Playing political games

American GreatnessIn Virginia, the Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) district has announced that it will return two pornographic books, including a graphic novel, to the shelves of its schools’ libraries, after an internal investigation determined that the materials qualified as “diverse reading materials,” as reported by the Daily Caller.

The two books in question – “Gender Queer” by Maia Kobabe, and “Lawn Boy” by Jonathan Evison – both feature graphic depictions of homosexual intercourse, with one of them being a graphic novel with visual depictions of an underage boy performing oral sex on an adult male. They were brought to national attention after a Fairfax County mother, Stacy Langton, brought both books to a public LCPS board meeting in September and showed them to everyone in attendance, denouncing the books’ inclusion in school libraries for minors to read.

After national backlash, FCPS removed both books from its libraries and said that it would conduct an internal review of the decision-making that led to the books’ inclusion in the first place. But two months later, after allegedly concluding said investigation, the district announced in a statement that it had determined the books to be appropriate for underaged children to read.

They waited until they thought the heat was off, and then went right back at it.

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Do COVID vaccines cause prion diseases?

Steve Kirsch There is no doubt the mRNA vaccines are causing prion diseases. People didn’t have these diseases before the shot and suddenly they develop them after the shot. There is no other explanation for this. None of the “fact checkers” can explain the cause of the excess rates. Prion diseases are incurable and always fatal. You can die as soon as 6 weeks after COVID vaccination (see within 6 weeks and within 6 months examples).

However, Twitter believes this is not true, but they refuse to tell anyone why they think that. Other fact checkers who have checked this out never did a VAERS query and are unable to explain away the “excess” number of reports other than doing a blanket dismissal that everything in VAERS is fraudulent without providing any evidence of that claim (other than one report out of 1.6M reports).

None of the fact checkers will debate on this to set the record straight.

I don't know, but I would like to know before getting vaccinated.

Censorship does not convince me.

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Australia conducting forced vaccinations of aborginal population

Conservative TreehouseAfter several reports surfaced both nationally and internationally, sharing first-hand accounts of the Aboriginal people in region, Minister Gunner announces publicly that he is not harming the native aboriginal tribes with his mandatory vaccination program. Gunner has activated the Australian Defense Forces, aka the Australian military, to round up the tribes in an effort to save them from the virus.

The left claims to be so sensitive about racism, And yet, they are willing to do horrific things to minorities as long as they claim it is "for their own good". Isn't respecting personal autonomy about medical treatments a good thing?

Forced "medical treatment" is something you do to livestock. Or slaves.

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Billions in tax money paid to ineligible recipients

Just The NewsThis week's Golden Horseshoe is awarded to Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's Unemployment Insurance Agency, which disbursed an estimated $3.9 billion in improper pandemic unemployment benefits and continued to pay ineligible claimants after being alerted to the issue, a state audit found.

The Michigan UIA paid out billions in improper payments through three federal pandemic relief programs: Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, Pandemic Unemployment Compensation, and Lost Wages Assistance. PUC, through the federal CARES Act, boosted unemployment payments by $600 per week.

"Ultimately, UIA's application and weekly certification processes allowed individuals without any prior attachment to the workforce and who may have been unemployed for reasons unrelated to COVID-19 to be paid PUA and associated PUC and LWA program benefits improperly," Michigan Auditor General Doug Ringler reported in the audit.

Only a fool would assume this was unintentional.

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Pfizer study shows vax may increase infection risk

Gateway PunditA former Pfizer employee, now working as a pharmaceutical marketing expert and biotech analyst, has provided evidence in a public meeting in September suggesting that Pfizer is aware that these shots can cause those vaccinated to be more prone to contracting COVID-19 and infections.

Whistleblower Karen Kingston, the former Pfizer employee appeared together with medical freedom rights attorney Thomas Renz who presented the data in a public meeting at Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour.

This is certainly concerning.

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The vaccine offers no protection

Daily ExposeThe UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) publish a weekly ‘Vaccine Surveillance’ report containing statistics on Covid-19 cases, hospitalisations and deaths by vaccination status across England over the past four weeks.

Their latest report, published Thursday November 25th covers data on infections, hospitalisations and deaths from Week 43 to Week 46 of 2021 (October 25th – November 21st).

