Shocker: DC official admits sky not falling after Heller

Ever since the Heller decision, in mid-2008, the DC police department has been forced to shift strategies on crime control.  They are no longer permitted to ban firearms from all DC residents in some absurd punish-the-innocent game of political blame-shifting.  Instead, they've been forced to aggressively prosecute criminals and leave law-abiding citizens mostly alone -- leaving the politicians free to dream up more red tape that falls just barely short of not permitting gun ownership at all.  And the results?
The D.C. police department's aggressive gun recovery efforts and the office of the attorney general's coordinated emphasis on prosecuting gun-related crimes are showing strong results: In the past year, robberies with guns have decreased 12 percent; assaults with guns have decreased 14 percent; and overall violent crime has decreased by 5 percent in the District.
You read that right.  By their own numbers, after Heller struck down their gun control laws, crime is down.  It looks like arresting criminals and putting them in jail works, and gun control doesn't.

Who would have thought?

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