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So, a professor holds a class he titled white racism, and when people predictably respond by complaining about being called racists, he gets campus police to stand guard outside the class. Pretty much business as usual. But when CNN writes an article about it, and includes a sampling of the alleged "racist threats" he received, they come up ... just a little short.

From all of the presumably normal and sane objections to his class, which is itself obviously an exercise in racism against white people, CNN pulled out the following examples:

CNN"Cancer(Stage 4) is what you and your family deserve for spreading hate, lies, & in tolerance." read one email.
"I would ask that you stop using the name Ted and Thornhill, as I feel you are using a cultural appropriation. Change it to Obongo Deviantray you racist pig," said another.
Others called him "a pitiful little boy," "a subhuman mongrel" and an "alt-left piece of sh*t."

I count exactly one "racial slur" from those examples, which are presumably the most offensive CNN could find. Calling the professor a "subhuman mongrel" is pretty racist. You could maybe stretch the use of "boy" into something racist. But the rest? They are just points of view he disagrees with. Mostly, they are calling him a racist and accusing him of inciting racism. Accurately.

The professor, and his explicitly racist hate speech, is disgusting. To the limited extent his critics offered racism in return, it is also disgusting... but far from unexpected. I see no threats of violence whatsoever ("I hope you get cancer" is not a threat), but perhaps those were withheld pending police investigation. (Given that the police posted armed guards outside the classroom rather than investigating the threats and arresting those who made them suggests that, perhaps, the police are part of the PR stunt).

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