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Paging Paul Ryan to the House Courtesy Phone please...

Paul Ryan writing in USA TodayWe shouldn’t be politicizing the Zika threat. We should be fighting it. From the start, the Republican-led Congress has made it a priority to enact smart measures and secure resources to protect the public.

Back in February, we urged the Obama administration to jumpstart this effort with existing resources. Eventually, officials came back to us and agreed to utilize $589 million, much of it already in the pipeline for Ebola response that could be easily re-directed. Yet to this day, hundreds of millions of dollars remain unspent. This is allocated money that the administration fully controls — money it seemingly refuses to spend.

Paul, it may surprise you to hear this, since you are an elected official of the government and therefore your existence is carefully maintained bubble of non-information, but Obama has already spent the Zika response money on climate change.

Paul Ryan writing in USA TodayRegardless, we have worked to make sure additional resources are in place if needed. In June, the House approved a plan that provides $1.1 billion in additional funding and includes critical steps — like spraying mosquitoes — to stop the spread of the disease.

Did the House bill remove the restrictions on DDT and fund a project to blanket the southern united states with it? No? Then it's not a serious threat and you're just wasting money.

His core point, though, is at least worth noting: the House has passed a bill, flawed as it is; the Senate has a weaker bill, but the Democrats are filibustering it. If you're severely concerned about Zika, you probably don't understand statistics. But you can at least take comfort in knowing who is blocking money and action on it.

2016-08-05 12:49:17.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Somali immigrant kills 1 and injures 6 in knife attack

Daily MailThis is the moment a mentally ill Norwegian of Somali origin was pinned to the ground after he murdered an American woman and injured five pedestrians on a knife rampage in Russell Square last night. The teenager, a Norwegian of Somali origin who came to Britain aged five, was arrested on suspicion of murder and he spent the night in hospital before being moved to a south London police station.

He may in fact be mentally ill by modern Western psychiatric standards. That doesn't mean he wasn't also an Islamic terrorist.

2016-08-05 11:49:17.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Texas Attorney General sues City of Austin over open carry laws

CBS AustinTexas Attorney General Ken Paxton is suing the City of Austin to bring it into compliance with the state's open carry laws.

In a statement Paxton says the lawsuit will require Austin to allow citizens to lawfully carry firearms in Austin City Hall.

"I will always make sure that governments do not trample on the Second Amendment rights of Texans," said Attorney General Ken Paxton, "and if they do, we will sue."

The really infuriating part is that the lawyers on both sides will be paid with tax dollars.

2016-08-05 10:49:17.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Czech president endorses armed populace

BreitbartSpeaking in an interview in the wake of a fortnight of terror attacks in Europe, the president of the Czech Republic has said the only solution to terrorism is removing the cause — deporting failed migrants — and has said in the meanwhile citizens need to be armed and ready to defend themselves and others.

Link above has autoplay video; sorry. But I agree with the sentiment. The only effective defense against terrorism is a armed populace. Even that's not perfect, but it's the best we can practically achieve, and it's sufficient when combined with a good (preemptive) offense against organizers and funders and a reasonably secure border.

2016-08-05 09:49:17.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Bus firebombed in France by Islamic terrorists

Daily CallerAmerican media has been noticeably silent about the Molotov cocktail firebombing of a bus in Paris last week by a large gang which yelled ‘Allah Akbar.’

The attack happened just after midnight on July 28 in the Paris neighborhood of Saint-Denis. Video shows a roadblock stopping the bus in the street and then a group of young males proceeding to throw Molotov cocktails into the city bus. The bus bursts into flames and burns down into a metal hull.

How long before these people stop waiting for the passengers to get off the bus before they firebomb it?

2016-08-04 12:49:17.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

DC delayed Tea Party applications at IRS

It wasn't so very long ago when we were told by the IRS and the FBI that it was the agents in Cincinnati who started pulling the Tea Party cases by name and ideology and created the IRS scandal, forcing the DC leadership to send a team of IRS agents to Cincinnati to "help out". Now, however, Judicial watch has uncovered documents from the FBI investigation that demonstrate what was really going on:

Judicial Watch Judicial Watch today released 105 pages of newly obtained Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) “302” documents revealing that, beginning in 2010 and lasting through the Obama reelection campaign in 2012, the Obama IRS orchestrated a deliberate policy of burying conservative groups’ tax exemption applications in bureaucratic delays. Interviews with numerous Cincinnati IRS employees in mid-2013 reveal that “Tea Party” group applications were automatically denied approval and assigned to a special “Group 7822” for an extended “inventory” process while waiting for decisions from IRS headquarters in Washington, DC. One IRS manager “asked why progressive cases were not segregated similar to the Tea Party cases, but she did not get any satisfactory answers.” FBI “302” documents are detailed narratives of FBI investigation interviews. The Obama Justice Department and FBI investigations into the Obama IRS scandal resulted in no criminal charges.

