Sebelius caught soliciting "support" from private industry

... for implementing Obamacare, of course.  The administration doesn't seem satisfied with the funds Congress has allocated to the task, and was seeking help from outside organizations.  Lamar Alexander compares it to Iran-Contra.  While this scenario lacks the foreign policy implications, it's very similar in other ways: the White House is seeking outside funds to implement policies that Congress has chosen not to fund.  Since the Constitution assigns the power of the purse to Congress, if the Executive is able to raise funds on its own to pursue its own policies, it's a serious evasion of Constitutional checks and balances.

To put this situation in historical perspective, the English kings often had conflicts with parliament over finances.  Parliament held the power of the purse over raising and spending money, just as our Congress does; kings who objected to this power would seek other ways to raise funds, often by confiscating private property from the church or nobility.  Obviously, that's extremely dangerous for the civil rights of those who have money or property which the executive covets. 

Worse, though, the executive could use those funds to operate outside of the restraints imposed by parliament or Congress. 

So while this doesn't seem like a big deal at first glance, it will have a corrosive effect on the rule of law if left unchecked.

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