A culture of gun rights growing in Brazil

BrazilCongressmen in Brazil, one of the most violent countries in the world, are proposing to dramatically loosen restrictions on personal gun ownership, bringing the country much closer to the American right to bear arms. The politicians say the measures are necessary to allow embattled citizens the right to defend themselves from criminals armed with illegal weapons.

That would be a huge step forward. I hope that they carefully evaluate their self-defense laws at the same time, because it would be a shame for one of their newly-armed citizens to get in trouble for using a gun to defend himself against attack.

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Some possible solutions to IRS problems

The HillAll of this is not to say Congress shouldn’t necessarily impeach IRS Commissioner Koskinen. If he, in fact, broke the law he should be held accountable before the law. But the primary focus ought to be on fixing the numerous underlying problems at the IRS. The recent scandals present an opportunity to address some of these in a bipartisan fashion. It would be a shame if Congress was so distracted by Koskinen that it failed to do so.

Impeaching Koskinen is necessary, but not sufficient. It is telling that so far Congress has managed to do absolutely nothing about the IRS scandal beyond asking a lot of questions and complaining that the IRS hasn't answered them.

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FBI has 1000 active ISIS investigations in the US

Judicial WatchThe Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has nearly 1,000 active probes involving the terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) inside the United States, dozens of law enforcement officials disclose in a letter to President Obama.

After the Paris attacks, we have to start taking this threat seriously.

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The appearance of impropriety

PoliticoModerator John Dickerson and his team met with each of the campaigns for more than an hour to discuss the major issues at play in the race, sources on the campaigns said, describing the pre-interview as "informational in nature." Dickerson is not giving candidates previews of his questions for the debate.

Of course not. I'm sure Dickerson is completely unbiased. He's just asking questions of the candidates about the topics that he's going to ask questions about during the debate. I can't imagine how that might enable them to produce better responses on stage.

Politico“[Dickerson] and his team were very interested in getting to better know the senator's stand on a wide spectrum of issues, what he would do about income inequality in this country," said Bernie Sanders' spokesman Michael Briggs. He said they discussed issues where there are real differences between the candidates — including gun control, the death penalty and raising taxes on the middle class. "John Dickerson's a smart, impressive guy who cares a lot about the issues," Briggs said. "I'm sure we'll see a smart, issues-oriented debate."

You mean the debate won't consist of the moderators asking the candidates to attack each other for 2 hours like the Republican debates?

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Error found in climate models

PerthNowA former climate modeller for the Government’s Australian Greenhouse Office, with six degrees in applied mathematics, Dr Evans has unpacked the architecture of the basic climate model which underpins all climate science.

He has found that, while the underlying physics of the model is correct, it had been applied incorrectly.

He has fixed two errors and the new corrected model finds the climate’s sensitivity to carbon dioxide (CO2) is much lower than was thought.

After terrorizing two generations over a mathematical error, I can safely admit that no one working in the climate science field will ever admit this. They will go to their graves preaching thermogeddon to empty snow-covered auditorium seats.

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CBS DenverLast Friday the Colorado Springs Police Department agreed to the demands of 12 female officers who filed a civil suit claiming the fitness tests are discriminatory. All the officers were over the age of 40.

Bill QuickWhat do they need to be fit for? It doesn’t take much muscle strength to just shoot anybody who disobeys you in any way whatsoever. Or anybody who makes you feel endangered in the slightest.

But it takes a lot of strength to quickly drag the bodies around to make the evidence look better, and carrying enough drop guns to cover a whole family after your SWAT raid goes wrong is heavy.

Yeah, I know that's unfair to the good cops out there. Sorry.

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Paul Ryan already facing potential primary challenger after accepting Speaker role

PJMediaFallout continues for Speaker Paul Ryan for his shepherding the nearly $2 trillion spending bill through Congress earlier this month. It now appears that Tea Party groups in Wisconsin, as well as several-high profile national pundits, are looking to primary Ryan for the 2016 campaign.

We'll keep knocking off their leadership until they start listening to us.

