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Fake activists in Florida

NRA-ILAThe Committee hearing room was full of women wearing red t-shirts emblazoned on the front with NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg's "MOMS DEMAND ACTION" logo on the front and the "EVERYTOWN" logo on the back. They piled into the room as a group. Many of them had Florida League of Women Voters buttons pinned on the front of their red t-shirts.

These women didn't appear to know anything about the bill, the law or the process. It also appeared they were being herded around by representatives of the League of Women Voters who walked around wearing League of Women Voters buttons on their lapels.

When the hearing was over, these t-shirt wearing women were taken outside the building to the plaza area where they had to take off their t-shirts and turn them in by placing them in a plastic Rubbermaid type container.

Gun control, in particular, seems to be a billionaire's obsession rather than an actual grass roots cause. It's always been a little slim on genuine volunteers, but lately it's been on life support paid for by Bloomberg.

2017-02-10 10:03:30.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Another political prosecution is withdrawn after the election

The HillProsecutors will not seek criminal charges against New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) over the 2013 Bridgegate scandal, Reuters reported late Friday.

A letter from the Office of the Bergen County Prosecutor said “that charge cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt,” referring to the criminal misconduct charges.

This is why the Left should not be allowed to control the mechanisms of law enforcement.

2017-02-10 09:03:30.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

More fake news

Andrea Mitchell lies on TV.

2017-02-09 11:03:30.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Pausebuster paper failed to follow data and rigor standards

Watts Up With ThatIn the weeks after the Pausebuster paper was published, Dr Bates conducted a one-man investigation into this. His findings were extraordinary. Not only had Mr Karl and his colleagues failed to follow any of the formal procedures required to approve and archive their data, they had used a ‘highly experimental early run’ of a programme that tried to combine two previously separate sets of records.

Dr Bates revealed that the failure to archive and make available fully documented data not only violated NOAA rules, but also those set down by Science. Before he retired last year, he continued to raise the issue internally. Then came the final bombshell. Dr Bates said: ‘I learned that the computer used to process the software had suffered a complete failure.’

The reason for the failure is unknown, but it means the Pausebuster paper can never be replicated or verified by other scientists.

In science-speak, "the results could not be replicated" is about one step short of an accusation of fraud. In this case fraud looks likely, with billions of dollars in government research funding at state, but it's hard to prove fraud because fraud relies on intent.

Still, at least one person involved in the paper was apparently pushing heavily for anything that would bias the results towards global warming.

They didn't bother to archive the data they used to produce their results, either, meaning the whole paper is completely impossible to replicate.

What we found out in Climategate is that the whole of the climate science operation is like this. Some more, some less, but buggy software, lost data, biased processes used to secure grant funding... the whole thing is corrupt, fraudulent, and politicized.

No one believes the "science" because it's not science.

2017-02-09 10:03:30.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

California State Senate leader admits half his family are illegals

BreitbartCalifornia State Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Léon (D-Los Angeles) said last Tuesday that “half his family” was in the country illegally, using false documents, and eligible for deportation under President Trump’s new executive order against “sanctuary” jurisdictions.

Arrest them and deport them. Arrest him and charge him with aiding and abetting. Then check the voter rolls and see if they were voting for him.

2017-02-09 09:03:30.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Fake News

There is no campus rape epidemic.

Trump did not say the media are misbehaving after signing an executive order, even though if he had, he would have been right, and he may have said it some other time. He said Iran was misbehaving.

It hasn't snowed in DC in weeks, except on a promotional photo for ABC's interview with Trump.

The peaceful protests of Milo's speech at Berkeley were not peaceful. Also, the protestors were not protesting fascists, they are fascists.

Donald Trump did not flub his speech for black history month. Listen to the Paris Dennard, black man in the middle, who was the only person in the room for the actual event, get interrupted, talked over, and filibustered by a panel of two liberals and a liberal host who weren't actually there.

Teen Vogue doesn't want you to hear both sides of the gun rights debate.

Patterico rounds 'em up: Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch did not found a "Fascism Forever" club in high school, Trump did not rename black history month, Trump did not reduce sanctions on Russia, but NBC did criticize Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch for writing an op-ed that he didn't write.

