Blackfaced Liberals

For some reason there is a trend of Democrats and liberals -- modern Democrats, people still in office as of 2019 -- having old pictures of them in blackface surface.

This post is intended to maintain a list of them.

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She's running...

Bill Quick quoting Daily CallerFormer Secretary of State Hillary Clinton poured cold water Wednesday on Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s Medicare for All plan and said she doubts the $52 trillion proposal could ever be enacted.
“I don’t believe we should be in the midst of a big disruption while we are trying to get to 100% coverage and deal with costs,” Clinton said at an event The New York Times hosted.
“The smarter approach is to build on what we have; a public option is something I’ve been in favor of for a very long time,” said Clinton.

I think her plan is to let the munchkins destroy each other and then sweep in at the last moment. That seems to also be Bloomberg's plan.

We'll find out for (probably) sure on Monday. The filing deadline for Alabama is today (Friday, 11/8/2019). If Hillary is running she will file in Alabama today. She only needs 500 signatures,

Unless she writes off Alabama? If she does -- and also writes off Arkansas -- then she could avoid filing until Illinois (12/2/19). Writing off whole states seems like an odd way to campaign, though. So whether or not she files in Alabama should tell us something at least.

Crazy conspiracy theory: Her staffers are lying to her and telling her they are taking care of her campaign? Or maybe they are telling her she is really President?

Also: ugh. A site like gets its data from the Daily Kos? No, seriously, read the footnote.

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Poll puts Hillary tied for first in Democrat primary

Daily WireHere’s where things get interesting – the survey asked respondents to choose a candidate if the pool were expanded to include Hillary Clinton, Michael Bloomberg, and John Kerry.
Once these candidates are added to the mix, the race changes dramatically. Biden still leads with 19% of the Democratic vote, but Clinton comes in second with 18%. Warren falls to 13%, and Sanders to 12%.

When independents are added to the pool, the race gets even tighter, with Biden and Clinton tied at 13% each. Warren and Sanders also tie at 10% each.

Speaking recently with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, former Clinton advisor Philippe Reines said: “You know, she ran for president because she thought she would be the best president. If she still thought that now, if she thought she had the best odds of beating Donald Trump – I think she would think about it long and hard.”

When Carlson suggested that Clinton “hasn’t foreclosed the possibility,” Reines replied: “No, she has not.”

What did I tell you? She's running!

Or she thinks she is, anyway. Those polls don't write themselves; someone has to commission them, and that someone is either Hillary, Bloomberg, or Kerry. Bloomberg has recently said he's not after considering it (which, to be fair, doesn't rule him out). Kerry's been very, very quiet and was probably included because he tried before against Bush. But Clinton's been making the talk show rounds, (trying to) trash Trump, and going after the other primary candidates too.

UPDATE: Bloomberg is running. He's got people collecting signatures in Alabama, where the primary filing deadline is today. Apparently he changed his mind again, or decided it was better to file just in case he did later.

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Facial Recognition and Bias Recognition

Washington PostThe American Civil Liberties Union on Thursday sued the Justice Department, the Drug Enforcement Administration and the FBI for records detailing their use of facial-recognition software, arguing that the agencies have secretly implemented a nationwide surveillance technology that threatens Americans’ privacy and civil rights.
More than 640 million facial photos, including from state driver’s license databases, are also available for search by an internal FBI unit known as Facial Analysis, Comparison and Evaluation, or FACE, the Government Accountability Office reported in June. That team has logged more than 390,000 facial-recognition searches from local, state and federal investigators since 2011.

Facial-recognition technology is designed by companies such as Amazon, Idemia and NEC and offered on a contract basis for government use. (Amazon founder Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post.)

[Emphasis added]

Funny how this secret, abusive facial recognition program run by the owner of the Washington Post didn't bother to report on it until eight years and a different president later.

