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This is what they think of you

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The Democrats plan to save social security: illegal aliens

Sara CarterPresidential 2020 hopeful New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand said that illegal aliens should receive social security benefits, in another move by Democrats pushing to expand the rights of illegal immigrants in the United States.

Gillibrand made the comment during a campaign stop in Davenport, Iowa. saying “first, we need comprehensive immigration reform.”

Moreover, “if you are in this country now you must have the right to pay into Social Security, to pay your taxes, to pay into the local school system and to have a pathway to citizenship. That must happen,” said Gillibrand.

Or, they could go home, and pay their own taxes to their own country and experience their own country's glorious retirement system.

The fact is, our social security system is a Ponzi scheme that will inevitably collapse as the population base needed to support ever-growing elderly retirees simply is not there. The Democrat plan to solve this is to import millions of new Democrat voters from third-world nations, convince them to vote for Democrats with identity politics, and try not to mention that becoming legal citizens also means paying taxes like legal citizens and being subject to laws like legal citizens.

In all honesty, that also appears to be the Republican plan, at least for the Establishment types. Except that they plan to lie to the people about it.

Fiscal responsibility does not seem to be an option.

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Christopher Steele's reputation not as good as advertised

Daily WireThe former boss of the ex-British spy who produced the uncorroborated, salacious dossier on President Donald Trump’s alleged Russian collusion says the document is “overrated,” and wouldn’t comment on the character of the man who wrote it.

Sir John Scarlett, who was the chief of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) from 2004 to 2009, said after a recent national security panel in Washington, D.C. that the dossier Christopher Steele, who ran MI6’s Russia desk from 2006 to 2009, allegedly wrote was “overrated” and could never be corroborated.

Bold was me. It's likely Steele didn't write all of the dossier.

But it seems that the quality -- or rather, the lack thereof -- of his work was well known within the intelligence community even before Mueller's report was delivered to AG Barr.

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New York ban on stun guns ruled unconstitutional

GunPoliticsNY“New York’s sweeping prohibition on the possession and use of tasers and stun guns by all citizens for all purposes, even for self-defense in one’s own home, must be declared unconstitutional in light of Heller. To be clear, this conclusion does not foreclose the possibility that some restriction(s) on the possession and/or use of tasers and stun guns would be permissible under the Second Amendment. Other states have already done this … New York might consider doing so as well.”

But Gorsuch!

Yes. Gorsuch. And Kavanaugh. And there's still time for Ginsburg to ... well, wait. When was she last seen in public again?

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Bump stock ban stayed temporarily

No lawyers -- Only Guns and MoneyThe Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit has issued a stay on the enforcement of the BATFE's bump stock ban. It is only temporary and is intended to give the judges on the Circuit Court the time needed to study the expedited appeal. It doesn't go to the merits of the case but the judges acknowledged that the March 26th deadline was an issue.

I don't much care about bump stocks, but the precedent of allowing government agencies to change the letter of the law by simple dictat is not one we can let pass lightly. I'm glad there are people fighting this and I wish them luck.

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Illinois FOID ruled unconstitutional

It's a district court, meaning appeals are inevitable. But the ruling is narrow and based on sound Constitutional law, particularly as it is focused on possession in the home and the impossibility of compliance with the plain language of the law (eg, everyone in the home would need to have a FOID and have it on their person literally at all times).

I think the smart play by the antis would be to not appeal this. They might -- might! -- win one level up at the Illinois Supreme Court. But if this gets to the national Supreme Court, it tracks so closely to Heller that I have to image the statute is doomed -- and that would put at risk similar statutes in other states.

But, of course, they already have.

We're likely to find out what our new Justices think of the 2nd Amendment sooner rather than later.

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Fake News Russian Collusion out, real Ukrainian collusion in

The HillAfter nearly three years and millions of tax dollars, the Trump-Russia collusion probe is about to be resolved. Emerging in its place is newly unearthed evidence suggesting another foreign effort to influence the 2016 election — this time, in favor of the Democrats.