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Another fake islamophobia incident

PJMediaA vandalism attack on the Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno on Christmas Day was immediately branded by Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer as a "hate crime," and the "Islamophobia" grievance industry began to gear up in response. Now that a suspect has been arrested, the narrative is quickly collapsing. But police announced today that the suspect arrested in the attack is 28-year-old Asif Mohammad Khan, who, according to news reports, is a Muslim who used to attend the mosque and did the attack in response to bullying by some in the mosque.

When you see a hate crime these days, it's a safe bet that it was faked by one of the people claiming to be victims, or if not, was motivated by something other than racial or religious bigotry.

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Cause and Effect

Kirstein(And thank you, Day Job, for switching from Super-excellent-low-cost-health-insurance-that-saw-me-through-all-my-cancer-treatments, to Twice-the-price-plus-high-deductible-might-as-well-go-on-Obamacare-because-what’s-the-difference? You have cleverly removed my main reason for remaining tied to your sinking ship, greatly simplifying my choices! How kind of you.)

An author whose work I enjoy more than her politics wrote the above on her blog. While cancer isn't something I would wish on anyone, and the economics of health insurance are definitely complex, this particular pair of ideas placed so close together demonstrate such a dramatic lack of self-awareness that I felt it warranted comment.

Did it never cross her mind that, having just gone through significant and expensive health care treatments, her employer may have been feeling the financial pinch of raised healthcare rates or (if they self-insure for their employee's medical costs) that her own health care costs had a direct impact on the company's bottom line?

Evidently not even enough to feel a little gratitude towards a company that just in the last year or so paid for the cancer treatments that saved her life.

Sun Dec 27 11:50:53 CST 2015 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Vox adopts a code of conduct

BrietbartThis last point is especially important when talking about technical topics: Many women and people of color in the tech industry have many tales of being either mansplained about a field in which they are experts, or else excluded from learning opportunities because a colleague wouldn’t make an effort to answer questions—don’t be that person. Remember that your colleagues may have expertise you are unaware of, and listen at least as much as you speak.

Awwww, isn't that cute. Ezra Klein's little venture-capital-funded blog project thinks they have a tech team worth calling a tech team. Notice how, if you are a cishet white male with technical knowledge, you are wrong if you explain too much, or if you explain too little, if you are surprised your non-binary-gender differently-abled colleague asked a question and also if you are not surprised that they asked a question. You're just wrong, period, so shut up and let zer do the talking. Unless they ask a question.

This is less funny than it really should be because there are indications that the social justice warriors have found gamers to be too tough a nut to chew and are now targeting open source communities with codes of conduct and honey traps..

Sun Dec 27 10:50:53 CST 2015 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

I now believe Trump is a serious candidate

Republican Party of VirginiaThe Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) is pleased to announce that Donald Trump is the first Republican candidate to submit signatures for “pre-check” review by the RPV and are ready for submission to the State Board of Elections, well ahead of the December 10, 2015 deadline.

You don't go out and collect signatures for ballot access if you don't expect to run. It's something that isn't very visible, so it's easy to skip if you don't really intend to participate in the "real" primary. A candidate like, say, Kasich (just to pick a name out of a hat at random) who exists only as a distraction and to split the base vote in a particular state really only needs to run a ballot access program in that state and any states that come before that state. Such a candidate doesn't need to be "first" or even put in a lot of effort to obtain ballot access while polling very low, because they can use the low polling as an excuse.

That Trump put in the effort and turned in his results first suggests that he's paying attention to the requirements and doing better than the other so-called serious candidates at that.

So yeah. I think he's serious.

Trump is still not my top pick, but he's got a monopoly on taking the immigration issue seriously. I'd rather have him than any of the Establishment candidates.

Sun Dec 27 09:50:53 CST 2015 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Nation's largest Obamacare co-op under investigation

Legal Insurrection“NYDFS investigators are collecting and reviewing evidence relating to Health Republic’s substantial underreporting to NYDFS of its financial obligations,” the state said in a statement. “Among other issues, the investigation will examine the causes of the inaccurate representations to NYDFS regarding the company’s financial condition.”

That is, it's under investigation in addition to closing this year, and in addition to canceling policies a month early. If the Obamacare co-ops were anything like the Solyndra debacle, there's going to be a lot of boodle that went to Friends of Obama rather than anything related to caring for sick people. And that's always going to be true of any health care system run by politicians.

