanooganStories of Navy personnel being charges with an offense are not true. There is still a long way to go in reviewing the facts of this tragic incident, but at this time we can confirm no service member has been charged with an offense.

The sourcing for this denial is pretty thin, but so was the sourcing for the original report. Notably, the denial is that any service member has been "charged"; that doesn't mean they won't be charged later or face a reprimand of some sort sort of actual charges or court martial.

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IRS referred 12 cases to DOJ for criminal prosecution during targeting era

Wall Street Journal via TaxProfIn fiscal years 2013 through 2015, Mr. George initiated 102 internal investigations based on complaints by tax-exempt groups and individuals who say they were unfairly targeted for audit. It’s not public how many of those 102 may have been improperly targeted. But according to the House Ways and Means Committee, 12 presented facts so egregious that the IRS referred them to the Justice Department for criminal prosecution. Not for tax evasion, mind you, but for improper conduct by IRS employees.

Why are we only finding out about this now, and what happened to all of these investigations?

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Left in a comment over at SaysUncle

Reposting, because it went longer than initially intended:

What publicola missed is that it's already happened to the vets. It started there with people who have a fiduciary managing their VA benefits. Moving from the VA to the SSA is the direction of travel, not the other way around.

I've been periodically reporting on stories about the VA doing this since early 2014 at least, and I noted in that story it wasn't the first time I had written about it.

The thing about Obama that's different from other anti-gun president is that that the others would run a gun ban or a crime bill or whatever up the flagpole and see who saluted it. If it failed that was pretty much spent; political capital gone, move on to other issues. It was more political than personal.

Obama, on the other hand, hates us with a flaming passion. He hates us personally, he thinks we are bigots and racists, and on top of that he hates us for being the only interest group to successfully defy him.

He's not making political gestures, he is taking every possible action to make our lives miserable that he can sneak through, and he will keep doing it until he is kicked out of office, and then he will probably dedicate his life to building an anti-gun political movement to continue screwing us (between golf games and vacations, though, so it won't amount to much).

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Obama refuses to remove Koskinen

In response to a request from the House Oversight Committee, Obama has refused to remove IRS Commissioner Koskinen:

Washington TimesPresident Obama has no intention of firing IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, the White House said Wednesday in response to Republican lawmakers calling for his ouster.

Obama was never going to fire Koskinen. After all, if the IRS is truly innocent of targeting Obama's political opponents and made their best effort to turn over all relevant documents, firing Koskinen looks bad and tarnishes that innocence. And if Koskinen was a cover-up artist, if Obama fires him, Koskinen might be tempted to talk.

Obviously, I favor the latter explanation.

Now, we find out whether the House is in the habit of making empty threats, or whether they can actually impeach Koskinen.

In related news, a judge is threatening to hold Koskinen in contempt of court over failure to turn over Lois Lerner emails:

Daily CallerA federal judge is threatening to hold IRS commissioner John Koskinen in contempt for his agency’s failure to turn over emails sent by disgraced former IRS official Lois Lerner.

“I will haul into court the IRS Commissioner to hold him personally into contempt,” U.S. District Court Judge Emmett Sullivan said Wednesday in a hearing related to the nonprofit group Judicial Watch’s lawsuit against the IRS for Lerner’s emails.

No one in this administration will take this matter seriously until some of them start going to jail.

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