The report reveals that there were 833,332 recorded Covid-19 cases, 9,094 Covid-19 hospitalisations and 3,700 Covid-19 deaths from October 25th to November 21st. Of these the unvaccinated accounted for 39% of all cases, 34% of all hospitalisations, and 19% of all deaths. Whilst the vaccinated accounted for 61% of all cases, 66% of all hospitalisations, and 81% of all deaths.

Natural immunity is quite effective.

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Denying medical care over COVID

New York Governor Kathy Hochul halts elective surgery for Omicron variant. Note that this new variant isn't especially scary aside from the fact that the vaccines don't stop it (which also applies to the Delta variants and others). The real story is that there are "staffing shortages" caused by the vaccine mandate that she needs to find some explanation other than the vaccine mandate for.

Elsewhere in New York, legislation proposed to deny insurance to the unvaccinated.

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RRISD police force used to stifle dissent

NYPostThe latest and most egregious example comes from Round Rock, Texas. In a series of school board meetings this fall, two fathers — a minister named Jeremy Story and a retired Army captain named Dustin Clark — spoke out against alleged corruption and school officials’ hostility toward parents.

The establishment of the school police force was a local issue to me and happened fairly recently. I was, at the time, relatively neutral since I had no children in school and no idea whether the request was reasonable or not.

I am now opposed, because placing police under the control of school board administrators willing to use them to stifle dissent in this manner is unacceptable.

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Migrants getting paid by the UN

Gateway PunditTodd Bensman, a Fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies recently traveled to Mexico where he is reporting on the tens of thousands of illegal aliens heading to the open US Southern Border.

In Reynosa, Mexico, at a migrant camp, Bensman witnessed the United Nations IOM handing out free debit cards to aspiring US border crossers.

The IOM workers with the United Nations said a migrant family of four gets about $800 a month.

You'd think that the Omnicron variant would at least make them close the border. Except, you know, COVID is not a real crisis.

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Wisconsin sheriff files charges over election issues

Just The NewsThe Racine County Sheriff's Office announced that it will file criminal charges against five of the six members of the Wisconsin Election Commission.

Sheriff Schmaling recommended charges to Racine County District Attorney Patricia Hanson for Commissioners Margaret Bostelmann, Julie Glancey, Ann Jacobs, Dean Knudson, and Mark Thomsen. The charges for each commissioner include two felonies and three misdemeanors.

According to the sheriff department's Facebook post, the charges include misconduct in public office, election fraud, and other alleged crimes.

Whether prosecutors act on these charges remains to be seen.

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VAERS hits one million adverse incident reports

Granite GrokWhile the VAERS numbers for the mRNA COIVD19 inoculations are grossly undercounted, we still need to report this macabre milestone. Over one-million incidents connected to The Jab have been reported to the Vaccine Adverse Effects database.

Remember, VAERS data dramatically undercounts actual vaccine injuries, due to the effort and time required to make a report and the pressure applied to medical staff not to report problems with the vaccine.

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FBI raids Colorado election officials over preserved election data

Even as the Department of Justice Inspector General released a report this week criticizing the politicization of the department, the FBI on Tuesday raided the homes of a Republican election official and several of her associates in Mesa County, Colo., in connection with a dispute about efforts to preserve 2020 election files.

In collaboration with state and county law enforcement, the FBI raided the homes of Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters, Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert’s former campaign manager Sherronna Bishop, and two others.

The FBI operations targeting skeptics of the 2020 election results follow the bureau’s raids earlier this month on the homes of conservative guerrilla journalist James O’Keefe and several of his associates with Project Veritas.

The FBI has accepted its role as Gestapo.

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FBI raids election official who preserved election evidence

Just The NewsEven as the Department of Justice Inspector General released a report this week criticizing the politicization of the department, the FBI on Tuesday raided the homes of a Republican election official and several of her associates in Mesa County, Colo., in connection with a dispute about efforts to preserve 2020 election files.

In collaboration with state and county law enforcement, the FBI raided the homes of Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters, Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert's former campaign manager Sherronna Bishop, and two others.

Funny how the FBI is so very active in trying to cover up voter fraud, but not in investigating it.

Actually, on second thought, it's not funny at all.

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Just The NewsThe massive spending bill passed by Capitol Hill Democrats this week includes a significant immigration measure that would allow illegal immigrants in the U.S. to continue living and working in the country for another decade.

The rule would offer two five-year coverage windows for immigrants who have been in the U.S. illegally since 2011. The measure would cover about 6.5 million illegal immigrants now living in the U.S.

Looks like they got another temporary amnesty through Congress.

