A bit belated, I suppose...

... but I finally noticed an incoming link from Thought Flickr.  Here's what he had to say:

I dont know why I take TriggerFinger Feed. But I do have some interesting conversations there. In fact, I am learning a lot about the policies / law about them nasty things called as "guns".  I am beginning to see mulitple sides to this complex issues.

Here's a little factiod :   "Do the math: there are 21 million people in Texas, and 223584 permits, so about 1% of the population is licensed to carry.  That means, if you are in a place with at least 100 people nearby, and you are in Texas, and you're not in a location where concealed firearms are forbidden, then someone around you is probably carrying."

Word of advice, take the feed someday it jus may save you darn life. I mean the knowledfe that you can cull there is awsome. Nope-  and I ant got a gun or even fancy having one !

Thanks for the compliments.  It's stuff like this that keeps me blogging.

Fact is, I don't expect everyone to like guns.  People have different tastes, and lots of people are understandably adverse to heavy metal things that make loud noises.

What I would hope for would be unversal familiarity with firearms, at least in the sense of the very basic operating principles of a handgun and rifle.  These are militia weapons.  It is our obligation as a free people to learn to use the tools that bought our freedom and which will, I hope, allow us to keep it.  Every mentally-competent, non-criminal adult should be able to handle a firearm safely.  Not because it is our right, but because it is our responsibility to protect ourselves and our neighbors if need be.

It is our responsibility not only because our freedom depends on it, but because our civilization depends on it.  Just imagine where we would be, right now, without firearms: most likely, still stuck in the middle ages, where armored knights and feudal lords ruled over peasants in their fields.

Learn the skills, then put them away until you need them later in life, if that's your preference. 

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