More vote fraud that doesn't exist

Gateway PunditDemocrats were caught cheating again.
New Jersey – Two Paterson City Council Democrats were indicted on voter fraud charges after harvesting ballots and mailing them in bundled packs.

They'll arrest the small fry, but apparently if you steal a big enough election you can just get away with it.

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Four arrested for 150 charges of voter fraud in Texas

The BlazeA south Texas justice of the peace was arrested along with three other individuals who face 150 charges of voter fraud altogether. Medina County Justice of the Peace Tomas Ramirez was arrested on Feb. 11 and is charged on one count of organized election fraud, one count of "assisting voter voting ballot by mail," and 17 counts of unlawful possession of a ballot or ballot envelope, KABB reports.

He was arrested with Leonor Rivas Garza, Eva Ann Martinez, and Mary Balderrama. All four were indicted by a Bandera Grand Jury on Feb. 9.

Garza, Martinez, and Balderrama were each charged with organized election fraud. They also face multiple charges of illegal voting, unlawful possession of a ballot or ballot envelope, election fraud, fraudulent use of an absentee ballot by mail, tampering with a government record, and purportedly acting as an agent.

Yes, voter fraud does exist.

But note that this happened in the 2018. It took almost 3 years for justice to catch up to these people.

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Biden admin releasing illegal aliens with coronavirus into the US

The Conservative TreehouseMore than 100 illegal immigrants who tested positive for the coronavirus after their arrival in Texas since late January have been released by the Border Patrol into the Lone Star State and are free to travel to other parts of the US, according to reports.

What, did you think Biden was going to protect you from the big scary virus?

He wants you scared of the virus.

Which means he wants more cases.

Which means he has no trouble at all releasing infected aliens into our midst, especially since they are being released into Texas.

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Dems pass election fraud enablement legislation

Gateway PunditThe Democrat-controlled House on Wednesday night passed H.R. 1, a massive elections reform bill making it easier for Democrats to steal elections.

The vote was 220-210.

All Republicans voted “nay.”

The Senate may present more of a speedbump. Dems will need to either eliminate the filibuster or convince 10 Republicans to sign on. Or maybe pull some BS to pass it with 51 votes.

I think they want this badly enough to try really hard.

Write your Senators and tell them not to let HR1 through the Senate.

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Journalist resigns over fake news

Uncover DCLake recently said that COVID-19 was the breaking point for her because the stories she was presenting were not entirely truthful. She indicated that while on leave, she had the opportunity to contemplate the state of journalism, her career, and the importance of making sure her work aligns with her values. She also recognized how she put her job before her family. Thus, after frequent praying and asking God to point her in the right direction, she reached her decision to leave. She elaborated, saying:

“The cancel mob’s insistence that certain Covid-related stories not be told or even whispered, while others were told over-and-over made me feel as if I was not giving a balanced view of the situation to viewers.

I became a journalist to be helpful, not harmful, but some of the stories I was reading likely contributing to the fear and division—and I couldn’t do that anymore.”

Someone who takes the ethics of her profession seriously, and thus can no longer work in her profession.

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FBI accused of destroying evidence of voter fraud

Gateway PunditThis all started when a shredding company was hired to come in and shred election material. When the truck arrived at the scene, the material asked to be shredded turned out to be ballots and other official records from the 2020 election. The company began shredding the material into little balls which are basically impossible to piece back together once they are shredded in that manner.

After the shredder operator obtained the material to shred he noticed something unusual and eventually connected with members of the Trump team who were in Georgia at that time. He explained the situation and brought the material to this Trump-related group. This group of individuals who were connected to the investigation to uncover the 2020 election fraud immediately began sifting through what was not yet fully destroyed. They reportedly found shipment transit receipts linked to China, ballots, and other sensitive information related to the 2020 election.