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First batch of Mueller notes released to media

This batch appears to have nothing. Gates, a staffer on the Trump campaign, basically said the campaign was looking forward to WikiLeaks releasing more information about Hillary. No inside information. More notes from Bannon and Cohen, showing the campaign was interested in getting the emails, but was not working with Russians to do it.

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More like this, please

Daily Caller“I know that the people of this community understand this better than perhaps any other community in this country and not just the devastation and grief and loss but what those solutions are,” O’Rourke said during the discussion, FOX61 reported.

One woman in the audience— a Trump supporter named Rebecca Carnes — stood up during the discussion and heckled the presidential candidate, saying Democrats are trying to “hijack” Newtown and “try to make an issue out of getting guns out of good peoples’ hands that can make a difference, and you know that, Beto.”

“This is bullsh*t. It’s about mental health, and it’s about this war on boys and masculinity,” Carnes continued. “You’re bullsh*t by being here. Shame on you, Beto.”

“What do you have to say about mental health? What do you have to say about urban violence? You don’t care. The Democrats have been in charge of urban communities and cities for decades. The Democrats have failed,”

Democrats need to be confronted like this more often.

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They aren't even pretending anymore

The New York paper of wrapping fish has now openly admitted that "refugees" aren't fleeing war or violence in their home countries. They are needed, apparently, to add "cultural diversity" to white suburbs.

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Twitter bans political bans

Seems like this might have First Amendment issues, since they are also engaged in suppressing politics they don't like from ordinary users, and the media presence on Twitter is both heavy and leftist.

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Democrats: Beto shouldn't admit he will take your guns

Daily CallerJoy Behar suggested Monday that Beto O’Rourke should have waited until after he got elected to reveal his plan to confiscate firearms from American citizens.

“They should not tell everything they’re going to do,” Behar jumped in then, suggesting that candidates shouldn’t warn Americans the gun confiscation was coming. “If you are going to take people’s guns away, wait until you get elected and then take them away. Don’t tell them ahead of time.”

Yes, they want to take your guns, and they are perfectly willing to lie to you to get elected to do it.

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Gun control's electoral success...

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This is Antifa

Being charged with felony hate crimes. I don't believe in hate crimes per se (the "hate" part is protected by the 1st Amendment) but we;re talking about attempted armed robbery and terroristic threats here. The antisemitism is just a bonus.

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The author of The Stars Came Back, a Heinlein-esque young-adult work of science fiction with a heft side dose of life philosophy, has a new book Komenagen in that same universe. The title is based off of the Platean society's rite of passage into adulthood. If you like Heinleinian juveniles, this will scratch that itch.

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Were Obama and Hillary emailing each other about something?

There are lots of things that those emails could be referring to. At a minimum, they prove Obama knew about Clinton's private email address and used it, at least if they are from the time period when she was SecState. (We pretty much knew that already, but this would be proof). Another question is what were they talking about... and what if they were not from that time period?

Might they have been talking about SpyGate?

Thu Nov 07 02:47:33 CST 2019 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Did Comey edit some of his memos to create an obstrution trap?

Gateway Pundit speculates. There's an interesting coincidence: four of the memos, those specifically collected by the FBI from Comey, describe conversations with only Comey and Trump participating. And there may be earlier copies delivered to the Senate that could be used for comparison.

If true, this could hang Comey. But for now, it's just interesting speculation, unless someone can get access to the original documents that supposedly exist.

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ABC News had Epstein story three years ago... and didn't run it

Wed Nov 06 18:04:28 CST 2019 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Even CNN is beginning to come around on SpyGate

Washington ExaminerHere’s me, acknowledging my mistake. I was dead wrong. It now seems there was a concerted effort, though isolated, within the upper-echelons of the FBI to influence the outcome of the Flynn investigation. By “dirtying up” Flynn, Comey’s FBI headquarters team of callow sycophants shortcut the investigative process. Arm-twisting Flynn through the “tweaked” version of his interview afforded him criminal exposure. The cocksure Comey team felt supremely confident that would inspire him “flipping” and give them the desperately sought-after evidence of Trump-Russia collusion that the wholly unverified Steele dossier was never remotely capable of providing.