The imperative to slow down Tea Party applications came from DC, as did the actual implementation, and the intrusive questionaires, and everything else. That's the official FBI conclusion based on the evidence.

And that "oh shit" moment when a pencil flew across the wrong?

That's the sound of a guilty conscience when he knows he's caught.

Judicial WatchAccording to FBI interviews with Cincinnati agency employees, top Washington IRS officials issued directives making certain that no BOLO (Be on the Look Out) Tea Party applications could be put in the “merit closed” [ie, approved] bucket.

I suspect Judicial Watch has already issued the requisite FOIA requests to obtain those directives and who exactly sent them. This is the "orders from Washington" smoking gun that the media claimed was missing.

2016-08-04 11:49:17.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Clinton took no security training while SecState

Daily CallerFormer Secretary of State Hillary Clinton completed no security briefings or courses on the proper handling of classified materials and how to conduct secure communications while at the Department of State, according to new Obama administration legal filings before the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

The surprise admission was released late Friday and could reignite the controversy over Clinton’s “careless” handling of classified materials as asserted by FBI Director James Comey, which has already been a central part of the presidential race.

The courses being discussed here are the basic, fundamental instruction in the legal protections required to access various levels of classified information. They are the same courses that would have explained why running your own email server for government communications is not just a really bad idea, but is actually against the law.

2016-08-04 10:49:17.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

BATFE is in fact keeping a gun registration list

Daily CallerThe U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), the go-to federal oversight agency, conducted an audit of ATF and found it does not remove certain identifiable information, despite the law explicitly mandating it do so. GAO conducted reviews for four data systems, and concluded at least two of ATF’s systems violated official protocols.

Will anything be done about this? Of course not. No charges, no firings, nothing.

And this is why gun owners won't trust any gun control law, or gun control advocate, with anything. They will lie about wanting to ban guns; they will lie about keeping lists of gun owners explicitly forbidden by law. That means the law is no defense. The only thing stopping the government from confiscating guns is the fact that the people have guns.

2016-08-04 09:49:17.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

North Dakota voter ID law blocked by the courts

ABC NewsA federal judge on Monday blocked North Dakota's voter identification law after a group of American Indians said it unfairly burdens them — the latest court ruling against voting laws that critics say disproportionately affect minorities.

U.S. District Judge Daniel Hovland issued a temporary restraining order and criticized the state for its 2013 repeal of provisions that let people without valid IDs vote if someone vouched for them or if they signed an affidavit swearing they were a qualified voter.

If finding someone to vouch for you or signing an affidavit is enough to vote without an ID, rampant voter fraud is both inevitable and undetectable. Imagine a busload of people traveling from polling station to polling station, voting once at each one. Imagine hundreds or thousands of those buses running all over the single votes of honest citizens.

2016-08-03 12:49:17.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

It's time to send McCain to the glue factory...

And Kelli Ward might be the right person to do it.

2016-08-03 11:49:17.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

France shuts down 20 radical mosques

The AtlanticFrench authorities shut down 20 mosques and prayer halls they found to be preaching radical Islamic ideology since December, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said Monday.

The thing is, it's not Constitutional to shut down all mosques or ban all muslims from the United States. It IS constitutional to investigate mosques preaching terrorism and shut down those who do, particularly when those mosques are linked to individuals who then conduct attacks. Hopefully, that is only a small fraction of mosques in the US. And similarly, it is constitutional (and wise!) to reject potential immigrants who pose a significant risk of becoming terrorists.

2016-08-03 10:49:17.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Why can't Hillary stop lying?

The AtlanticThat is why Clinton’s advisers, senior Democrats, and members of the liberal media need to stop covering for Clinton. Stop repeating her spin. Stop spreading her lies. Stop enabling her worse angels. It’s too late for Clinton to come clean, but honorable Democrats should at least insist that she stop muddying the water.

Please, for the sake of the country, tell her: Stop lying.

That's coming from a Clinton supporter, begging her favored candidate to please stop being repugnant and corrupt.

To answer the question being asked: Hillary can't stop lying because lying is who she is. It's her nature.

2016-08-03 09:49:17.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

9 government employees charged in Flint water coverup

Legal InsurrectionIn April, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette announced felony charges against two Michigan Department of Environmental Quality officials and one city official related to actions that lead to lead contamination of the Flint’s public drinking water.

Now, six more state employees have been charged.

Just because you put the government in charge of something doesn't mean the people within the government will necessarily act altruistically. In practice, it often produces the exact opposite, by placing public officials beyond accountability.