Nearly half of Americans believe Trump is moving too fast, which means more than half either want him to move faster, think he's moving at the right pace, or just don't care. For bonus points, do the math from the article: 45% believe Trump should either move faster or is doing just fine. The remaining 7% "have no opinion", and the margin of error is not reporting. An honest headline could state, at best, a tie.

Trump did not blindside the Department of Justice or the Secretary of Homeland Security with his executive orders. Nor did he force Secret Service agents to resign so he could restructure the service. Nor did he threaten to invade Mexico.

Another site is looking for examples of weaponized empathy, most of which also turn out to be fake news.

2017-02-08 11:25:30.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Pining for the old days when highway robbery was young...

They used to say "Your money or your life", and if you gave them your money, you could keep your life. Now they want your money, your property, and your life. The people responsible for this violent and eliminationist rhetoric should stop and give a good long think to what happens when the targets of their rhetoric decide to respond.

2017-02-08 10:25:30.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Why green card holders should not be immune from vetting

Bill Quick has two cases of green card holders who were plotting terrorist attacks.

2017-02-08 09:25:30.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

You know what's really amusing?

Watching the left go apeshit when they notice that Trump is updating the White House website.

2017-02-07 11:25:30.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Trump files early for 2020 run, potentially disrupting 501(c)3 opposition

Instapundit quoting Disobedient MediaA document from the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) indicates that Donald Trump took steps last week to outmaneuver nonprofit organizations, leaving them unable to officially campaign against him over the next few years of his Presidency.

Filed on January 20th, 2017, the letter states that, while not an official announcement for reelection, Donald Trump has filed an FEC Form 2 in order to “ensure compliance with the Federal Election Campaign Act.” This is an unprecedented, although legal, move for the President to make. Barack Obama did not file for his 2012 re-election bid until April 2011. Having filed (even if not formally announcing a bid) as a candidate, Trump would be able to coordinate with PACs and other similar organizations.

More importantly, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations would no longer be able to engage in “political speech” which could theoretically affect the results of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election without running the risk of losing their nonprofit status. The move effectively bars interest groups from creating nonprofits which they could funnel money into for the purposes of opposing Trump’s initiatives. This will likely create chaos for political opponents of Trump such as George Soros, who has sunk significant amounts of money into various nonprofit groups with the intent of opposing Trump’s government.

Crazy like a fox, if it works. I went into the 2016 general election with a bad case of the jitters over what Trump would actually do if he won. So far, my expectations have not just been exceeded, they have been blown away.

2017-02-07 10:25:30.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Gulf leaders agree to Trump's safe zone proposal

Daily CallerThe King of Saudi Arabia and the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi agreed with President Donald Trump’s request to support safe zones for refugees in the Middle East, the White House announced Sunday.

This is significant because it indicates Trump is actually achieving diplomatic success. Heads of state in the middle east are willing to go along with his initiatives. That's going to be a shock to people in the US who think he's nuts. Not everyone agrees with them.

It's also significant because it may actually solve the problem without putting Europe and the US at significant danger, and be better for the refugees as well. Setting up safe zones in the middle east will keep refugees closer to cultures, religions, and languages they are used to, and hopefully where their skills are capable of earning a living. Bringing the refugees to the US dumps them into a hostile environment on basically every front, and often forces the refugees onto permanent welfare for lack of ability to complete in the job market.

2017-02-07 09:25:30.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

How to tell who has done their political homework

Any time you see anyone talking about a "Muslim immigrant ban", you know the person saying that hasn't done their homework. There is no "Muslim immigrant ban". There is a temporary halt to entry into the United States for people who come from a list of countries with a substantial terrorist problem. As implemented the list has nothing to do with religion, and so any attempt to label it a ban on "Muslims" is lying to you.

Who put the list of countries together?

That was Obama. He put together the list of the first 7. And then Obama destabilized Syria, so Trump added Syria to the list. Trump did not make the list, and he did not ban Muslims.

2017-02-06 11:25:30.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Democrats defend drunk driving illegal aliens

The HillNew York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio told CNN's Jake Tapper that it is OK to shield undocumented immigrants who drive drunk from federal authorities if it does not "lead to any other negative outcome."
According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, nearly 10,000 Americans are killed each year as a result of drunk driving, or 27 people per day.

