Obama on Guns

Speaking of doublethink, here's some thoughts from Obama on guns:
Although Obama supports gun control, while campaigning in gun-friendly Idaho earlier this month, he said he does not intend to take away people's guns.
... and ....
At his news conference, [Prof. Obama] voiced support for the District of Columbia's ban on handguns, which is scheduled to be heard by the Supreme Court next month.
But wait... the District of Columbia's ban on handguns takes away people's guns.  (In case you are wondering, the District also bans functional rifles and shotguns; you are allowed to have a rifle or shotgun only if it doesn't work and has been registered through an intrusive and difficult process).

UPDATE: And there's more.  Per the Volokh Conspiracy, Obama has favored increased penalties for the interstate transport of firearms, making it a felony to have your gun stolen and used in a crime, restricting gun purchases to one gun per month, banning the sale of firearms at gun shows, increasing the fee to obtain an FFL, banning the sale of used firearms by police agencies, limiting gun ownership to those over 21 with mandatory training, banning firearm dealers from having a storefront within 5 miles of a school or a park, banning "Saturday Night Specials" (and isn't THAT a nice bit of racist irony?), mandatory background checks for all people working at a gun dealers (doesn't look too bad at first glance -- except that it would impose a huge economic penalty on large stores that also happen to sell guns, like Wal-Mart), mandatory "smart gun" functionality that only allows the original owner of a firearm to operate it (no resale?), and finally, increasing federal taxes on firearms and ammunition by 500%.

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