A local DHS investigator was also invited to review the material. When the China information was found, the information was immediately shared with the Trump White House and the DHS in Washington DC. One of our sources believes it was the DHS in Washington that then notified the FBI about the situation.Within a short period of time, the local DHS investigator was pulled off the case by a very senior individual with the DHS. Soon thereafter, the FBI showed up and ordered the investigation to be shut down.

The FBI insisted they had jurisdiction over the review of these ballots in Georgia. They took control of the shredding truck and materials and demanded the shredding operation be completed.

If true, the FBI engineered a cover up of election fraud. Not just ignored it or failed to investigate; they actually destroyed evidence.

I can think of absolutely no excuse for shredding this material. Either the ballots were legitimate or not. Either way, they are evidence. If they are real, federal law requires election records to be kept for years. If they are fake, they are evidence of large-scale election fraud that helped swing a Presidential election.

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78% of mail in ballots proved fraudulent

Gateway PunditJudge Jeff Weill ordered a new runoff election in Aberdeen Mississippi after he found that 78% of mail-in ballots proved fraudulent.

It was a very close race with relatively small numbers of ballots voting, but that percentage of fraud is huge.

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Biden wants to import California's population by 2031

Breitbart"Last month, House and Senate Democrats introduced the Biden plan — known as H.R. 1177 & S. 348 — which would give amnesty to the roughly 11 to 22 million illegal aliens living in the United States while doubling annual legal immigration to the country, flooding the labor market with more foreign competition for the nation’s more than 17 million jobless Americans.

"Analysis conducted by NumbersUSA, which advocates on behalf of American workers for less foreign competition in the labor market, finds that by 2031, Biden’s amnesty will have imported a foreign-born population nearly the size of California."

This level of immigration, on top of the illegal population already here and at a time when American citizens are struggling for jobs in the COVID economy, is absolutely insane.

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National Guard fed undercooked meat with metal shavings

Gateway PunditMore than a dozen Michigan National Guard troops deployed to Washington, D.C. have been sickened, with some hospitalized, after being served raw, undercooked meat and meals laced with metal shavings according to a report by WXYZ-TV reporter Brian Abel Monday evening. Other meals the troops have received courtesy of a contractor selected by the Democrat run D.C. government are leaving the troops malnourished. The problem with the undercooked food has being going for weeks but apparently yesterday’s meals were so bad they prompted a staff sergeant to contact the Detroit news station.

Dunno who is responsible for this, but all the candidates are Democrats.

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COVID "vaccine" to be an annual shot

NBC News"It's going to be the same with Covid. In a year, you will have to go and get your annual shot for Covid to be protected."

No thanks. I wasn't sold on a flu shot that had to be taken every year and didn't always hit the right strains. The COVID "vaccine" is less tested, more dangerous, and the actual disease is a very minimal health threat to anyone whose immune system is reasonably functional, in addition to potential cross immunity from other coronaviruses like the common cold. (Which they still can't manage to vaccinate for, by the way). Oh, and we now have several viable treatments.

I see no reason for anyone not in a high risk group to consider the vaccine as a one time shot. As a once a year thing, no way.

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Fake News

Sara CarterBBC News has issued a correction and apology after a man claiming to be New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker was interviewed during their Newshour radio program on Friday “in what appears to be a deliberate hoax.”

...and their layers of editorial fact-checking staff.

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Dems turn on Cuomo

Just the NewsNew York Rep. Kathleen Rice has become the first congressional Democrat to call on fellow party member Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign amid growing allegations of inappropriate behavior toward women.

"The time has come. The Governor must resign," Rice tweeted Monday after a third woman came forward with accusations of inappropriate behavior.

The woman, Anna Ruch, 33, told The New York Times that the governor made advances toward her and kissed her on the cheek at a 2019 wedding.

I found myself wondering recently why the Dems turned on Cuomo so quickly. In 2020 he was a hero against COVID. In 2021, he's a monster for being sexually inappropriate with employees. Since when are Democrats bothered by their politicians being sexually inappropriate with employees?