2016-08-02 12:49:17.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Reid admits to violating election law but government won't prosecute

Washington ExaminerThe Federal Election Commission, which considered legal action against former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee for joking about fundraising, won’t punish Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid for admitting to violating an election law.

The reason: It’s not worth the effort.

There seems to be a very evident political bias in these decisions concerning prosecution for campaign law violations. Leave aside for the moment whether the rules are a good idea or a Constitutional law. Just look at the decisions. Lerner: Not prosecuted. Clintons: Not prosecuted (on many, many possible charges). All Democrats. But a left-wing prosecutor in Austin, TX goes on a revenge kick and invents something to charge a sitting Republican governor with a crime and take him out of the presidential primary. The same office charges the Republican speaker of the Texas House with campaign finance violations, ending his political career. Years later, with an expensive appeal, he is cleared of the charges. But where does he go to get his political career back?

2016-08-02 11:49:17.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Operation Choke Point is alive and well

HogueWe were just informed that Wells Fargo Bank would not do business with us, refusing to provide their services based on the fact that we manufacture “weapons” (aka knives). Incredibly, this refusal came after THEY initially pursued us to gain our business. Once we had decided to go with Wells Fargo, they then pulled the plug saying they could not provide their services since we manufacture weapons…Needless to say, we are shocked and confused – considering their logo is a stagecoach and driver with a shotgun too! We felt we needed to inform the firearm and knife community of this discriminatory stance Wells Fargo has taken.

The government keeps claiming they have stopped doing this, and yet new incidents keep showing up. I think they're still doing it.

2016-08-02 10:49:17.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Bush advisor to vote for Clinton

CNNJeb Bush's top adviser, Sally Bradshaw, has left the Republican Party to become an independent, and says if the presidential race in Florida is close, she'll vote for Hillary Clinton.

This shouldn't surprise anyone who has been paying attention. The realignment appears to be real, even if Trump is an imperfect vessel for it.

2016-08-02 09:49:17.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Gun control study cited by media is bunk

Fox NewsA much-heralded and widely cited study of 171 countries over nearly a half century purports to show more guns mean more mass shootings, but critics say the report uses bad methodology in a way that rigs the results.

More important than the bad methodology is the fact that the author of the study won't release either his detailed methodology or his data. Without the data, his work is worthless because it can't be independently replicated. Without the methodology, he can't even defend it in public.

The easiest and quickest ways to identity bunk science is to ask to see the data. If they won't give it to you, it's bunk.

How kind of Lankford to make the whole thing easy for us to reject.

2016-08-01 10:49:17.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Hillary Clinton's lies about her email server

Patterico spells out each lie. This is not new information, but a useful collection in pointing out that Hillary is a fundamentally dishonest candidate.

2016-08-01 09:49:17.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Congress must impeach Koskinen

BreitbartJohn Koskinen’s Chief Counsel knew in February of 2014 that there were problems with Lois Lerner’s hard-drive. He waited four months before he told Congress. During that four month timeframe, with two congressional-subpoenas and three preservation orders in place, the IRS destroyed 422 back-up tapes containing as many as 24,000 emails.

Any American who has ever dealt with the IRS knows how important document preservation, full disclosure, and transparency is. A wrong move could get you fined — or worse, land you in jail. No private citizen being audited by the IRS could get away with such behavior. Why should John Koskinen?

This is the telling combination of facts that shreds the cover story. The defense in the IRS scandal has always been that it was a few low-level employees in Cincinnati who screwed up the processing and the high-level employees from Washington to tried to fix the situation; and the proof offered for this is that there is no evidence of malicious intent on the part of Lerner and other officials who were closely involved. But in Lerner's case (and to a lesser extent many other cases) that evidence was missing.

As the saying goes, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

And when the attempts to recover that evidence were not only not taken seriously, but resulted in the actual destruction of evidence, the IRS has lost the presumption of innocence.

Koskinen may not be personally responsible for the destruction of evidence, but it happened on his watch and under his guidance. Ultimately, he bears responsibility.

2016-07-31 12:49:17.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Cato on whether the 2016 libertarian ticket is actually libertarian

CatoAnd so, what we’re left with is a Libertarian Party ticket that’s positioning itself as “moderate” more than anything else. Again, that may well be a clever political ploy – though it makes the dubious bet that there are more #NeverHillary Democrats than #NeverTrump Republicans – but it’s not very encouraging for libertarians who want to “vote [their] conscience.”

Cato has real chops in the libertarian political crowd. This could be the kiss of death for the libertarian party this cycle, at least for actual libertarians.