I am physically nauseous as I type these words. I have long maintained that innocent mistakes were made and that the investigators at the center of this maelstrom were entitled to the benefit of the doubt.

No more.

They have tarnished the badge and forever stained an agency that deserved so much better from them. I am ashamed. The irreparable damage Comey’s team has done to the FBI will take a generation to reverse.

James A. Gagliano (@JamesAGagliano) worked in the FBI for 25 years. He is a law enforcement analyst for CNN and an adjunct assistant professor in homeland security and criminal justice at St. John's University.

If even CNN commentators are beginning to be convinced before the IG report drops...

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Flynn's motion to compel production of Brady material

Flynn's sur-reply is now available. Third-party observers have posted a summary. The bottom line -- for which Flynn's lawyer produces copious evidence and demands more be produced by the prosecution -- is that the FBI deliberately entrapped Flynn and then pressured him to plead guilty. The easy way out is for the government -- either the court or the prosecution -- dismiss the case. Until they do, Flynn is entitled to the evidence that points towards his innocence; and we in the peanut gallery will get the benefit of that evidence and what it reveals to us about SpyGate in the process.

Oh, and there are even more shenanigans in the Flynn case. They appear to be lying about the "notes" and possibly trying to pass off a handwritten draft as contemporaneous notes.

And this legal process bears further fruit. It even convinced a CNN commentator that there's something to SpyGate after all.

The FederalistThe Federalist has learned that the now-outed CIA and FBI informant Stefan Halper served as a source for Washington Post reporter David Ignatius, providing more evidence that the intelligence community has co-opted the press to push anti-Trump conspiracy theories. In addition, an email recently obtained by The Federalist from the MI5-connected Christopher Andrew bragging that his long-time friend Ignatius has the “‘inside track’ on Flynn” adds further confirmation of this conclusion.

Svetlana Lokhova, the Russian-born English citizen and Soviet-era scholar, told The Federalist that she only realized the significance of her communications with and about Ignatius following the filing of attorney Sidney Powell’s reply brief in the Michael Flynn case.

So, basically, Halper was:

1) Inviting Russians to events
2) Sitting those Russians next to Flynn
3) Reporting Flynn for being too close to Russians
4) Telling the media, probably falsely, that the Russian was an agent
5) Getting paid millions for crap work for the Obama government

One question I have not seen answered: Who was paying him for that crap work? Sure, we know it was "the government"... but who specifically? Let's follow that thread.

Wed Nov 06 09:45:47 CST 2019 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

More evidence of SpyGate entrapment

Remember when the Democrats were making a big deal about the alleged Trump tower in Moscow? How Trump's lawyer, Cohen, was supposedly working hard to make some kind of secret deal during the election and that was supposedly proof of Trump's connections to and collusion with Russians?

The man pursuing that deal was FBI informant Felix Sater. At this point, it's well established that the Trump tower meeting with a few Russians was a setup arranged by Fusion GPS; that the mention of Hillary's emails by Papadopulous was incepted by Western intelligence associate Mifsud; that Carter Page, the purported target of the FISA, was a prior FBI informant; that the Russian moving in NRA circles was actually being directed and targeted towards high level politicians by Chris Bryne, CEO and ... yes... FBI informant. And let's not forget the Mike Flynn charges, which were a fraud from beginning to end and twice on Sundays. There's more I'm leaving out, including Halper, who was paid $600,000 in 2015 and 2016 to pretend to write papers while doing very odd things around Trump campaign staff.

People need to go to jail for this. All the way up to the top.

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Does Project Veritas have an Epstein bombshell?

We will find out later this morning, but there's even a deadman switch.

