Google's new fact check

As predicted, it's not a useful way to identify actual fake sites trying to promote actual fake news. Instead, it's an attempt to discredit and disqualify sites that point out facts that liberals don't like. Given that Google has recently been revealed as employing a "plural being" who sexually identifies as a "yellow-scaled wingless dragonkin" and (non-sexually?) "an expansive ornate building", Google's relationship to facts outside the context of their search algorithm seems... iffy. Still, I'm sure they do a very good job in human resources, or some other job that I sincerely hope has no connection to objective reality.

The first link above is to the discussion of the issue at Power Line, a conservative blog first made famous by its near-instant exposure of Dan Rather's attempted "October surprise" memo concerning Bush's military service as a manufactured fake.

Those who are ignorant of history are condemned to look like fools before those who are not.

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