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If my doctor asked me about guns...

... in any context other than advising more hearing protection, I would find a new doctor.  Thankfully, I've never had any issues with doctors trying to pry into my personal affairs like that.  Presumably, it's one of the advantages of living in Texas.

However, I do occasionally see articles by misinformed physicians encouraging other doctors to ask their patients about guns, and try to give advice about gun safety.  Such articles never fail to annoy me, but usually they are from doctors, to doctors, and heavily reliant on the arrogance of doctors who believe their expertise in one field extends to every area of human endeavor. 

This is the first time I've seen a physician's assistant try to give advice about gun safety to other physician's assistants.  I suppose that having no success with doctors capable of recognizing their lack of expertise means that the gun bigots have to try the next level down. 

I would fisk the whole thing, but Bitter already has.

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