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Jihad comes to America

The HayrideCatholic Charities, which receive federal grants from U.S. Department of State/Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration, have apparently taken in two Syrian refugee families already and are expecting many more.

This will not end well.

Sat Dec 26 16:50:53 CST 2015 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

The timing is disturbing

I'm probably just being paranoid, but: Russia leaked diagrams of their nuclear torpedo the day before a 7.0 earthquake off the Japanese coastline.

That seems like a big coincidence.

Sat Dec 26 15:50:53 CST 2015 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Hillary receives gun control award

Free BeaconClinton has promised to pursue a number of new gun control policies if elected president. She has promised to institute new gun control through executive order, said the Supreme Court is “wrong” on the Second Amendment, and told supporters Australian-style gun regulation should be considered in the United States since beginning her current campaign.

I think I've figured out what the Democrats are thinking here. I think they have decided that every voter swayed by the gun control issue is either a white male they have already lost, or a white female they didn't have much chance with in the first place. These people are being written off. By supporting gun control, Hillary and other D candidates are hoping to attract financial support from Bloomberg and other big name D backers, and give their inner-city constituencies something to get excited about other than the color of Obama's skin. If they can run up the urban vote high enough, they can swamp the rest of us, and Hillary's gun control negatives have been around a long time and are already baked into her unfavorable numbers.

How do we beat it?

I think we need to make sure that every new gun owner, everyone who got into the gun culture 2.0 after the Clinton era, needs to be told about exactly how bad it was under the Clintons and how bad it will be again if they don't keep her -- and the rest of the D's pushing this topic -- out of the White House.

Remember, Obama ran for the White House on "I don't want to take your guns" twice. We all knew he was lying and he proved it in his second term. Hillary and the D's are making this a campaign issue this time around. If they win, they will claim a mandate.

Sat Dec 26 14:50:53 CST 2015 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Hillary wants to ban your guns

Free BeaconHillary Clinton slammed the Supreme Court as “wrong on the Second Amendment” and called for reinstating the assault weapons ban during a small private fundraiser in New York last week, according to audio of her remarks obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Remember, we tried Hillary's assault weapons ban for 10 years and it had absolutely no impact on crime -- because criminals don't use "assault weapons" for their normal crimes, they use concealable handguns obtained illegally. And those who do use "assault weapons" (usually in statistically rare mass shooting events) don't really care about magazine size, pistol grips, or bayonet mounts. They will use whatever they can get their hands on, and they will attack in a gun-free zone so it won't matter what kind of gun they have since no one else will have one until the police arrive.

Sat Dec 26 13:50:53 CST 2015 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

This is what young totalitarian society looks like

The College FixThe University of Missouri police department sent an email urging students to report offensive or hurtful speech – not because it is illegal – but so the Office of Student Conduct could take disciplinary action against these students.

Several of us are afraid to disagree with other students, who in turn may report us to the authorities so we can be “dealt with.” Many students have told me they are also afraid to speak out against the protest narrative, afraid they will be called “racist” and become campus pariahs.

What’s lost is honest dialogue.

The author is naive, but even that offers a welcome contrast from the little totalitarian mobs trying to shut him up.

Sat Dec 26 12:50:53 CST 2015 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Dartmouth plays favorites in presidential race

Power LineDartblog reports that in September of this year, Dartmouth officials told the college Republicans they could not have the use of Spaulding auditorium for a Donald Trump appearance because this space is never used for political candidates. “Candidates never get Spaulding,” is what College Republicans vice president Charles Springer says he was told “word for word.”

But this week, Hillary Clinton spoke at Spaulding. Her appearance was billed as a “A Conversation with Secretary Hillary Clinton.” It was sponsored by the Nelson Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and the business school.

They take government money and have 1st Amendment requirements, right? Sue them.

Sat Dec 26 11:50:53 CST 2015 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Oh this does bring back memories...

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Above seen when trying to (and failing) access a newspaper article.

If you don't get it, your parents got you the wrong brand of computer when you were growing up.

