Inflatable Gorillas

DeclinationI am told there is a small town in Texas which has, for reasons I cannot fathom, banned the presence of inflatable gorillas. The specificity of such laws is amusing. You have to imagine there is some kind of story full of human idiocy, corruption, and bureaucratic overreach as to how they came about in the first place.

I live in a city in Texas which does not ban inflatable gorillas.

I can entirely understand and even appreciate the law. Indeed, I think it should be expanded. Inflatable gorillas are a scourge.

DeclinationWe spent a couple years in Oregon when I was a teenager, and even back then the law prohibiting citizens from pumping their own gas was in effect. It was one of the stranger features of Oregon.

Now the partial repeal of this law, which only applies to rural areas, has some Oregon residents in a panic... But Oregon’s law on pumping gas strikes me as one of the most egregious and bizarre of them all. That it has defenders is mystifying to me.

My younger brother lived for a time in Oregon, including the time period after purchasing his first vehicle. He's a graduate of a good college and a good law school, and is now a practicing lawyer. On his first trip out of state, driving to Texas for a family visit, he had to pump his own gas for the first time. He filled his still somewhat shiny new Prius with diesel fuel, available in Texas from the same pumps but with a different color nozzle. They had to completely replace the engine.

Even smart people are made stupid when they are not allowed to take responsibility for themselves.

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