Virginia legislation to give illegal immigrants drivers' licenses

Just like California and New York, and many other states, the moment the left gains control of all the levers of power, they move to open the electoral system to massive voter fraud. To vote, all you need is a driver's license and a current registration. When you apply for the driver's license, they ask you if you want to register to vote.

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Election fraud

American ThinkerIn essence, security protections in software (operated on voting machines throughout the country) had been purposely disabled or ‘un-activated’; penetration of the machines was possible via online access methods widely understood among reasonably sophisticated IT people; and mismatches in time-stamped dataflows suggest votes were changed.

To repeat, the enabling of access by which all of this manipulation is possible, appears to the investigators -- and apparently would appear to anyone with a reasonable amount of relevant IT knowledge -- to have been purposeful.

I believe 2018 was a test run. Between "vote harvesting" on an unprecedented scale, possible voting machine hacks, voting by hordes of illegal aliens, and previously-barred felons in some states, the Democrats pulled out all the stops to win by fraud what they could not win in a fair election. And it worked. They won the House.

In 2020, with Trump as the target and continued investigations into their corruption and abuses of power on the table, they will go all out to bring Trump down. The impeachment frenzy itself is evidence of that.

I've been concerned about the security of voting machines for some time. It now appears we have solid evidence that some were compromised.

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A tragic loss among the gunblogging community

SayUncle's wife passed away. Sad news, and the whole family has my sympathy.

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So Joe Biden just threatened Lindsey Graham...

BreitbartFormer Vice President Joe Biden threatened Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) for launching an investigation into his activities with Ukraine while in the Obama White House, stating the Republican will “regret” the move his “whole life.”

On Thursday, Graham sent a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo requesting documents to aid in determining whether Biden pushed for the firing of Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin to squash a sweeping probe into Burisma Holdings, the Ukrainian energy giant where his son, Hunter Biden, served as a board member. The younger Biden was compensated generously, making up to $83,000 a month for several years while on the Burisma’s board.

“Lindsey is about to go down in a way that I think he’s going to regret his whole life,” Biden told CNN host Don Lemon in a Friday interview in South Carolina. “I say Lindsey, I just — I’m just embarrassed by what you’re doing, for you. I mean, my Lord.”

So, Joe... if anything happens to Graham, you know you put yourself at the top of the suspect list, right?

That said, I'll believe Graham has launched an investigation when he starts calling witnesses. Until then, this is just a drama school exercise.

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Trump considering a pardon for Flynn

This would be wise, especially as DOJ seems reluctant to clear up this mess despite AG Barr's appointment of a special counsel to look into the matter.

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Mueller's only Russian prosecution dismissed with prejudice

And, humiliatingly for those who believed in the Russia hoax, the prosecutors backed out. This was the only case brought by Mueller that had anything to do with Russia.

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Democrats want to track gun purchases with credit card records

There is legislation in the House. This is basically an official version of "Operation Chokepoint", with authorizing legislation to impose new reporting requirements on credit card companies to detect (and presumably try to prevent) buying guns with credit cards. The theory is that mass shooters spend a lot of money on guns with their credit cards right before the event. This is certainly false in the general sense; all you need is one gun, or a few gallons of gasoline and some wits. This proposal will be absolutely ineffective unless it can stop people from buying just one gun on a credit card -- so inevitably that's how it will eventually be applied.

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Durham probe to wrap up by summer?

I don't like the implications of the term "wrap up", especially not with a summer timeframe. If it's wrapped up by summer that leaves basically zero time for prosecutions. Unless the idea is that prosecutions are started and continued after "wrapping up".

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Where did our national stockpile of masks go?

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Illegal immigrant allegedly murders 22+ senior citizens

Conservative ReviewIt should be the crime story of the year, or even the century. An illegal alien who wound up getting a green card was convicted of a crime that should have gotten him deported. But among the millions of criminal aliens who are allowed to remain in the country, Billy Chemirmir was not removed. He is now accused of smothering to death at least 22 women in their 80s and 90s in the Dallas metro area – all after he could have been deported. These murders were 100 percent preventable. Where are the outrage, congressional hearings, or even news reports on this case?

For those 22 people and their families, this illegal immigrant cost a lot more than merely $6500.

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Google's Secret Blacklist

Daily MailGoogle is secretly blacklisting certain sites to prevent them appearing in search results - despite publicly denying doing so - according to an investigation.

The Wall Street Journal report claims that the search giant has been blacklisting certain spam sites since the early 2000s, as well as those featuring child abuse or copyright infringement, to prevent them appearing in search results.

The newspaper also reported that conservative publications have been blacklisted in Google News, and said that it had seen documents to support this claim, fueling cries of political bias.

This doesn't surprise me. But it might surprise Congress, who were told otherwise.

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I hope these children grow up to be ashamed of themselves...

... because if they do not, they will grow up to be Nazis. These are the modern brownshirts.

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The Horowitz coverup

Judicial Watch has obtained some emails showing Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were involved in the opening of Crossfire Hurricane. This appears to contradict the Horowitz report, which says the decision was made by Bill Priestap (technically, may still be true, but Strzok drafted it) without Lisa Page being involved (she contributed edits).

The production schedule is such that the last (and presumably worst) of the emails won't be released until 2021.

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Epstein estate pays out $16 million to private bank...