Wed Nov 06 03:51:21 CST 2019 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Biden's son's firm lobbied Ukraine to end corruption investigation

John SolomonHunter Biden and his Ukrainian gas firm colleagues had multiple contacts with the Obama State Department during the 2016 election cycle, including one just a month before Vice President Joe Biden forced Ukraine to fire the prosecutor investigating his son’s company for corruption, newly released memos show.

During that February 2016 contact, a U.S. representative for Burisma Holdings sought a meeting with Undersecretary of State Catherine A. Novelli to discuss ending the corruption allegations against the Ukrainian firm where Hunter Biden worked as a board member, according to memos obtained under a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. (I filed that suit this summer with the help of the public interest law firm the Southeastern Legal Foundation.)

Just three weeks before Burisma’s overture to State, Ukrainian authorities raided the home of the oligarch who owned the gas firm and employed Hunter Biden, a signal the long-running corruption probe was escalating in the middle of the U.S. presidential election.

Hunter Biden’s name, in fact, was specifically invoked by the Burisma representative as a reason the State Department should help, according to a series of email exchanges among U.S. officials trying to arrange the meeting. The subject line for the email exchanges read simply “Burisma.”

A crack special agent at the F-B-I might call that evidence... and then immediately try to sweep it under the rug.

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The coming ice age...

ElectroverseAs of Oct 28, the current stretch of days without any observable spots has reached 25, making for a total of 224 spotless days in 2019 so far (or 74%). This means that 2019 has now surpassed the 222 spotless days observed in 2018, with more than 2 months to go.

2019 even looks set to eclipse 2008’s total of 269 spotless days (or 73%), when the Sun had just gone through it’s weakest solar cycle, and consequently deepest solar minimum, of the past 100+ years

The coming ice age will be very embarrassing to the global warming doomsday cult.

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Myths versus Facts

Mon Nov 04 06:47:34 CST 2019 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Gun control activist mom kills her three children in murder-suicide

Washington ExaminerA mother in Texas was found dead alongside her three children on Friday in an apparent triple murder-suicide.

Ashley Auzenne, 39, was known to have been battling depression and anxiety in addition to physical ailments such as arthritis and lupus at the time of her death, which was ruled as a suicide by a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Her three children, Parrish, 11, Eleanor, 9, and Lincoln, 7, were also killed by gunshots and their mother is the only suspect. She had just finalized a contentious divorce from their father, Murvin Auzenne Jr.

Auzenne was a vocal advocate for stricter gun control in the United States with multiple social media postings calling for an end to gun violence and Facebook profile pictures that bore the hashtags #Enough and #EndGunViolence.


I've often noticed that gun control activists tend to have problems with self control. Whether it's Bloomberg's Illegal Mayors, or someone saying they would do horrible things themselves if they had a gun, or incidents like the above, one of the primary drivers of gun control appears to be people who don't trust themselves extrapolating that to everyone else.

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No compensation for destroyed bump stocks

I think there is already a court challenge on how the ATF actually implemented the ban (ie, without enabling legislation and contradicting the legislative language). Now a court has ruled there will be no compensation for destroyed inventory. I can't imagine that this ruling will hold up on appeal.

Sun Nov 03 06:47:35 CST 2019 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Maryland's CCW law challenge reaches Supreme Court

Second Amendment FoundationThe Second Amendment Foundation has joined four other organizations in an amicus curiae brief to the U.S. Supreme Court supporting a challenge to Maryland’s restrictive gun control law requiring applicants for concealed carry permits to provide a “good and substantial reason” to exercise their right to bear arms.

SAF is joined by the Firearms Policy Coalition, Inc. (“FPC”), Firearms Policy Foundation, California Gun Rights Foundation and the Madison Society Foundation. Their brief is submitted to the high court by Sacramento attorney Joseph G.S. Greenlee.

The NRA is a little distracted right now. I'm glad the SAF is there to lead the court battle.

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