Appellant's brief in Parker v DC

Jurisdictional Statement
  1. Statement of Issues
  2. Statement of the Case
  3. Statement of Facts
  4. Summary of Argument
    1. FOP I
    2. FOP II
  5. Argument
    1. Standing
      1. Failure to assert until prompted
      2. Specific and Personal Threats of Prosecution
    2. 2nd Amendment
      1. The Supreme Court has repeatedly suggested an individual right
        1. Printz v United States
        2. Lewis v United States
      2. Implicit Adoption within this Circuit
      3. The Clear Intent of the Framers
      4. Textual Analysis
        1. The Preamble does not limit the Right
        2. The Militia is synonymous with The People
        3. Consistent usage throughout the Bill of Rights
        4. The Right to Privately Possess and Carry Ordinary Firearms
        5. The District Court Failed To Address Plaintiffs' Arguments
    3. The Possession of Ordinary Handguns is Protected
    4. The Right to Keep and Bear functional Arms
  6. Conclusion
  7. Footnotes

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