Fri Mar 20 02:35:18 CDT 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Hunter Biden's travel records requested by Senators Grassley, Johnson

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Trump is making health care more affordable

Power LineOne of the rules is the Calendar Year (CY) 2020 Outpatient Prospective Payment System (OPPS) & Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) Price Transparency Requirements for Hospitals to Make Standard Charges Public Final Rule. The second rule is the Transparency in Coverage Proposed Rule. Both the final and proposed rules require that pricing information be made publicly available.

But wait, you say -- how does making pricing information publicly available make health care more affordable?

Competition on price. Doctors can no longer hide their prices from you, or engage in complex negotiations with different insurance companies. This will help patients choose their service providers based on price and value.

Thu Mar 19 02:11:54 CDT 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Twitter censors Project Veritas to protect Bernie

SpectatorAll of that — and all the election news we’ll be surrounded by — is less important than trying to repair the damage to our system of government created by the FB–CIA “Crossfire Hurricane” investigation of Trump and his campaign in 2016–17. As this column has said repeatedly (see here and here and here), it was the worst abuse of power by federal employees in the history of our nation.

Some of those repairs have already been accomplished. Last week, Attorney General William Barr announced a change in Justice Department policy that will require the signatures of both the attorney general and the director of the FBI in order for the FBI to begin a counterintelligence investigation on any presidential campaign.

Barr’s action could, of course, be reversed by a Democratic attorney general and doesn’t affect the CIA. But it is entirely the right thing to do.

As far as reforms go, this is worse than useless. Yes, any Democrat AG could and would reverse this prior to opening such an investigation. But more pertinantly, the people involved in Crossfire Hurricane will likely insist to their last day that they weren't targeting Trump or his campaign. They will claim they were targeting Carter Page, who just happened to be on Trump's campaign.

This transparent lie will nonetheless be sufficient to get around the policy change Barr announced.

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More fake hate

Wed Mar 18 02:15:54 CDT 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Was Stefan Halper working with the Clinton campaign directly?

There is information to suggest he was, although it could also have been part of the Obama administration's efforts to target Flynn. Either would be improper.

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Wed Mar 18 01:15:54 CDT 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Bernie Vs Trump

American ThinkerEven worse, this sense of alienation that affects many of Sanders supporters actually makes them more open to Trump than most other Democrats. Ten percent of Sanders supporters actually ended up voting for Trump in 2016, a reflection of the fact that personality rather than policy drives a lot of people, especially younger folks.

This is not a personality over policy thing. Yes, both Trump and Bernie have chrisma, which is lacking among many of their opponents. But it is not the only thing their opponents lack. They are also both proposing radical solutions to real modern problems. Yes, their proposals are very different policies -- but they are also very different from the establishment preferred policies.

There is clearly a large demographic group that feels alienated by the common policies of the "established" Republican and Democrat parties. Trump won the primary on the basis of proposing radical solutions his party previously gave lip service to without actually accomplishing. In that year, the Democrats nominated Hillary and "establishment" politics were supposed to prevail with her coronation. That did not happen.

(Read More...)

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Is someone in the US intelligence community spying on Durham?

Conservative Treehouse quoting NBC then commentingA Western intelligence official familiar with what Durham has been asking of foreign officials says his inquiries track closely with the questions raised about the Russia investigation in right-wing media.
So some entity in the intelligence community, likely outside the U.S. , is in contact with the small group and keeping them apprised of what Durham is doing? Interesting. Pay attention to what NBC is admitting here… Corrupt officials, co-conspirators, within the intelligence apparatus are monitoring John Durham; relaying information back to their allies; who then talk among themselves and coordinate media leaks based on the information they are able to extract from the tracking. That’s a big admission.

If they can catch the person doing that and leaking about it, it smells like obstruction of justice to me.

And sundance thinks he knows the source.

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Twitter announces plan to deplatform Trump

American GreatnessThe social media giant Twitter has announced that it will issue new restrictions on world leaders who violate its terms of service, including limiting how ordinary users interact with them, according to TechCrunch.

Twitter announced that any such tweets by world leaders will no longer be able to be liked, replied to, shared, or retweeted by regular users; instead, the only option available will be to “quote-tweet” the offending tweet, wherein regular users can “express their opinions” about the tweet itself.

There's nothing I can say about this that isn't obvious.

Obviously it's aimed at Trump.

Obviously it's politically motivated.

Obviously it will be applied unevenly to benefit the Left.

Mon Mar 16 02:47:22 CDT 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Another victim of overly aggressive swat teams...

Mon Mar 16 01:47:22 CDT 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Biden wants Beto to lead the way on gun control

This means Biden is coming for your guns. Along with pretty much all the rest of his party.

Sun Mar 15 02:15:13 CDT 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Colorado goes for intrusive firearm storage felony law

It should be up to you how you want to store your guns. After all, only you know your own circumstances best. Only you know whether you have kids, and whether you can trust your kids with firearms or whether you need to restrict access to them. It should be up to you whether you want a safe, a locked case, or a drawer by your bed. It should be up to you whether you store your gun loaded and ready for use in self defense, or empty and with the ammunition stored in a separate and locked compartment were you cannot get to it when you need it to save your life.

But the Colorado legislature doesn't think it should be up to you.

Sun Mar 15 01:15:13 CDT 2020 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

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