"Mothers Against Drunk Driving", as an advocacy group on this issue, is a terrible place to go for unbiased statistics on the problem. But there is an undeniable drunk driving problem -- it's one of those persistent problems that resists being solved because the only way to solve it is responsible behavior or absurd bans, and drunks are not really qualified to engage in responsible behavior.

2017-02-06 10:25:30.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

The power to tax is the power to destroy

Illinois gun owners and sportsmen will be facing many more taxes is new legislation passes. That state is far from friendly to gun owners already (remember, it contains Chicago!) so letting the state tax the right to keep and bear arms seems dangerous. The proposed taxes actually go further, taxing associations (membership fees in firearms-related organizations). Those organizations are a political headache for Illinois politicians who want gun control.

2017-02-06 09:25:30.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Why hasn't Trump fired IRS Commissioner Koskinen?

Sure, I've commented before the Koskinen is the public face rather than the person responsible for either the targeting or the coverup. But the person actually responsible (likely Wilkins, in addition to Lois Lerner and her crew) has already left the IRS. The only person who remains to serve as an example is Koskinen.

Trump should fire Koskinen as soon as possible.

Some members of Congress agree.

I don't know why Trump is holding off on this; perhaps he is simply unaware of the issue thanks to the media coverup.

2017-02-04 09:25:30.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

House votes to reject Obama's Social Security attack on gun owners

The Obama Administration put in place a rule that would have denied gun rights to anyone needing assistance managing their income from Social Security programs. The House has passed legislation revoking the rule.

If you want to see a list of Democrats voting to take 2nd Amendment rights away from old people, John Lott has the list.

2017-02-03 11:25:30.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Fake News

Reports sourced from "US officials" that Donald Trump hung up on the head of the Australian government have been denied by the head of the Australian government.

I hope to soon see more reports like this one sourced to "former US officials".

2017-02-03 10:25:30.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Trump advisor Bannon says Islam is not a religion of peace

The HillPresident's Trump's chief strategist, Stephen Bannon, in 2010 said he does not think Islam is a religion of peace, CNN reported.

I think he's right. The word that people mistakenly translate as "peace" actually means "submission", as in, submission to Allah. I decline to submit to any god. Now what are the nattering ninnies at CNN going to do about it?

2017-02-03 09:25:30.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

How important is money in politics?

The View from North Central IdahoThe one big take away I have from the spending reports is that money apparently isn’t as important as it was thought to be. I like that.—Joe

Money may not be as important to winning races as it was thought to be, but it's still important to keeping politicians' lifestyles in the manner to which they have become accustomed. Thus it will likely continue to influence how politicians vote.

2017-02-02 11:25:30.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

The Democrats appear to be choosing Islam over LGBT rights

Or at least they are booting candidates from the race for chairperson of the Democratic National Committee for saying Islam is hostile to homosexuality. Mind you, Islam is undeniably hostile to homosexuality with a pronounced tendency to throw those they suspect of being a little limp-wristed off tall buildings, and just last year an Islamic terrorist infuriated about homosexual behavior in America killed about a hundred people at a gay nightclub while telling the 911 operator that he was pledging allegiance to ISIS. So this sane candidate for DNC (Vincent Tolliver, if you're curious) was tossed from the race for telling the truth.

I can see how that would be disqualifying in a candidate for DNC chairperson.

But this particular choice of victim group priorities will have interesting consequences for the Democrats. Trump has announced he will keep employment protections for LGBTQ individuals that Obama established by executive order. I can't really say I wholeheartedly agree with that, but I'm not really horribly hostile to the idea. I don't think anyone deserves more rights than other people, which is pretty fundamentally what that sort of victim class is about. But clearly Trump is making a play to take the LGBTQ interest group away from the Democrats, and if the Democrats keep up the Muslim fixation he just might succeed. And the order is arguably legal as it applies to federal employees and contractors, not the whole of the economy.

Women may soon be facing a choice between Democrats for sharia law and the veil, or paying for their own birth control under Trump and the Republicans.

The Trump presidency is promising to remain really exciting.

