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67 percent of Texas Republicans want Obama impeached

Opposition: Obama has it.

If Democrats are serious about trying to turn Texas blue, they should get a gander at a just-released poll of Lone Star State voters that found 67 percent of Republican respondents support the impeachment of President Obama.

Of greater concern for liberals: the poll was conducted by the left-leaning Public Policy Polling.

As a whole, Texans opposed impeachment 50 percent to 39 percent.

But in the crosstabs, PPP broke this down by party affiliation with Democrats opposed 83 percent to 12 percent, Republicans in favor 67 percent to 18 percent, and Independents opposed 54 percent to 32 percent.

In fairness, I don't know where I fall on that scale.  I'm more of a Texas Libertarian than a Texas Republican, and I don't know that Obama has done anything literally impeachable.  He's threatened to go outside the Constitution a few times, but has generally worked through the legislature rather than violating it personally.  The big potentially impeachable moments are:
  1. Military intervention without Congressional authorization in Libya and possibly elsewhere
  2. Ordering the CDC to research firearms in defiance of the Congressional power of the purse
  3. Drone strikes deliberately targeting specific, individual US citizens not on a battlefield without trial
  4. Encouraging and even participating in international firearms smuggling to foreign criminals
  5. Ordering BATFE and the FBI to defy the laws concerning reporting of multiple long gun purchases and retention of background check data

I think most of those are technically impeachable, but it's hard to build a political case for it.  With the Senate in Democratic hands, we would need something that outrages both parties, and the Democrats seem immune to outrage.

83% of Democrats, anyway.  12% of Texas Democrats support impeachment?  Wow.

This entry was published 2013-02-01 03:28:58.0 by TriggerFinger and last updated 2013-02-01 03:28:58.0. [Tweet]

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