Obviously, when those politicians have a chance of competing for the Democrat nomination for the White House in 2024.

See, Biden is a houseplant and everyone knows it. In 2024, it's going to be Kamala... if she can win the primary. In 2020, she couldn't even win a single state. Even with incumbency, even with Biden tapping out in 2022 so she can have her 10 total years, she can't be confident about winning that primary if there is a photogenic media darling politician (like, gosh, the 2020 version of Cuomo) in the running.

So Cuomo must go.

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Some states trying to roll back voting rules

Just The NewsSignificant legislative attempts are underway in multiple U.S. states, including key battleground states, to roll back major changes in voting rules and regulations to various pre-2020 status quo antes. The efforts come after an historically chaotic election process that has left millions of Americans doubtful of election fairness, security, transparency and accountability.

Changes to election rules — some of them enacted prior to 2020 and others put in place in response to the COVID-19 pandemic last year — have included expansive mail-in voting, expanded early voting, relaxation of verification rules, and extensions to ballot receipt deadlines.

Those rules likely contributed to a record 158,000,000-plus votes cast in the 2020 election. But the relaxation of various voting requirements has also led to significant distrust in the election system: Nearly 40% of voters believe that U.S. elections are beset by fraud, while a similar number claim that such concerns haven't been properly vetted by public authorities.

HR1 will put those rules back in place, nationwide, assuming it passes (and survives court challenge). This is necessary, but I can't get enthusiastic about it because the Democrats have an answer already written.

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This explains a lot..

I was wondering why it was taking so long for the Deep State and media to turn off the COVID panic after Biden got inaugurated. What I wasn't taking into account was that they had bought a lot of vaccine stocks and needed to get people injected with those before they can really stop the panic. They've already adjusted the panic dial downwards (by changing the testing to reduce false positive rates) but it takes time to be noticeable, and they are using that time to inject their experimental "vaccine" into as many people as possible before the panic stops.

I do wonder about that vaccine. It's not necessary for COVID, a fake crisis. Is profit motive really enough explanation for how hard they have been pushing it?

The only other credible possibility I am aware of is a risk (not confirmed) of fertility reduction, which is also known to be one of Bill Gates' obsessions. I don't think we'll get any answers on that front for decades, if ever.

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As predicted...

American GreatnessWhile Republican lawmakers in the state of Georgia have introduced numerous bills aimed at targeting voter fraud and improving election integrity, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R-Ga.) has not yet chosen to support any of them, as reported by The Hill.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Raffensperger announced that “once we see something that prioritizes the security and accessibility of elections, we’ll throw in support.” He falsely accused some of the bills of being “reactionary to a three month disinformation campaign that could have been prevented,” without explaining what exactly constituted such “disinformation.”

The GA SecState Raffensperger is opposed to holding fair and honest elections, so he will need to be removed from office before any election reform in GA can be trusted.

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Judge rules Maricopa ballots can be audited

Conservative TreehouseJudge Timothy J Thomason has ruled the Maricopa, Arizona, board of elections must turn over 2.1 million ballots to the republican state senate so they can be reviewed for any election issues.

There will, of course, be appeals to drag it out as long as possible, even though it's already past the point where changing the outcome is possible at all.

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The Germans (of course) now want vaccination passports

Just The NewsGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel says European leaders agree on the concept of a COVID vaccination passport that would allow people to travel more freely through the region amid the ongoing pandemic and continuing health-safety restrictions.

"Everyone agreed that we need a digital vaccination certificate," Merkel said Wednesday after a meeting with European leaders.

Instead of yellow stars for Jews, this time it's anyone who doesn't have the official stamp of submission gets ... well they haven't defined the punishments yet. It's easier to pass the requirement and worry about the punishment later, when the punishment can be more... fluid.

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GA Senate advances election security legislation

Just The NewsThe Georgia Senate has approved four election bills including one that will require ID verification for absentee ballot applicants.