Ukraine’s top prosecutor divulged in an interview aired Wednesday on Hill.TV that he has opened an investigation into whether his country’s law enforcement apparatus intentionally leaked financial records during the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign about then-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort in an effort to sway the election in favor of Hillary Clinton.
Ukraine Prosecutor General Yurii Lutsenko’s probe was prompted by a Ukrainian parliamentarian's release of a tape recording purporting to quote a top law enforcement official as saying his agency leaked the Manafort financial records to help Clinton's campaign.

The parliamentarian also secured a court ruling that the leak amounted to “an illegal intrusion into the American election campaign,” Lutsenko told me. Lutsenko said the tape recording is a serious enough allegation to warrant opening a probe, and one of his concerns is that the Ukrainian law enforcement agency involved had frequent contact with the Obama administration’s U.S. Embassy in Kiev at the time.

To be fair, the Ukrainian collusion part is still alleged. But there's tape, a court ruling, an active criminal investigation, and contacts with the Obama administration via the US embassy in the Ukraine.

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Clinton cronies starting to see legal trouble from Mueller investigation

PJMediaFormer Obama White House counsel and Clinton impeachment attorney Greg Craig may soon be indicted by the Justice Department for engaging in illegal unregistered overseas lobbying, Fox News reported Tuesday. Craig appears to have been caught up in special counsel Robert Mueller's long-running investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

If charged, Craig would be the first Democrat to face prosecution in Mueller's Russia probe, according to Fox.Mueller referred the Craig case to New York federal prosecutors, as it fell outside his mandate. New York prosecutors subsequently forwarded the case to the Justice Department in Washington, D.C., where a final decision on charges is reportedly imminent.

According to Fox, New York prosecutors are also mulling charges against another Clinton crony, Tony Podesta.

Interesting. I wonder why these were just sitting there until very recently?

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The Russian Collusion Propaganda machine

Real Clear InvestigationsKey Democratic operatives and private investigators who tried to derail Donald Trump’s campaign by claiming he was a tool of the Kremlin have rebooted their operation since his election with a multimillion-dollar stealth campaign to persuade major media outlets and lawmakers that the president should be impeached.

The effort has successfully placed a series of questionable stories alleging secret back channels and meetings between Trump associates and Russian spies, while influencing related investigations and reports from Congress.

The operation’s nerve center is a Washington-based nonprofit called The Democracy Integrity Project, or TDIP. Among other activities, it pumps out daily “research” briefings to prominent Washington journalists, as well as congressional staffers, to keep the Russia “collusion” narrative alive.

Combine this story with Devin Nunes announcing he is suing twitter about shadowbanning and coordinated harassment campaigns, and you start to see what looks like a planned counteroffensive.

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Mueller report: No collusion

Barr reports to Congress (and the public) on the confidential Mueller Report. Bottom line, there was no collusion.

In his investigation, Mueller employed 60 people for 2 years, 3000 subpoenas (!!!!), 500 search warrants, 230 requests for communication records, 50 orders authorizing "pen registers" (wiretaps that only report who you talked to but not the content), 13 requests to foreign governments for evidence, and interviewed 500 people. It's not clear how many of those were focused on the process crimes and unrelated criminal matters Mueller was trying to use as leverage, but it's clear he left no stone unturned and found nothing regarding the central matter of his investigation.

The President and his 2016 campaign are completely vindicated.

The individuals whose prior criminal acts made them vulnerable are not, except to the extent their association with the President brought them under unprecedented and excessive scrutiny.

Mueller chose to examine the facts concerning allegations of obstruction of justice while leaving it to the Attorney General to decide whether those facts amounted to obstruction. The Attorney General determined they did not.

The letter suggests more information will be released when possible (ie, when the material that cannot be released, such as grand jury information, is identified and removed).

It's likely Congress will attempt to seize on the obstruction issue as grounds for impeachment, but this is very plainly a step too far that can only be taken due to political desperation at this point.

And now the tables turn. Prosecute those who abused the national security and law enforcement agencies of our government while seeking to dictate the results of an election. Drain the swamp. Lock Hillary up, and her little cronies too.

UPDATE: Wait a sec. Mueller asked for help from 13 foreign governments? That seems like a dangerous intrusion on the President's power to conduct foreign policy, especially in an investigation effectively (if not formally) targeting the President.