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Environmental Protection Agency cover ups

Daily CallerEnvironmental Protection Agency officials require contractors to sign secrecy pledges that in the case of the Gold King Mine spill kept the public in the dark earlier this year about a Colorado mining disaster that turned waters yellow as they flowed through two states and the Navajo Nation.

The EPA has no business demanding secrecy pledges. It's not like we are talking about military secrets here; this is government business and it should be available to the people.

Sat Dec 26 09:50:53 CST 2015 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

The New Cultural Revolution.

PJMediaAs we say in Hollywood, it’s “The Crucible Meets Animal Farm,” the Salem witch trials meets four legs good, two legs bad. But the professors who teach those anti-fascist masterworks aren’t doing anything to defend against it. Lobotomized by political correctness they attempt to be even-handed, in the way many did with Mao and Stalin. The same results await them. And we citizens sit outside our great universities and watch the conflagration. It’s only just begun.

I fear he is correct. This sort of movement can end only when someone stands up to it. The longer it takes for that to happen, the more likely it is that only blood will sate the mob.

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Wisconsin Democrats introduce legislation to ban semiauto firearms

Bearing ArmsAs Wisconsin Republicans work to pass legislation broadening concealed carry permit holders’ right to carry, state Democrats propose a bill which takes a huge swipe at all gun owner’s rights.

Rep. Lisa Subeck, D-Madison, and three other Assembly Democrats plan to unleash the bill in the coming weeks which would essentially ban any possession or transfer of semi-automatic rifles and pistols in the state.

Yes, they DO want to take your guns.

Fri Dec 25 16:50:53 CST 2015 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Arguing for impeachment

The HillImpeaching a senior official of the federal government is no small deal. Only seventeen times since the Constitution came into force in 1789 has the House of Representatives even tried to impeach a federal official; only eight times has the Senate seen fit to convict. And not since March of 1876 has an appointed executive branch official been impeached. It’s a difficult thing to do, and it was meant to be; it should only be used for the most egregious offenses.

One of the targets of the IRS targeting operation calls for impeaching the man who covered it up. And there's a petition you can sign to that effect.

(Of course, if you sign, the IRS might audit you.)

Fri Dec 25 15:50:53 CST 2015 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Obama's executive amnesty still blocked

Fox NewsA federal appeals court refused Tuesday to allow the implementation, for now, of President Obama's executive action that could shield from deportation as many as 5 million illegal immigrants.

The U.S. Justice Department had asked the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to reverse U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen's earlier decision temporarily halting the administration's plan. Hanen issued the temporary hold in February, after 26 states filed a lawsuit alleging Obama's action was unconstitutional.

I expect we will find out shortly after Obama leaves the White House that he issued orders to ignore the injunction and keep it secret.

The Justice Department plans to appeal to the Supreme Court, and by the time the Supremes decide anything, Obama will be out of office. So if we later find out he was running the amnesty at full speed the whole time, what can they do to him?

Fri Dec 25 14:50:53 CST 2015 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

If it weren't for double standards...

... the media would have no standards at all, as this article demonstrations:

ForbesIt has become an article of faith in some circles that the delays and intrusive inquiries involving Tea Party exemption application were politically motivated. The main evidence of that motivation is Democratic lawmakers complaining about dark money organizations and Lois Lerner and President Obama bemoaning the Citizens United decision. Everybody agrees that the IRS shouldn’t oughta have targeted the Tea Party, whether it did or not. So why should the IRS now target the Clintons? And launching an audit in response to a clerical error would clearly be political targeting.

I'm no tax law expert, so I won't be getting into the weeds on whether the error described in this article is serious or not, or whether it's actually what the potential audit is about. I will say this, though: the idea that the IRS can make up for purely political targeting of one party by declining to investigate the other party sounds sketchy. Especially when that other party is already being investigated by the FBI and there are serious accusations of fraud.

The Democrat party thrives on this double standard. When they are in power, they attack ruthlessly. When they lose power, suddenly it would be improper to return the favor. And the media play along by ensuring there is always room in the memory hole for what the Democrats did to deserve payback.

Fri Dec 25 13:50:53 CST 2015 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

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