2016-07-31 11:49:17.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Did voter fraud swing the Democrat primary?

There's an argument with supporting data that Bernie Sanders really won the Democrat primary and a combination of vote fraud, voter purges, registration tampering, and some evidence for voting machine tampering.

Link goes to DailyKos so take with a grain of salt. Personally, I'm not sure how substantive the complaints actually are. Several of them look like the usual Dem arguments applied to Republicans. But if they have evidence for some of the more serious ones, and it really did swing the election...

2016-07-31 10:49:17.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Lerner's FBI interview summaries released to Judicial Watch

Lerner's FBI interview summary via Judicial WatchLERNER explained that she sent a team to Cincinnati to look at 501(c)4 cases. This team, which was led by NAN MARKS, included HOLLY PAZ, [redacted] LERNER believes the team was in Cincinnati for four weeks looking at cases and asking questions. Lerner learned the team sat down with revenue agents in a group and worked through case files, putting each case into one of four brackets. LERNER commented that Washington was not supposed to be telling Cincinnati how to work cases.

It's not clear if this team was sent to Cincinnati to correct previous issues or to participate in making them worse.

My feel for what I've read of these documents so far is that some of the players were genuinely shocked and concerned by the "tea party" targeting in Cincinnati, but others -- including Lerner -- were concerned more by getting caught trying to politically target than actually doing their jobs properly. They obviously can't tell the FBI this, but their actions and some of the recovered emails speak for themselves. They chose to cover it up by adding left-leaning groups and removing the politically-sensitive name criteria rather than address the problem. Lerner in particular was concerned about emails being available to Congress and sought to hide communications.

2016-07-31 09:49:17.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

IRS officials knew about political targeting long before they revealed it

Judicial WatchIt was not until much later that MARKS saw information that [Redacted] was only looking for Tea Party cases…. The BOLO [Be on the Lookout] showed that at various points the criteria called for “Tea Party” name, and then later the ideology…. She told him [Miller, on May 3, 2012] that Cincinnati was categorizing cases based on name and ideology, not just activity. When MARKS told MILLER this, he threw his pencil across the room and said, “Oh shit.”

To my mind this establishes a couple of interesting points. First, it demonstrates that some officials in the IRS knew the targeting was going on much earlier than they admitted to it, and knew it was wrong, and yet allowed it to continue. Whether relatively low-level employees would initiate and continue such a program in the absence of management directives to do so seems unlikely. Second, it suggests to me that any non-tea-party names added to the BOLO lists after the activity was discovered were added as part of the cover-up, to disguise the political nature of the initial BOLO lists. Third, it destroys any attempt by the media or the political actors to minimize the situation. As Miller put it, this was an "oh shit" moment for any honest IRS management who found out about it.

It also doesn't exonerate any of the management involved. Some people may be able to point to these documents to demonstrate their surprise and dismay when they learned of what was going on, but the collective response appears to have been a coverup rather than a frank admission of problems and application of punishment. And despite the massive destruction of evidence involved in hiding Lerner's email trail from the public, we still have a number of juicy tidbits that suggest she was the organizing force behind the targeting all along, and actively sought to keep it secret. There are more quotes in the document linking the targeting efforts to Holly Paz.

And as a bonus, it appears that IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman likely misled Congress; he has been informed about the development letters sent to tea party groups before that point.

2016-07-29 11:49:17.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Democrats erase 2nd Amendment from party platform

ReasonLike the 2004, 2008, and 2012 platforms, the latest version calls for various new gun controls, including extension of the federal background-check requirement to all gun transfers, expansion of the criteria that disqualify people from owning guns, re-enactment of a federal "assault weapon" ban, and repeal of the federal law that protects gun suppliers from civil liability based on criminal use of their products. But unlike those earlier platforms, this year's does not so much as mention the Second Amendment.

That the Democrats have become (again) a party of gun control should be obvious at this point. They aren't even pretending anymore.

2016-07-29 10:49:17.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]

Wikileaks has a huge trove of emails from the Democratic National Committee

CBS San FranciscoWikiLeaks released over 20,000 emails on Friday allegedly sent from the accounts of U.S. Democratic National Committee officials, including dozens of off the record media correspondence.

Some of the most interesting emails to read are those exchanged by DNC staffers as they decide how to respond to media inquiries, and then their off-the-record and deep background responses to numerous national media outlets. The emails contained off the record correspondence with reporters at the Washington Post, Politico, and the Wall Street Journal, among others.

The media and the Democratic Party aren't just sleeping together; they've bought the house and are living in it.

And multiple anti-Trump protests were revealed as having been orchestrated by the DNC.

2016-07-29 09:49:17.0 by TriggerFinger. Comments [Tweet]
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