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Lisa Page's transcripts

Life is way too busy for me at the moment to be reading and trying to explain Lisa Page's transcripts, but that's ok, because someone else is.

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Attacked for MAGA hats -- in Texas?

The Right Scoop“[They] showed bias, in our opinion, towards us because we were Trump supporters and insinuated that this happened because we wore those hats,” she says.

She adds that her friends “support the cops” but “want justice” after feeling that their alleged attack was not properly investigated.

Yahoo News“The second thing is that while you’re allowed to wear these hats down here — because we deal with this often, okay? — once it starts inciting riotous behavior, then it becomes a crime.”

While I don't know all the facts here, it seems obvious to me that wearing a hat is not and cannot be "inciting riotous behavior". I tend to agree with Daily Pundit that this is like blaming the victim of a rape for wearing clothing that was too sexy. You can debate the wisdom of a particular outfit in a particular neighborhood at a particular hour, but it doesn't ever make wearing it a crime, or make the rape not a rape. Same principle here with the hats.

However, given we're talking about Texas here, the real reason pretty girls wearing MAGA hats are illegal should be obvious: no hunting over bait.

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Deep State tries to blame Trump for Boeing bug

Sara CarterIn a report just released by The Wall Street Journal, sources reportedly say that Boeing efforts to fix a software problem on the 737 Max jets was hampered by the extended government shutdown.

"Sources say", ie, anonymous sources reporting from deep within the bowels of the Deep State. This is a transparent attempt to blame Trump for the situation.

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How to do a Marvel female-superhero movie right

So, Captain Marvel got a lot of things wrong. They pushed toxic, man-hating feminism in the promotion of the movie; they picked a character who is charitably described as unknown and accurately described as unknown, unpopular, and a repeated failure; they released trailers featuring the title character slugging an old lady on a bus; they picked a writer who wrote a Mary Sue; they tried to shoehorn the character into the culmination of their 20+ movie arc without justifying her power level or the size of her role relative to existing characters; and they offended a lot of fans, who were admittedly already pissed off about what Disney had been doing to Star Wars.

But it didn't have to go wrong. How would they have done it *properly*, going back no farther than, say, the release of Infinity War?

Put bluntly, I think I could have saved the situation -- if they had asked me. (Of course, they did not).

So how would I have done it?

(Read More...)

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Is bigotry impeachable?

Al Green, Dem Rep, argues Trump's bigotry is impeachable." It's not, of course, even if "Trump's bigotry" existed, which it doesn't. You need a "high crime or misdemeanor" to impeach, and while that judgement is in theory left entirely to the House and the Senate, it would be a really hard case to make for saying mean things.

Of course, Al Green doesn't really care about "Trump's bigotry". He cares about attacking Trump. If he cared about bigotry, he would be calling for Virginia Dem Gov Northam to step down, or condemmning the antisemites in his own party.

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Did someone make McCabe's grand jury go away?

Conservative TreehouseWith a few exceptions CTH is not a big fan of expecting congressional letters to deliver results and information. However, that said, I hope this is one of the exceptions.

Representatives Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows send a letter (full pdf below) to Attorney General William Barr wanting to know what is the status of the criminal referral for fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

The referral was made April 19th, 2018, approximately five days after the OIG published their report outlining McCabe’s lies.

Inquiring minds would like to know. He was referred to DOJ for criminal prosecution over lying to the FBI, and fired for same. But it's been 8 months and no sign of charges.

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Ukraine launches investigation into US 2016 election interference

Sara CarterUkrainian Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko said he opened an investigation into alleged attempts by Ukrainians to interfere in the United States’ 2016 presidential election on behalf of Hillary Clinton... The probe is based on a claim from a member of the Ukrainian parliament that the director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU), Artem Sytnyk, was working to benefit Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

Does the US have an extradition treaty with the Ukraine?

Asking for a friend.

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Mueller report turned in

No reports yet about what it contains, other than a whole lot of nothing.

UPDATE: No sealed indictments. For Mueller, it is over. For those who sought to conduct a coup against our constitutional republic, the investigations are just beginning.

