One of my motivations in starting this blog was to counteract the seemingly continual flood of anti-gun (and generally anti-liberty) information flooding the media.  I didn't give much thought to the state of the school system, mostly because I had already graduated by the time I started to become politically active.

But the author of the Learning About Guns blog has posted an article highlighting an all-too-common problem: schools which function as indoctrination centers rather than learning institutions.

If you only present one side of the issue, what will your students take away from the class?  Particularly if your students are still learning to think critically, and haven't had any significant opportunity to correct their ignorance on a specific topic?  Obviously, as students under 18 in Illinois, buying a firearm and learning to shoot outside of a family of shooters or hunters is unusual if not illegal.

It doesn't help much to have a teacher try to learn the other side of the issue in a few days to try to counter the arguments of an experienced speaker.  It may be better than nothing, but it might also serve to convince students that the gun rights arguments aren't compelling.  A particular risk is that an inexperienced pro-gun speaker might not be able to effectively challenge the lies and misrepresentations that are common practice from the (so-called) Million Moms.

This story ends, if not in victory, at least in a draw.  The flood of emails from concerned citizens has resulted in the school district canceling the anti-gun speaker as well as the pro-gun speaker. 

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If you find yourself wondering where our nation is headed...

... look upon our future and despair:
Maybe Redding was a bad kid with a track record of disciplinary problems?  Well, no, she wasn?t.  In fact, before the strip search [for prescription-strength ibuprofen - ed], she had no record of disciplinary problems at all.  When her lawyers pointed this out in court documents, the district acknowledged the lack of a disciplinary record, but said that the inference should have been that she?d just been masterful at avoiding getting caught. They also defended themselves by claiming to have heard rumors that Redding had drunk alcohol at a party, but the court documents show that the person starting the rumor hadn?t attended the event.
This is the result of rule by bureaucrat. When misbehavior by government officials has no consequences, misbehavior becomes the norm.  And horrors like this are visited anywhere their writ extends.

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National Service: Not Mandatory, Yet

I haven't seen a lot of news coverage about the Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act (GIVE), but it passed the House last Wednesday.  Over at the E3 Gazette, there's an analysis of the bill and what it proposes.  I won't excerpt anything except the title: Is "Arbeit Macht Free" too strong?  We had best hope that we can stop this in the Senate.

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Why we pay taxes

We pay taxes for two reasons:
  • So that we can hire men with guns to protect us from the other men with guns who want to kill us, rape our women, and take our stuff.
  • So that the men with guns we have hired will take our stuff without killing us or raping our women.  Usually.
Why, yes, I did pay taxes today.

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Employer parking lot bill in Texas

There is a public hearing today on the bill protecting employees who leave their firearms in their car on their employer's parking lot.

The details are at A Keyboard and a .45.

A lot of people have mixed feelings on this legislation, because it does limit property rights somewhat.  I support it, because large corporations would much rather play it safe and ban firearms when it's not their own life at risk.

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Oppose Illinois gun control

The Armed School Teacher has a series of posts with contact information to oppose a variety of gun control bills just introduced in the Illinois legislature:
There's one good bill, offering a concealed weapons licensing program, that will be going before the public health committee.

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