Injunction requested against California Microstamping requirements

I seem to remember that a few individual manufacturers filed their own challenges to this law earlier, but now two major industry organizations have requested an injunction on behalf of their members:

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) and the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI) have filed a motion for a preliminary injunction on behalf of their members against the State of California in Fresno Superior Court to prevent enforcement of the state’s microstamping law.

The manufacturer even admits the technology doesn't work:

The holder of the patent for this technology himself has written that there are problems with it and that further study is warranted before it is mandated. A National Academy of Science review, forensic firearms examiners and a University of California at Davis study reached the same conclusion and the technical experts in the firearms industry agree,” Keane said. “Manufacturers cannot comply with a law the provisions of which are invalid, that cannot be enforced and that will not contribute to improving public safety. Today, we are seeking injunctive relief against this back-door attempt to prevent the sale of new or upgraded semiautomatic handguns to law-abiding citizens in California."

The real problem with this technology is that it expects criminals to cooperate with laws designed to catch them. They won't.

But that's only a problem if if the real goal is reducing violent crime. If the real goal is obtaining a registration list of gun owners matched to their firearms, which is required in order for a microstamping system to work even in theory, then the law may function exactly as intended even if it fails to stop even a single criminal.

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