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Election information in GA

UncoverDCOur investigation looked at the L&A testing for three counties, Cobb, Gwinnett, and Fulton. Both Cobb and Gwinnett counties successfully tested their early voting machines and were complete by October 9th. It’s also worth noting that they swiftly provided the testing results and supporting documentation upon request and did so at no charge.

In response to the same open records request submitted to the other counties, Fulton County returned the following...

Once more Fulton County has something to hide. Funny how it's always them.

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School officials kept dossiers on parents

UncoverDCA Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD) board member allegedly and “unknowingly” made public, files contained in a “digital dossier,” exposing parents and other individuals in the community. The Dossier contains, among other things, both public and private documents and information; credit scores, court documents, social media posts, photos, and video of parents who oppose policies set forth by SUSD. AZInformer provided UncoverDC with a Google Drive and a local article on the subject late Tuesday evening.


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GA "audit' finds several thousand problem votes, ignores 1M ballot problem

Just The NewsIn a rare act for a state chief executive, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp has referred the audited November 2020 election results in the state's largest voting metropolis to the State Election Board after multiple reviews found significant problems with absentee ballot counting that included duplicate tallies, math errors and transposed data.

Kemp referred Fulton County's risk-limiting audit results this week to election regulators, saying he was not asking for any changes to the declaration that Joe Biden beat Donald Trump but was alarmed by the level of sloppy vote counting in the county that includes the city of Atlanta.

The errors could have skewed the audit totals reported to the state by several thousand votes, according to a 36-item summary Kemp included with his letter. Biden was declared the state's winner by about 12,000 votes.

I'm beginning to get the feeling that they are deliberately focusing on the small problems -- several thousand ballots which could not change the outcome -- in order to avoid focusing on the problems that might.

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Destruction of election evidence in PA

UncoverDCMassive election fraud has allegedly been found in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. A video posted by a whistleblower of alleged fraudulent activity associated with the destruction of 2020 election files surfaced on Twitter this week.

Related to the video is a 91-page lawsuit filed in Delaware County, PA, alleging proof of individuals conspiring to “destroy, delete, and hide Nov. 3, 2020, election data, materials, and equipment to prevent discovery of election fraud and election law violations.”

This sort of thing just keeps showing up, but no one has actually done anything about it.

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Fulton County GA: 1M ballots missing, ordered without stubs

UncoverDCRecently we reported on the discovery of an eleventh-hour, massive Fulton County order of over 1 million absentee/by mail ballots. Our reporting analyzed the explanation given by the Georgia Secretary of State Elections Coordinator, Gabriel Sterling, and found it deficient for several reasons.

Mr. Sterling claimed that the ballots were ordered to serve as a backup plan in case the machines couldn’t be properly logic and accuracy tested before the election, as required by Georgia law. However, we reported that couldn’t have been the reason because the ballots were ordered after early voting had already begun. Our contention was basically that the machines were already being used at the time of the order; therefore, testing couldn’t have been the issue.

Ironically, we have found, and reported earlier this week, that the Fulton County voting machines were not logic and accuracy tested before the start of early voting. However, Fulton County proceeded to use the untested machines anyway. This revelation only further negates Mr. Sterling’s excuse that the issue of testing precipitated the “emergency” ballot order and bolsters our reporting.

Read the whole thing.

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FBI indicts mysterious Iranians in alleged election fraud case

Just The NewsDuring the dizzying days after the November 2020 election, the Homeland Security cyber-security chief was fired by a frustrated President Donald Trump, then went on national TV to insist the election was fully secure.

"There was no indication or evidence that there was any sort of hacking or compromise of election systems on, before or after November 3," ex-Cyber-Security and Infrastructure Agency Chief Chris Krebs declared on "60 Minutes."

On Thursday, nearly a year later, federal prosecutors in New York unsealed a dramatic indictment that conflicts with that clean bill of health.

The indictment stated that two Iranian hackers successfully hacked into a state computer election system, stole voter registration data and used it to carry out a cyber-intimidation campaign that targeted GOP members of Congress, Trump campaign officials and Democratic voters in the November 2020 election.

What magic has to happen for the FBI to investigate election law violations?

The alleged hackers, who are not in custody and likely never will be, and are alleged to be Iranian government agents, are said to be pro-Trump. Because Iran really, really wanted a Trump second term?

