Google sued for racial, sexual, political discrimination

Legal InsurrectionJames Damore, a former Google engineer who was reportedly fired for circulating a memo critical of the company’s diversity policies, filed a complaint alleging Google discriminates against conservatives, whites and men.

The complaint is frankly shocking. Among other things, it seems like google uses its internal social media blocking mechanisms to evaluate whether employees would be a good fit on other teams -- and managers openly use that feature to prevent people with conservative political opinions from joining their teams, thus hindering their careers. Others maintain shared lists of names they won't work with: literal blacklists. While that doesn't necessarily mean Google is violating antidiscrimination law, since political opinions are not a protected class except under institutions (like universities) bound by the First Amendment, it's going to be horribly embarrassing in discovery. And with a political environment that poisonous, it seems likely discovery will turn up many instances of "white males" being discriminated against by explicitly named race and gender in internal emails.

If there are emails or instant message logs saying "I did not hire that man because he is a white male", Damore wins the lawsuit right there. Or, well, maybe not him personally, but whoever the victim in that case was.

This is going to hurt Google. A lot. And they appear to deserve it.

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