A criminal referral for the author of the Trump dossier

Senator Chuck Grassley has sent a criminal referral to the Justice Department over claims Steele, the author, made about how his distributed the dossier. Specifically, he thinks someone is lying about what was done with the dossier, presumably due to contradictions in what the FBI told Congress about their interactions with Steele and what Steele has claimed about those interactions.

Remember, Meuller charged Flynn with lying to the FBI when the FBI themselves decided it was probably done by accident, and there's a long history of the left being very aggressive on these matters (see the Scooter Libby charges). I have absolutely no sympathy for them when the tiger turns.

It's worth noting that this doesn't necessarily get Steele in trouble. It's possible someone else lied, resulting in whatever contradictions and discrepancies were noticed.

Grassley is also explicitly calling for a special counsel to review the referral. Giving the other side a taste of their own medicine seems like a good idea. Mutually assured destruction by special counsel may deter the left from criminalizing their political differences and abusing their power when in government.

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