2017-02-02 10:25:30.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Trump's pick for Supreme Court is Neil Gorsuch

Of the three final candidates, Gorsuch seemed to be the least risky. Pryor has a reputation as a right-wing culture warrior, which would probably reassure the right on his reliability but drive the left into paroxysms of insanity opposing him. Hardiman had perhaps the opposite problem. Trump's sister was supposedly pushing him and comments about his record seemed thin, though he did have a couple rulings on the gun issue that seemed strong. Hardiman seemed to be the most likely of the three to grow in office. Gorsuch, on the other hand, seems to be the most "in the model of Scalia" option, putting the emphasis on textualism. The NRA likes him.

He has written one dissent on gun rights, arguing that the government must prove a defendant knew he was a felon and prohibited person before they can convict him of being one. I generally like that dissent, but the tea leaves are thin on this specific issue. Still he seems generally sound, and I keep seeing more and more things to like.

National ReviewIn fact, if Senator Wyden remains in office — or Senator Schumer, or Senator Murray, or any of the others who went along with Gorsuch’s unanimous confirmation — then it will be impossible to take seriously the Democrats’ current objections to the nominee, i.e., that he is a uniquely unqualified candidate with a borderline sociopathic style of jurisprudence that would make serfs of us all. Not since Cicero confronted Catiline has a senate seen such a heinous plot or required more dedicated action.

If Gorsuch is what Senator Wyden says he is today, then that is what he was in 2006, when every Democrat in the Senate signed off on his nomination.

At this point events are moving too fast for a small part-time blogger with a day job to keep up with. I'll tentatively support Gorsuch until I see reason not to. And if, as seems likely, it takes the nuclear option to confirm him, I'll support that too. Dems shouldn't have played filibuster games to stack the courts in their favor, and they've already announced they'll block whoever Trump picks, presumably trying to hold the seat open until 2020. Now they're going to get their obnoxious behavior back in spades, I hope.

2017-02-02 09:25:30.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Dem senator: Party will filibuster Trump Supreme Court nominee

The HillSen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) on Monday predicted that Democrats would launch a filibuster against whoever President Trump picks for the Supreme Court.

OK, you'll filibuster anyone he nominates? You expect to filibuster for 4 or 8 years until you can get a Democrat in the White House?

You're begging Trump to go nuclear on your ass.

2017-02-01 11:25:30.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Trump fires acting attorney general for refusing to defend his executive order

Funny how these civil service appointees are indistinguishable from Democrat partisan operatives after a Democrat leaves the White House, isn't it?

Even if you are skeptical about Trump's immigration order, it's the job of the AG to defend the actions of the president as they can best be defended. If the AG is unwilling to do so, we need a new AG.

There are some acts which an attorney general should refuse to defend. Trump's temporary ban on entry to people from certain countries at high risk of terrorism is not one of them.

2017-02-01 10:25:30.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

An objection that says more about the person objecting

The Hill"It is with a heavy heart and somber mind that we remember and honor the victims, survivors, heroes of the Holocaust. It is impossible to fully fathom the depravity and horror inflicted on innocent people by Nazi terror," Trump said in a statement.

Susan Rice contends that the above statement does not mention the Jewish victims, because the Jewish victims were not "innocent people". Seriously.

The Hill"'Innocents' in [Holocaust Memorial Day] statement refers to all civilians killed in WW2. Not genocide against jews," she tweeted, adding a hashtag "#whitewashinghistory."

So you're saying they had it coming to them, then, Susan?

2017-02-01 09:25:30.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

White House petitition to repeal the Hughes Amendment

That's the amendment that bans any new manufacture of fully-automatic firearms. Note that it doesn't repeal any of the regulations concerning who can own them or buy them. It just allows people who meet all of those requirements already to buy newly-manufactured firearms instead of a shrinking pool of older "pre-1986" firearms.

If you're worried that we'll suddenly be flooded by huge numbers of newly manufactured machine guns, remember that the police and military have not had any restrictions placed on their ability to own these firearms in the 30 years that restriction has been in place for civilians. We're not going to be suddenly tooling up new factories here.

Sign the petition here. With a friendly White House and both houses of Congress, this is likely the best chance we'll get for a legislative fix to this problem.

Hat tip to Clayton Cramer.

2017-01-31 11:25:30.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]
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