You may remember when Mueller charged mysterious Russians in Russia with "hacking" (by which he meant buying ads on Facebook and running fake Twitter identities) to deflect attention from the fact that Clinton was conspiring with actual Russians to frame Trump for conspiring with Russians?

In my opinion, the only thing that makes this newsworthy is that it does suggest some elements of the Dem alliance are getting nervous about Durham. Probably the Clintons, who are now out of government and exposed.

The FBI will not touch legitimate election fraud no matter how long a pole you give them.

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Whistleblower has video of officials destroying election records

NewsmaxA whistleblower is offering up information said to be related to data suppression, involving "missing ballots" in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, from the 2020 election.

The information comes after a right-to-know request was filed in May, sources familiar with the lawsuit said. The sources spoke to Newsmax on the condition of anonymity.

Delaware County was the last county in the state to fully report its ballots for the 2020 election, and several races were in the scope of being flipped by a few thousand votes.

The lawsuit suggests an election machine shredded thousands of absentee and mail-in ballots, with the data corroborating it deliberately erased in the lead up to the right-to-know filing.

Several videos were released as part of the effort to corroborate the claims.

The lawsuit is here.

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Wisconsin election board failed to enforce election law

Conservative ReviewExplosive revelations in the Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau’s report on the 2020 presidential election confirm what many in the key swing state have long suspected: Those tasked with administering the election willfully ignored and openly violated state law.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC), the governmental body tasked with administering elections in Wisconsin, is comprised of six appointed commissioners, three from each political party, and a staff that reports to them. Critically, if the commissioners deadlock on an issue before them, no official action is taken and local authorities are left to interpret the recommendations of WEC’s staff.

As a result, the overwhelming majority of WEC’s decisions during the 2020 election cycle were essentially made by unelected, unappointed, and obviously left-leaning bureaucrats. Both they and the commissioners who oversee them were downright derelict in their duty to fairly and impartially supervise an election run by city and county clerks and poll workers who were not properly trained and did not receive accurate, lawful guidance.

What amazes me is that this took so long to come out. Shouldn't it have been known during the election? Or perhaps it was, and the Republicans in office failed to raise appropriate red flags?

Either way, we know it now, and there need to be prosecutions.

COVID must not become a way to enable election fraud going forward.

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Colorado election data reviewed and evidence of fraud found

Gateway PunditThe Mesa County, Colorado data was recently reviewed by database and systems analyst Jeffrey O’Donnell. Numerous issues were uncovered.

The accurate final vote for Mesa County cannot be determined based on the review.
Persons unknown altered data from the election and at least 5,500 ballots were processed differently than the other ballots in the county making them ineligible.
For some unknown reason, new adjudication and tabulation databases were created for most of the ballots processed in the county. The 5,500 ballots were not included in this activity.
In the new databases, adjudicated cases decreased in half, from nearly 10% to near 5%. There was no explanation from the county for this significant decrease.
There is no way of confirming that the new database included the exact same results from the original database.
Log files were purged almost daily which is illegal since election files must be maintained for 22 months after the election.
There is evidence the election machines can connect to the server and evidence SQL was accessible to make material changes to the data in the files.
There is evidence the systems have not been backed up for years, which puts all the voting machines at risk.

This report shows that the results in the county could not and cannot be relied on. This is why the corrupt Soros backed Secretary of State in Colorado wanted them kept secret across the state. She knew they were corrupted.

This information was the subject of a recent FBI raid. The raid confirms to me that the election fraud in Colorado is real and the FBI is playing defense to cover it up.

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Wisconsin election integrity update

UncoverDCWednesday’s informational hearing before the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections, which is headed by Chair Representative Janel Brandtjen and Vice-Chair Representative Joe Sanfelippo, allowed for testimony and questions about election integrity investigations at the county and state level.

The hearing featured testimony from former Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman, the man named Special Counsel for an investigation into potential election crimes in the state. Gableman’s investigation has subpoenas out to WEC, Mayors, and officials in the Wisconsin cities that received the most’ Zuckerbucks,’ seeking all records related to grants by groups like Zuckerberg funded Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) and the Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR).

Read the whole thing.

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Dehumanizing the unvaccinated

Behind The BlackAt the MacArthur Medical Center in Irving, Texas a white man was denied COVID monoclonal antibody treatments for the single reason that he happened to be white.

We know this is true because the individual, Harrison Hill Smith, posted a video of his experience

We know where this ends. The only question is how we can stop it before we get there.

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