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Judicial Watch uncovers more classified Clinton emails

Judicial Watch Judicial Watch today announced it received 756 pages of newly uncovered emails that were among the materials former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tried to delete or destroy, several of which were classified and were transmitted over her unsecure, non-“” email system.

More at Fox News and Sara Carter.

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Deep State Coup News

Well, it seems that Rosenstein will not be leaving as planned, but Zainab Ahmad has left Mueller's team, as has Weissman. The combination suggests that Mueller is not yet done with his report (because Rosenstein is staying), and thus the departure of Weissman and Ahmad may be prompted by direction from Barr (newly confirmed as Attorney General). Both Weissman and Ahmad were heavily conflicted, as they were involved in the Trump-Russia investigation personally. Weissman in particular has an ugly reputation for unethical tactics even aside from that. Both were the subject of a recent letter and demand for documents from Republican Congressmen.

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A deep state operative revealed

Sara CarterA State Department official who was awaiting confirmation to be U.S. Ambassador to Albania communicated with the former British spy Christopher Steele and supplied information to a senior DOJ official after and before the 2016 presidential election.

Former State Department Deputy Assistant Secretary Kathleen Ann Kavalec’s nomination was withdrawn recently by President Trump, according to a Senior White House official who spoke to

This is why incoming presidents are well advised to make a clean sweep of political appointees from the other party. Indeed, all appointees, whether "political" or not. And take a close look at the ones in career roles too, preferably before the Senate confirms them.

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College fraud operation just a distraction from their own ethics problems

The FederalistThis razzle-dazzle performance of the FBI throwing the book at a bunch of the country’s rich and famous has the added benefit to being a surefire distraction from the ethical hole the FBI has dug itself. How convenient.

I'm not the only one who noticed the distraction.

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Devin Nunes sues Twitter

Fox NewsCalifornia GOP Rep. Devin Nunes filed a major lawsuit seeking $250 million in compensatory damages and $350,000 in punitive damages against Twitter and a handful of its users on Monday, accusing the social media site of "shadow-banning conservatives" to secretly hide their posts, systematically censoring opposing viewpoints, and totally "ignoring" lawful complaints of repeated abusive behavior.

In a complaint filed in Virginia state court on Monday, obtained by Fox News, Nunes claimed Twitter wanted to derail his work on the House Intelligence Committee, which he chaired until 2019, as he looked into alleged and apparent surveillance abuses by the government. Nunes said Twitter was guilty of "knowingly hosting and monetizing content that is clearly abusive, hateful and defamatory – providing both a voice and financial incentive to the defamers – thereby facilitating defamation on its platform."

I'm not sure Nunes is going to get very far suing individual users, except those cases that are incitement to violence. But Twitter's shadowbanning and censorship may be easier targets under fraud statutes. And discovery may be scary.

Like most other internet services, Twitter operates under a provision of the Communications Decency Act -- which I opposed at the time, and still do, except for this provision -- which exempts service providers from liability for what their users post so long as they do not exercise editorial control. Nunes is arguing that Twitter's shadowbanning and similar "algorithmic" processes are editorial control. And I think he's right.

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Did Obama have a Saudi sponsor?

American ThinkerThe friend's name was Dr. Khalid al-Mansour, and the introduction had taken place about twenty years prior. Sutton described al-Mansour as "the principal adviser to one of the world's richest men." The billionaire in question was Saudi prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, the same billionaire whose anti-Semitism caused Mayor Rudy Giuliani to reject his $10 million gift to New York City post 9/11.

According to Sutton, al-Mansour had asked him to "please write a letter in support of [Obama]... a young man that has applied to Harvard." Sutton had friends at Harvard and gladly did so.

Three months before the election it should have mattered that a respected black political figure had publicly announced that an unapologetic anti-Semite like al-Mansour, backed by an equally anti-Semitic Saudi billionaire, had been guiding Obama’s career perhaps for the last twenty years, but the story died a quick and unnatural death.

This certainly explains a few things. It's been obvious for quite a while that Obama did not appear on his own; he was heavily backed every step of the way.

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