One of the bills, SB 67, adds an ID requirement to paper requests for absentee ballots and would require either a driver's license number, state ID number, or photocopy of a photo ID that would be needed for in-person voting, according to news reports.

"It's not about disenfranchising voters," said Sen. Larry Walker, who sponsored the bills passed Tuesday. "It's not about overly burdening the electorate. It's about efficiency, integrity, allowing the Georgia public to have confidence in the vote."

The legislation seems like a good idea, but it will be meaningless if the executive branch can change the rules on a whim as happened in 2020.

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Durham resigns as US attorney; may continue as special counsel for now

Conservative TreehouseAn announcement today from the U.S. District of Connecticut John Durham is a little perplexing. According to the announcement USAO John Durham is resigning from office effective February 28. However, there is no information about his prior appointment as special counsel to review the DOJ and FBI conduct in the Trump investigation.

Durham's resignation as US attorney is part of the normal process (in Democrat administrations) of clearing out political appointees from the other party. How this will affect Durham's role as special counsel for the SpyGate investigation is the real question, but Durham has at this point been pretty much exposed as a paper tiger.

We will just have to see if Durham's special counsel role results in anything, or if he closes up shop.

At this point, I suspect Durham was appointed as special counsel by Barr in order to continue blocking Trump from declassifying the Deep State abuses. Remember, Barr has ties to the first Bush administration -- and so does Stefan Halper, the latter of which engaged in what could well be similar intelligence activities, just without the added FISA wrinkle. (Or for all we know, WITH the added FISA wrinkle).

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Biden's responsibility for the Texas power failures

Right JournalismPresident Joe Biden declared a major disaster for only 77 of Texas’ 254 counties in order to focus on the “hardest hit” parts of the state, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Sunday.

Biden’s disaster declaration, issued last Friday, offers much less than what Texas officials had requested.

Gov. Greg Abbott had asked for a declaration that covered the entire state, as Texans reel from a winter storm that knocked out power and heat across the state, and left millions without safe drinking water.

The declaration Biden signed late Friday covers much of the Texas population, including Dallas and neighboring counties, and the counties that include Houston, San Antonio and Austin. But it falls far short of what Texas officials sought. The assistance can include grants for temporary housing, home repairs, and low-cost loans....

The truth is that the federal government controls how Texas generates electricity – the mix of sources and the capacity of each. The DOE requires that Texas’ fossil fuel power generators operate far below their maximum output.

Gov. Abbott knew that if the EPA would allow our natural gas and coal power plants to operate at peak efficiency they could meet 110% of the demand the state faced last week. The EPA refused.

Sadly, Biden’s acting EPA chief, David Huizenga, is not an expert at power generation but instead an expert with nuclear waste management. When Gov. Abbott received the EPA’s refusal he knew Texas was in trouble and there was nothing he could do about it.

To put the DOE’s actions in context their demand that generators sell their additional capacity at $1500/MWh is like telling gas stations they can sell gas to consumers at $1500/gallon – it was a price so high it was basically saying, “no, you can’t increase capacity”

If true, this is exactly why government should not be in charge of basic utilities. Politicians survive by rewarding their friends and punishing their enemies.

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Adjudication issues in Maricopa County, too

Gateway PunditMaricopa County in Arizona recently released reports by two vendors who conducted election audits in early February. Witnesses working at the (MCTEC) Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center testified that 12% of all ballots were being sent to adjudication. Numerous supervisors offered this data when struggling to assign this large amount of ballot files to adjudicators.

So one in eight ballots were being sent as a digital image to humans at computers. These adjudicators would review and could change the circles voters selected on these ballots. Changing a ballot is as easy as checking a box on a PDF form. But neither audit discloses this unusually high rate of adjudication or why it happened.

