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If you find yourself wondering where our nation is headed...

... look upon our future and despair:
Maybe Redding was a bad kid with a track record of disciplinary problems?  Well, no, she wasn?t.  In fact, before the strip search [for prescription-strength ibuprofen - ed], she had no record of disciplinary problems at all.  When her lawyers pointed this out in court documents, the district acknowledged the lack of a disciplinary record, but said that the inference should have been that she?d just been masterful at avoiding getting caught. They also defended themselves by claiming to have heard rumors that Redding had drunk alcohol at a party, but the court documents show that the person starting the rumor hadn?t attended the event.
This is the result of rule by bureaucrat. When misbehavior by government officials has no consequences, misbehavior becomes the norm.  And horrors like this are visited anywhere their writ extends.

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