The unusually high adjudication rates appear to be a common factor in regions that had unusual results. Each adjudicated ballot has to be decided by a human, but the process is electronic and subject to interference from hackers. When proper audits have been performed, evidence of intrusions was detected. None of this depends on conspiracy theories about CIA or Dominion involvement, just evidence in the public record.

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Compare and contrast: the Mike Flynn case versus SDNY

Sara CarterNathan’s push for a probe granted the Associated Press access to unsealed documents. At the request of the AP, dozens of private text messages, transcripts and correspondences were unsealed Monday and prosecutors were ordered to explain themselves.

The newly disclosed records showed prosecutors discussing turning over records to the defense team for Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad, who was charged in 2018 with money laundering, bank fraud and violating U.S. sanctions imposed on Iran by funneling $115 million through Venezuelan front companies.

Sadr was found guilty by jurors and was convicted in March 2020, facing a maximum of 125 years in prison. However, prosecutors in the SDNY filed a motion to withdraw the conviction, citing prosecutorial misconduct, and all charges were dropped.

The misconduct here was much less significant and severe (one attorney suggested a day's delay in producing evidence to the defense, and burying the document among other documents) than in the Flynn case, yet charges were dropped immediately without years of appeals.

Both involve prosecutorial misconduct, but the outcomes are vastly different.

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The details on the Dems illegal alien amnesty

UncoverDCBoth the House immigration bill, sponsored by Linda Sanchez (D-CA), and the Senate immigration bill has arrived. Mark Krikorian, Executive Director for the Center for Immigration Studies, says it will radically change the face of U.S. immigration policy. Senator Menendez (D-NY), who sponsored the Senate version of the bill, spoke by video conference about the bi-cameral bills.

Like their first legislative act, this is all about making sure that the Dems have a permanent national majority. They'll enable fraud, open the borders, and bring in new illegal voters until they get what they want. Their candidate for AG won't even say that crossing the border illegally is illegal.

Funny how Republicans in office never quite manage to push for anything their voters really want. Sure, tax cuts are nice. But what else?

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Supreme Court denies PA election lawsuits as "moot"

Conservative TreehouseIn a 6-3 ruling today the U.S. Supreme Court has refused to grant writ to hear the Pennsylvania election challenge cases. While the majority of media will likely celebrate this decision; and while the court has refused to hear the case(s) based on their position the issues are “moot”; there appears to be an underlying motive not being discussed...

It seems like the court will make whatever excuses necessary to avoid ruling on election cases ... against the Democrats. Kavanaugh and Barrett have been a huge disappointment here. Roberts is a known quantity now. Only Alito, Gorsuch, and Thomas showed the backbone necessary to make an honest ruling. It is almost exactly the same dance the court has used for years to avoid enforcing the 2nd Amendment in another more than the most perfunctory manner. As Ace points out...

Ace of SpadesBy the way, they keep saying that this wouldn't effect the results of the election because they have repeatedly sifted the number of challenges down to the point where we're talking about just a couple of thousand ballots.

They've figured out other ways to ignore the challenges to all the other ballots.

It's like breaking down a cargo into a hundred pieces and saying of each tiny piece, "No, this won't meaningfully affect the ship's seaworthiness. No this one also won't meaningfully affect the ship's seaworthiness. No this one also won't appreciably affect the ship's seaworthiness..."

Yeah but take them all together and the ship sinks.

The courts will not save us.

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Garland will not commit to keeping Durham in special counsel role

Gateway PunditRemember when the media said it would be the end of the world if Bill Barr wouldn’t commit to releasing the Mueller report?

Joe Biden’s AG nominee Merrick Garland wouldn’t commit to keeping John Durham in his role as Special Counsel during his confirmation hearing on Monday.

Merrick Garland also wouldn’t commit to releasing Durham’s report to the public.

Of course he won't. Durham will be gone the instant he shows any sign of doing anything other than a coverup operation. Which, judging by results so far, means Durham is probably quite safe.

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